protein skimmer

  1. Rahulreece

    Bubble magus qq1 skimmer is heating very much

    Hi all I had faced a issue my bubble magus sp 600 motor has not working and heating very much from its normal .I don't know why .Here I'm going to replace a motor .my friend suggesting instead QQ1 go for QQ mini for better skimming performance .Is he right or all models are same .please give me...
  2. DanielJameS

    USA WTB WTB: Coral Box D700+ / Cloud 9 Protein Skimmer

    If you currently own either a Coral Box D700, D700+ or a Cloud 9 skimmer and are looking to sell at a reasonable price I am interested in buying it. I currently own and have used an original D500 for a long time that’s worked great and am looking for a bump up. Please shoot me a message if you...
  3. chasing4rabbits

    24/7 Nano Protein Skimmer

    I recently acquired a very tiny protein skimmer for my 15 gallon nano tank and was wondering how often to run it? The collection cup is pretty small so I’d have to empty it every hour or so if I kept it running constantly. I just don’t get how to run this thing 24 hours a day. Or do I even need to?
  4. G

    Protein skimmer 32g biocube

    What does everyone use for a 32g biocube for the protein skimmer with the lid on? Everything I read seems to only work without the lid.
  5. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI Hang On Back (External) Protein Skimmer with DC Pump

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI hang on back protein skimmer for 70 gals aquariums. US only. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM. :star-struck:
  6. Linoss17

    Powerheads Skimmers Drygoods Price drop ( 05/10)Protein skimmer, Wave maker, filter

    I got the news I’m having a baby and I need to start clearing out some equipment. I need it gone ASAP Aqua Maxx 1.5 HOB Protein Skimmer - $120 About 6 months of use it’s the same protein skimmer as the aqua ready it was just rebranded Hygger 1850 GPH 18 W Aquariym Wave Maker - $30 2 months of...
  7. T

    What kind of equipment/filtration poses the highest risk for "over filtering" a tank?

    For fun I've been messing around with adding an overflow box to a water box 25 gallon peninsula in order to have a sump in the stand. In doing so I found been using a nano refugium I can fit and automatic fleece roller a full size protein skimmer, an algae reactor, as well as media reactors...
  8. C

    Connecticut Skimmers Drygoods Bubble-magus Z-6 DC protein skimmer

    I needed a higher drain on the cup to work with my system so I am selling my lightly uses Bubble Magus Z-6 DC protein skimmer. Used a few months. In like new condition. Added an air valve to allow more precise dialing in. Great space saving design. From website…. Features: Extremely...
  9. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI Hang On Protein Skimmer with DC Pump, 50 Gals

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI hang on protein skimmer for 50 gals aquariums. US only. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM. :star-struck:
  10. LetUsSeeYourLettuceSea

    Massachusetts Skimmers Sumps Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Full System Package Deal- barely used- trigger sump, reef octopus skimmer/ pump

    Hello here is what I have available.. everything has under 1 year of run time and is fully drilled/plumbed and ready to go. Tank is acrylic but in good condition. I will post photographs of everything soon just wanted to toss this deal into the water--> Sea clear 50 gallon acrylic aquarium...
  11. Obdoc63

    Florida Skimmers Drygoods Nyos Quantum protein skimmer

    Nyos Quantum 160 protein skimmer in good condition $300 plus shipping OBO
  12. I

    California Skimmers Drygoods Budget friendly protein skimmer

    Bubble magus c9 protein skimmer. Very efficient and work great for me. I down grade to much smaller tank and won’t be needing this. Citric acid deep clean has been done and also brand new impeller was replaced. It hasn’t seen salt water since. Asking $145. Local pick up in 91770
  13. DanielJameS

    USA WTB WTB: Coral Box D700+

    If you are an owner of a Coral Box D700+ (not original D700) and are looking to upgrade, I am interested in buying it. I don’t see this available anymore from places I truly trust. I’m a long term owner of the original D500 (still using today) but the D700+ will be the slight bump up I need and...
  14. FISH_BOI

    Hello Protein Skimmer Little to no foam/skim

    Hello everyone! I’ve been having issues with my protein skimmer that I cant find anywhere online. First off, I'm not collecting any skim. The foam only moves up about 2 inches from the water line (pictured below) I clean it out regularly but that doesn't seem to be the issue.. I’ve had the tank...
  15. John734

    Michigan Skimmers SOLD Reef Octopus Regal 150SSS 6” Space Saving Protein Skimmer

    Reef Octopus 150Sss 6” space, saving protein skimmer- ran for a little over a year- works excellent, one of the best protein skimmers you can buy in my opinion! $250.00 available for shipping!
  16. Carley

    Bubble magus mini q skimmer nano

    Bubble magus protein skimmer Mini Q nano Used, but in great condition and Works perfect! Fits in back refugium of Biocube 32 $50 shipped or pick up in dfw
  17. L

    Protein skimmer for an AIO (Limit space) 75 gallons.

    I started a few weeks ago a 75 gallons with the idea of make a Reef tank with very few fishes (2-3 fishes). It is a regular 75 gallon Petco rimed tank. I install the AIO Fiji box kit. This box has a space designed for the skimmer of 5.3" by 7". Can someone recommend a skimmer with dose...
  18. C

    Protein skimmer recommendations?

    I have a 75 gallon that’s ran on a fluval fx6 canister filter and I’m looking for protein skimmer recommendations. I do not have a sump. I am well aware a sump pump is a better option than what I have however our stand size cannot accompany one. I do not need a lecture telling me to upgrade to a...
  19. B


    RED SEA RSK 600 PROTEIN SKIMMER $200 2 years owned great condition. Currently still running until my new upgraded skimmer comes in. If needed to ship will do for additional $60. Located in Carlsbad, CA 92008
  20. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI In Sump Protein Skimmer, 80-100 Gallons

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI in sump protein skimmer, for 80-100 gals aquariums. DC pump. US only. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM. :star-struck:
  21. Z

    Refugium instead of Protein skimmer.

    Hey all, I am in the process of setting up a reef tank. It is a 135g with two fx4 canister filters. I understand the issues presented with canister filters, but I had them from a freshwater set up and wanted to use them. I understand a sump is preferred however I’m going to use these filters. My...
  22. RSNJReef

    Aquamaxx Cones Q-3 Protein Skimmer

    Up for sale is an Aquamaxx ConeS Q-3 protein skimmer. I had purchased this unit a while back for a 220 gallon system I had, and frankly the tank bioload was never heavy enough for the skimmer to pull out much. It works well, but this is definitely more ideal for a 300-500 gallon tank. I ran this...
  23. SomeHappyFish

    I need help. Tired of tinkering with protein skimmer.

    Okay,where to begin... I'll give you guys the little story of the process that went by until now. I have a Bubble Magus C3.5 Protein Skimmer and I can't get it to stay consistent. At first, my water height was to high, so I had to raise the skimmer about an inch up with some PVC under. But...
  24. borrowedthemoon

    Icecap K1 vs Magtool Skimmer

    Hello coral friends. I'm in the market to replace my aquatic life 151 skimmer for my 13.5 gallon AIO. The two I'm interested in are the Ice Cap K1 Nano skimmer ($100), OR the Mag tool nano skimmer ($75). Please don't respond with "you don't need a skimmer", just ignore and move on. All...
  25. jbonez_

    New protein skimmer micro bubbles

    I recently bought a protein skimmer and turned it on, Ive read that it can take a few days for it to break in and during that time can cause micro bubbles, which is happening. Video of the micro bubbles As soon as the bubbles started one of my clowns went crazy and swam to the corner and now...