1. MadeForThat

    Build Thread Pushing the limits of a 24" stand for 60g cube

    So this is where my build begins. My hope is to keep the same footprint as my current tank, (24"X24") but gain a few useful features and unnecessary complexity. To define what I want to achieve, I would like to reach a point of being able to leave this tank for 1 month with no manual...
  2. SDJustin

    Why I trust my Neptune Trident

    So... I had a tank 'almost crash' about 6 months ago. I was preparing for a new tank, moving around stuff on my EB832s, rewiring sensors, shuffling my gear, etc. My C02 feed for my calcium reactor went offline... I noticed but was busy with other stuff and thought it could wait a few days. A...
  3. sdreef

    Automatic Filter Roller Apex Control

    I have a Clarisea SK-5000 on a new system, but figure this could apply to any automatic roller. I was considering having the filter rollers turned off via the apex except for once or twice a day. I have not had the automatic roller for long, so I am wondering if anyone can think of any issues...
  4. Tacticool-Reefer

    Build Thread Emeritus Revenio v.5.0.150INT

    Emeritus Revenio v.5.0.150INT Hello R2R, I'm not new to the hobby, started around 2012, but reluctantly I had to pull away from it for personal reasons. This will be my "Emeritus Revenio" build thread. Things always have a way of working themselves out, sometimes however they favor you and...
  5. SenorBubs

    Apex VDM lighting won’t work!

    Hi everyone, Sooo I got an Apex second hand and have been working to set it up today. I’m getting the gist of it but can’t figure out why I can’t get the lights to work with the VDM... I’ve tried multiple combos of codes but this is what I have. I’ve tried modding the codes in the...
  6. B

    Iowa Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex Package With WiFi, 2x Eb8, Brain, Breakout Box & more

    Includes the following: 1. Apex brain 2. 2 Energy bar 8 3. Neptune breakout box with float switch and magnetic door switch 4. Temp probe 5. 2 aquabus cables 6. Wifi adapter $400 shipped obo Please email with any questions and I will try to answer them.
  7. V

    Build Thread Vik's 200 gallon peninusla (IM 200 EXT)

    Hi All, finally time to start a build thread. I have an Innovative marine 200 Peninsula on order with white stand. Supposed to ship this week - so I getting ready but am still pretty behind in getting things ready. I had originally ordered their standard 200 but asked about a peninsula layout...
  8. SplishySplashy

    California Package Deal Getting out of the hobby sale

    Hello everyone, I might be getting out of the hobby for a little while. Working full time all while raising an 8 month old and tending to 2 puppers has made me neglect my tank. I am looking to sell everything as a package including livestock. I will list most of the equipment below. The tank +...
  9. V

    Jebao SOW-20 controlled by apex?

    Has anybody done this with what Jebao calls the “newer” wave makers? The Sow-20 moves a ton of water, id love to control them with the 0-10v connections on the apex. I’ve seen that the jebao/apex controlled commonly sold will not work. What all do I need to buy to control these with my apex? Do...
  10. C

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Selling Apex Neptune DOS - WYSIWYG

    Selling an extra very lightly used Apex DOS. Mint Condition. Asking for $240. Preferred Pick Up. If needs to be shipped, buyer need to pay for it.
  11. JosephRyan

    Louisiana Aquarium Controller SOLD Like New Neptune Apex EL w/ EB8

    APEX EL CONTROLLER with Temp Probe/PH Prob/EB8 - EB8 is a bit older but still in great shape - $360.00
  12. Dayson

    Mississippi Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex controller

    Neptune Apex classic. Includes display, power strip, brain, Ph probe, temp probe. Also have WXM available. Asking $200 plus shipping for Apex
  13. Mason Michalski

    Build Thread The Start of the 150 Gallon Deep Dimension: CUSTOM Sump with full DIY Diagram

