1. neoGeorge

    neoGeorge's Build: One Reef & One Planted Freshwater

    As part of a cross-country move, I've ordered two JBJ 65 gallon AIO aquariums to be drop shipped to sunny Arizona, where I'll have an opportunity to set them up and let them run for a few weeks before I drive out with the inhabitants of my current tanks (one reef and one planted fresh water)...
  2. money88

    Opex - (Work in Progress) Aquarium Controller

    This thread highlights my development of Opex (name pending). So I know there is already reef-pi and @Ranjib and team is doing some some great work on that, so I am by no means looking to compete with the amazing work they have done (as I have already learned quite a bit reading through that...
  3. Noahs Home Zoo

    (DIY) Arduino Controller

    The Why: After much searching I have seen a lot of the raspberry Pi builds that have been shared around and are kept updated. But I haven't seen any up to date threads for arduino controllers. So I figure I would track my project as it goes and try to build something that is fairly modular. I'll...
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