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Innovative Marine 40L Full Setup (Literally Everything)

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Aug 15, 2022
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Innovative Marine 40L

Custom Built Stand
Mighty Jet Return Pump
2 Innovative Marine Helios PTC Heater Elements
1 Innovative Marine Helios PTC Controller
1 MagTool ATO Sensor/Pump
ATO Container
InTank Filter Floss Holder
Innovative Marine Media Caddy
2 Noopsyche K7 Mini LED Lights
1 Hygger Mini Controllable Wavemaker
Milwaukee Instruments PH Meter
Hannah Nitrate and PO4 Checkers
Salt (Almost full bucket of reed crystals)
Bottles of neonitro, neophos, mb7, etc.
Water change buckets
Drip Acclimater

Stock List:
2 Ocellaris Clowns
1 Starry Blenny
1 Six Line Wrasse
1 Yellow Corris Wrasse
1 Long Nose Hawkfish
1 Royal Gramma
1 Bangaii Cardinal

Coral Decorations:
Montipora Digitata
Green Slime Acropora
3 Alveopora
3 Goniapora
2 Torches
1 Scan
3 Hammers
1 Octospawn
1 Duncan
1 Blastomussa

Wife had a serious surgery this past week and I'm just going to be too busy between work and her to take care of the tank currently.

I think the price is pretty fair.

I can't sell things separately right now so please dont ask. it's easier to take care of it then part it out

PXL_20221229_020556153.jpg PXL_20230202_000539796.jpg PXL_20230202_000604479.jpg PXL_20230202_000717813.jpg PXL_20221231_202152542.jpg PXL_20230202_000531977.jpg PXL_20221213_220053260.jpg

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