    I have been working on this 40 gallon breeder sump conversion for the last week or so, and I am looking for constructive feedback. In the works is piping, along with a fluorescent dowel plan to make the sump baffles glow once a UV led strip is installed in cabinet! Going Orange Section 40 with...
  14. R

    Arizona Dry Good Trade Peopoly Moai 130 3D Resin printer

    I have a Peopoly Moai SLA 3D printer I don't really use. It's a great shape. I have all the upgrades they offered for it. Has the Heavy Duty Z axis, New PDMS and used FEP vats. Easy to level build plate. If anyone is looking for a GREAT resin SLA printer here is your case. Open to offers plus...
  15. R

    USA FS/FT Peopoly Moai 130 with all the upgrades!

    I have a Peopoly Moai SLA 3D printer I don't really use. It's a great shape. I have all the upgrades they offered for it. Has the Heavy Duty Z axis, New PDMS and used FEP vats. Easy to level build plate. If anyone is looking for a GREAT resin SLA printer here is your case. Open to offers...
  16. Dayson

    Mississippi Aquarium Controller Apex Classic

    Includes display, controller, energy bar 8, temp probe, ph probe. $275 shipped
  17. Bassmaster116

    CARx on apex

    So i have set up my carx about 2 weeks ago, using a reef octo in conjunction with the carbon doser and my apex. Just curious anyone else who is using their apex as the ph controlle, what does your ph graph look like? mine was up and down alot but now had seemed to steady out. Set my effluent to...
  18. Tdoan

    Multiplex APEX DOS

    Has anyone used 1 DOS to do auto water change on 2 different tanks? My thought is to use solenoid valves to control the water flow. Or to run parallel water Lines to each tank off the main lines from the DOS. If you have done this please let me know how you done it. Any thoughts?
  19. A

    Oregon Aquarium Controller 2x Apex Classics FS

    1) Apex Controller + EB8 + Screen + PH Probe + Temp Probe = $300 2) Apex Controller + EB8 + Screen = $225 3) PM2 Module + Salinity Probe = $70 Probes are still in my sump so that they don't dry out. I will make sure to wrap them in paper towels and a ziplock with water before shipping. I...
  20. Betex

    Florida ATO Lighting Powerheads SOLD Radion G5/MP40/Apex bits

    Pick up Only (South Florida - Miami Area) 1x radion xr30 G5 pro 1 week use -$750 2x radion mp40 wqd 6 mnths use-$500 1x neptune apex with probes and holder-$650 1x neptune atk v2-$175 Nothing wrong with G5 just switching to x2 g5 xr15 blues
  21. TopShelfAquatics

    Lots of Equipment Up For Grabs! (Radions, Apex, Skimmers, Etc)

    Have you seen this thread yet? We're doing a garage sale of sorts on lots of used products! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tons-of-equipment-up-for-grabs.764848/#post-8053641
  22. G

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania NIB sealed APEX orange label

    Sealed in box orange label WiFi apex controller. 700. Would like to do local for now unless buyer wants to discuss shipping. Can meet up for sure. Located 07731 Thanks !
  23. Canadareefer666

    Build Thread Innovative Marine 75 EXT build thread

    So the deal was with the wife, new condo, new tank. Seemed fair to me. After deliberating between a Red Sea and IM, we went with IM due to stand and availability. I currently have an Aqueon 75 gallon reef ready but the stand casing is falling apart, it is too big for the apartment and I want to...
  24. V

    Illinois Missouri Equipment for sale

    (2)Apex classic brain $150 (4)Apex EB8 $110 Reeflink $50 (2)Radion g4 Pro XR30 $455 Radion g4 Pro XR30(with diffuser) $475 (2)Radion g3 Pro XR30 $355 Apex black label brain $150 (2)Apex WXM $70 (2)Apex PM2 $70 Apex PM1 $70 Apex I/O Breakout Box $30 1” Apex Flow Meter $30 1” Apex Flow...
  25. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller VDM Module

    I have a VDM module that I am going to no longer use. Includes module and aquabus cable. I am looking for $60 shipped.