1. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts New York Rhode Island Reef Equipment For Sale

    I recently broke down my 120 gallon reef tank that I had running for more than 10 years. Now that the livestock is gone and some of the equipment I am looking to sell the remaining dry goods below: Orphek Atlantik V1 Led Light w/ Steel Cable Hanging Kit (comes with controller that programs...
  2. D

    Skimmer stand

    Any ideas on how to build a skimmer stand to raise it? What have you guys used and do you have pictures.
  3. M

    Red Sea Max Stand

    WANTED - Looking for stand for my Red Sea Max Nano...Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont or Mass. Anyone?
  4. MaddyP

    Extruded Aluminum Stand Configurator - Misumi

    Thought this might be useful for those wanting to DIY an extruded aluminum stand. Stumbled upon it while looking for some components for my stand! It even gives the option to select blind joints or bracket joints. Seems well rounded with...
  5. galantra

    Modifying a stand

    I’m looking for some help in regards to my stand for my 150 tank (6x2x2) So it’s a custom built stand and my issue is I wanted to place a 40 gal custom sump within. Since they over built the inside of the stand to be able to to place this sump underneath I would have to cut the back center...
  6. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey New York JBJ AIO 65 Glossy White Stand

    Anyone in NJ/NY looking to upgrade to the JBJ 65g AIO aquarium/ in need of a tank stand? I recently upgraded, but received a stand, which was damaged in shipping. I am getting a replacement, and now have this extra stand which has some cosmetic issues. There's a scratch on its door, a slightly...
  7. S

    Nano Build Fluval Edge 6g and Spec V with 20g Sump and ADA Imitation Stand

    Ayyy first build thread on R2R! I found a new Fluval Edge 6g on sale and a used Fluval Spec V at a thrift store, so of course I bought them both. The goal is to have a quiet, low maintenance reef tank next to my bed that is plumbed into a 20g sump. I want the Edge to be the main display tank...
  8. N

    Looking for stickers to cover my mini fridge for my fish food

    Hi my names Nick and I'm really new to the reefing community. I'm looking for stickers to cover the many fridge I store my phytoplankton and frozen foods in and I think it would be cool to cover it in different stickers from different companies and different hobby related things. If you or...
  9. ozborn99

    Cadlights Used stand trustworthiness

    So I picked up a Cad70 tank for a great deal, but the stand it came with doesn't seem solid compared to other stands I've had or built. As a sanity check, since it's used, I retightened all the screws. It seemed to help make the stand more stable, but it still seems like there is a little bit...
  10. Tristan

    Epoxy Paint or Marine Coating?

    Hey everyone. I’m building a stand for a tank I got a while back and I’ve been trying to see how to get a similar quality feel to something such as the Red Sea Reefer Stand. So far, I’ve found out that the doors are epoxy coated, but doing that in a home setting would take a lot of materials and...
  11. C

    Perfect nano aquarium stand

    Hey guys! So I know it can be a pain in the butt to find a stand for our nano tanks. If you dont want to spend a stupid amount on a stand check this one out. Just got it set up for my 10 gall cube. Holding no issues. Has Iron legs and 2 metals tiers to hold it together. Hope it saves you some...
  12. R

    Making the grade? DIY stand and your feedback

    Hey there, I need some advice on this stand (see picture) in terms of structure and long-term stability. The steel frame is 49'' L x 21'' W x 39'' H. Each steel frame is about 1.6'' (4 cm) in thickness. I don't have any additional corner supports or vertical supports in the middle of the...
  13. matthias_bln

    Reefer 170 cabinet as storage for equipment next to Reefer 625 XXL?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to check in with you guys on using a Red Sea Reefer 170 cabinet to place next to my Reefer 625 XXL? I was looking at options to have another cabinet for storage and equipment as am thinking that the finish and height of a Reefer 170 cabinet should be a great match. Anything...
  14. GrumpyAlison

