protein skimmer

  1. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts New York Rhode Island Reef Equipment For Sale

    I recently broke down my 120 gallon reef tank that I had running for more than 10 years. Now that the livestock is gone and some of the equipment I am looking to sell the remaining dry goods below: Orphek Atlantik V1 Led Light w/ Steel Cable Hanging Kit (comes with controller that programs...
  2. Cali-Saltwater-1st-Timer

    California ATO Skimmers Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 & 10 Gallon Ruby Trigger ATO Reservoir

    For sale I have a used Reef Octopus eSsence S-130 Internal Protein Skimmer and a 10 gallon Ruby colored Trigger ATO reservoir. Both used for approximately 5 months. Both are in perfect operating condition. New system came with an ato reservoir and required a larger skimmer so no use for these...
  3. R

    Pharmacist Reefer...First Timer 120gallon build...let’s do this!!! Need your help!!

    Hi y’all, so where do I start. Basically staying home for covid got me restarting my ig and one of the first posts I saw was a friends puffer fish and let me tell you is was love at first sight. After that day no matter how long this lockdown takes I know I won’t be bored. Every day I would...
  4. Deltec USA

    Deltec USA Protein Skimmers: Q & A

    Deltec is known to be one of the first companies to use a protein skimmer on a marine aquarium over 40 years ago! German engineered with years of experience and success make it a great choice for beginners to the most advanced hobbyists. The new “i” series (24V DC) design incorporates a...
  5. lazycouch

    protein skimmer suggestions??

    hello, i am wondering if i can get your input on a decent yet compact protein skimmer that is recommended? i have a 30 gallon uni tank (built in sump) with no space for an extra tank to build a fuge or external skimmer especially due to the space my chiller takes up /: . i’m wondering if anyone...
  6. saltysailor

    WantProtein skimmer/ questions

    I have an all in one and was wondering if the proteins skimmer is small enough can I stick the thing in the back of the aquarium. There are also hob protein skimmer and I can’t tell the difference to be honest when looking at them. Submersible vs non? I have no idea. Help would be great. The...
  7. OrangeCountyReefer

    California Skimmers Protein Skimmers

    Innovative marine midsize ghost skimmer Top cap has chipped corner but it does not affect the skimmers performance $50 dollars Coralife nano skimmer $30 Innovative marine nano glass scrubber $10 Local pick up only SoCal 92656
  8. alimac122

    Skimmer pump stopped

    I have the Octo 110-S and I turned off the return to do some tank work. I forgot to turn of the skimmer when I turned off the return and the skimmer overflowed. Now that everything else is back on and running, the skimmer isnt turning on. Is there some troubleshooting to get the pump to start...
  9. CodyB67

    Protein Skimmer During Cycle

    I have a red sea reefer nano that im setting up, and i was wondering do i need a protein skimmer or should i finish the cycle then put one in?
  10. saltyfish

    Nebraska Skimmers New protein skimmer 1000+ gallons

    New aquarium engineering protein skimmer. Has added on wash down system and probe inputs. Was almost $4500. Asking $1500 obo for pick up only. No shipping. 12" body, 86" tall
  11. Reefer37

    Texas WTB WTB HOB Protein Skimmer 50-100g

    Looking for a mid size HOB protein skimmer rated between 50-100g. Really trying to find one that has not been used a lot and is pretty quiet and in good shape. Let me know what you have!
  12. MarineDepot

    Reef Octopus 0% APR Financing is on!

    SHOP NOW! *Available to U.S. residents only. Previous purchases ineligible for offer. Offer subject to change at any time. Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with financing rates from 0-30% APR. Eligibility for financing and rates are based on applicant’s creditworthiness. Affirm loans are made by...
  13. SniffanyB

    What’s with all the bubbles??

    We have had the aquarium cycling for 5 or 6 days now and installed a protein skimmer yesterday. I’ve read and watched almost everything I can find on skimmers and even the brand of skimmer and can’t find a good answer. We aren’t new to the saltwater tank, it has been years though, but never had...
  14. lrafello17

    Eshopps nano skimmer for biocube 16

    So I just got my very first Eshopps nano protein skimmer in my 16g biocube that I placed in the middle chamber. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but I got it to fit. I’ve had it for 1 day now and the bubbles will not stop coming out super fast regardless of the depth I place it. I fully...
  15. J

    Best Nano reef tank Filtration

    I started up my 12 gallon all in one cube reef tank, have a pair of clowns and am adding coral over time. Right now currently have just live rock in one chamber and regular sponge in the first. Just trying to figure out if protein skimmer is necessary, carbon or anything else. I’ve done...
  16. ReefBud508

    Seeding coralline algae in reef tank?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question but my question is.........I have a bottle of coralline algae spores coming to seed my tank from "ADDICTIVE REEF KEEPING" online ....when i plan to seed my tank do i need to remove any of my carbon or should i turn my protein skimmer off for...
  17. E

    I Can't Stand The Microbubbles From My Protein Skimmer!! Am I Doing Something Wrong or Should I Exchange It?

    Hey all, just joined the forums and recently got my first saltwater tank up and running about a week ago. Haven't had one since I was a little kid and it has been a fun experience so far aside from one annoying thing, my protein skimmer. I purchased the CPR Bak Pak 2R+ after it was highly...
  18. L1g_reefer

    Protein skimmers a discussion for different than everyday questions.

    Hello! Thank you for visiting this thread. Some interesting things I have come across regarding protein skimmers. Most notably only running the protein skimmer 6 hours a day (Leng miracle system). Has anybody seen or heard of This benefiting at all? It makes some sense to me as it removes the...
  19. D

    New to saltwater, need help with a protein skimmer

    Hi guys, I'm mostly a freshwater guy, but I recently picked up this 80 gallon acrylic cube AIO tank with a protein skimmer, and I'm thinking about building up a reef tank in it. Only problem with this, is that I still have a lot to learn about this part of the hobby. So, the first question that...
  20. S


    I have a used Reef Octopus SUPER REEF OCTOPUS SRO-6000SSS 12” SPACE SAVER PROTEIN SKIMMER for sale. Asking $550, shipped.
  21. Robert Woodward

    New York Reef octopus 202s protein skimmer

    New in box never used $330 shipped...
  22. M

    Oversized Skimmer

    I found a My Reef Creations MR-3 skimmer on the side of the road last weekend. It appears to be on good condition as side from needing some o-rings. I'm planning a 120-200 gal tank in the next few years. I know skimmer ratings are not an exact science and shouldn't be followed too closely but...
  23. S

    Washington Eshopps 3rd Generation PSK-100H Hang-on Protein Skimmer

    I have a BNIB Eshopps 3rd Generation PSK-100H Hang-on Protein Skimmer. It is rated for tanks 75-100 gallons. Asking $150, shipped.
  24. S

    Washington Vertex Omega 180I Protein Skimmer

    I have a Vertex Omega 180I Protein Skimmer for sale. Asking $200, shipped.
  25. Jeff@CoralVue

    The Most Innovative Protein Skimmer | Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600

    ^ I caught this video review from Cody at @ RealReefingTV today and thought I'd share! "The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600 is quite possibly the most innovative skimmer to date! watch this video before you buy your next protein skimmer. This is definitely a top pick protein skimmer for 2020!"...