1. Andrew Schubert

    Apex Fusion not responding?

    This morning I cannot control my Apex at all. Everything says it is connected and running fine, however, no commands are working. If I try to enter the feed cycle it does nothing. If I try to manually turn off an outlet it does nothing. If I refresh the page then I can see that none of the...
  2. SashaM24

    Indiana Classic Apex, EB8, breakout box

    $200 shipped, lower 48. PayPal. Classic Apex, EB8 and breakout box for sale. Everything works fine. Just upgraded my system and now I don’t need these.
  3. matthias_bln

    Red Sea Reefer XXL 625

    Hi all, Here we go. Another build thread. My daughter got a freshwater tank from her godparents in September and after messing with "her" tank for a month to make it look a little more like something I am willing to look at daily, I decided (as in my wife told me) that I should rather have my...
  4. PaulB777

    Apex with Trident - Outlet Programming Based on Test Values

    I have an Apex controller with a new Trident that I just got set up. My intention is to add a dosing system using the Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) 2 Part Doser Pumps. I'm pretty sure that I know how to program an outlet on the Apex to schedule the pump to turn on based on a time parameter (e.g. run...
  5. M

    Possibly reverse engineering the Orphek Atlantik - What's the correct way to provide input to the Apex programmatically?

    I really really really like the Orphek Atlantik V4 gen2's... however their lack of integration with the Apex makes it a no go for me currently. As the title says, what's the current accepted method to input data to the Apex as I understand there is no real exposed API... *angry face*
  6. BlueZreef

    Washington ReefKeeper parts and Apex WXM

    Pickup in Camas. Can ship stuff for $10. I have a few semi hard to come by ReefKeeper parts for sale 2x PB8. blue label (newest version) - $100 each (these only work with elite/archon) Complete Archon project - comes with usb drive and power supply. I have powered it on and connected to...
  7. MrWheelock

    I think it's time for a new Apex Temp probe...

    Calibrated it twice using two other digital thermometers. You can see the calibrations in the sharp drops, but the probe just keeps creeping up. This is exactly why you run a redundant temp controller on your heaters, had this been the opposite and happened to someone else that was relying...
  8. Peach02

    Apex Questions

    Im researching a new tank and looking into a controller that can - have a feed mode, matinance mode and power outage mode at the press of a button or ideally from my phone (iPhone 8) - moniter pH, salinity and temperature - turn off various hardware remotely - automatically top up the tank -...
  9. R

    Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 New Build

    Hey All, Newcomer to R2R, but been using this forum as a resource on my current build. Wanted to share this and hopefully pick up some info from you more experienced folks along the way. This is my second mixed reef tank, had one at my office a few years back, but decided to take it down and...
  10. M

    Apex customer service

    Has any one else had a horrible experience with Apex customer service? I've called two times and everytime before I say anything they are already giving me snarky comments
  11. SaltyGroves

    Florida Neptune Apex WXM

    Neptune Apex WXM ecotech module Asking $100 shipped. I dont have the original box. It was bought on September 22 from BRS. Will include 1 aquabus cable.
  12. MaddyP

    California Apex and other stuff...

    All items are used but work as expected unless noted otherwise. Thanks for looking! Shipping Included: Apex 2016 (Probes have been sitting dry so might need new PH/ORP) - SOLD ALD Module (Old Style with 2 leak detectors) - SOLD Apex Jr with Display (No probes) - $140 shipped Apex DOS...
  13. Alex C

    Idaho Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller System

    Selling a like new Neptune Apex System. Purchased new from my LFS in August of 2019. Used for the last 3 months and then packed back up when I broke down my tank. The ORP and PH probe have been properly stored in storage solution with caps on. It comes with all original accessories, usb cable...
  14. Timrpn

    Apex DOS for a 4 head doser

    Looking to possibly trade my Apex DOS for a 4 head doser that has WIFI. Comes with Apex DOS, Power Supply. No tubing (I don’t have extra) Manufactured date is September 2018. No issues with it. Posted on other forums. Let me know VIA PM what you have to offer. Shipping would be to Michigan.
  15. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Apex, reef keeper, other

    Hey guys was cleaning the fish room and I get some stuff to get rid of, Apex unit, not sure where the face is, I connected it to and can access fusion, it also comes with two probes(and magnetic probe holder). Shoot me an 200obo on that cause I’m not sure of a price without the...
  16. psumms

    Apex controlled powerhead recommendation

    Hi all... So I run three MP40's controlled through a WXM Neptune Apex module. All works great. I have the pumps located in three corners of my peninsula tank. I want to add a fourth pump to the remaining corner, but I have only an inch (25mm) between the glass and a brick wall on that corner...
  17. psumms

    Apex Feed cycle on AFS not triggering rules

    Hi all, just set up a some rules to trigger on Apex feed cycles, e.g. on my skimmer: If FeedA 005 Then OFF. These work fine when I manually trigger a feed cycle, but with my new AFS auto feeder now running to deliver one of my daily feeds, they don't run. Am I missing something or should my code...
  18. psumms

    WXM MP40 Programatic Control

    Hi all... Trying to find the right code (if its even possible) to switch my MP40's to a specific flow type, eg. Constant for a period of time when a feed cycle is triggered, haven't found a definitive answer by searching here or Google as yet. For my COR return, I have something like If FeedC...
  19. psumms

    Setup Replacement APEX Unit

    Hi all, just received my second Neptune APEX warranty replacement! Come setup and cannot see how I apply my config to the replacement unit from the Fusion dashboard! Last time I did this it seemed straight forward! Google seems to be giving lots of upgrade old kit answers but I can't see how I...
  20. KyleC.

    Pennsylvania All SOLD

    Broke down the tank. Below is a list of the Apex Gear and some other things. I will be adding more things as I can. Please ask for more pictures, and lots of questions IN PM if needed. What you see is what you get. There will be no refunds, so be thorough with your questions. I will not separate...
  21. psumms

    Neptune APEX Reliability (Shocking in my experience!)

    Anyone else concerned by what seems to be horrendous Neptune Apex reliability? My Apex unit has died for the second time in 8 months, last time it took them two weeks to replace, doesn't seem like its going to be any quicker this time! Last time I was too happy that they warranty replaced my...
  22. smartwater101

    California Neptune EB8 and WXM

    SOLD: EB8: 115$ shipped: Only used for a month or two. USB included. SOLD WXM: 85$ shipped: USB included.
  23. B

    Texas WTB Apex system with trident and Dos

    Hello, I am looking for the complete apex system with trident and dos. I am trying to see if this is possible and how much people are wanting for this package. I was thinking 1200-1300 is the prize range I am looking to spend. Is anyone interested in selling for this price?
  24. ChronosReef

    Tennessee Kessil 360 N

    Hi guys, selling my last kessil 360 n , works great. comes with unit and power cord as well, used for a year on my frag tank 220 shipped
  25. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...