    Stability of Cinder Block Stand

    I have this setup in my basement currently and its been running really nicely for a while. I was considering ways to get 2 40 Breeders on the bottom instead of the tubs (more water volume & better visibility, can light from behind, etc), but they won't fit between the stacked cinder blocks...
  15. teckademics

    Opinions on tank desk build for 25G Lagoon

    I'm building a custom 10ft x 2ft x 2in butcher block desk for my office. Using a 10ft solid birch butcher block from lowes and 3 Ikea Alex Drawers. I plan to setup a 25 Gallon IM Lagoon centered above the middle Alex Drawer. The Lagoon will have an one of the ikea alex drawers which is 14in wide...
  16. Peach02

    Waterbox tank longevity?

    Essentially I’m asking how long could you keep a waterbox tank without having to worry about the cabinet wearing down or the silicone wearing out? This is assuming you clean up any spilt water and don’t scrape the silicone If it matters I’m talking about the waterbox peninsula 7226
  17. Chris oliveria

    Innovative marine 30l BLACK build!

    Just wanted to start a build thread, I've had a few people ask where to follow along and for me to do a build thread. I post everything on my Instagram bur not everyone has an IG. Here it goes! Any questions just ask. It'll be mostly pics.
  18. AquaDaddy

    Washington Tank, stand and sump for sale, with plumbing

    Selling my tank, stand and sump, including all high quality fittings, spears, etc... manifold interior light, 40 converted sump with ATO, and 93 cube. The cube has a couple scratches, don't want to hide that, but otherwise it's a nice looking set up. Located in Washington state north of...
  19. Terry C

    Waterbox AIO w/stand for sale.

    Hi, I am upgrading to a SCA PNP 50g and want to sell my my other set up. It's a waterbox 20 gallon AIO cube with a black wood aftermarket stand. Its only been set up for about 6 months, in perfect condition. I also will throw in the skimmer, the skimmer is a Macro Aqua m-50 Hang on Back. Tank...
  20. H

    40 gallon breeder stand question

    i cant seen to find a decent stand online anyone know where i can find a stand that fits a 30x14 sump
  21. MarineDepot

    Check out these Marine Depot Controller Board installations!

    Check out these Marine Depot Controller Board installations! Organize Your Equipment and Hide Your Cords with Marine Depot Controller Boards! Check out these videos about Marine Depot Controller Boards: Check out more Marine Depot Controller Boards...
  22. Brian Goldstein

    Is a tiny bit of overhang okay on aquarium?

    Hey Everyone- I have an acrylic frag tank that is 36L x 20W x 12H . I've thoroughly searched for a stand that properly fits the tank, but the closest I can find is 50L x 19.625W ... The issue is finding a stand with the proper width. The overhang will less be than a 1/4 of an inch on each...
  23. Brian Goldstein

    DIY Wooden Stand - verify this is okay?

    Hey Everyone- I can't seem to find a stand that fits the dimensions for my acrylic tank, so I'll be building my own wood stand for the first time. If you guys are familiar with "the king of DIY" on Youtube, I'm basically replicating his process of building it out of purely 2 x 4's. I plan on...
  24. Brian Goldstein

    California Fusion APS stand for SALE (cheap)

    Hey everyone- Selling this Innovative Marine APS stand. (fits the 25 lagoon and 40 cube) or tanks with Dimensions: 24” x 20” x 12” In perfect condition. Still has shipping plastic attached. This stand is built with anodized aluminium, so no warping, swelling, rusting... and lightweight...
  25. FFFishy

    New Jersey *FREE* 120 Gal Tank & Stand *FREE*

    Yes, FREE, as in $0.00 !! Marineland 120Gal Tank, 4 feet wide, 2 feet tall, 2 feet deep. Drilled with Corner Overflow in left-rear corner. Marineland Monterrey cabinet included. VERY good condition. I cleaned it for you! Not perfectly clean, but you can see that there are no scratches on...