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  1. M

    Would an sump with a skimmer provide enough gas exchange for a fully submerged lid?

    I've been thinking about interesting tank options, and one of the thinks I think could be interesting would be a lid that's fitted in the tank so that the bottom of the lid is just below the water level; so you'd see through glass on the top-side as well. You'd need to figure out an easy way to...
  2. ScubaFish802

    New Tank - RedSea vs Waterbox

    Looking at getting a larger (to me) tank. What are peoples thoughts on 50-60 gal systems such as the Red Sea Reefer 250, the Waterbox Marine X 60.2, etc? As well as a thoughts between the two companies (quality, customer service, and such). I am planning on making a purchase this weekend and am...
  3. A

    Aquarium – 300-Gallon Acrylic Reef Tank (All equipment and livestock included)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Aquarium – 300-Gallon Acrylic Reef Tank. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. J

    Equipments for cycling

    Hello everyone, Can I start my cycling without lightning and circulation pump? Only the return one? And when I'm done Cycling, or close to finishing it I add these two equipments? Thank You João
  5. Traviitrav

    ProStar 230 build

    Here’s to the beginning of my ProStar 230 (72x26x24)! Day 4 of a fishless cycle, so I only turned the lights on for photo opportunity! Components: Jebao SCP-180 x2 (upgrading to 4k’s I just had these on hand) MP40 x2 Hydra 32 x1 Hydra 64 x2 57 watt Aqua UV x1 Reef Octopus Classic 202-S Skimmer...
  6. D

    SCA 112 PNP Build

    Hello everyone, I'm super excited today, received delivery of my 112 gallon SCA PNP system. Surprised, on the size of the shipment, and how well it was packaged. I'm starting this thread for those like myself that researched the SCA systems and didn't find enough information to make an...
  7. O

    To Drill or Not to Drill

    I am sure there are countless threads with this same question. But to make a long story short, I recently purchased a new Aqueon 6 ft 125 gallon tank. I have the stand built and am ready to start the plumbing and I am trying to figure out of the tank is made with tempered glass. There arent any...
  8. Geesus

    Need your thoughts

    Since my original Red Sea Max-E 170 was smashed in transit & they're backordered, I'm looking to maybe save and buy used. So ... Is this 125g Marineland corner overflow worth $600? I know that includes the stand but, I'm not taking that stand. Thoughts? Cheers, Gee
  9. Henrylu

    How to evaluate a wave pump?

    How to evaluate a wave pump? What are the advantages of a good wave pump?
  10. S

    Marine aquarium driving me round the bend!

    Myself and my fiancé got our first saltwater marine aquarium last May 2020 in lockdown as we had always spoken about one. We did loads of research and got a 240L juwel rio, it has the 2 power heads, filter & protein skimmer. Currently in the tank is live rock, live sand, 1 x blue tang, 2 x clown...
  11. nightmarepl

    How to FULLY clean a tank and equipment spotlessly

    i got myself a 60G cube tank and its pretty darn dirty i want to fully reset the tank cleaned to basically newish condition along with the sump and all equipment whats the best way to do vinegar? some type of chemicals? also have 80 pounds of rock that need to be fully cleaned is there a way...
  12. J

    Buy one size up for everything

    Here’s my advice for new reefers, buy everything like you’re gonna eventually upgrade to a bigger tank.. Let’s say you have a 75 gallon but are craving a bigger aquarium such as the 125. If you know for sure that you’re gonna end up with a bigger tank eventually then instead of buying an fx4...
  13. cheykaser

    New Mexico Fluval EVO 13.5 nano aquarium COMPLETE

    Upgraded my equipment....COMPLETE ALL IN ONE Fluval EVO 13.5 nano aquarium...everything included (pump, heater, Intank media baskets, filtration cover, stock marine light with hood, and additional Current USA Satellite freshwater LED) Location Clovis NM $400 retail value
  14. HonorableWhat

    Tennessee WTB Red Sea E170 or Jbj 45 rimless

    Im wanting to get in the saltwater hobby after spending some time in freshwater and was wanting to see if anyone here was selling either of these 2 tanks before i buy from a retail store. Im in morristown east tn and can travel a little bit to pick it up, rather not go further than knoxville if...
  15. reefertank

    Florida 90 Gallon Aquarium

    So long story short, selling my aquarium, I needs to be cleaned. I have not really kept up with it the last few months. Comes with: Stand and tank not drilled has overflow over the back. I've had for 4 years NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. T5 HYBRID from BRS and a maxspect razor r420r in the middle. 2...
  16. J

    200 DD starfire tank with stand and sump

    Selling my 200 double deep starfire tank. Comes with stand and trigger system sump. Tank dimensions are 4 foot long, 3 feet deep 2.5 feet high. Pm for more details.
  17. F


    I bought a brand new vortech MP40 2 weeks ago and noticed right off the bat that the dry side was hot I was wondering if this is something normal im currently running the mp40 at 55% it would be helpful if I new if this is a normal thing or if I should return it to get a new one
  18. Cacopepo

    Help I need my lights Fix.

    As the title say I need help fixing my Skkye dual strip light. I live in the Orlando area. I tried soldering new knobs and failed. I need new knobs to be solder and all leds change if possible. I rather fix this light than buy a new Chinese box. It’s been good since day one. I am on a budget,I...
  19. P

    California Aquariums Sumps 100 gal IM EXT Rimless tank stand and sump for sale

    Recently upgraded to a custom CDA 225g Selling my 100 g IM EXT Rimless tank with custom stand and bashea smart sump. All purchased new just over a year ago. Includes all plumbing. Tank is empty and ready to go. I’m located in NorCal. Solano county close to Bay Area. Asking 1500$ for setup...
  20. JCSReefing

    Build Thread JCS Reefing 150 Gallon SC Aquariums Build Thread

    I am starting a new build and figured this time I would try and do it on here as well as my youtube channel, JCS Reefing. The tank I ordered is roughly 150g 72x22x22 15mm Euro braced Peninsula SC Aquariums tank. I went with this company simply because I currently run a tank by this company and...
  21. Solrock Reefing

    Build Thread Solrock_Reefing Waterbox 130.4 Build started 11/23/2020!!!

    Guy's, you've probably seen me around the threads asking a lot of questions about Red Sea and Waterbox aquariums. I was torn between the Reefer 425XL and the Waterbox 130.4. And I chose the Waterbox! I took advantage of their Blue Friday 2 weeks ago and today I received the very anticipated...
  22. Nurse.Reef.Reapeat

    New Jersey Aquariums ATO 2 Gallon WATERBOX aquarium set-up.

    Selling a set-up. This is a unique one as waterbox don’t manufacture this kind of tank anymore. This will come with Light and ATO. All yours for $100. Pick up only 07083.
  23. iam8424

    Texas Package Deal 250 reefer for sale

    Hi guys, I have a 250 reefer for sale. Pm for more infos.
  24. iam8424

    Texas 250 reefer for sale

    Hi guys, I have a 250 reefer for sale. Pm for more infos.
  25. f.christian

    Kentucky WTB LEDS for my 60G

    Hey guys just looking for a upgraded light to put on my 60 gallon in almost done building the stand so it’ll be up pretty soon you can private message or reply in the post either one.