astraea snail

  1. mikemathis555

    Astraea Snail growth?

    Have two Astraea snails as part of my CUC. I noticed either a growth or a body part on the bottom today - pic attached. is this a normal body part, or something to be concerned with? p.s. - I thought it might be an anus, but I wife thought I was crazy. :)
  2. jackalexander

    Clean Up Crew

    Currently have 6 hermits and 1 mexican turbo snail in my 32g and they are definitely not able to keep up! I was thinking: 5 Astraea Turbos 5 Super Tongan Nassarius 5 red dwarf hermits 5 blue dwarf hermits Is this too much? Too little? Good mix? any suggestions help!
  3. TGREGS19

    Diatom Algae

    Hey guys! I’m a new reefer and I believe what I’m experiencing is Diatom algae which I’ve read that just letting it play its course is what I should do. I do have some green algae starting to grow and hopefully that will cancel out the Diatom (if that’s possible). I’m just looking for...
  4. michaelabellz

    Astraea Snails hard inside??

    My astraea snails have not been doing well at all, they haven’t been moving really and at first I thought maybe they just have to get used to my tank as I just got them last week but my other snails are doing very well. For the past day or 2 they’ve been in the same spot but I do catch them...
  5. nanonøkk

    refugium gha

    ok so my cheato has been introduced to green hair algae and now it’s growing with my cheato in the back second chamber of my tank my question is besides cleaning off the cheato and loosing pods that and doing harvesting one the gha as well as the cheato is there a way that i can introduce a...
  6. Reefer37

    Spiny Star Astraea Snail Babies

    So I guess two my Astraea snails had babies? What's weird is I own no Spiny Star versions, but now I have like 10 babies that all have that shell type. Not sure if other people have had this happen, but thought I'd share because I thought it was pretty cool.
  7. Wen

    Snail tumbled into Trachyphyllia’s hungry mouth...

    Last night I witnessed an astraea snail tumble off the rocks and landed directly on a large trachyphyllia that happened to have its feeding tentacles out. The snail was instantly enveloped and disappeared. I am worried about the shell inside the coral. My plan is to keep an eye on the...