1. BaileyB

    What screws to use for custom stand?

    I’m wondering if these screws would be sufficient for building my new aquarium stand for my 25g acrylic corner tank. (Pic of screws below) It also says not to used with untreated cedar on the back because it can cause a chemical reaction with the wood. If these won’t work what’s a type of screw...
  2. Yoder

    Plywood Cabinet Design Review

    Hey R2R, First post here (I think). I'm totally new to the saltwater world, and am looking to setup a SCA 120 gallon eurobraced tank. I'd like to tackle building the stand/cabinet myself, but I'm no woodworker. But, with a little help from a few friends, I think I can get it done. Could...
  3. bert236

    Need Help ASAP From Anyone With Aqualantis Elegance Stands

    I am purchasing an Aqueon 65 gallon tank and am having a slight hang up on the stand. The tank has a foot print of 36.4"x18.4" but the stand I am looking at is listed as 36"x18". this is the stand in...
  4. Nathan_Ferguson

    DIY fish tank stand

    Hey guys, I'm getting back into the hobby after a year off due to work commitments. I really missed it. So, I've gone with the Aqua Nano 40 Cube (40x40cm) for my tank. I thought of buying the stand for it but realized that I could DIY one for a fraction of the price, so I've given myself this...
  5. 8

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stand

    I was tight on space and looked high and low for a good size match for Fluval Evo 13.5. Just wanted to save others time if they are in the same boat. This worked very well as an Evo stand; nearly the same size so little extra wasted space...
  6. Spicy Reef

    Build Thread "DIY" 150 gallon spicy reef

    This site has an amazing amount of data, I'm going to need a major cleanup crew to sift through it all. Many moons ago I started with a 55g long, that was a bomb as I had no money nor understanding of anything! 10 years later I went at it again with a 30g. I was fairly successful it lasted two...
  7. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts WTB WTB Tank Setup

    Looking to buy a tank setup with at least tank stand sump and plumbing, looking for 65+ gallons and not trying to completely break the bank for something used. Thanks
  8. Smooch30

    Florida Aquariums FS ~500 Gallon Peninsula Style Acrylic Aquarium

    ***SOLD***I have an ~500 gal peninsula style acrylic aquarium for sale in Tampa, FL. Dimensions are 84L x 33W x 43H with 1” thick acrylic all around. Aquarium has two 1 1/2” over flows and two 1” returns. Aquarium is in great shape with minor scratches, and is currently crated due to military...
  9. Printed Reef

    Coral Frag Plug Sand Stands

    Hello Reefers, For those who are unfamiliar with what we do, we offer a variety of 3D printed reef accessories ranging from controller brackets, to custom prints. (feel free to check out our website!). With that being said, some of our most popular items are our coral frag plug sand stands and...
  10. J

    200 DD starfire tank with stand and sump

    Selling my 200 double deep starfire tank. Comes with stand and trigger system sump. Tank dimensions are 4 foot long, 3 feet deep 2.5 feet high. Pm for more details.
  11. V

    Biocube stand leveling question

    Hey guys I have a 32 galllon biocube and the coralife stand with it. Now I set everything up and have it placed on hardwood floor but first my stand had a little wobble as far as I can tell it’s from the floor if I bring it out from the wall it doesn’t wobble nearly as much but I can’t just...
  12. RevAequitas

    DIY Stand for 48 x 36 x 20

    Hey all, As I wait for my custom SCA I'm trying to get the ball rolling on the stand in the meantime. I've seen King of DIY and Rocket Engineer's dimensional lumber plans but I have seen numerous posts and comments regarding how they're way over built as far as strength and that a plywood build...
  13. M

    50 Gallon Reef Tank on Carpet - Waterbox AIO 50.3

    Hello, I am looking into setting up a Waterbox AIO 50.3. The only spot it works in my house is in my home office which has a brand new low pile carpet. Of course I want to make sure this tank is stable. Any recommendations? I was thinking putting some plywood or foam between the stand and the...
  14. T

    Threaded steel pipe stand

    I’m looking for advise on a stand for my 200 gallon (60 x 30) peninsula tank build. I’m looking for a decorative open stand. All plumbing, sump, reactors, etc will be located through the wall in the garage. Only the tank will sitting on the stand, nothing planned for underneath. My wife...
  15. P

    California Aquariums Sumps Package Deal SELLING TANK- SUMP and STAND

    Hello, I am upgrading my tank in the next month and will have this set up available for sale. Only thing I am selling is the Tank The stand and the sump. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. My wife bought me a custom 225g so that’s the only reason why I’m selling this set up...
  16. L

    Anyway to make this stand stronger?

    The front is where the cabinet door will be but it wouldn't offer any structural support. It's just the 3 panels that will be supporting it vertically, I fear it won't be sturdy enough to hold the 20 gallon tank and it has a slight wobble to it already. Maybe if I Wood glue the connection points...
  17. nanonøkk

    stand ideas

    dose anyone know of a stand that i can use for my 20 gal water box that is coming besides the one water box makes and that dosent cost as much
  18. TreyC2010

    Canopy and Facade need excessive waterproofing?

    My plan for the tank is to wrap the stand with some pine and cover up the powder coated stand it’s on. I was curious if I need to get treated wood, or will regular wood be suitable if I just applied some type of finish on it to help repel water? Any advice would be appreciated!
  19. zatch

    Lets see your homemade stands

    Going through my phones gallery, I noticed that I have built quite a few stands :D Thought it would be nice to see what other people have been building lately for some future project inspiration! Here's a few I've completed (most of them for others) Show us what you've built! A Maple 35 Gal...
  20. zatch


  21. E

    New York Pennsylvania 56 gallon tank & stand $50 OBO

    I have a 56 gallon tank that I was using as a quantine/emergency tank but it sprung a leak. The sealant could be replaced easily enough if someone has the time, I don’t. The stand has some swell spots, again they could be fixed easily enough if someone wanted to. I’m in the Utica-Rome area, I’d...
  22. mcshams

    California Aquariums 90g Pro Reef Aqua Japan tank/cabinet/sump for Sale $650 obo

    NEW PRICE updated in title. Purchased NEW in February. 90gallon 36"x24"x24" with sump and black stand. Reef Pro 90 Gallons System Includes 36" x 24" x 24" (approx), TRUE dimension 35.5" x 23.7" x 23.7" Rimless Glass Tank with 3 sides ultra clear/low iron. The black on the back is applied...
  23. Thle009

    Texas WTB Stand for 40g Wide.

    Looking for a stand 40g Wide. In Dallas area. Thank you.
  24. Canadareefer666

    Build Thread Innovative Marine 75 EXT build thread

    So the deal was with the wife, new condo, new tank. Seemed fair to me. After deliberating between a Red Sea and IM, we went with IM due to stand and availability. I currently have an Aqueon 75 gallon reef ready but the stand casing is falling apart, it is too big for the apartment and I want to...
  25. ChuzUThisDay

    Rack Ideas for 35 Aquariums

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've been on the forums, but I have moved homes this year and want to get all (at least the majority) of the tanks I've accumulated on as few racks as possible for now. There are a few that have individual stands (my 125, a 33, the 150 will get a new stand), but...