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basement sump

  1. D

    Build Thread OINK! I'm a Pig. 200g Reef Savvy, Bashsea, Royal Exclusiv -Direct sunlight- In wall w/ IKEA fishroom basement sump build

    Hi everyone. I finally got around to starting this build thread. I had originally wanted to wait until things were closer to being done, and then doing a recap of sorts, so that people didn't have to wait long periods of time before updates. However, I am learning many things along the way...
  2. 20200128_144803.jpg


  3. reelss

    Large Build Reelss's 180 Gallon Build (DIY heavy, Basement Sump)

    The build started unexpectedly when I was able to get a 180 gallon tank locally being sold by another reefer. I have been building it slowly. Here's the progress so far, but there's a lot of work that still remains. Current Tanks: 80 gallon Deep Blue 50 gallon Low Boy The plan is to set up...
  4. M

    Basement sump. Flex PVC and valves in stand ? Herbie

    Installing a 120g with 3 1” bulkheads on the bottom of the tank(center interior overflow). Don’t want to drill thru hardwood floors. Am going to run flex PVC throught the back of the stand, through wall, down the cavity, back through the floor joist into the basement. (~15’ run to sump from...
  5. M

    New 120g 48"x24" planning, corner-alcove/fireplace/basement sump

    Hoping to get some advice on an ever cascading list of questions on aquarium/sump placement. For background anticipating 120gal 48x24 reef tank, LED lighting, sump in basement below tank (40-75 Gal?). I'll try to summarize issues as cleanly as possible: Aquarium Placement In the corner of...
  6. Flippers4pups

    Build Thread Flippers reef 125 gallon

    The story of Flippers reef started long ago.......... In a time before a thing called "The Internet"existed. Land locked Missouri, mid western U.S.A. back in 1993. I had just got out of the army in 1992 and got busy starting a family. See, I had fresh water tanks off and on since I was very...