protein skimmer

  1. C

    Illinois Aqua Excel EC-15 Protein Skimmer 132 Gallon

    I have used this Aqua Excel protein skimmer for approximately 6 months. I used it with bio pellets. I decided to change my sump around and got an ATS and bought a Reef Octopus Skimmer. This has a DC pump with a controller to adjust the flow of water. This will handle up to 132 gallons of...
  2. CoralVue

    RAP Orlando 2019: New Maxspect Products [Video]

    In this new episode of [CVtv], we pay a visit to Maxspect booth at RAP Orlando 2019. Howard Roy from Maxspect introduces us to two brand new products that will be available come late summer 2019! Maxspect unveils their brand new and innovative Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer. This skimmer is...
  3. C

    Illinois Aqua Excel EC-15 Protein Skimmer for Sale

    I have used this Aqua Excel protein skimmer for approximately 6 months then I upgrade to a Reef Octopus skimmer. I was running a high bio load on my Red Sea Reefer 250. I am selling it for $170 with shipping included. It sells for $264 online.
  4. Luke iskra

    32g biocube and protein skimmer

    do you guys think a protein skimmer is a good idea for 32g biocube or could i get away without using one its been tough setting it up in the champers in the back and its alittle loud
  5. Broadfield

    Illinois Nyos Quantum 160 Protein Skimmer

    Selling my used Nyos Quantum 160 protein skimmer. It always worked flawless, silent as can be, skimmed great and isn't overly picky on water level in sump. I have owned both the 120 and 160... best skimmers I have ever owned. $375 shipped to the continental USA. IMG_2477 by Toby Broadfield...
  6. YoCamron

    Biocube 29 Skimmer

    I have a reef glass skimmer currently but want to use that on my new 10 gallon. Any upgrades that you guys know will fit? I know the tunze is a popular one but want to compare it to others that will fit. thanks
  7. Sethdarkus

    What is a good skimmer for my build?

    I recently bought a 40gal breeder and a 29 gallon tank since well I wanted to use a 20 long however I noticed the 29 has same length/width so it works. I’m going to drill the 40 gal and use the 29 as a sump, it’s mostly to ensure I don’t flood the house and more water is a good thing. Anyway...
  8. ccurnick

    Virginia SCA-302 Skimmer + unused body

    As the title states, I have a lightly used (3-4 months) SCA-302 skimmer. It worked great for me, but I decided to go with a Reef Octopus Regal for a bit more horsepower. I also have a brand new in box skimmer body. $145 for the used skimmer + pump $70 for the new body with no pump. Buyer...
  9. Luke iskra

    Protein skimmer + biocube how’s this work

    hey guys so i got s tank off of somone that’s used this before just have no idea how he set it up or how’s this stuff work, so i uploaded pictures of the compartments return pump left side middle section media rack and i thought protein skimmer right section i put the healer in there so the...
  10. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer

    Selling my Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer that I used for a little over two years. Slightly cleaned in vinegar, rinsed, and ready to be shipped out in the original box. Asking $300 shipped in the Continental USA, No low ball offers please. Thanks for looking.
  11. uniquecorals

    The Great White Protein Skimmer Product Review by Afishionado for

    "Last year during MACNA, I was hanging out and talking to my friend Sanjay Joshi and like we do at every trade show, I was asking him who he thinks that I should talk to and which product that I should check out. As soon as I said that, he led me to Dalua Australia's booth and introduced me to...
  12. uniquecorals LiveSale Saturday Feb 16th, 9am - 9pm PST. Win Big!

    It's that time again! A UC LiveSale is not to be missed! We have a full program lined up for you guys, and bargains and gems galore. There is something for everyone! If you do not buy anything, we will gladly refund your $ in full for the shipping module on Monday, when our offices open. SPS...
  13. MarineDepot

    Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFF

    Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFF Hot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  14. Acameron2

    North Carolina Bubble magus 3.5 skimmer

    For sale Bubble magus nac 3.5 protein skimmer. Skimmer is in great working condition. I bought this skimmer new and always been kept in prestine condition. If your looking for a like new skimmer that is already broken in this skimmer is for you! I have all original packaging and is ready to...
  15. fmf_21

    Mississippi Eshopps Cone S 300 Protein Skimmer

    Specifications: * Model: S-300 CONE * Diameter: 8" * Height: 21" * pump: SICCE PSK-1200 * Footprints (L x W): 14" x 11" x 22" high * Rated: Up to 250 to 350 gallons skimmer is clean and ready to use asking $350 shipped . Text 901-240-3175
  16. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee Aquamax FC 120

    Bought this skimmer 6 months ago new. Broke down tank it is in perfect condition. 130.00 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  17. Jose Berry

    Should I buy a new skimmer?

    So, I have a seaside aquatics AS21 skimmer. Rated for a 300g aquarium it runs 2 PSK1000. I got this used for nearly next to nothing. The previous owners I think treated it like trash. Current issues Had to throw away 1 of the PSK pumps due to the magnitized propeller ruptured and expanded...
  18. Maobea

    HOB Skimmer Options

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for an HOB Protein Skimmer (I dont have a sum) for my 70 gal reef tank and I'm looking for some suggestions. I've been looking at these...
  19. J

    Alabama Eshopps Axium X-120 skimmer, BNIB, $165

    I'm selling a brand-new, never-touched-water Eshopps Axium X-120 protein skimmer. I bought this for a new tank build, but have decided not to use a skimmer this time. Unfortunately the online store I bought it from does not take returns, so my loss is your gain. This skimmer is brand-new in...
  20. L

    Florida $300 shipped for BNew Eshopp S300 protien skimmer for 250-350g tanks

    $500 retail value. Had to sell because it did not fit my sump. Bnew no box. The Snow Cone Skimmers are affordable cone-shaped skimmer that boasts compact design, has a silent operation and power to remove dissolved aquarium waste. Eshopps has innovative approaches to skimmer design by...
  21. Salahunreal

    Yes or no... venturi skimmer (after pump)

    I am debating buying a venturi skimmer where the venturi is located after pump. Like life reef skimmer and so. My only concern is the noise level. I saw some comments saying its loud noise and some says its not. Whats your experiences with the noise level. This aquarium is right beside the...
  22. J

    Alabama Eshopps Axium X-120 skimmer, BNIB, $175

    I'm selling a brand-new (never touched water), in-box, Eshopps Axium X-120 skimmer. I bought this for a new build, but have decided to go with a different plan for filtration. My loss is your gain! Bulk Reef Supply has these for $219.99 (see...
  23. J

    Alabama New Eshopps Axium X-120 skimmer

    I’m selling a brand-new, in-the-box, never-touched-water Eshopps Axium X-120 protein skimmer. I’m Asking for $175 with shipping included. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Michigan Aquamaxx Skimmer

    Selling my Aquamaxx HOB Skimmer with bubble stopper. Total value of 250$. Used for 1 year and its an Excellent skimmer. No noise or micro bubble issue. Its clean, well maintained and ready to use. Moving continents and selling all my equipment. Please ping me if interested. Asking for 150$ and...
  25. Danh Ngo

    B.Magus Curve 5 overflowed help!!

    I just upgraded from 20g to 65g. My BMagus Curve 5 overflow is sitting in the sunp with 10.5” water column - turn to max, manual says: 9.5 - 11”. New tank + new skimmer, it keeps going crazy for 1 day now. So is that a break-in or I should raise it up to 8” like some ppl did? If it is a breakin...
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