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[Price Update] Red Sea 350, Low Boy Frag Tank, Trident, ApexEL, wave maker, doser, light, etc,

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Nov 13, 2013
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Selling my display tank and frag tank

Shipping is not available for tanks, must be picked up, N Raleigh area.

Red Sea 350 , Tank, stand, sump, $900, bought new, used 3+ years.

Low boy frag tank, used 18 months, (Drilled) Tank , DIY 29 gallon Sump, modified T5 light, Return pump, No stand, $250

Shipping available for items below, and the price includes shipping, used less than 2 years.

1. Red Sea Wavemaker 25 x 2, $185 each,

2. Red Sea reef doser 2.0, with extra tubing, $185

3. Trident, ApexEL, ATK, 2 sets of new reagent (4 months) , Magnetic Tubing holder. One set of reagent is being used, and I will just ship as is. If no leak, you will have probably 5 months reagent. I want to sell them as a bundle, asking $800,

4. BRS dosing 1.1ml per min, $35

5. Hydra 32 HD x 2, $225 each

6. AI 16HD, $140

7. Reef Octopus -150s, with IceCap scrubber, $260 shipped, but prefer to sell for jlocal pickup at a cheaper price.

PXL_20231112_134818202.jpg Display Tank.jpg PXL_20231112_215617497.jpg PXL_20231112_215642631.jpg

PXL_20231107_143101208.jpg PXL_20231107_142713459.jpg PXL_20231112_220324394.jpg PXL_20231112_220549455.jpg PXL_20231112_140505871.jpg PXL_20231112_140842464.jpg PXL_20231112_220417497(1).jpg PXL_20231112_135937799.jpg PXL_20231105_060641810.jpg PXL_20231105_060538024.jpg PXL_20231105_060654658.jpg PXL_20231105_043238103.jpg PXL_20231105_044325602.jpg PXL_20231105_044527481.jpg PXL_20231112_211318147.jpg PXL_20231112_220329504(1).jpg
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