protein skimmer

  1. C

    Florida Reef Octopus Regal 200 8" Internal Protein Skimmer (Varios)

    I'm upgrading to a Regal 250 so I'm selling my current 200. It is approx. 4 months old, in perfect condition. I'm asking $450 OBO.
  2. MarineDepot

    *NEW* VIDEO: Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

  3. Customreeftank

    New York Skimz Monzter SM161

    I purchased this from bulkreefsupply but its a little too big for my tank. Seeing if anyone local to LI NY wanted to purchase it, before i try to ship it back to BRS. Brand new un-used still wrapped in plastic. If someone...
  4. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Reviews the Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer!

    @MarineDepot's Video Review CoralVue's Video On Features, Setup, & Control More Info:
  5. D

    Protein Skimmer is producing many micro bubbles and a 'frothy' sound in my tank

    Is this normal? I just set up my first skimmer yesterday and i'm new to saltwater tanks so don't have any prior experience of using a protein skimmer. I'll attach a video of the issue to see if that will help. The skimmer I have is a Tunze Comline 9004. I've heard that this skimmer is supposed...
  6. LouSawat

    Protein skimmer help!

    So we recently bought the Aqua Excel HOB hp. I followed the very spotty directions the best I could and have attached a video showing it after I turned it on. I could not find any helpful how-to videos for this specific skimmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I apologize for the video...
  7. Alex C

    Idaho Bubble-Magus Curve 7 Elite

    I have a like new Bubble-Magus Curve 7 elite series skimmer. Purchased new in April 2019. Asking $230 shipped.
  8. Jeff@CoralVue

    Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!

    PRODUCT LINK: Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook
  9. Jeff@CoralVue

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here

    The Skimmer of the Year is Here Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600: THERE IS NO SKIMMER LIKE IT! PS: We're about to release a video about it. Subscribe so you don't miss it!
  10. An_Enemy

    Nyos skimmer is ELECTRIFYING water!

    Last night I installed a new NYOS Quantum 120 protien skimmer in my tank. Everything seemed to be working fine, but when I touched the water today, I got an electric shock! I live in the UK and used the EU-to-UK adapter included (see photo). I tried reversing the EU plug and it stopped...
  11. Jeff@CoralVue

    10% off IceCap Gyre 1K Flow Pumps WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

    10% off IceCap Gyre 1K Flow Pumps WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! PLUS: K1 Skimmers — High Performance, Low Prices! #IceCap
  12. shahprincea

    To start or to wait

    Hi Guys, I bought 4 feet by 2 feet tank from waterbox and at this point ready. I need some help in deciding "to start or to wait". Since I am starting with dry rock (carib sea liferock) and bare bottom I wanted to start the cycling process. I know it will take some time to stabilitize as I am...
  13. BenHyder

    Tennessee Somatic 60s Space Saving Protein Skimmer

    Used on my 40 gallon breeder for about a year. Works great just downgraded to an IM 25 so I can’t use it anymore. It has been cleaned and is ready for a new tank.
  14. Jeff@CoralVue

    You Saw Them at MACNA⁠—Now They're IN STOCK!

    You Saw Them at MACNA⁠—Now They're IN STOCK! Use Algae to Fight Algae with an IceCap Algae Scrubber!
  15. HaloPhenom27

    Protein Skimmers and Airstones.

    So being newer to reefing I am always studying reefkeeping principles and watching videos. One thing that I have found is that some in our hobby run protein skimmers while at the same time running an airstone. I usually see both in a sump or refugium. Being a newer reefer, this has made me...
  16. RichyRich50

    Georgia Vertex OMEGA 150 PROTEIN SKIMMER

    $225 call or text at 678-467-7495
  17. Terry C

    Waterbox AIO w/stand for sale.

    Hi, I am upgrading to a SCA PNP 50g and want to sell my my other set up. It's a waterbox 20 gallon AIO cube with a black wood aftermarket stand. Its only been set up for about 6 months, in perfect condition. I also will throw in the skimmer, the skimmer is a Macro Aqua m-50 Hang on Back. Tank...
  18. Jeff@CoralVue

    ☀ Summer Skimmer Sale: 25% off IceCap K2 Series!

    ☀ Summer Skimmer Sale: 25% off IceCap K2 Series! ☀ It's the best time EVER to buy an IceCap K2 Protein Skimmer! Save 2️⃣5️⃣% while supplies last! ⏳
  19. Tyler Caviness

    Tennessee Eshopps S-150 Protein Skimmer

    For sale I’ve got my Eshopps S-150 protein skimmer. It has a sicce psk-600 pump and is rated for up to 150 gallon tank. Good condition and works without issue. $225 shipped.
  20. Rossmont

    The Rossmont programmable Skimer

    Hey Reefers, we're so glad to finally introduce you the Skimer, the world's first programmable protein skimmer. It will be available for US market in a couple weeks by the best stores so it's time to take a close look at features. It comes in 2 sizes, the SX250 and the SX500 respectively for...
  21. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Mad Hatter's Reef Reviews the NEW MaxSpect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

    Jeff at Mad Hatter's Reef posted a review of the NEW Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer on his YouTube channel yesterday. We promise: you've never seen another skimmer like it! Let us know what you think! Questions? Let us know! CLICK TO LEARN MORE CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MAD HATTER'S REEF
  22. gacolt

    Georgia royal exclusiv bubble king super marin 300rds int

    royal exclusive bubble king super marin 300rds int.protein skimmer. rated for 400g-1100g 23.23''W x 13.78L a little over 3years perfect. 1200.00 cash local pick up GA cumming,ga forsyth county 30040
  23. MarineDepot

    How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from Overflowing

    How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from Overflowing PLUS: Enter the Photo of the Month Contest presented by Marine Depot!
  24. MarineDepot

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps!

    Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps! PLUS: 15% off JBJ Chillers and our Product Review Drive End Soon!
  25. Tangina20

    Protein skimmer trouble shooting

    I recently cracked my tank and took my skimmer out and sat it in the garage for a few days and it isn’t working now. I’m not getting any bubbles and the skimmer is vibrating a lot more than usual. I soaked everything in vinegar and checked for clogs in the airline but still nothing. There are...