1. Passedyouby

    Michigan 3 ecotech mp10wqd (wireless quiet drive) great condition

    Hello! I have 3 Ecotech Marine MP10WQD for sale! 1 is mobius ready. I will post pictures of the actual units later, but attached is a Screenshot from an ecotech invoice showing that 2 of the wet sides were purchased in December and they fully inspected the drysides while in house. 1 of the...
  2. reef fish

    Florida Aquarium Controller NEPTUNE APEX SOLENOID VAVLE

  3. Nanojoeaquatic

    Virtual outputs for APEX CLASSIC

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to add virtual outputs to the apex classic via fusion? I know you typically would have to do it through the display but i am remote from a clients tank and wanted to add some new commands to their apex setup. Also, is the classic able to be updated to...
  4. OceanMinded

    California FS: Brand new Neptune Trident - Ventura County

    i never got my system up and running and this has been sitting in my closet. Brand new never used. Everything included, purchased from BRS on 12/27/19. im in Thousand Oaks, asking $550 picked up. Buyer pays shipping.
  5. E

    USA WTB Wanted to Buy. Neptune COR 20

    I'm looking to set up my first tank in a couple of weeks and would like the COR 20 if anyone has one for sale.
  6. ReefingwithO

    New York Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex Items for Sale | EB832-$225 | DOS - $250 | FMM - $70 |Leak detectors - $50 and more

    I have some Neptune Systems items for sale. Everything is working - took it off my tank to move to the Coralvue hydros. 2 EB832 - both are a little over a year old - looking for $225 each ($10 for shipping) Neptune Systems DOS with 1 link cable - about 7 months old - looking for $260, will...
  7. D

    Best resources for both basic and advanced Apex coding?

    I want to help a very close friend understand the way Apex/fusion works, while also giving them the resources to learn how to write their own commands both basic and advanced. Can anyone recommend some good resources for me?
  8. fmf_21

    Mississippi Neptune Apex WXM module SOLD !

    Neptune WXM $80 shipped
  9. M

    Apex Heater Failsafe Program

    Hi, I apologize if this has already been answered, but I was not able to find it searching other posts. I want to use the Apex as a heater failure failsafe only. I will let the heater turn on and off itself and use the Apex as a shutoff if the heater fails in the on position. This is my...
  10. unchaotic

    Controlling Viparspectra Lights with Apex

    I was going through @Michael Lane's post about controlling Mars Aqua lights to allow them to ramp up and down. A litlle while into the discussion the topic starts to turn towards Viparspectra lights being controlled by a Reef-Pi system. Michael sells adapters for this purpose and I was...
  11. fmf_21

    Mississippi Tank Breakdown, High end Equipment. SOLD !

    all sold !
  12. fmf_21

    Mississippi Tank Breakdown , high end equipment ( MOVED TO DRY GOODS . )

  13. fap'd'em

    Wisconsin WTB WTB apex, trident, reefbot.

    Looking to buy a neptune apex, trident, or reefbot.
  14. NewFish

    Build Thread NewFish - 40g Overbuilt ULM Reef

    Getting started on this journey. I have been learning whatever I can retain over the past few months. Now I'm ready as ever to take my chance at my first reef tank. I've dreamed of a saltwater aquarium since I was just a little guy so here it goes. My plan is to build a minimal maintenance 40...
  15. D

    New York WTB System For Sell

    Selling my hole system for moving out state List; BRONX 10462 Red Sea peninsula 650 $3000 (2months old) T5 Hybrid LED G2 61” $320 Ecotech MP60 $430 Ecotech Mp 40 $250 Ecotech Vectra L2 $320 Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Pro $520 Nyos 220 $540 Nyos 160 Brand New $430 Tunze Reactor 3181...
  16. NewFish

    Build Thread Just getting started 40g

    Getting started on this journey. I have been learning whatever I can retain over the past few months. Now I'm ready as ever to take my chance at my first reef tank. I've dreamed of a saltwater aquarium since I was just a little guy so here it goes. My plan is to build a minimal maintenance 40...
  17. J

    Water changes with Dos

    Hey everyone, I just recently got an apex and am looking to set up some auto water changes with the dos system and have a couple questions: -If I have a 20g tank, is it hurtful to do a 1 gallon a day water change? I currently do a manual water change about once a week with 4 gallons or so...
  18. L

    Pennsylvania Apex Equipment for Sale

    All equipment below includes paypal and shipping fees. Shipping via Fed-Ex as USPS is trash right now. Full Apex 2016 model with brain eb832 and probes - salinity, ph, orp and temp. Probes kept wet. $620 Black display $65 (still has the wrapper on the screen) Orange label brain, eb8 and...
  19. T

    Which doser to get

    I have a full 40 breeder I’ve been dosing by hand every day kinda over it, I have an apex that I’ve set up and wouldn’t mind the DOS system however I dose 3 part and it’s not worth abs extra 270 for me to get a second as nice as it would be. What does everyone recommend, any input is appreciated...
  20. ForrestGump

    Washington Aquarium Controller Apex classic gold, display, (2) eb8s, temp, ph, wifi extender

    Apex classic gold, display, (2) eb8s, temp, ph probes (stored wet) with a magnetic probe holder, and wifi extender. $375 for everything shipped. If someone wants the controller minus one eb8 I will sell for $275.
  21. G

    California WTB apex controller and trident used and affordable?

    just a lonely post college guy that wants an affordable price for these items? message me? ad
  22. Valhalla Reefer

    EnergyBar 4 something rattling inside

    Hi All, I just received a used Neptune EnergyBar 4. The outside looks to be in near mint condition..but Im guessing it’s not normal to hear something small move/rattle around loose inside when I tilt or gently shake the unit? Thought I’d ask here..Before I try and disassemble to have a look...
  23. C

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. APEX EL Brain, Temp & PH Probes Only -$300

    Selling an Apex EL Brain, Temp and PH Probes only. No EB832. WYSIWYG. I don't need this as I have Full Apex and just need the Eb832 alone. So selling it. Price - $300 Shipped and Paypal fees included.
  24. kenchilada

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller Package Deal SOLD Apex 2016 full ($550 shipped)

    Full Apex 2016 ($650 $550 shipped) - Apex head unit - EB832 - pH probe - temp probe - ORP probe - salinity probe Apex PM1 module, unused, new in box, ($75) SOLD All prices include shipping CONUS. Everything works great. Probes all nice and clean.
  25. M

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Neptune DOS

    I purchased this off of another member a while back with the intent of using it for AWC. My litemeter system kept chugging along and I never used it. I’m now switching over to GHL and will be selling my Apex gear starting with this DOS. It’s in good shape and works fine. Includes two new...
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