1. R

    Light settings: Fluval Nano 3.0.

    Hello everyone, I bought my first saltwater aquarium 1 month ago. It is 30 gallons and is 12 inches deep. It is fitted with 2 Fluval nano marine 3.0 (20Watt). I am at the end of the cycle period and want to start with the first corals (Softies). Does anyone know the best light settings in...
  2. Y

    Ocean Revive T247 with 20 gallon Innovative Marine AIO light settings

    I Have an Innovative Marine tank that's 20 gallons. its 13 inches (33cm) tall, and I am using a Ocean Revive T247 light. It is using the default bracket placed approximately 8 inches (20cm) above the water surface. What are your recommended light setting? I know it depends on what you keep, etc...
  3. reefl8r

    South Carolina WTB Red Sea LED 50

    Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a red sea 50 led if anyone has one available. I don't really care if it comes with a arm or not but that would be great as well.
  4. T

    Aquarium light suggestions

    Hey guys, so I have a lighting question. I have a 100 gallon tank the outside dimensions are 60”Lx19”Dx21”H. My question is what do I need for lighting to light the entire aquarium. Right now as it sits, I have two 24” openings with aqueon opti bright lights on them, between them is a 12” glass...
  5. Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    For sale Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    I’m getting out of the hobby, everything must go! About 100lbs of dry rock that I never used to upgrade to a bigger tank - $100 300W Maxspect R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture - 16000K - $400 Emperor Aquatics Smart UV filter 25 Watt - $100 4 Stage RO/DI with TDS meter and auto shut off valve...
  6. Thawman

    Light program change AI Hydra26s

    Wanting to switch my light program to the BRS recommended for LPS dominant tank. Not happy with my current program as it has too much white, and far too many data points to adjust the white. In addition to the white light I'm needing to increase the PAR after testing, as I found the bottom was...
  7. Aquatop 40G Rimless Tank

    For sale Aquatop 40G Rimless Tank

    Hi All, I am moving within the next month from Scottsdale, AZ to Austin, TX. As a result, I will be leaving the hobby and I am looking to sell my tank and the associated equipment. Tank and equipment have been in use for 1 year. Tank is an Aquatop 40 Gallon rimless tank with stand and...
  8. Reefbreeders light, mp10, varios 2, mp40 guard

    For sale Reefbreeders light, mp10, varios 2, mp40 guard

    I tore down my frag system and have items to sell. 32” Reefbreeders photon V2+. $450.00 Ecotech MP10. $175.00 Reef octopus varios 2 pump. $ 175.00 Mp40 NEM guard. $35.00
  9. Scp

    Michigan WTB Wtb gen 4 radion diffusers - 30 and 15 Gen 4

    Looking for diffusers shipped to 48327 xr30 - 3 needed Xr 15 - 1 needed Thanks
  10. Variety of Equipment For Sale

    For sale Variety of Equipment For Sale

    Selling some various saltwater reef tank equipment and supplies that is no longer used. Innovative Marine Aqua Gadget MiniMax Media Reactor - $40 + shipping Tunze 8831 Refugium Light (barely...
    $40.00 to $380.00
  11. Ceciliaz

    Texas Dry Good Trade Pair of Radion G3 XR30 with diffuser

    2 radion XR30 G3 with diffuser. Super clean good working condition. It’s my backup light so been sitting in the garage for a couple years now. Light and diffuser only. No mounting arm. 285 each or 550 for the pair shipped
  12. diamondreef

    Anyone with a 25G and an AI Hydra 32?

    Hello, Curious if I can see your light schedule if you have the same or similar size tank? I’m hoping to have someone come out or rent a par meter soon but would love to see how yours are set up until then ☺️
  13. Angelo Fatica

    AI Prime 16HD Intensity Help

    Hello all, I am setting up a 3ft wide by 1 ft deep by 2 feet tall reef tank and I am planning on lighting it with AI Prime 16HDs. I have 3 at the moment and I am trying to get a read on how 3 primes can be used to achieve a mixed reef with such a deep tank? Any help and experience is...
  14. bert236

    Need opinions on lights for my tank.

    Hello, I have purchased a 65 gallon (36x18x24) tank and am trying to decide on lighting. It has a center brace if that will make a difference. I am thinking of going with the photon 24 v2+ lights for the tank but am wondering if they will be good enough for this size tank with the brace. My plan...
  15. S

    Looking for kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?

    I want to buy kessil a160 tuna blue, who sell?
  16. PhotonBlue

    Texas Kessil 380 dense matrix LED grow light - 200

    used for 9 months in original box for refugium
  17. PhotonBlue

    Texas Ai Hydra 26 HD led lights - 215

    2 used for 9 months in original box Ai Hydra 26 HDs $215 each
  18. harryggumb

    Hydra 26 light settings for 75g mixed reef

    I’m currently running a 75 Gallon Tank with 20g sump and 100lbs of rock stocked with 1 Yellow Tang, 1 black ice ocellaris clownfish, 1 royal gramma, 1 Melanurus wrasse, 1 Starry Blenny, 1 Diamond goby and 1 harlequin shrimp. Protein Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer 2 Nero 5 Power...
  19. P

    Basic light requirements

    I am currently converting my brackish aquarium to a saltwater aquarium. It is a 14 gallon bio cube and it is also my first introduction into saltwater. I bought the tank used and the light in the hood did not work. I removed the electronics and retrofitted an under cabinet white led bar, and an...
  20. S

    Hello friends who sell Ai prime 16 HD?

    I looking for ai prime 16 hd with mount for sell (second hand).
  21. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    What lighting for Salifert Test?

    The Salifert Ammonia Test is really hard to read for me between 0, <0.15, and 0.25. the readings look different in all types of lighting. Near the window it has a brownish hue to it, not deep brown, but you know... In a white lit room it can be white, yellow or brown depending which way I am...
  22. scumbag_mtb

    Radion XR15 or AI 16 HD - 90 Gallon

    So as the title says, I’m having trouble deciding on my lighting. The tank is a standard 90 gallon, 48 x 24 x 18. Do I get 2 Radion XR15, or 4 AI 16 HD’s? Both combos are the same price. Tank Will be a mixed reef composed of SPS, LPS, and softies. Thanks in advance for anyone who replies!
  23. klsp19

    OVER KILL LIGHT? 2 Red sea 90 + AI 64 hydra on red sea 170 60cm?

    Hi reefers! I have 1 Ai 64 hydra hd + 1 red sea 90 light for my red sea 170 tank. Im planning to get another red sea 90 lights just to make the spectrum balance for my red sea 170 (60 x 50 x 50) tank. Do you think this light is overkill if I adjust all the spectrum by half? Limiting the...
  24. H

    A new approach to reef tank lighting???

    So to start off, I am no expert in keeping reef tanks and I have only kept them for around a year. I have heard of people saying that they get very good growth from 6500k lighting but it really browns out the corals and of course is very unappealing. On the other hand, the majority say that a...
  25. N

    Current USA light and wave maker?

    Hey everybody, I have been doing a bunch of research for my new reef tank and would love some input. I am looking for a good light and wave maker. I saw this website I have a 45 gallon tank. The...