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  1. K

    What light’s do i buy?

    Hi reefers I bought the reef 60 from blue marine and so far loving it. It’s a small tank (almost 17 gallons) but it has a pretty bad light. (Nano led 11w.) Now i’m looking for a new light around 100 bucks but there is SO MUCH choice The lights i’m most intrested in so far are: the k7 mini 60w...
  2. steveschuerger

    FijiCube 22.4 cube plus extras. Not available .

    I’ve decided that one reef is plenty to handle right now . So I’m selling the FijiCube 22. If anyone knows of an interested party in the eastern Mass area or willing to drive a bit. It comes with the tank (duh), return pump , an upgraded Mighty Jet 226, Jebao tl10 pump, ReefBreeders pico...
  3. R

    North Carolina Drygoods [Price Update] Red Sea 350, Low Boy Frag Tank, Trident, ApexEL, wave maker, doser, light, etc,

    Selling my display tank and frag tank Shipping is not available for tanks, must be picked up, N Raleigh area. Red Sea 350 , Tank, stand, sump, $900, bought new, used 3+ years. Low boy frag tank, used 18 months, (Drilled) Tank , DIY 29 gallon Sump, modified T5 light, Return pump, No stand...
  4. Innovative Marine

    Dry Goods Black Friday Sale Starts NOW Up to 50% OFF!

    Black Friday Sale Starts NOW! Sitewide and Up to 50% off!
  5. cheykaser

    New Mexico Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox 50.3 AIO- SOLD

    Tank break down ! Waterbox 50.3AIO $1800 Taking inquiries and or deposits now. "Projected" break down early to mid Dec Clovis NM. Tank and equipment (transferring all livestock to new tank,with the exception of rockscape and whatever coral I cant remove ie gsp and zoas ) Includes (2)...
  6. Mandarin the first

    Professional tank not safe?

    I got a tank custom made by a guy who has been making aquariums for decades and is highly recommended by local reefers. People have allegedly had tanks running from him for decades with no leaks. However I’m not sure if I should be concerned with the structural integrity of the tank? I was quite...
  7. hikebikebrew

    California Aquariums Drygoods WaterBox Marine X 90.3 Mature System

    For sale is a 2 year old WB Marine X 90.3 system. I am the original owner, purchased from WaterBox June 2021. Sale includes: Aquarium and sump Stand 2 x AI Prime HD LED lights w arms Sicce Syncra 4.0 pump UV light Refugium LED light Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO APEX Brain controller with 1 x EB832...
  8. Terrence Henderson

    Texas Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Full setup 105 g Rimless Aquarium $1,500 OBO

    I am selling a 105 gallon tank with plumbing at $1,500 OBO. I am currently getting out of the hobby as I was unable to upkeep due to time and other expenses. Local Pickup Only. Located in Flower Mound, TX. Outside of Dallas. - ***NO SHIPPING*** 105 gallon tank and stand (include...
  9. KevPiston

    Need help identifying Aquarium Brand

    I have not been able to identify this tank at all! I’ve had it for a while but there are no markings, letters on the tank itself or does it match any tanks I can find online and I don’t know what the stand is either! It’s roughly a 60g tank, any info would be greatly appreciated so I can rough...
  10. Elitecorals

    Florida Live Goods Dragon tamer torch

    Dragon tamer 250 pp, located in orlando fl ….pick up only
  11. tautog83

    New York Aquariums Drygoods Brand new nuvo 200 int with stand in black albany ny area . holiday drop!

    So im changing this up so maybe its more appealing in terms of money and the necessary logistics. Im offering tank, stand and top ( all standard when your order one) for $1500!!! this tank is brand new , literally thousands of dollars off! i have whatever extras you want( for extra $) or if you...
  12. T

    Texas Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Reefer 250 for sale - FW

    For sale a reefer 250 setup, complete with two Reef LEDs, ReefWave, reefer skimmer, sump light, custom fit lid. I love the hobby, but need the money due to recently getting married and our new house not being suitable for a tank setup due to having too much natural light. There is a small chip...
  13. Stevel

    Florida Aquariums Return Pumps Powerheads New 65 gallon fish tank with new overflow - $500 Hollywood , Florida .

