inovative marine

  1. Reefvxo


    For sale : Comes with tank and stand located in Naples Fl First 375$ takes it home . Pm for address any questions just ask
  2. MadeForThat

    AIO Build Overflow to add sump to innovative marine nuvo fusion tank!

    Hi Guys, new to R2R, but a long time lurker. I have been using this overflow for about 2 years now with no trouble, so I figured it was time to show it off! It will overflow about 2-300gph to my sump, and will automatically start and stop when the water level rises above the baffle just before...
  3. lostinreef

    Nano Build IM Nuvo 25 Black

    Thanks for Checking out my LPS Nano build. The tank has been up and running since August 2019, with plans to create and LPS Dominant Tank focusing one Acans and Euphylia. I started Cycling Dry Reef Rock in a bio Cube 14 back in June using Dr. Tim's Ammonia, One and Only and Waste Away. While...
  4. mike wright

    Build Thread Mike's IM NUVO INT 150 Build (Lagoon Reef)

    Hello, just thought it would be interesting to document my progress while setting up this NUVO INT 150 lagoon tank. This is my second tank. First one being an AIO IM NUVO 40. Bellow I'll post some of the specs of the tank and the equipment I plan to use. Some of my goals for this system are...
  5. Steelheader09

    AIO Build Nuvo Fusion 10 (Multi-Tank Syndrome)

    Here is my Nuvo Fusion 10 I recently got going again. I replaced the stock pump with a Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5. I swapped out the stock filter sock for a media basket. I am currently using floss and Seachem Matrix Carbon, along with regular matrix. I have a Cobalt Neo-therm with an Inkbird WiFi...
  6. Chris oliveria

    Innovative marine 30l BLACK build!

    Just wanted to start a build thread, I've had a few people ask where to follow along and for me to do a build thread. I post everything on my Instagram bur not everyone has an IG. Here it goes! Any questions just ask. It'll be mostly pics.
  7. YoCamron

    Nuvo 10 IM/Natural bacteria

    I am going back to school in the Fall, so I am going to be buying an IM nuvo 10 gallon. As for natural bacteria I want to get this bonsai frag set up, but it doesn’t have much surface are for bacteria to grow on. Does anyone have any recommendations for this tank specifically? I want to get the...
  8. LEOreefer

    AIO Build AIO drop off from innovative marine.

    Hello all , my name is Brian. I am not new to reef keeping, it’s a passion that I hold true to my heart and helps me disconnect from the world. I was recently faced with a hard decision, life was pulling me away from my tank which is a 55 gal cube. I did not want to give up the hobby because I...
  9. Barrett

    Nano Build Nuvo 16 Build

    Decided to start a build thread for my new to me IM Nuvo 16. This will be my first nano tank, I am super excited for this build. This tank will be primarily LPS focused on acans, I am planing on having a zoa garden and possibly a GSP island. I plan on adding a few SPS down the road...
  10. Centerline

    Build Thread The Hurricane Build - IM Fusion 20

    This weekend we have been sitting in the house and waiting for Hurricane Irma to hit. We have had pretty good lucky in that the bulk of the storm has moved to the other coast of Florida but we are still expecting 65-75 mph wind gusts before dawn. Hopefully the wind will not take out the...