1. kanders87

    Illinois Basement Clean out - ATO Skimmer lighting

    Selling some stuff that I’m no longer using. All cleaned up and ready to go. Maxspect Razor X RS-150 ($450 OBO) Tunze 9012 Skimmer (SOLD) Hydor controllable pump 1000gph (SOLD) SmartAqua Micro ATO, includes everything you see in the photo. Will need additional tubing. (SOLD) Reef...
  2. Jarbour14

    Massachusetts Aquarium Equipment Sale

    Items for sale: CPR cs102 overflow box with aqualifter pump - $150 100+ lbs of live rock - $250 50 lbs bahams oolite live sand - $30 Will's Aquarium light full spectrum for coral & fish - $80 Wood oak finish tank stand for 55-75 gallon aquarium - $150 Pm for pictures and info, pickup only.
  3. NewFish

    Kessil A500X, thoughts? Nearly $800 and no built in WiFi. Can someone help me please justify that?
  4. S

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. BNIB Ecotech G4 Pro

    I have 1 BNIB Ecotech XR 30 G4 with diffusers 650 shipped. Brought for build but decided to go in a different direction.
  5. T

    Need more light for tank upgrade: Radion vs. Reefbreeders

    Hi all, I’m seeking some lighting advice for my new tank upgrade. I am upgrading to a 60” by 30” peninsula. I currently have 2 Radion XR30 G4 pros over my current tank (Reefer 350). I debating between adding a third Radion XR30 G5 or selling both my G4’s and just getting a Reefbreeders Photon...
  6. R

    Virginia WTB XR30 RMS

    Looking to buy XR30 RMS
  7. N.Sreefer

    Need advice for coral greenhouse build

    Does anybody know a light that can withstand corrosion in a greenhouse and light a large footprint? Im putting together a 20 x 30 heated greenhouse with a fiberglass growout tank. My goal is to experiment with sexual propagation with coral and mabey some tang species (anything that uses...
  8. mackdave

    Kessil customer service

    Kessil is a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service. You get a real person on the phone, they know about there products, and no call center. Thanks kessil for the nice customer service.
  9. Scp

    Michigan Various corals for sale

    elow is the list of soMe others of what I have. 1) green Monti cap $10 2) orange Monti cap $10 3) large head Duncan $20 per head 4) gsp $5 5) teal hammer $25/HD Larger avail 6)green purple frogspawn $20/hd med size 7) pink purple frogspawn $45 head 8) krypto candy cane $10/HD 9) green...
  10. Cacopepo

    Help I need my lights Fix.

    As the title say I need help fixing my Skkye dual strip light. I live in the Orlando area. I tried soldering new knobs and failed. I need new knobs to be solder and all leds change if possible. I rather fix this light than buy a new Chinese box. It’s been good since day one. I am on a budget,I...
  11. J

    Viparspectra LED Intensity

    Hey everyone, I have a 300W Viparspectra LED over my 90 gal softie dominated reef. The last couple days I’ve noticed my cespitularia shrink and have closed polyps, my big toadstool has some grey spots on it, as well as other leathers aren’t really opening up. The settings I run are 20% blues 5%...
  12. Mkwasney17

    Aquaticlife t5 fixture

    Hello I recently picked up the 36” aquatic life t5 fluorescent fixture but the timer quite on me. I was hoping to hook up a bypass on the fixture. I contacted the company and they said it can be done but I was wondering if anyone here has done it? Thanks
  13. Reef and Dive

    Lets make an LED tanks par database with builds?

