1. vaguelyreeflike

    Light recommendations for 9gal Fluval Flex

    Not looking to break the bank, but want an upgraded light for the 9gal Flex. I’ve yet to transition it to salt and begin cycling, but I can’t see the light being able to grow much other than hardy softies. I plan to get either a glass or mesh top for it so a clip on light would be nice. I...
  2. W

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Selling kessil A160WE tuna blue with gooseneck

    Selling my used kessil A160WE tuna blue. Ram for about a year at I’d say 40% as I have a nano tank. Does not have a controller for it.
  3. cgonser9

    USA WTB Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro G5

    Looking to buy 3 Radion XR30 Pro lights ASAP. Let me know if you have any for sale and how much!
  4. Loganmao

    California Lighting Drygoods Kessil A360x Tuna Blue, A-Series Gooseneck.

    Near perfect condition Kessil A360X Tuna blue with Kessil A-Series Gooseneck. Comes with a Brand New power supply and all unused mounting hardware. Located in Livermore, Ca 94550 $350 shipped to lower 48
  5. R

    New Jersey New York Aquariums Drygoods Tank Stand Sump & Equipment

    Livestock is gone so now time to sell the rest Everything for $800.00 (not selling things individually) Tank 2ft x 2ft x 2ft (rimless 1/2" glass) White stand and one white cabinet for electrical Acrylic sump Ecotech Radion Gen 1 Kessil A80 with a mount Jeabo SLW-30 Jeabo SLW-20 Aquamaxx...
  6. Tomorrow's Waters

    Kessil light started flashing during ramp down. Help!

    Bought two Kessil A360WE lights brand new from BRS 3.5 years ago. Both lights are connected to the same controller in series. The light in the video has begun flashing like crazy during ramp down. The other works perfectly. Anyone experience this before? Possible solutions? TIA!
  7. karamreef117

    Maryland Pennsylvania Virginia Drygoods Reeflink shipping available ready

    Hello everyone, I have a reef link that I am not using anymore. I will be resetting it so you will get it as I got it brand new. Comes with all wiring expect the Ethernet cable. Ready to ship but I am also available local. Price $75 local pickup:23116 Richmond Virginia Shipping: buyer...
  8. jgg1133

    Ohio Lighting Drygoods Reef Brite 36” lumi lite pro actinic

    Selling my ReefBrite 36” lumi lite actinic light. Works perfectly, no leds burned out. Just no longer need it. Asking $125.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  9. Ireland.Escada

    New lights and coral bleaching

    I just got my first set of corals and a new light system. The AI. (See photos) i don’t know if my corals are bleaching out and if my setting is too high. This morning the park was 140 over the big red (monti?) coral that I had for a while. The new alien eye has a white strip (I moved him...
  10. YaboiNathan

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai prime hd with metal mount

    Ai prime Hd with metal mount in pristine condition: 150 shipped 130 pick up Houston Texas
  11. Ahogue21

    Aquariums ATO Lighting Drygoods Maxspect x r5 200w light , ato , tank

    Few remaining items of a tank part out the light and ato can be shipped and tank is pick up only Maxspect x r5 200w light with wifi module light is aprox 2 years old $350 Ice cap ato - $85 Aqueon tank with mega overflow, glass lids and working but questionable stand $75
  12. YaboiNathan

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 Ai prime hd, pristine condition

    2 Ai prime hd in pristine condition come with box, flex mount . 155 each or 300 for both shipping included
  13. B

    Lighting LED Drygoods Red Sea Reef LED 90 Mount only

    Mount only, as pictured. $50 OBO and willing to ship
  14. B

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD SOLD

    Used 6 months at less than 30% with some channels not even used. Fan was blown out every week. Cleaned and boxed. Comes with a mount and controller. Asking 200 OBO. Willing to ship
  15. C

    Aquarium Controller Lighting Drygoods ***SOLD*** Gear for Sale Will Ship

    1x Icecap 4K Gyre Pump (Pump only) $125 2x Radion XR15 G3 Pro (Mobius Ready) $200 ea or $350 for both -Minor cosmetic cracks on some of the corners on the lights. No impact on function. 2x Apex Classic Brain (Orange Label) w/ temp probe $100 ea 1x Apex Head Unit...
  16. Z

    Tennessee Lighting Drygoods Ecotech XR30 G5 pro (x2) - $800

    I have 2 xr30 gen 5 pros. I am in middle TN and can meet or do porch pickup locally. Also willing to ship in the US. I have no accessories/mounts, just the lights and the power supplies. Both were used for about 16 months and were run around 35-40% power. Here's a picture from when they were...
  17. Scp

    Michigan Lighting Drygoods RADION XR 15 G5 Blue NEW and MINT condition

    I have a new one never used and two used ones in mint condition used for less than a month. I just prefer the pros over the blues. NEW $375 Used Mint $325 Shipping available. Message if interested and for pics.
  18. Sizzlingreef14

    Kansas Lighting Drygoods 6x Kessil A360w tuna blue

    For sale 6x tuna blue A360w’s Lights have been open and clean (won’t find a cleaner used light. Function tested with no found issues. Looking for $175 per shipped will do deals on multiples. shipping out of KC (local pickup as well with price) will be on vacation 2-12-23 to 2-22-23 out of...
  19. A

    Hipargero A029 Aquarium LED Light 30Watts settings

    Hi Friends, I have started with 10 Gallons reef tank, its been 2 weeks since the setup is done and water is cycling now. After going thru pervious post from the forum about the budget lighting and feedback received on Hipargero A029 Aquarium LED Light. So got one from amazon for 70$, but the...
  20. trevorstratton1

    Several Questions from a Reef Newb

    Hello everyone, I have a 29 gallon aquarium that I have kept 2 clownfish, a pincushion urchin, a skunk shrimp, a few hermit crabs, and lots of snails in for exactly a year now. I wanted to have that year under my belt before expanding into the coral world. With that said, it is time for me to...
  21. C

    Good lighting for 55 gallon tank

    Hi, I currently have a beamswork 48" light that I'm planning on upgrading on after reading that they're not that good. I'm planning on keeping mostly soft coral and LPS corals in my 55 gallon tank. I'm looking for a light that's within my budget ($300ish) and a light that is not hanging from the...
  22. C

    Aquarium Controller Lighting Drygoods Apex, Gyre Pump, Radions, etc

    I have some things for sale. Feel free to make an offer. SOLD 1x Icecap 4K Gyre Pump (Pump only) $125 3x Radion XR30 G4 Pro $375 ea or $350 ea two or more 2x Radion XR15 G3 Pro (Mobius Ready) $200 ea or $350 for both The XR30,s are immaculate. They come with the...
  23. H

    New York WTB Looking for Radion xr15 g5 blue preferably new

    Let me know what you have available. Need to add 1 light, my G5’s about 1 year old. Thanks for your time. I’m Paul.
  24. R

    New York WTB WTB 48" T5 Light with mounts

    Looking for a 48" T5 Light with mounts. I used to have 8 bulb Current T5 and loved the output. All I can seem to find now is LED mounting and shades are terrible for cheaper lights. I just want a sleek look for reef and would like to go back to T5's. (using two modded Viparspectras with a...
  25. ThatPhillyReefer

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Drygoods Radion Xr15 Gen 3 Pro

    Im the second owner of this light. i’ve used it for about a year. I never ran it above 50%. Works Great no issues except fan doesnt work but its never over heated on me location: 19114 Will Ship at buyers expense!
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