1. Coral Love

    Pennsylvania Live Goods WYSIWYG Millepora Packs @ 250 Shipped + FREE GBTAs

    WYSIWYG Milli Packs 6 @ $250 Shipped! + free GBTA and/or encrusting monti frag of my choice!
  2. StatelineReefer

    ☆☆ - Picture Entry - BC RAINBOW'S ARMY GROW-OUT CONTEST - ☆☆

    Welcome to the 2023 Grow-Out Contest, featuring Rainbow's Army! This thread will be used for monthly submissions of your growing frag progress! A reminder of the rules: Rule 1: Competition will last for One Year. (365 days from when you submit your initial entry) Rule 2: The initial...
  3. blstravler

    New Jersey Live Goods 4 SPS in NJ pick up only

    Have a 4 pack for sale - left to right they are - BC Awarewolf BC A Fire Engine WWC Taste the Rainbow POTO Side Chick All but the Side Chick have been growing on my rack for a while. Side Chick was an accident while doing some maintenance today. Pick up zip is 07702 - can do PayPal or Cash...
  4. StatelineReefer

    ☆☆☆ Official 2023 Battlecorals Selection Poll ☆☆☆

    Correction: In this thread I advertised the entry at $125 presented with free shipping, ultimately, I was unable to meet this promise. I would like to formally apologize, and the amended price for entry is $125 with $35.00 shipping if not combined with another order or add-on at time of entry. I...
  5. Coral Love

    Pennsylvania Live Goods UPDATED! WYSIWIG SPS Packs @ $200 SHIPPED

    Pack 1 1. SSC 2. TSA Bill Murray 3. Northern Lights Granulosa 4. ORA Pearlberry 5. Goldfire Mill 6. BC Pink Stelleton
  6. RMS18

    New Jersey SOLD SPS Frags For Sale

    Hey everyone, had to do some fragging: RR Golden Rod - SOLD PC Rainbow - SOLD BC Lemon Peel - SOLD BC Rainbow Brite -SOLD Pinky The Bear - SOLD Bonsai -SOLD Cherry Bomb - SOLD Pick up Brick NJ. I can also try and meet during weekdays as I travel for work occasionally.
  7. lynn.reef.nerd

    ##### Picture Entry: BC RAINDROP ON ROSES GROW-OUT CONTEST #####

    This thread will be used for monthly submissions of frag pictures. Discussions are welcomed but please TAG ME @lynn.reef.nerd, @Reefing102, and @BranchingHammer when you post pictures so we can easily track status. A reminder of the rules: 1) Competition will last for 1 year (365 days from when...
  8. lynn.reef.nerd


    ~~~~~~~~******* PLEASE READ THIS POST ENTIRELY BEFORE SIGNING UP *******~~~~~~~~ Good evening all my BATTLECORALS Friends! This is the official sign-up thread. Please post below if you are interested in participating in this grow-out contest. Poll can be found here: Poll Link Results from...
  9. lynn.reef.nerd


    With the success of the first grow-out contest (thank you @BranchingHammer), we thought it would be great to have a second one. For those who didn't get a chance to join in on the first or would like to try again, this is for you! Please let us know if you would be interested in joining. If...
  10. RMS18

    New Jersey Live Goods BC Glow stick Acros / Jawbreaker / Red Mini Maxi Anemones

    Hey everyone I have some stuff available: BattleCorals Glow Stick frags (3 qty) - largest one $20 - medium one $15 - smallest one $10 BattleCorals Glow Stick colony - Solsld Nickel size jawbreaker shroom (1qty) -$80 OBO Red Mini Maxi Anemones (2qty) -$50 each OBO Pictures taken with a pixel...
  11. rwyatt4424

    Battle Box Plus a Couple Today!!

    Ordered a battle box and added a Pink Flamingo And Cricket Spine on the side(yup that's really what it's called)
  12. Peter K

    Battlecorals first purchase. Shouldn't have expected anything but perfection.

    I am typically not one to leave reviews unless I feel very passionate one way or another, but I had to leave one for Adam with @Battlecorals after having one of the most pleasant, stress-free, and downright perfect coral purchases I have ever made. The frags were extremely chunky bordering on...
  13. GlassMunky

    Let's see those Battle Colonies!

    So since i just got my first BattleBox, i've been looking around online for some photos of colonies of these guys and they aren't the easiest pics to find, so figured maybe we could compile a thread here with photos of BattleCorals grown out to their full potential as colonies. :cool: Post up...
  14. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland BC Blueberry Nasuta

    WYSIWYG. On a 2" frag plate. Pick up only in Glen Burnie, MD 21061. Asking $450 OBO.
  15. Jettareefer223

    Build Thread "Picking up the pieces" Jettareefer’s SPS dominated Planet Tideline revival/overhaul (Photo heavy/Progression)

    *If you’re not down for a detailed long winded thread I would skip the novel go straight down for pictures/specs lol. As a primer and or disclaimer I’m going to be overly detailed and ramble. This will serve as my build thread share my struggles and progress of my tank. Currently in the process...
  16. tristanfish

    BC Bonfire, Show me yours

    Lights: t5 and Radion Combo Placement: up high, not sure of the Par Flow: high Love Meter: 10 out of 10 Camera & Lens: Canon 80d, 100mm Photos under: various lighting schemes Time: approximately 1.2 yrs in the tank
  17. chuckfu5

    SPS browning / losing tissue and then bleaching....why?

    Hey guys, I've been struggling to figure out what is going on but have not been able to put my finger on it. I'm looking for help from you guys. Here is a run down on what has been happening. Tank has been set up since February. Cycled with Dr Tims Ammonia via fish less cycle. Tank has...
  18. CoralKouture

    Louisiana Acro Pack-WWC,BC,RRA and more

    Greetings Everyone, Have an acro pack available. Some of these have been on the rack for awhile and others were cut this past weekend. Will be ready to ship next week Mon-Wed. Any questions feel free to DM. $300 shipped (lower 48 only) L-R RRA Event Horizon, Reef Ready Grape Juice, BC...
  19. sayitfast

    So I think I might need to start a GoFundMe thing

    I'm just a little light in the pocket for this Coral. Coming in at only 1 mil.... Battle Corals I already sold one kidney so that doesn't really help me either....
  20. Battlecorals


    So..... yeah, It's no secret. My forum's been painfully quiet for months now. Many of you, regrettably neglected far beyond my threshold of acceptance. It's been nothing short of impossible to keep up with everything the last 8 months and I sincerely apologize to all those I've neglected...