    Par database with tank builds, specially acropora-dominant, under LED lights Hi folks, I believe this is a REALLY cloudy topic. Most of @Dana Riddle ’s amazing articles have shown that 250-350 PAR is pretty adequate for most Acropora. On the other hand we have seen many extreme PAR (800ish)...
  14. J

    Maryland Lighting Ecotech Lights - 10 - XR30s / 3 - XR15s

    Hello, I’m selling my lights for to purchase G5s for my new tank. XR30’s 3 of them Ive had for 2 years. (Using) 2 of them are brand new still sealed (Stored) 1 I used for 3 months and stored (Stored) 4 of them I bought 3 months prior to the G5s releasing. (Using 3) XR15s 3 of then I used for...
  15. alexytman

    Upgrading light on 2ft cube

    I've owned this 2ft cube tank for over a year now and am thinking of adding easy monti/Pocillopora frags from my main 125gal tank. Ive only had 2 Zetlight za-1201 wifi 20W LEDs which were sufficient for my softies and leuphillia. I've found this 2nd hand light called ZT6500C but I cant find...
  16. RedRain

    Coral - Too much light?

    Hi! First post for my first tank. I have a 5gal reef tank that I pieced together from some freshwater stuff I had. I have this light : KINGBO 6-Band Full Spectrum 18W LED Aquarium Light I just got this coral that seemed like it was pretty used to high light where it was in the display but I...
  17. AtticusPutt

    Second thoughts on my lights.

    I am setting up a reef tank for the first time, and I was just wanting a second opinion on my lighting and what I can keep with it. I have an Innovative Marine 30l(Length 35.43" Width: 11.22" Height: 12.99") and am using two LED light panels. One is a Orbit Marine LED, and the second is a Orbit...
  18. M

    New to lighting

    I just got my new 92g corner tank almost ready to go. All thats next is adding water. I am wanting to have a softie and lps filled tank. One major dilemma, the lighting. Its 18 inches deep, the straight side are about 34 inches and its bow front. I cant figure out what kind of light I need. I...
  19. S

    Tridonic OGLIS 140 lighting ballasts 1000 watt for Radium/Ushio Metal Halide bulbs

    Had plans for a BIG coral display, but the wife got pregnant and shut it down. My office is now a baby nursery. Brand new. Two (2) available. Comes with everything you need except the electrical wire. Never been wired, never been fired. These ballasts will perfectly fire high-intensity...
  20. christopher wainright

    North Carolina Lighting LED Geisemann vervve master unit $250.00

    Selling geisemann vervve master unit.I bought this on 2/26/17 ran them on 35-45% until July of 2020 when I upgraded to a360x's. The unit was replaced around December of 2018 under warranty (kept randomly doing lightning effects). Light works well I just have no use for it anymore. Asking 250.00...
  21. Swimjam

    2 kessill A80s for sale with gooseneck mount and controller

    hi, I had both of these lights for about a year and a half both were linked together I have the cord for that. Both fully functional. I just upgraded to a larger tank. Pm me if interested. Thanks No idea if this is the right place to post this?
  22. Jay00498

    Massachusetts LED SOLD AI Prime 16HD W/ gooseneck

    One available used AI Prime 16Hd with 12” gooseneck . Used for 6 months and have have upgraded. $175 plus ship PayPal only Sold
  23. C

    Can't Access My AI or Website Anyone else?

    Last night, I turned off my pair of hydra 26 hd lights using the app. Today, I can't access my lights through the website. The website won't load, and the app gives me an error (Connection Timeout - Check your wireless connection). It will do that under wifi or 4G. Is my aqua illumination...
  24. N

    Could I keep just a strong, deep blue light on for my saltwater tank during the day or would white be better?

    So I have a cheap aquarium light from Amazon that has two modes, "blue" and "white." The thing was like 30-50 bucks (i can't remember) and it fits on my 30-gallon tank. I recently put some new zoanthids in the tank (which has no coral, only 2 healthy clowns) and have been putting them under the...
  25. J

    Good refugium light for biocube 32?

    Hello! l am looking to set up a refugium in the back chamber of my biocube 32, I already have the intank media and fuge basket (got them both on a sale) and am wondering what sort of light would be good for this sort of setup. Not trying to grow anything crazy, just chaeto and try and get a...