1. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts Cheap Aquarium Controller

    I'm looking for an aquarium controller for $150 or less. I know it's a limited budget but figured an old RKE, Archon, AquaController, or even an RKL if that's all I can get. May also consider a Seneye so I can test my PAR. I want to be able to monitor temp & salinity while able to control a few...
  2. Boltline

    California Fire Sale Part II- Equipment- LOTS OF STUFF(Costa Mesa)

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little depressed posting all this right now. Here's the rest of my equipment. Please text me if you are interested 909-772-5802. Will ship as long as you pay for shipping and packaging. 50g SCA Tank & Stand w/ lights, sump, plumbing $300 Apex Classic Gold w/ PM2 $300...
  3. smartwater101

    Vortech MP40 connection issues. Constantly goes missing!

    I have cleared the MP40s memeory a few times which has not helped. Issues: will (daily) show up as missing. Sometimes it will show as missing even if the powerhead is still running. It also shows up missing after an apex restart. Turning ON/AUTO/OFF will usually not work. I often have to...
  4. smartwater101

    Power for multiple Neptune DOS... daisy chain?

    Do I have to use the included power adapter, or can I connect them directly to the EB832 with the 4 or 6 pin connector? Seems strange the DOS has 4pin connection (as does the EB832) but a cord isn't included. Anyway, I'm just looking to save space and free up as many outlets as I can. What...
  5. smartwater101

    Neptune FMM: I'm using 3/4" PVC for return. Should I step down to 1/2" sensor, or up to 1"?

    3/4" is a pretty common size. It seems really strange that there is no 3/4" sensor option. Especially considering the price difference is 30$ vs 60$ !! Anyway. I assume stepping down to 1/2" would restrict flow a bit... But is it really enough to even worry about? Thoughts?
  6. Broadfield

    Illinois Neptune WAV Starter Kit

    Selling my Neptune WAV Starter Kit. The pumps are right at about 8 months old. $300 Shipped It includes the following: (2) WAV pumps 1-Link module Power supply with power cord 3-Foot Aquabus cable IMG_2481 by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr
  7. Scurvy

    Massachusetts WTT 36” 4 Bulb ATI Sunpower/Reefbrite & Apex Classic

    Title says it. Looking to negotiate for a couple of MP-40’s. Sunpower/Reefbrite XHO also has dual channel Dimmer for the led but just one strip. Apex Classic w/EB8, Temp and PH probes wet. Both items still running on a 40B setup but can be removed any time.
  8. Sethdarkus

    How good is the apex?

    Im currently in the enlistment process for the army national guard. Just got my medical waver and well while I’m doing basic training I want peace of mind because I will be away and my family will be taking care of my tank. I’m looking into a digital refractometer and well the apex for what it...
  9. fabutahoun

    All About Fadi's 180 Gallon Reef Tank Acros and Angels - YouTube Video

    This video have all information about my Reef Tank hope you like it !!
  10. AWIL57

    Arizona WTS Apex Classic WXM, MP1, and EB8

    Hello all, I have several Apex items to sell that I don't need. They were included with the system that I bought from a friend but I don't have equipment/probes/need to run them currently. NO cables included. All prices are firm. PM and I will go in order of messages received. Thanks! PM1 -...
  11. SkiCatTX

    Nano Build Skicat's JBJ28 Experimental Mixed Reef

    Technically this is not a new tank build, but I recently fragged and sold off many of the corals and moved a few pieces of rock to my Waterbox 10 for Pinky (See my build thread here), so I thought it would be great to document my larger experimental "practice" nano as I restart it with new...
  12. Reefer5640

    Utah Looking buy or trade for FMM

    I’m looking to buy an FMM and thought I’d check to see if anyone has a used one before I buy brand new. I can buy or trade. If you’re interested in trade I have an EcoTech MP10, EcoTech XR15 G3 w/ tank mount, ReefLink, Apex PM2 w/probe, apex ORP probe, Kessel A150, AI diffuser (fits hydra 52...
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