1. onefern

    Neptune Maintenance Program New Unit Blew out my Power Bar - Support not responsive

    Just thought I'd share my experience with Neptune systems and the trident maintenance/replacement program. My Trident wouldn't clear a "Test a Failure" and contacted support two weeks ago and tried everything they said with no success. So the rep recommended I do the maintenance program since...
  2. JeffB418

    New York Testing Drygoods SOLD FS: Used Neptune Systems Trident

    Used but in great condition Neptune Trident auto tester. Only used for 3-5 months and then shutdown correctly (shut down and RODI run through lines to clean them out) and stored since as a backup unit. Price includes shipping in the lower 48 US States. Includes: Trident Drain and sample lines...
  3. Johnnyg.

    New York Aquarium Controller Skimmers Drygoods NEPTUNE TRIDENT, DOS, COR20, ATO, and reef octopus 110 in skimmer

    Neptune Trident, Cor20, Dos, Ato, feeder and reef octopus skimmer for sale. Used in great shape. The ATO is still new in box. trident w new reagents $325 Dos $200 Cor 20 $215 Neptune ato NEW $100 Neptune feeder $50 Reef octopus 110 INT $130 I’ll do the bundle for $850 plus shipping
  4. Leon Gorani

    Do I need to recalibrate my trident every time I change my reagents?

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I wasn't sure. I always run out of trident calibration fluid since I usually calibrate my trident every time I replace any of the reagents. My calcium and magnesium are empty but my alk is at 50%. Should I replace my calcium and magnesium and wait to...
  5. Waboss

    Maryland Aquarium Controller Drygoods Neptune Apex Gear

    Switching one of my tanks over to a "stupid simple" system, so I'm peeling off all the "techie" stuff this weekend. All prices include shipping and PP fees -Neptune Apex (wifi, about a year old, full system including EB832, temp/PH/ORP/Cond probes) - $600 -FMM w/ 1 opti sensor (v2) - $80 -DOS...
  6. A

    Illinois Aquarium Controller Testing SOLD Neptune systems Apex EL shipping available

    I have for sale a Neptune Apex EL for $300 plus shipping Also have a trident for sale with 4 months of reagent for $400 plus shipping. If you buy both I’ll do $650 plus shipping. Will be shipping with FedEx express. If inquiring, pm shipping info so I can give you a rate.
  7. ekandler

    DIY Trident Calibration Fluid?

    I’d like to calibrate my trident more than is recommended. the calibration fluid can’t be bought outside of the reagent packs and it’s not recommended to reuse the calibration fluid. does anyone have any experience or suggestions on using other fluid to calibrate a trident? Is there another...
  8. A

    Aquarium Controller Testing Drygoods SOLD Apex trident

    Hello, I have for sale a trident comes with reagents. Asking $430 shipped through FedEx express.
  9. Noinoi24

    New Jersey Miscellaneous Drygoods Neptune Trident with one set of Reagents

    Trident comes with Original Box and with Unopened set of reagents. Bought the Trident from BRS a year and 1 month ago. Only selling it cuz I am sticking to softies only tank. $450 plus shipping…

    California Package Deal Drygoods NEPTUNE GEAR

    Hello, I had a catastrophic failure and we have decided to wait to rebuild so I'm selling everything off. Price includes shipping. To lower 48 2 reefbreeder photon v2 50 pro lights $ 1350 pair or $700 each Apex controller temp, salinity, ph, and orp probs. $400------ sold 1 PMK...
  11. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Apex Gear (EB832, GRO, DOS, Trident, WXM, COR-20, Reef Brite Control)

    I have a bunch of APEX gear. Everything works, just cleaning out the fish room. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Details by the pics. If it is in the pic, it is included. If it is not in the pic, I do not have it. COR-20: $225 SOLD WXM: $60 SOLD Trident: $375 SOLD DOS (Feb 20): $200 SOLD...
  12. B

    California WTB WTB: Brand New or Like New AI HYDRA 32HD

    Like the title says looking for brand new or like new 32 hd. Ideally with a flex mount. Dm with details
  13. B

    California Live Goods WWC Bob Marley Zoa Colony (~100 polyps)

    WWC Bob Marley Zoa colony. About 100 polyps. About 2.5”x2.5”. 300 + shipping for the whole colony. Find a better retail price online and I’ll beat it…
  14. fmf_21

    Mississippi Miscellaneous Drygoods Neptune Apex System part out. REDUCED !!!

    Please feel free to ask any questions Thanks for looking
  15. m.kristoff

    Ohio Testing SOLD Trident

    Full box of reagents. Purchased During the Anniversary sale and decided not to use it. $400 and will split shipping
  16. musaabi

    Trident, hot trash or really bad QA?

    I bought a trident module for my apex about a year ago, Nov 2022 to be exact and my god is it hot trash. The amount of times it’s failed on me and has been replaced is insane. Not to mention that apex for some genius reason doesn’t offer replacement parts so instead replaces the whole unit. I’ll...
  17. m.kristoff

    Ohio Aquarium Controller Testing SOLD Trident

    Have Box and everything it came with $450
  18. reefl8r

    Trident service replacement

    Heya has anyone done the advanced trident replacement? When I placed the order it didn’t say much about shipping other than “FedEx” anyone know how long it takes to get ? Overnight? Ground ?
  19. B

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Miscellaneous Odds and Ends. Clear out! Free Stuff!

    Everything is OBO, discounts on multiple. The free items are one with any 50+ purchase Sealed GHL ProfiLux 4e Starter Set (White) SOLD AquaMaxx media reactor with pump + 8 replacement sponges 50 Aqua lifter pump + tank mount 30 Piranha Float Algae Cleaner 40 1 gallon BRS Rox 0.8 Carbon and...
  20. cmoore806

    Testing Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Everything must go

    SALE Everything must go. Most is about 1 year old unless indicated in my listing: PayPal you pay their fees. Shipping you pay actual cost. Please PM for any questions. Local pickup gets discount. No trades. 9/1/2022 at 1100 I updated photos and listing to reflect what remains. 2)...
  21. jp415

    Texas Drygoods SOLD Apex Neptune Trident and Apex EB832 + Apex EL with PH Probe

    HI All, I am selling the following items priced as shipped. If you live in California or NYC you will have to pay extra for shipping. Neptune Trident + NIB Reagent 475 - SOLD Apex EL + PH probe with Energy Bar E832 425 Reeflink 50
  22. C

    Skimmers Live Rock LED Drygoods Waterbox 145.5 and Like New Equipment (Reefi LEDs, Reefwaves, Sicce return pump, Regal skimmer, etc.).)

    Howdy Reefers! My friend set up a really nice frag tank earlier this year but has to break down/sell due to a move. The tank and all equipment are only about 6-months old and in like new condition (tank was cycled but never filled with livestock). Please see below for what is available and...
  23. B

    Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Brand New ProfiLux 4e Starter Set -White

    As the title says. Brand new sealed in the box and never opened. $600 shipped to your door.
  24. cryotek74

    Kentucky WTB WTB- Neptune Trident and DoS

    Looking for a Neptune Trident and DoS. Depending on location/price would pay for shipping. I'm in Western KY.
  25. Plata01

    Virginia Package Deal Drygoods Apex EL with extras

    For sale, getting out of the hobby for a few years. Apex EL w/ pH probe and temp probe with below items. A. Brain B. EB832 C. Screen D. Neptune ATO w/ upgraded pump E. 18 gallon container F. Pm1 for extra pH probe G. 1 solid surface leak detection probe (never used) H. 1 new 6’ Aqua bus cable...