1. Apex Jr, Aquatic Life Hybrid, Clearwater ATS

    For sale Apex Jr, Aquatic Life Hybrid, Clearwater ATS

    Apex Jr comes with temp probe. No display. Everything works perfectly. I've had the unit for 4 years and the previous owner had it for a year or so. $125 shipped Aquatic Life hybrid 4*24w plus 2 Kessil brackets. This has all the original brackets plus extras. Original hanging kit as well. Bulbs...
    $125.00 to $225.00
  2. J

    I’m so confused

    I have been looking at controllers and don’t want to make the wrong choice! Which is the best option for a nano tank 30gals. Between Apex and hydros 4?
  3. S

    Extending the Apex salinity probe cable

    So I'm planning on using an Apex to handle the NSW for my tank, and one thing I'd like to be able to do is read the salinity of the NSW that's in the "ready to use" storage-tank while I'm using the "in-use" storage tank. The wrinkle is that these tanks are outside, at the other end of the house...
  4. Apex EL, Trident, and DoS

    For sale Apex EL, Trident, and DoS

    Good evening! I am selling the following Neptune system products. All items are in good working condition. Apex EL controller; needs new Ph probe: $375. Neptune Trident; just had service kit installed: $500 Neptune DoS: $225 Bundle: $950. All prices are OBO and buyer pays shipping.
  5. System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    For sale System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    I am parting out a system and have the following for sale… Ecotech MP10’s with spare wet sides: $265 each. Two available. Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro’s with tank mounts. $475 each. Two available. Apex EL (needs new ph probe) $375 Neptune Trident (Just had maintenance kit installed) $525 Neptune...
  6. New unopened full Neptune Apex

    For sale New unopened full Neptune Apex

  7. S

    NSW mixing and apex programming

    Having not seen any response to my post on Neptune's own forums I thought I'd post here and ask :) I'm thinking about buying another Apex to control my NSW supply, now that I'm thinking of mixing it myself again. My setup has two 300G NSW tanks, unfortunately at the other end of the house to...
  8. brissey02

    Trident issues

    I’m less than 6 months into owning my trident and apex, and am unfortunately experiencing issues with the trident. I had to temporarily take the trident out of commission, and followed shut down procedures prior to doing so. when i was finally able to power it back up, the status light on the...
  9. TangoTang16

    Return Pump Programming

    Hello, So I have been having issues with my feed mode codes lately which trigger the apex to cancel the feed mode automatically. What I would like to do is for the return pump to just respond to one feed mode and not Feed A,B,C. Here is my code for my two powerheads: Fallback OFF Set ON If...
  10. unchaotic

    Controlling Viparspectra Lights with an Apex Tutorial (For Dummies)

    This tutorial is to customize a Viparspectra LED reeflight to allow a Neptune Apex to ramp the brightness up and down. Why "For Dummies"? Well we can't all be experts at everything right? I've had people try to help me with adding ramping controls to a Viparspectra light and God bless them...
  11. Cuse89

    New York WTB Neptune apex and trident

    Looking to purchase a combo or if anyone is breaking a tank down and may have a decent deal I would be very interested. Thanks
  12. Benpastw

    PH Monitoring/apex

    I have an apex, and it seems to fluctuate opposite of the orp, having said that, my oh seems to level out from 7.9-8.1, even if I dose ph buffer to increase it to 8.3-8.4, it will steadily decline over the course of say, 1day, until it is back steadily fluctuating opposite of my orp in the...

    Calibrating a Trident... with tank water

    I did a bad thing and calibrated with tank water because the readings from the trident were so far off Hanna and Salifert. I've been reading on the FB forums that lots of people do it that way ***while it is not recommended at all *** but it certainly made my readings match up almost to a T. Did...
  14. twhit030

    Florida WTB Neptune apex energy bar 832 eb832

    Already have the full apex system just looking to buy the never eb832 energy bar let me know if you have one! New or used is fine
  15. R

    USA WTB Neptune Systems EB8 or EB4

    Looking for EB8 or EB4 for Apex Classic
  16. Ditto

    Programing/Features Differences(Heater Setup – Part 2) – Neptune Systems and GHL Systems Controller

    This video is part two of a two-part video showing the Programing and Feature differences in programming and features for a heater for for both the APEX controller and a ProfiLux Controller. The first part of the video can be located here...
  17. johntdaballa

    Texas Getting out of Hobby Sale Redsea 425xl and more

    I have been pretty busy with work and family. Stepping away from the hobby for awhile . Need to sell live stock first before taking down . Don't have much left . Pick up in Houston/Katy Everything minus livestock $3050 SOLD I'll throw in test kits I have available . Saliferts Redsea Reefer...
  18. jonnyeatworld

    Getting out of Hobby Sale - Updated List

    UPDATE: Full apex system with Dos, Fluid monitor and WXM - (free 2 aqua max dosing containers, will only part out of i can’t sell the whole package) $900 Neptune Apex Leak Detection Kit (brand new) - $100 2-Red Sea reefled 90 with mounting arms -$700 Red Sea reefer 350 with black stand and...
  19. Coralfuture

    Wisconsin WTB Outlets not working EB832

    Trying to see if I can't get one or two and see if I can't fix it. If it connects to Apex but non of the outlets work that would be preferred. Either way please let me know of course I will try and compensate fairly. Thank you
  20. E

    New apex cor 15 pump help

    So I just spent all day replumbing my output for my new apex cor 15 pump, after doing all of that and connecting it via 1link cable I went to task menu to do the initial setup and that’s where I run into a problem, the light on the cor 15 controller is supposed to turn blue and let you select...
  21. Blueringed_Octo

    Maryland Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL complete setup with tons of extras

    Build Thread - BluOcto's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL Hey everyone! Been a bit but now I have some really great progression pics to share with you all and anyone looking to get an idea of how much growth you can expect after 4 months of running the new upgrades I added to my tank. I will try to...
  22. J

    Neptune Cor20 feed mode?

    I'd like my cor 20 to go down to 5%, and then back up to normal. What is the best code for that?
  23. E

    Apex EB832 not reporting Amps or Watts

    So this is my second post apex related but so far nothing but issues with this whole thing, I have three different things plugged into my power bar but the power log does not show anything all it shows is the volts from the power bar, it has never shown anything ever and I have had it for almost...
  24. E

    Neptune trident and its readings help

    So finally decided to buy a Alex and the trident witch cost me a lot of money, I set everything up and waited a few days to calibrate the trident, but it has been reading my calcium as pretty high since I have gotten it and now a little higher after calibration, my salifert says my calcium is...
  25. J

    Apex solenoid CO2 Scrubber

    Does the Apex Solenoid work to moderate the airflow going into the skimmer from a CO2 Reactor? Basically to manage pH.