1. 20 gallon nano

    Apex neptune programming

    I have a Kalk stirrer that’s programmed to stir one a day. And dose several times a day, how do I input a program to pause the dose for a 30 minutes after stirring and then restart the dosing?
  2. D

    Tennessee Aquarium Controller Testing Drygoods Apex and energy bar

    This is the Apex brain with salinity ph orp and temp sensors ph and salinity calibrated yesterday with the energy bar all outlets are toggled on and are currently toggled off for testing $400.00 plus shipping local pickup avaliable.
  3. BrokeBudgetReef

    Georgia Drygoods Apex classic with EB8, PM2, All probes+ Salinity and Display. Will Ship

    I will ship anywhere in the US for 25 bucks. So the total with shipping is 175. Included is: Head Unit Display EB8 PM2 Salinity Probe ORP Probe PH Probe Temp Probe Fusion Ready.
  4. C

    Michigan Drygoods SOLD Apex WXM Module with aquabus, $50 Shipped

    Selling WXM for $50 Shipped. I will include an aquabus.
  5. V

    Illinois Testing Drygoods Neptune Apex Controller System

    Used. Everything is working fine. All probes are stored in the aquarium.
  6. PV Reefs

    USED Apex Equipment

    1- Dos 2 - Displays 3- energy bars 2 - FMM 3- PM1 2 - Displays 2 - wave makers 1 - auto top off kit Everything is in good working condition asking $750 shipped for the whole lot, I have a few more DOS available at an additional cost.
  7. T

    Apex trident

    Looking for a trident to round of my apex system anyone looking to get rid of one in good working order?
  8. Surfpulse

    USA Power Supply Mounting Bracket, Fits Ecotech, Neptune, Maxspec

    These are 3D Printed (PLA+) -universal power supply mounting brackets for various types of power supplies. They can be mounted horizontal / vertically and against any type of mounting surface with two screws. They fit the following: Ecotech Fitment: Vortech MP10, MP 40, MP 60 Vecrta S1, L1...
  9. YaboiNathan

    Texas Drygoods Aquamaxx calcium reactor

    I have a aquamaxx calcium reactor set up for sale include calcium reactor, Co2 tank, Co2 regulator,ph meter. Local pick up at 77407 or buyer responsible for shipping I will drop it off at FedEx or UPS if needed. 350 take all
  10. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller Drygoods Apex wxm module

    Apex wxm module: 55 shipped come with aquabus cable
  11. Jesse Sunday

    Neptune WAVs... noisy? (or, more accurately, vibrating, creating a "deep bass" almost resonance)

    Hi all! Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I recently got two Neptune WAVs to add to my Reefer 350... I had one ReefWave 45, and wanted another, but switched to the WAVs because I liked the integration with my Apex. Long story short, the ReefWave was nearly silent! The WAVs...
  12. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller SOLD Neptune Apex a3 pro and trident

    Like new apex pro with trident. Apex pro a3 come with all original components plus brain new probe holder and all 3 probes, all probes are still in the water and will be shipped wet, I will throw in breakout box as extra. Already reset and remove owner and ready to set up: 650 shipped Trident...
  13. Chiefmaster30

    Tennessee Aquariums Drygoods Apex and other reef gear for sale

    Reef Gear up for grabs: 0. 2-Neptune Dos $250.00ea New Neptune 24v power supply $25.00 3. New Neptune solenoid Valve $25.00 4. Neptune ATK $150.00 Reefmat 500 w/box & 1 1/2 and rolls $275.00 2- Noopsyche k7 pro II w/ mounts & controller w/boxes $175.00 pair Current USA 1090gph DC pump...
  14. Mr. GoodStuff

    Aquarium Controller ATO Drygoods SOLD neptune apex a2 and atk ato

    $200 - Neptune Apex A2 with probes and EB8 energy bar. All good outlets on energy bar. Conductivity probe is a pasco 10x with a DIN connector, there's a thread on here about this. $100 - Neptune Apex ATO ATK V2 setup + 3rd optical sensor with magnet mount and surface leak detector.
  15. NeveSSL

    Tennessee Drygoods Apex Equipment and Kessil Controller - EB832, DOS, Apex EL, Apex NG - Can Ship

    ***Please note*** I will be out of town Monday 4/8 until Friday 4/12. Hello everyone, I am selling the following: Neptune DOS - All $old EB832 - $200 plus shipping Apex EL Head Unit - $old Apex NG Head Unit - $250 shipped Kessil USB C Dongle - $50 shipped WXM Module $60 shipped FMM...
  16. YaboiNathan

    DOS And DDR

    APEX DOS AND DDR haven’t been used. Plan on using them for my new set up but life change so don’t even have chance since DOS come with dosing unit, box and aquabus cable DDR come with sensor, tubing, apex sticker still inside 330 shipped
  17. Blakjax

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Neptune Systems Apex (4 probes) with Energy Bar (EB832)

    I am selling a Neptune Apex controller. Comes with PH probe, Temp probe, Salinity probe, ORP Probe, aquabus cable and EB832. everything works! Purchased in 2020. All probes are stored in liquid and only taken out for pictures. $500 + $10 shipping
  18. Blakjax

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Neptune Systems Apex EL (2 probes) with Energy Bar (EB832)

    I am selling a Neptune Apex EL controller. Comes with PH probe, Temp probe, aquabus cable and EB832. everything works! Purchased in 2020. All probes are stored in liquid and only taken out for pictures. $400 + $10 shipping
  19. G

    **SOLD** Apex Trident, base unit, eb832, Dos, and auto feeder

    Have some apex equipment for sale Trident: $375 Apex base unit: $250 Eb832: $175 Apex Dos: $200 Auto feeder: $75 Everything together $1000 Everything is plus shipping.
  20. YaboiNathan

    Neptune apex bundle

    Been running for couple months, everything is in like new condition and come with Neptune apex box Base Unit with Display Module - (2) EB832 - FMM Module with (2) Leak Detector Sensors - Breakout Box - (3) Aquabus Cables - All probes with brand new PH Probe with Calibration Packets - Neptune...
  21. YaboiNathan

    Apex trident

    In good condition just pull it out to check the tubing and how it operate come with apex trident, all the tubing, power supply and aquabus cable come with original box. It will need new set of reagent. 400 shipped
  22. david_ma

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Return Pumps syncra 7 dc Wi-Fi pump $190 shipped plus FREE ato

    Text 313-268-3195 Syncra WiFi pump $190 shipped plus micro ato FREE. Everything works perfect
  23. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Dosing Red Sea ReefDose 2 Dosing Pump (Like New) - SOLD

    I have an almost brand new Red Sea ReefDose 2 dosing pump. It was used a little over a week. Will ship on my dime. Make me a reasonable offer.
  24. Daved4

    APEX Jr. Brand new in box $260 shipped.

    Brand new in box apex.jr. for 260 shipped. Won in a raffle and do not need. 250 if local and picked up. Plenty of references. Thank you!
  25. Mann_Cave_Corals


    I am selling two Neptune Apex controllers. Apex EL - comes with PH probe, Temp probe and EB832. everything works! purchased in 2020..Price: SOLD! A3 series Apex Pro - comes with PH Probe, ORP Probe, Temp Probe, liquid level sensor, optical leak detection, EB832. Everything works! Purchased Feb...