1. JulesH

    Comparison of pH probes

    Hi, I have an interesting issue with my pH probes. I have two probes in the sump of my 320 litre frag tank, one made by reef factory (probably better known in Europe/UK) and the second device by Neptune running in conjunction with my Apex. Both are calibrated, the Apex probe with the 7 and 10...
  2. A

    Illinois Dosing Drygoods Fs Neptune systems DOS $200 + shipping EB832

    3 Neptune DOS available $200 each 1 EB832 available $200 Will post pictures later. Shipping available
  3. JaaxReef

    Apex Jr Killer?? Aquarium Guardian?!

    Wondering if anyone has experience with this controller. Seems relatively well built and has some great features for the money. https://aquariumguardian.com/
  4. cPr

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD Kessil A360we, A160, Apex, DOS etc.

    Breaking down a tank and getting rid of a few things I don’t need. 3 - Kessil A360we Tuna blue with arm mount - 175 shipped each or all for 500 shipped 1 - Eb8 orange label - 100 shipped 1 - Orange Label VDM - 50 Shipped 2 - AquaMedic Reefdose 4 - 75 shipped 1 - Duetto ATO - 60 shipped Message...

    Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Neptune Apex, DOS, 2 dosing vessils, FMM

    Looking to sell as a bundle for $1000. Original boxes for apex and DOS included May be willing to split if the offer is good enough. CA Bay area local sale preferred
  6. A

    California WTB WTB Apex, EB832, and Trident

    I am looking for a good deal to buy the Apex, preferably I want it to have at least the PH and temperature probe (that is the Apex EL), EB832, and the trident. I am located in San Francisco California so shipping might be needed if I can't pick it up. Everything needs to be in working condition...
  7. david_ma

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Lighting Kessil 360x great shape..trade for rare shroom or large supernova.. update 1/27

    Looking to up my mushroom game and looking for some rare, nice ones to add( bounce electus, flamethrower,….what you got? Or supernova xlText 313-268-3195 Trade for shrooms Kessil 360x great shape
  8. phish2277

    Illinois Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods Hanna Checker, Skimmer, powerheads, Sicce, Algae Free, Neptune

    I have torn down my tanks a couple months since I had to move and could not set any of them up. Below are the items I have left and this includes shipping. BRS 1.1 doser (4)- $40 each Breakout Box (1)- $20 Reef Octopus Pulse 2- sold Icecap Gyre 4K- sold Kessil to Apex cord (2)- $10 each Sicce...
  9. reef fish

    Florida Aquarium Controller Drygoods New Neptune Apex Trident and More

    brand new neptune apex trident no box New seal 2 months apex trident reagent kit New Neat aquatic reagent bottle, funnels New 3D printer mount for trident New 3D printed wast water tube rap Price is shipped $720
  10. E

    Miscellaneous Package Deal SOLD SOLD -- Tank Teardown - Radion XR15 G6 Blue + RMS Mount, AI Prime 16HD + Mount, Apex EL + FMM, Hana Testers, Red Sea Dose 4, Par Meter (SQ-420X)

    Alright everyone, I have decided to throw in the towel (not due to issues, just time commitment) and I am tearing down the 40G AIO + 5G AIO. Below is the first of two sales (next sale is pumps, fans, heaters, once I get it all cleaned up). Here is the deal: 1) I will only ship within the US 2)...
  11. I

    California Aquariums Aquarium Controller Drygoods Frag tank setup + Neptune Apex bundle

    Located in SJ; local pickup only. I have: Zoomed lowboy frag tank (drilled with Prodigy M overflow box), stand, DC120 skimmer, sump, and MH lighting: $200 I will be completely honest and note that this was my first sumped tank and, if I were to redo it, I'd want to redo the plumbing and try a...
  12. |Tom the Bomb|

    Apex connection issue

    So I've had my apex A2 for quite a while now and Ive had my fair share of connection issues. I attempted the same process to reconnect the wifi (reset at bottom, then reconnect to Apex_setup wifi and reconnect apex to internet) However, this time, it didn't work and was just stuck on this...
  13. hikebikebrew

