1. L

    PH Measurement - Is it necessary?

    I have a new APEX EL which I primarily purchased to control my heater, pumps, skimmer, etc. It does have a pH probe but I've never before measured pH in my reef tank nor really know how to control pH swings. I've also read lots of posts about the need to calibrate it often. What is everyone's...
  2. Kenny D

    Connecticut FS Apex Classic (black label)

    Hey everyone, I bought this setup here about 3 months ago but never used it. It’s an Apex Classic (black label) with Energy Bar 8, display, aquabus cable, 3 probes, temp, PH, and orp. Full disclosure, the probes haven’t been kept wet, just as I received them, and the display wire is frayed at...
  3. NewYorkReefer1988

    Neptune Apex Programming of BRS Dosers

    Hello all, I just finally took the plunge into the world of apex and I’m so glad I did. It is a lot to take in However. I am currently having a little bit of trouble programming my dosing pumps and corresponding powerhead in my sump. I actually think I have the dosing figured out but I will...
  4. psumms

    Silicon Airline for Dosing (Right or Wrong) what i've found

    Anyone want to offer thoughts on my use of silicone airline tubing for my dosing lines? I've had this setup for almost a year and set a reminder to check how they're holding up - all seem fine. I'm pushing Alk, Ca, Mg and NoPoX through them. Just come to calibrate my Apex Dos which I use for...
  5. ReefSharkBuilder

    Communication Error Apex Fusion

    I purchased an Apex classic second hand. I factory reset the unit and have it connected to the internet via ethernet to an access point. I can access the local dashboard via the IP address. However, it gives me an error when I try to generate the token for the apex fusion connection. On the Apex...
  6. Cmarez93

    Oklahoma Looking for Apex Dos

    Looking for a replacement DOS since mine went out. Let me know what you have.
  7. M

    build thread- New 220 waterbox reef tank

    Got the tank delivered on February 17 2020
  8. psumms

    Apex Time spanning midnight

    Am i correct in thinking that the Apex time command cannot span midnight, so the following would not be valid: If Time 22:00 to 07:00 Then OFF and instead you would need to use two separate lines, e.g. If Time 22:00 to 23:59 Then OFF If Time 00:00 to 07:00 Then OFF Also, bonus question, does...
  9. Brasileiro561

    Automatic Salt Dispenser

    So I've been thinking about an automatic salt dispenser to mix my salt. i had this idea on paper but haven't had time to turn it into CAD but i came across a design identical to what i drew but this one was designed for something else. But for now ill be using this person design just to give you...
  10. Victor Nguyen

    Georgia Apex EB8 orange label with aquabus cable

    Asking 110 shipped. All outlets work.
  11. Reefltx

    North Carolina Apex Classic

    Apex Classic for sale. Includes brain, Eb8, pH & temp probe, wifi adapter, aquabus cable, pH calibration solution. *No display Asking $220 shipped.
  12. psumms

    Apex outlet off not auto

    For such a simple part of my setup, this morning this has been driving me crazy! Does using WHEN set to manual OFF? I have a chain of actions triggered across several outlets running my RO tank fill. All work fine apart from an auto-flush that I have run for five minutes first. If i set to...
  13. Bryknicks

    Florida WTB: ALD Module

    Looking to buy an ALD module. I have the sensors, mine crapped out.
  14. Mosco

    Dream Aquarium Setup Ideas / Inspirations!

    I have had my reef tank (25g nano) for about one year now. I have learned a lot over this past year, so much to the point i’ve realized it is nothing like what I inspire to have. Current list includes: 2 Wyoming White Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Citron Goby, 2 Rainbow BTA’s, 2 Mini Maxi...
  15. psumms

    International Optical Sensor Mount for Neptune APEX Utility Pump PMUP v2 / ATK v2

    Hi all, there were dozens of designs for the old style PMUP sensor mounts, but nothing much for the new version - so I made one! I've been surprised by how popular they been! The collar provides a perfect fit to the pump body, holding a Neptune Apex optical sensor firm and secure - with cable...
  16. P

    Does EcoTech just need a couple of accessories to become a full-fledged controller?

    Mobius today controls the Versa. It will eventually control the VorTech , Vectra, & Radion. Imagine if EcoTech comes out with their own controllable power strip which I cannot imagine would be difficult to add. All that is left is to monitor pH, temperature, salinity, and ORP. I also cannot...
  17. S

    Florida Apex Jr, Apex Classic, and EB8s

    All in great working order. $100ea shipped.
  18. psumms

    Apex programming - Two OSC on one socket

    Hi all, I have my RO unit flush for 30 seconds every four hours. I want to increase that to every 30 minutes when my RO pump is running. I currently have the following on my RO pump socket: Fallback ON OSC 000:00/000:30/180:00 Then ON What i'd like to do is find a solution to add a second line...
  19. S

    Florida Apex WiFi Gold Brain and Probes

    I have for sale are the probes and the Apex WiFi Brain only. Selling it as a bundle. Pulled from a system but don’t have the caps for probe storage. Probes will probably still be good but can’t guarantee so selling at a low price. $350 shipped for it all
  20. CoralNerd

    California Apex Custom Controller Box

    Anyone looking for a cool controller for your apex? I have had 3 of these made over the years by Harry Singer and I only need one lol. Like new $40 for either one in the picture below. Pickup in 92833 Fullerton any questions just message me.
  21. GlassMunky

    Help with Advanced Apex Feed

    Im trying to remember what code i had setup on my last tank but for the life of me i cant remember. What i'm trying to do is have my feed mode start like normal but then when it reaches the end of the feed mode, rather than immediately turn everything back on, i want to have the vortechs turned...
  22. ozborn99

    California Neptune Systems Apex Wireless Expansion WXM Module/Vortech AquaController

    the gray model. no issues. wound up going with AI lighting instead. $85, plus shipping.
  23. Apex control stand

    Apex control stand

    Almost ready to build and install doors. Last project is plumbing the chiller back in.
  24. CaptainCooke

    Apex not sending alarms! Please help me figure this out!

    Hello all, Today I noticed my apex wasn’t sending me alarm updates when it absolutely should have. Thankfully there was no issue. I was doing a water change and the probes were out of the water. When the probes came out of the water I should have received an alarm on salinity, ph, and temp...
  25. Andrew Schubert

    Help Programming Apex EL scenario ???

    I want to make a program that even if my Apex is in Feed mode, to turn back on my return pump if it detects water on the floor. This would guard against the pump overflowing when the pump is off if for some strange reason my sump was too full of water. However, I'm hitting a break wall with...
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