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  1. Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer

    For sale Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer

    1 Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer available. Unit has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to ship. Asking $275 OBO with domestic shipping included.
  2. Aquatop 40G Rimless Tank

    For sale Aquatop 40G Rimless Tank

    Hi All, I am moving within the next month from Scottsdale, AZ to Austin, TX. As a result, I will be leaving the hobby and I am looking to sell my tank and the associated equipment. Tank and equipment have been in use for 1 year. Tank is an Aquatop 40 Gallon rimless tank with stand and...
  3. Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer

    For sale Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer

    1 Nyos 160 Protein Skimmer available. Unit has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to ship. Asking $275 OBO with domestic shipping included.
  4. R

    Hello Cleaning Red Sea Nano Max Protein Skimmer

    Hi. I have an all in one 20 gallon Red Sea Nano Max. I clean the protein skimmer cup weekly. But there is build up at the bottom of the skimmer. How do I best clean that. Do I need to take the entire assembly out? Thank you!
  5. Steveso

    Replacing the Red Sea MSK 900 skimmer

    I have a Red Sea Max E-260 with the stock protein skimmer in the back sump. I wanted to replace this with another skimmer. Has anyone replaced this skimmer? What would you recommend for my reef tank with a medium to have bio load.? Thanks,
  6. GNZake

    Is my skimmer too large?

    I have a Classic 150INT 6” reef octopus skimmer lying around for when I had enough money to properly set up my 120gal nicely. I have a 40 breeder lying around which I was thinking about setting up. I was gonna have a 29gal that I would set up as a sump. I was wondering if this skimmer would be...
  7. Maxichka

    Need help with protein skimmer Aerofoamer 1612

    I got protein skimmer Reef Concepts Aerofoamer 1612. I was washing it and accidentally lost the O rings when dumping water into sewage. do you by any chance what is dimension for the O-rings ? I am sure I can get them on Amazon.
  8. Cavalina

    ASM G2 Protein Skimmer w/ Sedra 3500 pump (used)

    Hi Guys, Selling my ASM G2 Protein Skimmer. I've had it for the better part of a decade and it works great but I switched it out recently for a Reef Octopus with a smaller footprint. The G2 is still sold by several vendors including Aquacave as you'll see in this link (sold new for $260)...
  9. P

    Skimmer sizing assistance

    I am trying to decide between a couple of Bubble King skimmers. Tank will be a 280 gallon heavily stocked SPS reef, no filter socks or filter roller. Will be using skimmer and auto water changes as main source of nutrient export. Choices are Supermarin 200 Supermarin 250 or should I be...
  10. Miamialum620

    Tunze 9001 DOC

    Protein skimmer in working condition for tanks up to 40 gallons. Comes with original box, accessories, and manual that would've come with it. Skimmer could use a citric acid soak prior to using. Local pickup only. Selling for $50
  11. MrReeferPR

    New in box(never opened) Bubble Magus Skimmer D11

    I have available a brand new never opened in box Bubble Magus Protein Skimmer Curve D11 with controller. $490 I am in Central Fl. Thanks!
  12. J

    Skimmer cup filling with bubbles

    Hello, My protein skimmer (Reef Octopus essence 130) is constantly filling with bubbles. Like so many bubbles that it comes out of the side of the cap. It's about 6 3/4 inches deep in water (using a riser). I have no idea what to do to prevent the bubbles. Any thoughts? Used to work great...
  13. agame2021

    Do I need a protein skimmer?

    I have a 150 gallon tank with a 40 gallon sump. I want to get 3 clown different ocellaris clowns and a emperor angelfish(I understand I will need a bigger tank eventually but for the moment this will do). Rn I have about 3 weeks running tank with no fish I used fishless fuel to start the tank...
  14. Z

    Water conditioners and protein skimmers... Can I not use a RO/DI system?

    I've heard API Stress Coat and Seachem Prime aren't really compatible with protein skimmers. What would another option be other than getting a reverse osmosis filter? Are there any other chemicals that remove chlorine and other bad chemicals that won't mess with a protein skimmer?
  15. Z

    Going crazy with the different things I need/don't need the more I read. Can anyone clear things up?

    So I haven't bought anything yet except CaribSea South Seas Aquascaping Base Rock and and still in my research phase. I want to get a 40-50G reef tank that is silent or near silent. I read I need a protein skimmer + filter , then I hear I just need a protein skimmer and no filter, then I read...
  16. F

    Build Thread 1st saltwater Tank Red Sea reefer 170

    I am just starting it out, I realized I needed to rearrange the live rock after joining this site and finding some tips. Looking to Start with clowns of course, I would like to slowly add in some blennies, royal gamma basset, a star fish and when i think I’m ready a mandarin. Of course I’m...
  17. J

    I can't get my skimmer to stop filling up with bubbles

    Hello, I have a reef octopus essence 130. I have it on a raiser, and using a CO2 scrubber. For the last week and a half, I have not been able to stop getting the cup absolutely full of bubbles. They seem to eventually pop to create a liquid but it takes a while, and the bubbles will push the...
  18. S

    New Jersey FS - IceCap K2-120 Protein Skimmer

    Hello, This protein skimmer is in excellent condition and was hardly used. Asking $160 with free shipping.
  19. Reefer825

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. BioCube16, Stand and many extras. Full Setup! $400

    Selling our complete BioCube 16 setup with matching stand. There are no scratches on the glass and the cabinet is in excellent condition. It's five months old, we upgraded to a larger system. This is the newest version with the LED lights and the programmable light schedules. Comes with Caribsea...
  20. JuiceByCliff

    New Eschopps S-200 Help!

    What the heck is going on? Previously, I had a cheap Coral life skimmer that was easier to tune. Have it up on marine pure blocks in 6-7 inches of water. Pure white foam, first time plugging it in. Normal? How long will it do this?
  21. PeterReefer

    New Jersey F/S Sump and protein skimmer

    I have a Pro Clear aquatics sump and a Coralife super skimmer for sale. The sump is drilled with a 3/4” bulkhead connector. $75 or best offer, or a few frags LMK
  22. Leon Gorani

    will a reef octopus eSsence S-130 skimmer work in 7.5 inches of water?

    the height of my sump baffle is just short of 7.5 inches, I have bought the reef octopus eSsence S-130 protein skimmer. online it recommends being in 7-8 inches of water. do I need to raise the baffle height or will it work fine in under 7.5 inches of water?? I am using it in a Red Sea 170 tank...
  23. R


    Good morning everyone. I am reaching out to get opinions on the best nano protein skimmer. Got myself a 20 gallon water box aquarium. Going to have a heavy bio load. I am selling my house and currently have a 40 gallon breeder which I don’t want to give up my corals. So at my temporary stay I...
  24. M

    Hello Protein skimmer help

    I jus built a modified sump tank. I have my 120 gallon tank upstairs and I made a 50 gallon sump and I have that downstairs. I have my skimmer and sterilizer and phosphate reactor all downstairs my new sump is 30” long and 30” high and my skimmer sits about 14” off the bottom and hasn’t been...
  25. fishmonkey

    Is my Aquamaxx DFC-80 protein skimmer defective?

    Was recently assembling my skimmer and couldn't even get past step 6 because the cap that screws on to the the pump doesn't make the clearance for the diffuser to screw together or even be shut all the way. It seems pretty straightforward but maybe I'm doing something wrong. I mean a flaw like...
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