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Feb 19, 2017
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For sale, getting out of the hobby for a few years.

Apex EL w/ pH probe and temp probe with below items.
A. Brain
B. EB832
C. Screen
D. Neptune ATO w/ upgraded pump
E. 18 gallon container
F. Pm1 for extra pH probe
G. 1 solid surface leak detection probe (never used)
H. 1 new 6’ Aqua bus cable
I. Several long aquabus cables
J. 2 Neptune probe holders
I. 2x Neptune EB8s

Trident $400 or $350 if purchased with above pack.

if you want everything ,I’ll throw in a nitrate, phosphate, and alkalinity Hanna checkers for free.

37E94F71-1684-440C-8F54-1D4FEFE6D590.jpeg 36689B12-0165-4076-9669-A66711C60185.jpeg 64B4F62C-0E70-4A1B-B13F-B990252BB16F.jpeg 903BCFAB-CAA9-4FB6-88CF-B8550AF6C777.jpeg
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