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balling method

  1. Beats001

    Aqua Forest Probiotic reef salt batch differences.

    Hi all, I realise all batches of AF salt are all slightly different and I wandering how others manage this in conjunction with dosing equal amounts of Components 1,2,3? Take the following as an example ... I am in the process of balancing my ions, dosing equal of the 3 comps, with a little...
  2. DiZASTiX

    Build Thread DiZASTiX - A Tank for the Road

    My name is Spike. This is the story of reef keeping with a jet setter lifestyle. EPISODE I: The story begins with keeping a reef while traveling heavily, and leaning on an enthusiastic partner and plenty of technology to ensure operation while I'm away three days every week. EPISODE II: My...
  3. jordimex

    Hello not sure how to start using aqua forest in my tank

    I currently have a Red Sea 350 aquarium total water volume advertised is 90 gallon, taking into account all of my live rock i would guesstimate that my water volume is around 65-70 gallons. i currently have a good amount of fish, and not dosing anything at the moment only doing 5 gallon water...
  4. Elgringodiablo

    3-Part or 4-Part Recommendations

    Hey Guys- I am rebuilding my Red Sea Reefer 450 to be an SPS dominant ZeoVit system. I have used Triton Core7, Aquaforest 3-part and BRS 2-part in the past on other systems and the previous build of this system, in which I attempted the Triton Method. I am trying to determine what my best bet...
  5. Biznizface

    Dosing help please

    So I've bought my first doser and am eager to get it going. Have got sodium carbonate for kh, Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. Have tried using various online calculators and think I know the maths to make the solutions. Reading around I think it's best to make the kh solution weak...
  6. My Triton Testing Results

    My Triton Testing Results

    There are many different ions in seawater, and as reef aquarists we generally only test for a small number of these. Calcium, magnesium, “alkalinity”, nitrate, phosphate, and ammonia, for example, are relatively easy for hobbyists to test at home using kits. Other ions, however, are more...
  7. The Many Methods for Supplementing Calcium and Alkalinity

    The Many Methods for Supplementing Calcium and Alkalinity

    There is no aspect of reef aquarium chemistry more important than calcium and alkalinity. Many of my previous articles have described various aspects of these systems in detail. In reading those articles, aquarists will note one pervasive theme: that maintaining appropriate levels of each are...