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  1. neon_reefer

    MP60 Wave Guard

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad MP60 Wave Guard. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. MP60 Wave Guard

    For sale California MP60 Wave Guard

    Want to mount your mp-60 closer to the surface of the water without getting bubbles? This Item will help you do that!! No need to add a gyre pump, just install this to your mp-60, and mount it closer to the surface without any worries of sucking up air from the surface!!! Made of virgin PETG...
  3. Nick_N

    20G cube flow feedback and questions

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and fairly new to the hobby. I've recently upgraded from a Fluval Evo to a Waterbox 20 cube and I want to make sure that I don't have too much (or too little!) flow for my corals and fish. I'm mainly worried about my goni and torch. I have the waver maker...
  4. Nero 3 for sale

    For sale Pennsylvania Nero 3 for sale

    For sale Nero 3 pump asking $140 and it can be shipped. Location in lower gwynedd if want to pick up. I’m working condition. Message if you have questions.
  5. psumms

    Anemone cube wave maker recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a suitable wavemaker for my Waterbox Marine X 35.1 33g (18"x18"x18") bubble tip anemones tank? Currently using an Octopulse 2 off another tank but it's way too powerful.
  6. Equipment _ Cal Reactor, UV, Doser, Gyres, pumps, Misc.

    For sale Equipment _ Cal Reactor, UV, Doser, Gyres, pumps, Misc.

    Everything listed is in perfect working order with most items in like-new condition. PM me if you have any questions related to a specific item or want additional pictures. I am willing to ship most items but the pricing below does not include shipping. Reef Octopus SRO-CR-3000D Calcium...
  7. Minhaj Qazi

    DIY Wave Box

    Hi Reefers. Its been few weeks i was Searching for some details on a DIY Wave Box , but couldnt find simple detailed making procedure specially on youtube or r2r. Therefore I decided to Try to make one myself with Hit and Trial and It Worked Wonderfully. Here are some details 1. Using a Used...
  8. J

    Best Wavemaker Pump for 5 gallon Nano

    Hello all, I own a 5 gallon nano reef that measures 16 wide inches by 8 inches wide. I have been having some Cyano Bacteria Issues at the front of the tank where the light is most prominent. I am looking for the smallest wave maker pump that will fit comfortably within my tank. I have been...
  9. S

    Hygger WaveMaker vibrating loudly

    Looking for other hygger owners here. My WaveMaker, which is about a month old, recently started vibrating loudly. It was whisper quiet up until this. When in pulse mode, the sound only comes when the impeller is engaged. Kind of sounds like one of the blades is hitting the casing. I...
  10. Kamoer doser

    For sale Kamoer doser

    Kamoer x1 pro 2 doser $60 shipped used around 6 months Kamoer x1 Bluetooth $45 shipped used around 8 months jebao slw 30 $55 shipped new I will add a picture of the kamoer doser later
    $45.00 to $60.00
  11. attiland

    My first thoughts on Jebao MLW Wave Makers

    Hi, I just thought I share my first thought of my latest purchase of Jebao MLW Smart Wave Maker with LCD Display Controller. For the record I am not in any way related to Jebao or they not supported me in any way. ( please feel free in the future though :) ) I have chosen the MLW-20...
  12. Victory652

    How to figure out right flow

    I have a 55gal long tank, all types of coral. Right now mainly softies(Zoas) and trying some sps(birds nest) and Lps (blueberry leptastrea). It seems my Stony corals are having some issues and are not to happy. I don't think i ever thought about how powerful my wavemaker we're until I saw...
  13. QuirkyReefer

    Florida Dry Good Trade WTT Torches for MP40

    Hey guys, looking for either an MP10 or MP40 in good condition. Would prefer MP40 but a 10 would also work for my lagoon. Will trade some corals for it, mostly Euphyllia like Indo golds, hellfire, Highlighter for example. I’ll take pictures tomorrow once everything is nice an open but here’s...
  14. Henrylu

    How to evaluate a wave pump?

    How to evaluate a wave pump? What are the advantages of a good wave pump?
  15. REEFLINK for sale (willing to ship)

    For sale REEFLINK for sale (willing to ship)

    REEFLINK for sale Control your ecotech equipment from your couch or anywhere in the world. Best Little toy you can have IMO $65 firm local pickup $75 firm shipped via FedEx to your door (Reason for selling, breaking down system)
  16. tapeworm123

    Wisconsin WTB I’m looking for the jb wave

    I’m looking for the Jabao controller. Do you happen to have one laying around ? Is it for sell or trade.
  17. diamondreef

    Small pump or wave maker for 25G Biocube?

    Hello ☺️ Just curious about recommendations for a small pump or wave maker for some more flow in the tank. Or if it’s even needed. I was thinking maybe an MP10 but it’s a bit out of my budget at the moment. Thanks!

    Flow advice

    Hi I’m wanting to know if I have enough flow for my 250 litre tank… I have a Fluval cp4 pointed up to surface…. This one delivers 5200 lph….. I also have a sow-4 opposite side for flow acr sand bed… This one outputs 4000 lph….. The tank is longer than it is high if dimensions are needed I can...
  19. agame2021

    How do you protect your fish against wave makers?

    So, last night I went to bed and I turned off the light and I had 2 fish in my QT. This morning I woke up and there was only 1 fish?! After freaking out thinking somehow it got out and died… I stopped to look at the wave maker… and inside found my 3 inch foxface completely and utterly...
  20. J

    Anemone & Wavemaker

    What wavemakers do you suggest that are safe for anemones?
  21. A

    Wavemaker with no electrical wires in tank

    I'm looking to see if there are any other wavemakers, other than Vortech, that have no electrical wires inside the aquarium.
  22. G

    What type of GPH wave maker do I need for a 29 Gallon (30x19x13)?

    I have 4 zoas, 5 SPS corals, and 2 LPS. Most require moderate currents except for the 2 Birdsnest I have. It use to be a FOWLR. Im more concerned with the fishes as im running a mini protein skimmer and HOB filter with a GPH of 200 and they stay away from that area of the tank. Ive been reading...
  23. N

    Current USA light and wave maker?

    Hey everybody, I have been doing a bunch of research for my new reef tank and would love some input. I am looking for a good light and wave maker. I saw this website https://current-usa.com/orbit-marine-led-lighting-system-with-loop-app-bluetooth-control/ I have a 45 gallon tank. The...
  24. Schraufabagel

    Gyre vs regular wave maker?

    I currently use an AI Nero 3 for my 25 gallon peninsula AIO. I am seeing some dead spots since my scape is a cove style, and some detritus builds up there. The wavemaker also channels the flow too much and blows the sand out of a corner until it’s bare. I’m wondering, would using a gyre...
  25. Simply__J

    Florida USA Dry Good Trade Hydor for Jebao

    Looking to trade: 3x Hydor Koralia Nano Pumps (240gph) Koralia Smart Wave Contoler for 2x Jebao SLW-5s Jeba DCS-2000 Nano DC Pump or 3x Jebao SLW-5s Located in South FL. In-person preferred but willing to "swap ship".
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