protein skimmer

  1. L

    Protein skimmers a discussion for different than everyday questions.

    Hello! Thank you for visiting this thread. Some interesting things I have come across regarding protein skimmers. Most notably only running the protein skimmer 6 hours a day (Leng miracle system). Has anybody seen or heard of This benefiting at all? It makes some sense to me as it removes the...
  2. D

    New to saltwater, need help with a protein skimmer

    Hi guys, I'm mostly a freshwater guy, but I recently picked up this 80 gallon acrylic cube AIO tank with a protein skimmer, and I'm thinking about building up a reef tank in it. Only problem with this, is that I still have a lot to learn about this part of the hobby. So, the first question that...
  3. S


    I have a used Reef Octopus SUPER REEF OCTOPUS SRO-6000SSS 12” SPACE SAVER PROTEIN SKIMMER for sale. Asking $575, shipped.
  4. Robert Woodward

    New York Reef octopus 202s protein skimmer

    New in box never used $330 shipped...
  5. M

    Oversized Skimmer

    I found a My Reef Creations MR-3 skimmer on the side of the road last weekend. It appears to be on good condition as side from needing some o-rings. I'm planning a 120-200 gal tank in the next few years. I know skimmer ratings are not an exact science and shouldn't be followed too closely but...
  6. S

    Washington Eshopps 3rd Generation PSK-100H Hang-on Protein Skimmer

    I have a BNIB Eshopps 3rd Generation PSK-100H Hang-on Protein Skimmer. It is rated for tanks 75-100 gallons. Asking $150, shipped.
  7. S

    Washington Vertex Omega 180I Protein Skimmer

    I have a Vertex Omega 180I Protein Skimmer for sale. Asking $200, shipped.
  8. Jeff@CoralVue

    The Most Innovative Protein Skimmer | Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600

    ^ I caught this video review from Cody at @ RealReefingTV today and thought I'd share! "The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600 is quite possibly the most innovative skimmer to date! watch this video before you buy your next protein skimmer. This is definitely a top pick protein skimmer for 2020!"...
  9. J

    Help with external skimmer (recirculating)!

    I am running a sump-less set up with Canister filter and I want to get a reef octopus 110ext. My question is if the skimmer can be set up underneath the tank? I am wondering if the return line/ gate can be routed upwards to return into the tank about 28” up into the tank. Does anyone have any...
  10. 20200115_112743.thumb.jpg.8742e5a6be7ecb73350e4f1d68b457c9.jpg


    Upgraded Sump. need more securing so straight cut pipes stay straight .
  11. Dcole12

    HOB Protein Skimmer

    Hi Everyone, I currently don't have a protein skimmer, but I am looking to get a HOB protein skimmer. I have a 46 gallon bow front tank. I am thinking about adding this to my tank soon, but am looking for suggestions. If you could list your suggestions. I am not trying to break the bank on a...
  12. L

    Newbie 65 gallon saltwater filter questions

    So I am moving my eel and fish from my 40 gallon saltwater tank to a 65 gallon. My questions are if I should get a canister filter or an RODI filter or is it better to get both. I'm not 100% against having a sump tank but Would rather go with a canister or RODI filter or both. Also would i need...
  13. D

    All refugium or make dividers

    Hey everyone, My biocube 16 (sps dominated) have been running for a year or more now, it has had a lot of algae issues sinces it started. It crashed not long ago but it is recovering now, im thinking of making an extra sump for it, it is a 20 gallon. Should i use the space for a skimmer or...
  14. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Live Aquaria Reviews the the Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer!

    PRODUCT LINK: @LiveAquaria's Video Review CoralVue's Video on Features, Setup, & Control
  15. C

    What equipment upgrades should I buy to have success keeping beginner corals?

    I have a Fluval EVO 13.5 gallon. My current equipment/media filtration is as follows: Stock lighting, stock return pump, and the Chamber 1 InTank Media Basket upgrade (I run Filter Floss, Chemipure elite, and PhosBan in this chamber). My 2nd chamber only has a heater, which I am willing to move...
  16. C

    Florida Reef Octopus Regal 200 8" Internal Protein Skimmer (Varios)

    I'm upgrading to a Regal 250 so I'm selling my current 200. It is approx. 4 months old, in perfect condition. I'm asking $450 OBO.
  17. MarineDepot

    *NEW* VIDEO: Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

  18. Customreeftank

    New York Skimz Monzter SM161

    I purchased this from bulkreefsupply but its a little too big for my tank. Seeing if anyone local to LI NY wanted to purchase it, before i try to ship it back to BRS. Brand new un-used still wrapped in plastic. If someone...
  19. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Reviews the Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer!

    @MarineDepot's Video Review CoralVue's Video On Features, Setup, & Control More Info:
  20. D

    Protein Skimmer is producing many micro bubbles and a 'frothy' sound in my tank

    Is this normal? I just set up my first skimmer yesterday and i'm new to saltwater tanks so don't have any prior experience of using a protein skimmer. I'll attach a video of the issue to see if that will help. The skimmer I have is a Tunze Comline 9004. I've heard that this skimmer is supposed...
  21. LouSawat

    Protein skimmer help!

    So we recently bought the Aqua Excel HOB hp. I followed the very spotty directions the best I could and have attached a video showing it after I turned it on. I could not find any helpful how-to videos for this specific skimmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I apologize for the video...
  22. Alex C

    Idaho Bubble-Magus Curve 7 Elite

    I have a like new Bubble-Magus Curve 7 elite series skimmer. Purchased new in April 2019. Asking $230 shipped.
  23. Jeff@CoralVue

    Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!

    PRODUCT LINK: Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook
  24. Jeff@CoralVue

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600: THERE IS NO SKIMMER LIKE IT! PS: We're about to release a video about it. Subscribe so you don't miss it!
  25. An_Enemy

    Nyos skimmer is ELECTRIFYING water!

    Last night I installed a new NYOS Quantum 120 protien skimmer in my tank. Everything seemed to be working fine, but when I touched the water today, I got an electric shock! I live in the UK and used the EU-to-UK adapter included (see photo). I tried reversing the EU plug and it stopped...
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