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FS: Unique Lagoon System 8'x3' Peninsula & Counters

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Aug 10, 2019
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Orange County, CA
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Spending too much time out of town and work so this system needs a new home. I am not parting out the system or the components, so please don't ask, if you message about a specific piece of the system you will not get a response from me. Pickup only, no shipping, located in Westminster, CA 92683.


Tank: 8'x3'x14"H the tank was previously a large grow out tank I converted to a display tank. The tank is well made from a vendor I used for years for commercial purposes (aquaculture/wholesale) however if you are OCD about seams and trim you will not likely be happy as a display tank.

Stank: Custom steel stand powder coated black 8'x4'x33" has adjustable feet +/- few inches height

Sump: Custom AA sump 7'x2'x16" very large sections, 2x Klir filter rollers, very large skimmer ATI(no idea what model) w/ bubble blaster pump, XL carbon reactor, Large Vectra DC pump

Lights: Black box LED w/ceiling mount pole. Blue moonlight strip(dimmable). Red/purple LED fuge light

Live Rock and sand included if you want it. The system is currently running but looking to shutdown within the next 30 days. Sand is shallow bed about a year old and regularly cleaned/siphoned. the Live rock is all old school fiji/Pukani/tonga and I have had it wet/in systems for over 10 years and transferred from other systems I had. There is some livestock corals that I would be willing to sell with the system, mostly larger basic colonies that are established on the rocks, etc. All of the fish and much of the coral are not available. Also will throw in 40 gal ATO tank (ATO unit not included)

Extra: I have the system configured with counters around both long sides and includes 4 chairs. You can use it for viewing or also as a dining table. The counters are custom White Marble with blue streaks from Namibia in South Africa.

Must take everything as I will have no use for pieces or various aspects once the system is gone.

Price is $2,500 but I am open to offers. This is a unique system and that is a small fraction of what it would cost to make something like this.








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