    Here is a Very nice 65 Gallon show tank. Comes with wet dry filter system , slicce return pump,3 power heads 2 Hydor korilla and one maxpect and controllable led light fixture and new overflow with bulkheads. Beautiful stand and canopy. Stand has been waterproofed with easy seal rubberized...
  14. J

    Aquariums Lighting Dosing Drygoods Multiple tank break down/Equipment

    Waterbox 20 + stand $300 20 gallon long tank + stand with 2 lights, aqua clear 70filter (needs cleaning) $75 Aqua scape 22lb rock $175 Radion xr15pro g5 + diffuser + shade $300 Icecap k1 nana protein skimmer $65 Kraken reef lid $100 Sicce ultra silent pump $30 Nero 3 wave maker $120 Hygger...
  15. G

    Florida Misc. Pumps Skimmers Drygoods Bubble Magus Curve 7 Elite Skimmer. Practically New.

    Bubble-Magus curve elite 7 protein skimmer used for literally just a couple of weeks until my Red Sea 525G1 tank leaked. Hated my old skimmer and upgraded to this one which worked great and then my tank leaked just a couple of weeks after . Now just taking a break. New sells for $369.99 plus...
  16. TheReefDiary

    New Jersey New York Live Goods Innovative Marine 40L Full Setup (Literally Everything)

    Innovative Marine 40L Includes: Tank Custom Built Stand Mighty Jet Return Pump 2 Innovative Marine Helios PTC Heater Elements 1 Innovative Marine Helios PTC Controller 1 MagTool ATO Sensor/Pump ATO Container InTank Filter Floss Holder Innovative Marine Media Caddy 2 Noopsyche K7 Mini LED...
  17. Max Hill

    Illinois Aquariums Aquarium Controller RO/DI RedSea Reefer 170 Complete and more

    Hey All, Tearing down my system. Here is everything I've got. Let me know if your interested.
  18. FlyPenFly

    California Aquariums Package Deal SOLD Socal: 1/10hp Chiller and Fiji Cube 11G EXT with Stand, 50w LED, ATO, Pump

    These items are for PICK UP ONLY in San Diego. Eco Plus 1/10 hp chiller, used about 2 years. clean and works great (Pics) $SOL picked up in 92126 Fiji 11G System Here's a full system, just add hoses. Fiji Cube 11g EXT with a gate valve, extremely quiet. Condition is great, no noticeable...
  19. Travis Warren

    California Aquariums Drygoods 145 Gallon Hand Carved Indonesia Wood Aquarium - Local Pick up Only

    Hi, I bought this tank 5 years ago from a gentleman in the armed forces. He had it made in Indonesia and the military shipped it to Miramar,CA when they stationed him there. This is a one of a kind. The glass is a blue glass and in great shape. There are 2 small scratches but they are hard to...
  20. JBP

    New Jersey New York Aquariums FS: Elos Diamond Line Mini / Waterbox 4 Gallon AIO / Acrylic Custom AIO 5 Gallon

    Trying to clear up items in the garage that I no longer need. Elos Mini Diamond Line with Quiet Drain Adjustable Overflow - Tank, Stand, Sump, Hard Plumbing $1,000 Waterbox 4 Gallon AIO -$100 Acrylic 5 Gallon AIO with custom Media Basket - $100 Shoot me a PM if interested. Pick up or Local...
  21. ddelmonaco

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods FS: Unique Lagoon System 8'x3' Peninsula & Counters

    Spending too much time out of town and work so this system needs a new home. I am not parting out the system or the components, so please don't ask, if you message about a specific piece of the system you will not get a response from me. Pickup only, no shipping, located in Westminster, CA...
  22. Elitecorals

    Lifeguard pro max UV sterilizer 55w

    Preferably pickup in orlando
  23. Elitecorals

    Klir Fleece Filter Roller

    Barely used preferably pickup in orlando
  24. Elitecorals

    Icecap 24 reef sump

    Preferably pickup in orlando fl
  25. Elitecorals

    Neptune apex system

    Comes with apex el with probes, tridents, reagents, dos, dos reservoir, reef links, apex auto feeder. Preferably pickup locally in orlando fl area