protein skimmer

  1. headonkey

    North Carolina Skimmers IceCap k1 Nano Protein Skimmer

    Name says it all. Looking for $60 plus shipping. Works great.
  2. C

    Protein Skimmer problem

    I recently got this protein skimmer. It is the coral life medium size. Got it set up, finally broken in and skimming great. It is set up as a hang on as I do not have a sump. The problem is the in take motor tube keep falling off, thus spewing water all over my living room. It has happened...
  3. Acorral

    International 3D Printed Protein Skimmer with CO2 Scrubber lid EPYC MPS1.0

    Hello Reefers !!! I am proud to present you this new skimmer I made and have been testing for a while... If you are interested on the 3d printing part of it you can go here on thingiverse and see the details. If you want a custom version of the STL files to print yourself a custom...
  4. MoKan Reefer

    VarioS 6 Skimmer Pump Not Working After Cleaned

    So after over a year I finally got around to cleaning the Reef Octopus VarioS 6 on my skimmer since it'd been doing poorly as of late. The impeller was cram packed with chaeto (no surprise since the refugium has been producing 3lbs or so of chaeto every few weeks) so I carefully removed the...
  5. Leon Gorani

    Is this water height enough for a Octo Essence 130 protein skimmer?

    I have a Red Sea 170, i bought the octo Essence 130 protein skimmer for my sump. The water height at the baffle in the sump is just under 7.5 inches. I added a baffle with holes to split the sump and have a refugium on one side. Is 7.5 inches a good water height for this specific skimmer? Or...
  6. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Biocube protein skimmer help

    My wife got me a coralife protein skimmer for Christmas. How much air should I allow into the skimmer? I’m not sure how many bubbles are too many. I’ve got the air dialed all the way back right now until I figure out how far to let it open. I had the same skimmer on my older biocube and it was...
  7. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Skimmers SOLD CORAL BOX D500+ SKIMMER

    Used for about 2 months ended up just getting a new skimmer as a gift so I am letting this one go . No original box Comes with controller $180
  8. Brent Behringer

    California Misc. Pumps Skimmers Filters FS Brand New Red Sea RSK 300 Internal Skimmer

    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New Red Sea RSK 300...
  9. WinnieReefer

    Win a MJ-SK400 Skimmer for Christmas!

    With the holidays just around the corner, we want to spread Christmas cheer to all of you. The MJ-SK400 Skimmer giveaway event will begin from December 14th to December 27th. Get ready to spring into action with this event! Date: December 14th to December 27th How to enter? 1) Like our...
  10. WinnieReefer

    Save the date! Win a MJ-SK400 skimmer!

    We're excited that Christmas event will begin on next Monday, giving away one MJ-SK400 protein skimmer! Stay tuned for it! Please like and follow our page for the latest updates. Facebook page (@ Maxspect): Instagram page (@maxspect_ig)...
  11. Noinoi24

    New Jersey Skimmers FS: Aquamaxx NF-1 Protein Skimmer

    Hello Reefers, I’m selling this used NF-1 Skimmer. It’s really good but produces microbubbles in my Nuvo 10 due to the aquarium depth. This would be great on any bigger/deeper tank. Had it for about 3 months on and off. This is the latest model. Pick up only for $40.
  12. HawaiiTanks808

    Powerhead and protein skimmer question/issue pls help

    I'm quite new to saltwater and tanks in general my family has always had tanks off and on and we live in hawaii so I know a lot but there's some technical issues that im having since this is my first personal saltwater aquarium. I'm on month 2 or 3 of cycling I have a 75 gallon FOWLR tank...
  13. stylolvr

    Florida Skimmers Reactors Phosban Reactor 150 and Bubble Magus NAC3.5

    I have a couple of pieces of equipment that are a bit aged but have never been used. These were purchased as part of a 75 gallon mixed reef that never ended up happening, and I'm now working on a Waterbox 20 cube that won't have a need for either. Both are available for local pick-up in the...
  14. Benefias

    Fluval Mini Skimmer ???

  15. Cfellini91

    Oregon Skimmers Tunze DOC Comline Protein Skimmer 9004

    I bought this skimmer online. Unfortunately it’s a hair too wide for the back of my tank. It’s an open box but it’s brand new! I am Asking$160. I am willing to ship it. Message me if you’re interested or have any questions! Tunze DOC Comline Protein Skimmer 9004 Nano Tank
  16. Bryknicks

    Florida Skimmers Misc. Filtration Reef Octopus WC100 4" protein waste collector w/ auto shut off

    Reef Octopus WC100 waste collector for protein skimmer with auto shutoff. Used for a few months and worked great. Went in different direction and no longer needed. $150 shipped
  17. Bryknicks

    Florida Skimmers Innovative Marine Nuvoskim DC Protein Skimmer Desktop Size

    Ran this on my nano tank for 3 months. Works great but no longer have the tank. $110 shipped.
  18. D

    Need skimmer help!

    So my girl just bought a fluval flex marine 32.5 gallon and I wanted to get her a protein skimmer. I have been looking online and calling local stores. I can’t seem to find a fluval PS1 skimmer anywhere. Is there a reason its not out there? If it’s not being made does anybody know another...
  19. itsdRu

    Hello New from Cincinnati

    Hello all I’m new from Cincinnati Ohio I have a fluval 13 1/2 gallon saltwater tank with a CoraLife surface skimmer and protein skimmer built-in. I really need some help here I’m trying to get everything correct in the water before I add any livestock including coral can you please view the...
  20. C

    Protein skimmer working properly?

    Hi everyone! Need help as this is my first skimmer. Does this seem to be a good height for the bubbles in the return chamber? Too high? When I raise it up, I seem to get large bubbles rising instead of micro bubbles
  21. hds4216

    AIO Build Tunze skimmer or fuge for BioCube 32?

    Just wondering what would be a better choice: The Tunze 9001 skimmer or the InTank refugium with chaeto and a growlight. Either way, I already have the InTank media basket. I've heard mixed opinions so I'm looking for advice. Let me know!
  22. wowatracy

    California Skimmers CoralVue Hand on Back Protein Skimmer with AutoAqua Shutoff

    CoralVue BH-1000 hang on back protein skimmer with pump on the outside so it doesn't add heat to the water. This thing has worked great on my 55g reef tank over the last year but I am upgrading to a bigger tank and no longer need this. The AutoAqua skimmer shutoff has saved my floors many...
  23. Keen4

    California Aquariums Return Pumps Skimmers Heaters Nuvo 20gal AIO

    I upgraded my tank to a much larger set up! So now I want to sell this good equipment to a new home! Everything here is less than 8 months old in good condition. Nuvo Abyss Pano tank AIO, Desk Top Skimmer, A fairly new Mighty jet 326 gph desktop return pump, a via aqua 100w heater, and 5 filter...
  24. Herides

    Need help from anyone who owns or has experience with the Tunze 9004 Protein Skimmer. I can't tell if mines broken.

    Hey friends, I purchased the tunze 9004 protein skimmer for my very young and brand new reef tank and I followed all the instructions, it's in the tank, set up, plugged in, the air screw is all the way loose, I waited the couple hours to full day the manual recommended for a start up period, I...
  25. HumblePie

    Humble Pico Skimmer

    Hey all, I thought I would share a very simple and cheap project I just completed. The total cost for me was $8 as I had most of the parts lying around in my aquarium junk drawer. If you had to buy all the parts, I bet you could do this whole project for about $15-$20 ($30 if you have to buy an...
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