aquarium & equipments

  1. A

    New aquarium

    Hello, I've recently obtained a 50 gallon aquarium from a friend. So I was wondering if you guys could help me settle on some new equipment I plan on also getting new fish except that I own a pair of clown fish and a firefish. Maybe you could help find something else to stock either inverts or...
  2. btackerman

    Florida Aquariums 180 gallon reef ready aquarium and stand

    72”x18”x21” tank with a 30” tall stand and a 20” canopy. This tank is predrilled with all the filtration parts to go with it. It comes with a sump, protein skimmer, a powerhead that does 3200 gph and a 1900 gph return pump. Tank is in great condition and asking for $900. This would be a local...
  3. Wet Sleeve

    Ecotech M1 Question

    Hey Fellas, I’m in the middle of upgrading my display and the display is a Red Sea Reefer 625 which the return takes 1” ID soft plumbing. question is, I see Ecotech now makes a Barb/Screen kit for the Vectra M2..does it fit last generation (M1) I’m not sure if they changed the thread patterns...
  4. Luke-e

    TMC Reef Habitat 60 vs RS Reefer 170

    Hey everyone! I am trying to decide between a Reef Habitat 60 & a RS Reefer 170 (To replace my max nano, but can't go any larger unfortunately, otherwise the 625XL would be on the way...) - but cannot find any sump dimensions for the TMC RH 60 - is anyone who has one of these tanks able to...
  5. Titans831

    Lighting help, and reef advice needed!

    Good afternoon everybuddy! So I’ve had my tank up and running for three months now. First month I had no idea (still really don’t ) what I was doing but I’ve been slowly figuring it out! Just wanted somone to check my time cycle and tell me or give me any tips on how to better optimize my...
  6. RichyRich50

    Georgia Red Sea Reefer 350 Aquarium & Equipments

    Selling my Aquarium with live fish and Equipment. Equipment REEFER DELUXE 350 SYSTEM fish included------$1,500 Vertex OMEGA 150 PROTEIN SKIMMER------------$250 6 STAGE DELUXE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM------------$175 Maxspect Gyre Pump XF250 Pump + Controller Package---$250 MBR157 MACROALGAE...