    California WTB Neptune FMM

    Looking for a Neptune FMM. Preferably module only, but may be willing to pick up sensors if a package is available. LMK
  14. Tom@HaslettMI

    Aquarium Controller Testing Drygoods SOLD APEX gear: PM2, salinity probe, temp probe, and MRP

    Upgraded to A2 APEX and have the following module, probes, and holder available. All prices include shipping to lower 48. Orange label PM2 (includes 6 ft aquabus cable) $65.00 Salinity/conductivity probe (made in April 2020) - $145.00 Temperature probe - $25.00 MPR probe holder - $ 30.00...
  15. gig 'em

    Texas Sumps Package Deal Drygoods Multiple aquariums and equipment package deal

    *Please not that this is a package deal* I’m helping a friend liquidate his aquarium collection before he moves out of country. He’s very busy with the move and prefers selling it all as one if anyone is interested in parsing it out themselves. A lot of new equipment that hasn’t been used as...
  16. dustinc

    Texas Testing Drygoods SOLD Neptune Systems Trident

    I have a gently used Neptune Systems Trident for sale. Will come with everything as new, and also 1 set of reagents. Works great, just trying something new on my setup. $440 shipped. Dustin
  17. rhyan

    Aquarium Controller Lighting Dosing Drygoods For Sale - Neptune Apex, Kessil Lighting, Dosing Pumps, and more...

    Hi there, thanks for checking out this post! A few years ago I moved across the country and had to disassemble all my reef tanks. I've since moved back to the area and decided it's time to part with all my gear. There's a lot here so I appreciate your time to look through everything. Most of...
  18. ajtomase

    Apex Fusion and Local not updating info

    Dear @SuncrestReef and any other Apex experts... I keep getting the notification that my Apex cannot communicate with Fusion last night so I tried to do a reset (both from pushing the reset button and from and that hasn't worked. When it is somewhat connected (local will say APEXFUSION: OK)...
  19. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York SOLD Neptune Apex ATK Auto Top Off - full kit - like new in box - will ship - $175

    Neptune Apex ATK Auto Top Off - full kit - like new in box - will ship - $175
  20. H

    Neptune Conductivity (Salinity) Probe help

    Hi all, I hope youre keeping well. I'm wondering if anyone may be able to help me! So my Neptune salinity Probe consistently reads VERY high (40-60ppt!). Tank is at 35ppt verified by 2 hanna salinity testers a refractometer and a hydrometer. I understand that the neptune probe is conductivity...
  21. B

    New York Aquariums Aquarium Controller Drygoods RSR350 with custom sump & apex goodies

    Time to let the RSR350 (Red Sea Reefer 350) go. Located in Jordan. About 15 minutes east of baldwinsville, 30 min from Syracuse and 45 min from Rochester. If things don't sell locally I'll start shipping. thanks! RSR350 with sump T-26 = $1600 Deltec 600i skimmer = $300 trident (needs...
  22. Galail52

    Arizona Aquarium Controller Package Deal APEX System - Arizona - Will ship

    I've got an older Apex system that I'm just not going to use that deserves a better home. Please forgive me if I name some of these wrong, but pictures will also be posted to help with that. Included are: Base Unit $150 EnergyBar 8 x2 $75 each Apex Display included with base unit OR...
  23. S

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Apex, ai prime 16hd, calcium reactor, aqua Uv sterilizer, Hanna checkers

    All used equipment! 3 x AI Prime 16hd with prime tank “arm mounts”. 1x white 2x black…. Needs new lenses which are $4 each off their website. Asking 165$ shipped each. All 3 for 450$ aqua ultraviolet 15 watt UV sterilizer. Needs bulb. 75$ shipped hanna checkers 35$ each shipped will need...
  24. david_ma

    Aquariums Aquarium Controller SOLD Sold

    text 313-268-3195 Christmas special 250g peninsula acrylic tank with steel stand, white cabinets, sump….$900 local pick up