1. awais98

    Texas Lighting LED Reef breeders Photon 48 V2

    Reef breeders Photon 48” V2 Bought 3 months ago, used for 2 months. Like New! Have all the packaging, hanging, stands etc. New price: 699 I’m selling for 500 each. Prefer local pickup but if needed will Ship for $50 each. I Have 2 of these. PM if interested
  2. MadeForThat

    Wisconsin Lighting LED 2x Orphek Atlantik Gen4 V2's and gateway

    Begrudgingly I have decided that I should probably sell these. I was originally planning to keep these a few years for a future tank, but I don't have a ton of space, and I could use the money. All that said, these are some beauties. BRS used these lights for testing during their led showdown...
  3. Z

    Georgia Lighting AI Hydra HMS Mount x2

    2 Aqua Illumination HMS mounts for Hydra LEDS for sale with brackets included. I moved my hydra 26HD’s to a hybrid fixture so no longer need them. $40 each local pick up, or could possibly ship.
  4. shaywood

    Oregon Washington WTB Tunze Refugium Light

    Looking for a Tunze LED light shipped to 97062. New or used.
  5. reef fish

    Florida Lighting T5 2-T-5 retro kit

    2-T5 HO Miro-4 Retrofit Kit - LET Lighting 2-T-5 retro kit 60” 80watts each bulbs Total of 320 watt With 3 ati blue plus And 1 ati coral plus $320 shipped
  6. Bassmaster116

    Custom LED bars? DIY GURU NEEDED!

    So my issue is i am running MH’s i want to add some more blue and pop, the second part of my issue is i want to run 3 light bars or 1 larger light bar on each side (48” in length). The only issue i have is it seems every manufacturer requires a inverter per light bar, is their a way to...
  7. Dayson

    Mississippi LED Reef Radiance 32” LED

    Reef Radiance proton 32. 32” 3 channel fully programmable LED fixture. I grew beautiful acros with this light. $125 shipped.
  8. MrDeathKills

    Ai Prime VS 32 Hydra HD

    Hi my wife has given me approval to cut a hole in our 32gallon biocube hood. But the stipulation is the light has to go i to the hood and not been seen from the outside. So the 2 commons lights i see being installed are The ai prime and the hydra 26 or 32. Which one would you perfer and why...
  9. A

    Kessil A160WE on a Pico - is it overkill?

    Hi there, So I had this idea of converting a 5g (25x25x30cm not sure in inches) dennerle to an AIO to keep some LPS like hammer, blasto, acans and some shrooms. I am trying to stay as low budget as possible, so hunting around for used lights. I have this rare opportunity of picking up a Kessil...
  10. R

    Florida Lighting Orphek OR3 24” UV/Violet Light Bar

    Light bar is brand new, less than a week old. Bought straight from Orphek. $150 new, selling for $125.
  11. Bryknicks

    Florida Lighting Aqua Knight LED Nano Light

    $50 shipped
  12. Sick_man

    Help with led light mount

    Hi everyone, I have an led strip for lighting and I wanted to mount it above my tank. However, I am not looking to drill any holes in the wall (just remodeled the room) and I want to be able to secure it on the rim of my tank. Please send ideas to help me create something like the picture below.
  13. yepreef

    Texas Lighting Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3

    I’m looking to sell these 2 Radion XR15 Pro with arm. I bought these like 2015-2016 ( not quite remember) ran on my nano tank for about a year with about 40-60 intensity , i broke down my nano on 2017 and these were in storage since. Both running great with no issues whatsoever. I am asking...
  14. selmer_paris3

    Thoughts on Current USA Orbit Marine light and pumps

    I am looking at the current USA system on Amazon. It looks like a good deal and nice system, anyone have thoughts on it? I have a 27 gallon AiO that is roughly 16” deep, do you think I will get enough par at the bottom/how can I tell? Right now I just have 2 clowns but I want to get some easy...
  15. Spenc_

    Maxspect R420R Lighting Levels

    I just setup a Nano tank which is a Innovative 10G Cube tank, put live rock in it and dry sand because I couldn't get ahold of live sand in my area. I have a Maxspect R420R 60W-16000k and I need help setting it up with times and light levels, I was told to have it on for 8-10 hours a day and...
  16. SPS_ONLY

    Washington Lighting Kessil A360X + Wifi Module $260

    Good afternoon all. I have a Kessil A360X with a wifi dongle included. I purchased earlier this year but do not have original box, it will be shipped carefully and wrapped with bubble wrap. The wifi dongle has the QR code which is required to pair your phone and light together. Asking for $260...
  17. MichaelP121579

    lighting my jbj 45

    Hello all! I have a JBJ45 I currently have 2 Prime 16s. I am looking to do a different light setup. Any suggestions
  18. Tyler COlburn

    Micmol help

    I have a micmol aqua air g2 600 on my 40 gallon breeder and it’s only like 12-14inches deep so what kind of settings should my blue intensity be and whites ? Any experience with this brand or ideas would help.
  19. N

    Replacing aqua one mariglo from my mini reef 160

    Hey all, I’ve decided I want to get a bubble tip anemone and I’m just curious about what lighting they require? Will I need to upgrade my lighting from my mariglo in my mini reef 160? And to what? Many thanks!!
  20. H

    Upgrading Biocube to Steve's LEDs, should I get the violet iridescence boosters?

    Upgrading my biocube to Steve's. Thinking about getting the purple iridesence boosters. Steve says this about them: I'm a bit hesitant because I don't like the purple look, it's extra money, they're hotter, and it's more maintenance. But I do like the black light effect, and better growth...
  21. meyerc76

    Orbit Marine Dual Pro Specs

    All~ I've recently installed some new lighting and selected Orbit Marine Dual Pro's for a 90 Gallon Reef. They provided a good balance of being budget conscious while providing some nice features such as sunrise/sunset as well as being able to use eFlux pumps to synchronize the flow in the...
  22. AshwinRavi

    lights for sale

    1 x Orbit Marine 48-60" IC LOOP Pro dual LED system w/hub for sale, light works fine, will grow soft corals and LPS, 2018 bought, asking $250.00 or best offer. The light came with one of the wav pumps and will throw that in as well. 2 x Lightimetunnel 165W dimmable LED, asking $60.00/each or...
  23. N11morales

    Upgrading biocube lighting to AI Prime HD

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any good presets for a 32G biocube for the AI Prime HD. I'm not sure exactly how strong the par reading willb e on the AI Prime HD. If i should move a lot of my corals or just slowly increase the power of the lights. I know the biocube lighting isnt very...
  24. gacolt

    Georgia Lighting T5 FS ATI sunpower 48'' 8bulb t5 fixture

    ATI sunpower 48'' 8 bulb fixture.2 years of great.comes w/ hanging kit. local pick up or size 6''x51x30 zip code 30040 400.00 plus shipping cash or zelle.
  25. mistuhm

    Budget Nano Lighting Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I've been using a Aquaknight for the past 2 years I've had my tank and its been doing pretty well so far. It recently died and I wanted to invest in something else other than that. I only grow softies and gorgonians so high lighting demand isn't necessary. I was looking at the...