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  1. Bassmaster116

    CARx on apex

    So i have set up my carx about 2 weeks ago, using a reef octo in conjunction with the carbon doser and my apex. Just curious anyone else who is using their apex as the ph controlle, what does your ph graph look like? mine was up and down alot but now had seemed to steady out. Set my effluent to...
  2. Fritzhamer

    New Jersey New York New in box Apex El, Trident, Hydra 26HD

    Apex El is SOLD Trident new in box $520 shipped Hydra 26 HDs SOLD HMS tank mounts and 48” bar with three mounting brackets $110 shipped
  3. wake122

    Georgia Testing Neptune Trident

    Neptune Trident (with unopened 2 month reagent + extra 2 A refills + partial B and C)- $500 shipped. Orginal box is included roughly a year old. Moved to a FOWLR tank so I no longer need this.
  4. Joe Knows Reefs


    We have 2 Tridents in stock!! We are offering free shipping and a $50 Coral Credit with purchase. Now is the time to get one!! Follow the link and get them before they are gone! http://www.joeknowsreefs.com/equipment-dry-goods/
  5. wake122

    Florida Georgia 93 Cube Tank Breakdown (Custom Stand/ Sump, Radion, Neptune Trident, Neptune DOS, Algae Scrubber, BRS 2 part)

    Breaking down one of my tanks so I can spend more time with my little one. $900- Tank, Custom Stand/ Canopy and Custom Sump (pick up only Flowery Branch, Ga) 93 Gallon cube tank Custom built Stand (inside the stand has lights with a switch on the side) Canopy with retrofit T5 24" x2 lights 45...
  6. TysTanks

    California Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex and Trident

    Neptune Apex and Trident - $1260 shipped Prefer to sell both together. Neptune apex is less than a year old. Both come with original boxes and original accessories. Apex PH and salinity proves have been kept in calibrating solution and will be shipped wrapped in damp Trident is 5-6 months old...
  7. Jax15

    Does a Trident make all the difference?

    Recently I've been considering getting a Trident. My system is all Apex controlled, and it would be an easy (albeit, very expensive!) addition. So my question to the Trident owners is this - has it made a big difference in your success? Is it worth the cost of continued reagent purchasing...
  8. S

    USA International 3d printed in natural abs reagent needle guides for neptune systems trident

    Price Drop. I was able to get bulk pricing on filament so passing the savings down. I have 2 options now: 3 pcs set shipped for $15 4 pcs set shipped for $20 International shipping add $10 All printed in natural ABS. No additives or colors. This means there will be no leeching into the...
  9. Fishbro

    Utah Testing Trident w/ two months reagent comes with original box!

    Have a trident used barely for 3 months in awesome condition for sale. Comes with two month reagent supply as well as original boxes for both. Box is a little worn down but the trident is in perfect condition. Asking $665 + shipping.
  10. 1mbrews8

    No Water Sample Error diy fix

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, so feel free to move to more appropriate spot :o) So I got the dreaded "No water sample" error on my Neptune Trident, so figured I'd try to fix it to save time sending in to Neptune. First the problem.. Totally my fault. I bought it in Sept...
  11. B

    Build Thread Brandon's Quarantine edition 80 gallon SCA upgrade.

    Hey, long time member but I never felt I hand anything that I was particularly proud of. I've kept the same Biocube 32 for 9 years with success, but I never was able to do more with it due to the size limitations of the tank. Back in late Jan, I got the go-ahead to upgrade the tank, I still...
  12. S

    USA International 3D printed in ABS Reagent Needle Guides for Neptune Systems Trident

    I'm offering a set of these Reagent Needle Guides for the Trident. These will be a 4pcs pack (one is a spare) and they are printed in ABS material for better chemical resistance. I have designed these and used them for over two months and have not seen issues with calcium, alk and mag readings...
  13. nickkohrn

    Trident Owners - Do You Still Test Manually?

    Question: If you own a Trident, do you still perform manual tests with the test kits that you used prior to acquiring a Trident, such as Salifert, Hanna, Red Sea, et al. Why do you, or do you not, perform manual tests? I tried searching for threads that involve discussions about whether Trident...
  14. PaulB777

    Apex with Trident - Outlet Programming Based on Test Values

    I have an Apex controller with a new Trident that I just got set up. My intention is to add a dosing system using the Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) 2 Part Doser Pumps. I'm pretty sure that I know how to program an outlet on the Apex to schedule the pump to turn on based on a time parameter (e.g. run...
  15. thewackyreefer

    How often do you calibrate your Trident?

    The solution says it's only good for 8 hours after opening and they only give you a single bottle. I feel like calibration should be done each time any of the reagents are changed, no?
  16. C

    Neptune DOS + Trident

    Hello all, First off, I am sorry if this is the wrong area, it seemed right. So, I have the Neptune Trident and recently acquired the Neptune DOS. I used to have a different dosing pump, it was dosing ESV B-Ionic 2-part in the morning. Now with Trident+DOS I see that I could use the automatic...
  17. B

    Texas WTB Apex system with trident and Dos

    Hello, I am looking for the complete apex system with trident and dos. I am trying to see if this is possible and how much people are wanting for this package. I was thinking 1200-1300 is the prize range I am looking to spend. Is anyone interested in selling for this price?
  18. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...
  19. Darkshadow1500

    Solar intensity

    Does anyone know where to find information about the solar intensity of the coral reefs throughout the year as the seasons change the amount of light the corals get is important to coral spawning and I’m trying to spawn some colonies in my tank with the help of apex’s season table, simulating...
  20. A

    California Trade BNIB Radion G4 XR30Pro for Neptune Trident

    Title says it all. New units never opened. Was going to use on frag system but plans changed. Lemme know what you got. Strong preference for unused Trident.
  21. cbleehk

    Results with Alkalinity Controllers

    Hi all, I'm on the fence to get a unit be it Alkatronic, KHG etc. I've been trying to go through the threads but almost all of them talk about tuning, connectivity, and troubleshooting. I was hoping to see how things turn out after you've dialed in the unit and have very stable Alk. Do the...
  22. Doostur

    Build Thread Doostur's Waterbox 230.6 - Mixed Reef Build

    Time to start my build thread. Waterbox 230.6 was delivered a couple of weeks ago. Delayed a bit due to Hurricane Dorian. This will be setup in our new beach home we purchased. This was the last 230.6 made. Thanks to Angela for pulling some strings and making the white stand happen...
  23. K

    Neptune Trident OR Mindstream

  24. MnFish1

    Concerning the Trident:

    A quick poll about how to be sure your trident is giving correct measurements: You can pick one or more than one. This poll is about the trident - and is not designed to be a negative. Its designed to see how many people actually do what Neptune says they should do when using their equipment...
  25. C

    Trident Reagent Subscription Service

    I know that @Terrance brought this up in a video during the Trident launch about implementing a subscription service at some point in the future. Last week, I had to swap out my "Reagent A" bottle, so I went ahead and ordered a new set so they'd be ready when I need to swap out all the reagents...
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