1. C

    LED Miscellaneous Drygoods XR15 G6 Pro, Brand New Kamoer X1 Dosers and More

    Will ship at buyers expense. PM if interested 1 x XR15 G6 Pro with X bracket, used 4 months at 35%, well maintained with box like new $450 2x Kamoer X1 Dosers, brand new $60/each If you buy the XR15 and one doser or one powerhead, I’ll throw in the second doser or powerhead (whichever was...
  2. dimedup

    North Carolina Aquarium Controller Lighting Return Pumps Skimmers Drygoods AI Hydra 26HD, 16HD, EB832, Skimmer, Mightyjet 326, CO2 Scrubber

    Selling extra tank equipment to cover some unexpected expenses. Prices are firm shipped but will lower if buying multiple to save on shipping. Not parting out mounts. Located in North Carolina 28307 Neptune EB832 w/ Mount- SOLD All ports work fine just went another route with an aquarium...
  3. Zainav

    New Jersey New York Lighting LED SOLD NICREW 30 Watts Aquarium LED Reef Light with Dual Channel Aquarium Light Timer | Free Shipping or local pickup

    SOLD NICREW 30 Watts Aquarium LED Reef Light with Dual Channel Aquarium Light Timer All in working order ran for 30%-50% close to a year and was in storagefor 7 months. Just have no use for it anymore. Don't want to throw it out and prefer to have it used by someone else. Free Shipping pm for...
  4. Angelo Fatica

    Aquatic life 48” T5 4 bulb or 2 AI Prime 16HD?

    Was wondering if anyone can give me insight to this. I have a 60 gallon breeder mixed reef mostly montipora as sps. I am currently running two prime 16s as the lighting and of course they are not very good at covering the whole tank, but the corals seem happy nonetheless. I came across a used...
  5. reefsaver

    Phytoplankton 24hr light cycle

    I was just wondering if anyone has cultured their phyto under 24/7 light. I’ve seen the average light cycles people use is 12-12 or 16 on - 8 off. It’s not essential to turn off lights for some terrestrial plants although it can be beneficial for the substrate biomes I’ve read. But that’s...
  6. C

    Drygoods SOLD SOLD * 3x Kessil A160we with Mounts & Spectral Controller

    I have 3x Kessil A160we tuna blue lights with 3x solid tank mounts and 1 Spectral X controller. Also comes with the daisy chain cables. I do have boxes for the lights. I’m selling because I swapped to Radions. 2 of the lights work perfectly fine. 1 light has some of the LEDs not working...
  7. GothFishKeeper

    Best overhead light for nano reef?

    My 13.5g fluval evo isn’t mature enough to start adding corals yet, but for when I do, I found this really interesting lid made specifically for that tank (I have to have a lid because of cats). This would give me the ability to get a better light so maybe I could grow more types of coral than I...
  8. K

    Best Lighting Set up for 55 Gal?

    Hello everyone, I have a 55-Gal Tank and Today I am looking into Lights for my tank. I currently have a FOWLR tank, and I don't think Ima add coral for a while as I'm new to the hobby and trying to learn before jumping in! With that said I don't mind getting something that will support corals...
  9. V

    Texas Drygoods RedSea Reef LED 90

  10. ReefingwithO

    New York Lighting Drygoods Hydra 32HD Black - Great Condition $200 Shipped

    Hydra 32HD Black Great condition $200 shipping anywhere in the USA
  11. Dfost

    Nebraska Lighting Drygoods Ai 16 prime REEFHD $150 each shipped

    3 available good condition and working all have had lenses replaced with new lenses. 150$ each 1 flex arm 2 rigid
  12. A

    California Lighting Drygoods SOLD G5 XR15 Blue

    G5 XR15 Blue. Don’t have the box so I’m not sure on manufacture date. I bought it used and ran it for a little over a year with no issues. $245 shipped
  13. A

    California Lighting Drygoods SOLD G5 XR15 Blue with diffuser

    G5 xr15 blue with diffuser $295 shipped usps
  14. Tavo_mkv

    Lighting LED Drygoods AI Blade 21 inch Grow & Glow pair - $400

    AI Blade 21 inch Grow & Glow pair excellent condition. Comes with HMS mount. I upgraded to a bigger tank and don’t need them anymore. Used at 50% for 6 months only. Located in Los Angeles.
  15. twhit030

    Lighting LED Drygoods AI prime 16hd black

    Box has been opened but never used cords are still wrapped up from the factory and packaged. I was going to use this but decided to go all out and get a radion xr15 instead 200 pp G&s with the 3% please shipped to your door!
  16. UGASealDawg

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD SOLD AI Prime 16 HD LED Reef Light - like new with mount

    SOLD $130 + $20 shipping to the lower 48 AI Prime 16 HD light for sale. Used for two months on a QT tank at 60% max. Includes 90 degree mount and will be shipped in original box.
  17. M

    Hello Looking on advice over new start

    Ive started a new tank just this week.. im from the Netherlands and im looking for some reviews about lighting.. my tank is 130cm x55x55. I found evergrow it5080 lights online.. but nobody is using them in the Netherlands.. does anybody know.. if 1 evergrow it5080 is enough for this tank size
  18. R

    Colorado Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD 2x Kessil AP700 - Colorado, free shipping

    I have 2 Kessil ap700 for sale. $650 shipped to lower 48. Approximately 2.5 years of use.
  19. V

    Radion Size and Qty Opinions For New Build

    Looking for some opinions Waterbox 150.4 (48.2" x 25.3" x 21.7") Looking to be able to keep a bit of everything in a true mixed reef, as time progress potentially transition to more of an SPS/Acro dominated tank. Looking for an opinion on which would be best for spread and par (3) XR15s or...
  20. Hurricane Aquatics

    Tennessee Lighting Metal Halide Drygoods Metal Halide New fixtures, bulbs, etc for sale

    Hey all, I am getting ready to move and need to clear out my toys a little. All these items are either brand new in the box or absolutely perfect and like new. I will show pictures of all and if you have any questions please ask. SHIPPING based on buyer's location, payment through PayPal...
  21. dwref

    Miscellaneous Drygoods RODI, Reefbreeders light

    GOOTH sale. 40 watt Pentair UV , new bulb $200.00, 7 Stage RODI 75gpd, new membraes $200.00 , Reefbreeders 50-V2 photon Pro $550.00 Can ship, thats on you. Large boxes, shipping won't be cheap FYI Also have lots of RO filters, DI resin, $250.00
  22. FishTrader

    Washington Lighting T5 Drygoods WTS - For sale - DX 18 36" Hybrid Light -Dimmable

    This light is a beast but I broke my tank down and will not be using a 36" light on my next build. BRS has this listed as out of stock and $599. I'm looking for $200.
  23. Thorne19

    Inexpensive lights recommendation

    Hello all, I am new to the hobby and looking for recommendations. I have a tank that measures 36x20 and is 22 tall. I am looking to grow soft corals and possibly hard later on down the road. I am looking to see what lights are best for cheap. I am looking to spend 200-300 dollars US. I know this...
  24. iwnltom

    TIMED Out request HELP

    I have 2 radios xr15 blues, I woke up and one of them was on extremely high brightness, I then tried to connect on the app, and the light keeps saying “request timed out”. I’ve unplugged, restarted, recalibrated, and deleted the app… any other suggestions??
  25. Ahogue21

    Illinois Drygoods Sold