1. MichaelP121579

    My Build

    My new build. Custom Glass Cages 48x24x16 BASHSEA SIGNATURE SERIES SUMP Orphek Icon Compacts 2 mp40s Reef Octopus v2 return Reef Octopus Regal series 150 BASHSEA Signature Series sump ORPHEK ICON X2 Apex With Trident and Dos Redsea Doser 25w Uv Things I'm going to add for sure. AtK and...
  2. ReefAddict16

    Need help coding apex

    Hi I’m attempting to find the perfect coding for maintaining my pH at 8.10. How can I run the doser for only 15 seconds when it is triggered to ON? Here’s my current: Fallback OFF If FeedB 032 Then OFF If pH < 8.10 Then ON If pH > 8.11 Then OFF If Output ReturnUVATO = OFF Then OFF
  3. A_Blind_Reefer

    As BRS, Neptune and Ecotech are under one roof will we finally get an integrated battery backup for Neptune?

    I know the whole Apex battery backup thing has been beaten to death over the years but will we finally get a seamless, integrated option? What are your thoughts? I know there are diy threads out there, and I’m not wanting to get into that here. There are a few of us with WAV pumps left. I love...
  4. RLucas50

    Apex Switches - Only 6?

    Been researching this for a couple of days including the Neptune forum and can't find a way to add more than 6 switches (mechanical, not optical) to the Apex. I have a BOB but have more than 6 switches to add. A couple are flip (off/on), 2 more are momentary, and 5 are float switches for AO...
  5. neonreef3d

    Neptune SKY Mount for 8020 rail

    Hey Everyone, I had a request for a Neptune SKY LED mount that will attach easily on a 8020 rail system. I will upload more pictures as they become available, if interested, please PM me. They are available for the 10 series & the 15 series. I also have it available for the ecotech RMS rail...
  6. blaxsun

    Large Build Blaxsun's Abyss: Red Sea 750XXL

    Abyss v1.0, circa late 2021. Abyss v2.0, circa mid 2022. Abyss v3.0, circa early 2023. Reef Fish of The Abyss, August 2023 Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL v3 | System: 200 gallons | Display: 160 gallons | Sump: 40 gallons | ATO: 15+7 gallons Mixed Reef: Anemone, Soft, LPS, SPS | Anemones: 8 |...
  7. MarshallB

    Apex PH Probe PH swings nearly gone after calibration.

    I wasn't aware the ph probe should be calibrated every 3 months. So it's been about a year and a half since I set up my tank and originally calibrated the probe. Yesterday I cleaned the prob and calibrated it 3 times and the readings im getting are not aligned at all with previous readings and...
  8. N

    Texas WTB WTB: Neptune Apex FMM control module & LD-2 sensors

    Please let me know if you have a FMM module and looking for two LD-2 sensors.
  9. sfmacguy

    California WTB WTB COR 20 Return Pump

    Let me know what you have. Thank you
  10. Jrapa86

    Apex Dual Dos Dosing with Red Sea Foundation Three Parts

    Hey All, My Tank: 65 gal Mixed SPS/LPS/Fish - just received (from a friend) about $8000 in coral (SPS and LPS), tank was cycled for about 2 - 3 months prior to adding them. I just bought an Apex DOS with the dual reservoir, however I have red sea Three part reef foundation (A,B,C). I have a...
  11. AydenLincoln

    USA WTB Looking for a Neptune Apex System!

    I’m looking for a used Neptune Apex System! Specifically this one.
  12. AydenLincoln

    Looking For Neptune Apex System!

    I’m looking for a used Neptune Apex System! Specifically this one.
  13. S

    Apex, GHL, Hydros

    Hello everyone I need some help deciding on a reef aquarium controller/monitor. I am stuck between the Apex, GHL, and hydros. I love the apex but it’s not really a college friendly price and I want to minimize wires so the EL doesn’t really interest me. That’s brings me to the hydros which is...
  14. Simon Reefing

    Trust apex temp probe?

    I just set up my new apex system. I have the hydros currently on my tank. My hydros temp sensor is ready my tank at 79.3 F and my apex is reading 76. I threw one of those generic temp probes in the same spot and it reads 79.9 should I calibrate the apex probe to the hydros probe? Is it normal...
  15. PinkyDinkyDoo

    Ohio WTB Neptune Apex Controller (New Model)

    Looking to buy an apex setup. Also interested in trident, dos, Wav, & ATO! Only interested in 2016 model. And would prefer with all probes . thanks
  16. Jrapa86

    Return gph and overflow

    -My Return Pump is a Sicce Syncra (don't know which version). - PVC: Sch 40 - 3/4" - # Elbows: 9 - # Tee's: 2 - 1 Check Valve - Height: 3ft - Length: 7.5ft (~91") - Estimated Head Pressure: Unsure - Current Reading on Flow Meter (at max): 134 gph return. Im pretty sure that is bad. I have a...