protein skimmer

  1. RSNJReef

    Aquamaxx Cones Q-3 Protein Skimmer

    Up for sale is an Aquamaxx ConeS Q-3 protein skimmer. I had purchased this unit a while back for a 220 gallon system I had, and frankly the tank bioload was never heavy enough for the skimmer to pull out much. It works well, but this is definitely more ideal for a 300-500 gallon tank. I ran this...
  2. SomeHappyFish

    I need help. Tired of tinkering with protein skimmer.

    Okay,where to begin... I'll give you guys the little story of the process that went by until now. I have a Bubble Magus C3.5 Protein Skimmer and I can't get it to stay consistent. At first, my water height was to high, so I had to raise the skimmer about an inch up with some PVC under. But...
  3. borrowedthemoon

    Icecap K1 vs Magtool Skimmer

    Hello coral friends. I'm in the market to replace my aquatic life 151 skimmer for my 13.5 gallon AIO. The two I'm interested in are the Ice Cap K1 Nano skimmer ($100), OR the Mag tool nano skimmer ($75). Please don't respond with "you don't need a skimmer", just ignore and move on. All...
  4. jbonez_

    New protein skimmer micro bubbles

    I recently bought a protein skimmer and turned it on, Ive read that it can take a few days for it to break in and during that time can cause micro bubbles, which is happening. Video of the micro bubbles As soon as the bubbles started one of my clowns went crazy and swam to the corner and now...
  5. Y

    Lights and Protein Skimmer - IM 150g Lagoon

    Hello, First time reef aquarium - looking for some advice on lighting and protein skimmer for a IM 150g Lagoon (47.3” x 35.4” x 19.7”). Protein Skimmer: I was looking at the Reef Octopus 150 (is this big enough? Or do I need the 200?) but can’t tell if classic or regal will do. Or if any other...
  6. Semper.Reefing

    IM Protein Skimmer pump loud!!

    I bought the IM skimmer for my 50 Nuvo after reading a few reviews. Is it supposed to be this loud? I’ve never really ran a protein skimmer before.. thanks!
  7. B

    Reef Octopus Regal 150 INT with Varios Pump

    Works great. Has varios pump and a float switch in the collection cup for auto shutoff. Missing the silencer because I was running the skimmer right into a CO2 scrubber and I cant find it but they are cheap to replace. Prefer not to ship. Here is the link to the skimmer if you want more...
  8. dimedup

    Redsea ReefLED90 w/ Arm Mount

    Selling some saltwater equipment not needed anymore. SOLD xr15 gen 5 blue radion for 300 shipped manufactured april 11, 2022 and only used for 2 months. (no mount) Redsea led 90 with arm mount 195 shipped used for less than 8 months Located in north carolina Fort Bragg but can ship.
  9. M

    sup organization question

    i have an issue with my sump. it is a 30 breader with a filter roller, and a protean skimmer. My problem is with how the roller the only place i can put a fuge down their is under the suspended roller. is that something that would work ? i also would be removing some biological blocks to fit it...
  10. jbonez_

    Protein skimmer for 20g Nano.

    Curious about if I need my protein skimmer for my 20g IM Nano. I have a media filter and a filter sock on the tank, wondering if having a skimmer also is overkill? Would it make my tank too clean? Would I be better just running my media and sock?
  11. S

    New York Skimmers Drygoods Bubble magus curve 5 protein skimmer

    Basically brand new only used for a week it was to big for my tank. will take pictures after I clean it.
  12. David29price

    Pennsylvania Skimmers Drygoods Xflo 6-3.5 Protein Skimmer Refractionater

    Xflo 6-3.5 Protein Skimmer. Rated for 400-600 gallons. Excellent construction and easy maintenance. Can be installed in the sump or external. I had it external and connected to a manifold.
  13. F

    Protein Skimmer Pump Replacement

    Hi all, I am getting back into the hobby and have an older ATI Powercone 200is protein skimmer that I would like to use however it needs a new pump. The expected total system volume is ~100-140 gal. I was looking at the Sicce PSK SDC series of pumps for a potential replacement though I am not...
  14. M

    Missouri Skimmers Drygoods Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer New in Box Will Ship

    For Sale: Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer New in Box. Will ship. Asking $200 plus shipping.
  15. C

    What is this weird noise coming from my skimmer?

    I have a reef octopus 1000 hob and it just started making this weird noise, any ideas what is it, what's causing it, and how I can fix the problem? Thank you for looking!
  16. J

    Looking for a new protein skimmer

    Hello, I have a pretty heavily stocked 100 gallon tank (dt is 100 gallons from manufacturer, plus 34 gallon sump), and I'm looking for a new skimmer. I have a trigger 34 sump with a roller mat and essence skimmer in the first chamber and chaeto in the second. I'm thinking about upgrading my...
  17. T

    Skimmers Sumps Drygoods Reef octopus essence S-130 and simplicity 240 protein skimmer 170 shipped obo and 100 obo need money

    Used for about a year and a low bio load system. In perfect working condition but shows signs of use as any acrylic skimmer would. I'm looking for quick Cash after a buddy got into a car wreck last night so I'm open offers Also have a simplicity 240 that has had some right work done to it 100...
  18. J

    Alabama Skimmers Drygoods Deltec 400i DC Skimmer

    I’m selling my Deltec 400i dc controllable protein skimmer. I upgraded to a larger tank and a larger Deltec skimmer, so this one goes to a new home. This is a fantastic skimmer (if you know the Deltec brand you know what I mean) and is in great shape. It has been in use for one year and is...
  19. H

    Parameter and Testing Advice Needed

    Good afternoon everyone! I have decided to take things seriously and as my LFS says, "Become a huge nerd". I made the decision to buy a Salifert bundle and have test kits for Phos, NO3, ALK, Mag, Cal, and pH. I have created a gameplan to test my tank's levels every day for two weeks straight...
  20. tzabor10

    HOB ozone skimmer

    Hoping to get some advice I have retracted corals at the time. Not bailing, but holding in for longer than usual. pH has been low, was considering using dryers for my recirculating CO2 scrubber. Also pricing out ozone generators on a dedicated protein skimmer. CAN HOB BE USED TO ADD/...
  21. T33BLACK

    Ohio Aquariums Sumps Drygoods Marineland aquarium full setup

    90 gal marineland aquarium predrilled for sump with corner overflow. Only 2 years old bought brand new. Includes complete setup with eshopps sump filtration, led marineland white and blue digital lights, glass lids, protein skimmer, kessil sump light, multiple heaters, digital return pump...
  22. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI Nano Protein Skimmer with DC Pump, 30 Gals

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI nano protein skimmer for 30 gals aquariums. US only. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM. :star-struck:
  23. Mattt

    Oregon Skimmers Drygoods NEW- RedSea Reefer Skimmer 300 (RSK300)- $300 + Shipping

    I purchased this skimmer a few years ago and then I ended up not using it. It's brand new in box and factory sealed.
  24. ReeferB28

    Maryland Washington, D.C. Skimmers Drygoods Barely used Eshopps X-350 Skimmer 4th gen $150 shipped

    I have a barely used Axium X-350 skimmer available. $150 shipped takes it. Feel free to look up my seller reviews, have been selling on here for a long time. Thanks!
  25. jvbear

    Build Thread my 100 gallon I switched sump for 2 FX canisters and HOB skimmer

    I am starting a 100g. So far I only have live rock and live sand for six months now. I have a 12 g with duncan frags, carpet anemone, 2 clownfish and just got a yellowtail damsel I want to transfer to the 100g. However I have a very old and noisy overflow sump. I can't find anyone to drill...