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Selling 100 Gal complete setup - Never Used - Atlanta, GA

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$3,000 (OBO)
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Oct 27, 2018
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Atlanta, GA
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need to sell all of my never used Aquarium equipment fast!! Moving out of state on Monday, June 27th. Here is a quick list of my never used aquarium and associated equipment and supplies. This has everything needed for a Saltwater Aquarium setup (Marine, Reef, etc). Everything for $3,000 (OBO) or just the Aquarium and Stand for $1,200. Aquarium must be sold before I will sell any other equipment!

I can be reached at:

Located in Sandy Springs, GA (Metro-Atlanta)
Cell: 404.406.8336 ( Make sure to leave a message! )
Email: [email protected]

$1,200 for Innovative Marine NUVO EXT 100 Gal with Stand
Aquarium & Stand $1,200Innovative Marine NUVO EXT 100 Gal. (47.3” x 23.6” x 19.7”)
Black APS Stand (47.3" x 23.6" 35.4") Combo
Aquarium Screen TopDIY 1/8 In Screen Top Netting Kit for Rimless Tanks 4 Ft - Bulk Reef Supply2201901
SumpSump - 42 x 15 x 151220306876801
Pump - returnEheim Compact Pump +5000WP-EH-M110522
ApexNeptune Systems 12 Volt Apex Power AdapterCT-NS-PS121
ApexNeptune Systems 6' AquaBus Cable (Male/ Male)CT-NS-ABUS61
ApexNeptune Systems ApexEL Controller KitCT-NS-APEXEL1
ApexNeptune Systems EnergyBar 832CT-NS-EB8321
LightsFiji Sun System 4 ft - 6 x 54 Watt T5 HO with BukbsAFS46T51
RO/DIVertex PuraTek DELUXE 100 GPD RO/DI UnitRO-VT-100DX1
SkimmerSimplicity 240 DC Protein Skimmer with DC PumpPS-SIM00031
HeaterFinnex HMX 500W Titanium Heater with Touch Digital ControllerHE-FX-HMX5001
ATOXP Aqua Duetto Dual-Sensor Complete Aquarium Auto-Top-Off ATO System1
Magnetic CleanerMag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner (backordered)CD-9703931
GlovesAqua GlovesCD-9122212
MeasureSyringe 20 ml/ccAC-SS-7406604
MeasureSyringe 60 ml/ccAC-SS-7406642
RO/DI - TDS MeterTDS ppm Conductivity Meter1
TestingHanna Copper High Range Checker HC Calibration Check SetTE-HI702-111
TestingHanna Copper High Range Checker Reagents for HI702 (25 Tests)TE-HI702-251
TestingHanna HI702 High Range Copper CheckerTE-HI7021
TestingHanna Professional Reef Kit - HIREEFTE-HIREEF1
TestingSeachem Ammonia Alert SensorTK-SC104
NetImagitarium Fish Net 5" X 16"CD-1067341
NetImagitarium Fish Net 8" X 16"CD-1067361
ThermometerPinPoint Calibration ThermometerTH-AMPP-00011
SiphonPython No Spill Clean and Fill 50 ft. Gravel VacMT-PY50NS1
SiphonPython Squeeze Bulb Siphon StarterMT-PY69B1
AirFlexible Airline Tubing 20'CD-4112862
AirImagitarium Airline Check ValveCD-1067176
Air PumpAir Pump 2500CD-9600913
Air PumpBattery Air Pump 3 pkCD-213802
ContainerSpecimen Container, LARGEAC-AZ-105231
ContainerTom Dip & Pour Specimen Cup, MEDIUMAC-TOM-012941
Dip - CoralReVive Coral Cleaner 500ml. by Two Little FishesAD-TLF-RC41
Dip - CoralSeachem Reef Dip 250 ml. 8 oz.AD-SC6111
DosingCalcium & Alkalinity 2-Part Pharma Total Package Pre-Portioned with Dosers - Bulk Reef Supply2114021
FilterFilter Max 1 PrefilterFT-FM19101
FilterReplacement Sponge for Filter Max 1 PrefilterFT-FM1910R2
FoodOcean Nutrition Seaweed Selects - Green Marine Algae with Natural Garlic Extract - 10 Sheets1
Food - AdditiveAmerican Marine Selcon 60 mL1
Food - AdditiveSeachem Garlic Guard, 500ml.FO-SC1731
RefugiumFinnex Hang-On-Back Breeding Box - Refugium with Powerhead AND LED FugeRay LightAC-AZ-MA173-L1
Salt MixSalt - LiveAquaria® Professional Reef Salt 205 Gallon Mix (55 lbs)CD-1028922
Water TreatmentOne And Only Nitrifying Bacteria, Reef-Pure 4 ozCD-1084541
Water TreatmentRed Sea Reef Foundation Liquid Starter Kit, 3 x 250 ml. A, B, CAD-RED220061
Water TreatmentSeachem Prime, 500 ml.AD-SC4331
Pump - PadSet of 3 BPA-Free Silicone Black Dishwasher Safe Trivet Mat, Heat Resistant Pot/Pan Pad1
MedicationAPI Furan-2 Medication - 10ct Powder Packets1
MedicationAPI General Cure Powder Packets, 10ct.MD-API160154
MedicationCopper Power, Marine 16 OZ.MD-COP-161
MedicationKordon Rid Ich +, 16 Oz.MD-KOR-376561
MedicationRuby Reef Rally 1 L1
MedicationSeachem Laboratories Focus - 5 Grams1
MedicationSeachem Laboratories Kanaplex - 5 Grams1
MedicationSeachem Laboratories MetroPlex - 5 Grams1

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