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  1. N

    HELP ME PLZ BEFORE I GO CRAZY! IM 50 Gallon Lagoon Pro AIO Skimmer/Overflow Questions

    I upgraded to the Fusion Pro 2 AIO 50 Lagoon last year for my mixed reef. Sorry for the long post/rant but I need help! Main question at bottom. I was running my old nano skimmer (unsure of the model, I originally bought it in 2015) in it even though it was way too small for the tank, it was...
  2. H

    Massachusetts Skimmers Drygoods Vortex omega 150 skimmer

    Vortex omega 150 skimmer works perfectly. Willing to ship. $150 moving and and to break system down
  3. J

    Alabama Skimmers SOLD SR Aquaristik Pro Skim 80

    I’m selling my SR Aquaristik Pro Skim 80 protein skimmer. I am the original owner and have had this skimmer for about 10 months. It works great, but is just a bit overkill for my 40 gallon lightly-stocked reef. It’s in perfect condition and has been cleaned with citric acid solution. I’m...
  4. galmase

    Misc. Pumps Skimmers Drygoods RedSea RSK600 new body plus new extra pump

    Red sea RSK600, new body plus new extra pump included $300 shipped @maramotreef
  5. J

    Alabama Skimmers Drygoods SOLD Aquamaxx Bullet-1 Hang-on Skimmer

    I’m selling an Aquamaxx Bullet-1 hang-on skimmer. It is cleaned up, in like-new condition, and comes in the original box with all original packing, etc. I am the original owner and used this skimmer for several months before upgrading to a larger tank. I’m asking for $100 with shipping...
  6. senorsancho

    Virginia Skimmers Drygoods Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Protein Skimmer

    Used Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Protein Skimmer Great for medium - large sized tanks and works perfectly. $190 shipped
  7. galmase

    Skimmers Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD NYOS 220 protein skimmer - excellent condition

    Nyos 220 Only used for 3 months Asking $650 500 shipped or best offer @maramotreef
  8. T

    Oklahoma Skimmers Drygoods Reef octopus classic 1000 HOB skimmer

    I have a used Reef octopus classic 1000 HOB protein skimmer. Includes all the parts needed to run. Has a small crack as noted in the pictures but doesn't hender performance in any way. I'm asking $150 shipped in the US. I will only accept PayPal or cash in person. No zelle, cashapp. No friends...
  9. W


    Hi All, New member here. I have a 450 gallon tank that has a protein skimmer that needs replaced. I have a picture of the skimmer and was wondering if someone can identify the name of this skimmer? Thanks all!
  10. IOAOI

    FREE TEST of IOAOI In-Sump Protein Skimmer, DC Pump with Controller, 120-160 Gals Tank

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST of IOAOI big skimmer on R2R. US only. This is an in sump skimmer which has a very special base design. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. Don't forget to...
  11. KJAG

    California Skimmers Drygoods Royal Exclusiv SuperMarin 200 Skimmer

    Selling this skimmer because my display tank sprung a leak at the seam awhile back and I’m turning it into a Vivarium. Skimmer is in excellent condition and operates as New. The quality is as expected from RE, thick acrylic, welded seams, titanium screws and pump components etc. I was...
  12. cairolip21

    New Jersey Aquariums Lighting Live Rock For Sale: Reef Breeders Photon LED and Tek Light T5

    Posting for my dad who's getting out of the hobby. Located in Bergen county or Ocean county NJ if picking up. Tank and system: Sold Lights for Sale: Reef Breeders Photon 48-V2: $550 Shipped contiguous US. $500 local pickup Sun SystemTek Light 48" 8 bulb HO t5: $200 (Not able to ship)
  13. Jrapa86

    Skimmer Waste Pump

    I’m looking to attach a mini/micro pump to my skimmers waste cup outlet that self-primes. I have a nearby drain line I can tap into. I’d like to power it through my apex power bar to easily turn it on/off. I was thinking I’d use a 24v mini diaphragm pump. Another thought was a A peristaltic...
  14. O

    Do I need this?

    Hey Everyone, Got my Saltwater up and running! Ended up going with a IM Nuvo Pro 40G V2 with a Red Sea 90 Light, for awhile I'm only going to have a FOWLR 2 Oc Clowns, and 1 Firefish, with a CUC, I might add or or two, other small fish. Is a Protein skimmer really needed if understocking this...
  15. IOAOI

    Free Test of IOAOI Nano DC Return Pump

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST of IOAOI nano return pump on R2R. US only. This is a really small pump and is only for small aquariums. :cool: SMALL SMALL SMALL :smiling-face-with-sunglasses: DC 5V, 4W, 132GPH (500L/H) Either for saltwater or freshwater. We truly look...
  16. J

    Good skimmer for biocube 32?

    I’m looking for a skimmer to add to my biocube 32, but I want to keep the hood on the way it is. Right now it is set up as follows. Chamber 1- heater. Chamber 2- intank filter media and refugium with chaeto. Chamber 3- return. I am looking for something to go in the first or third chamber as the...
  17. Saltdaddy

    Aquariums Filters Miscellaneous Red sea reefer 600 skimmer

    Lightly used 600 skimmer. Is missing the original drain tube. Asking 200 shipped
  18. Saltdaddy

    USA Dry Good Trade Red sea reefer 600 skimmer

    Up for trade is a lightly used reefer 600 skimmer. No longer have a big tank. Would like to trade for a algae scrubber. This is in great shape just missing th original drain tube.
  19. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI Protein Skimmer, DC Pump with Controller

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI Protein Skimmer on R2R. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. Product page: (Only available for the US) To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM.
  20. IOAOI

    Follow us to get free trials

    Good morning, family members of R2R, IOAOI is a newly established brand which specializes in designing and manufacturing protein skimmers. We are going to launch a series of FREE testing of protein skimmers soon on R2R. Follow us please to get FREE protein skimmers and other new products. Stay...
  21. DAniel559

    Cheap HOD protein skimmer

    Anyone have recommendations for a cheap a HOD protein skimmer? Searching for one that fits in the back chamber for my JBJ 65 aio currently looking at these two from amazon not convinced that they are rated for up to 80g skimmer 1 skimmer 2 Thanks!
  22. Wuffletoast

    Questions on a Refugium

    I'm Purchasing a hang on the back Refugium for my 29 gal tank. I currently have a quiet flow filter and a Fluval PS1 protein skimmer. The protein skimmer doesn't seem to be creating any foam and is still shooting out micro bubbles after two months now causing them to stick to my yellow wrasse...
  23. arctictwist

    Connecticut Skimmers Drygoods Eshopps Axium x-220 skimmer

    Brand New in Box Eshopps Axium x-220 skimmer for sale. 400 plus shipping from CT.
  24. F

    Varios 4S pump question

    Hi all, I turned off my Varios 4S when doing some maintenance, and when I went to turn it back on it wouldn't start. Didn't surprise me, cleaning it was literally next up on my task list. Got all of the calcium deposits off, etc., put the thing back together and it wouldn't budge. It tried but...
  25. trevorhiller

    Pennsylvania Skimmers Drygoods SOLD Eshopps Nano Skimmer

    I have an Eshopps Nano Skimmer for sale. Asking $80 $70 shipped with PayPal fees included. It was used about 5 months until my tank was upgraded. It works great and has been cleaned with Citric Acid, I’m just cleaning out some gear to buy some extra lighting for my new tank.
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