beginner coral

  1. Lbabylee

    Bit the Coral bullet

    So I have now purchased my first corals. I have went thru all the acclimations. Hollywood Stunner Chalise Coral Mini max carpet anemone Ricordea Red Mushrooms Rasta Zoanthed should I keep my AI Prime lighting down low and if so for how long? I am running blues this morning. Any suggestions...
  2. buckeye82

    Indiana Beginner SPS Frag Pack (13 frags)

    Hi, I figured i would do some more fragging from the tank and make a beginner friendly pack. 13 total corals with shipping included. DOA Guarantee, with in the first 2 hours of scheduled arrival. I should be able to make 3 packs of these. Top row left to right -Purple Digi -Tricolor...
  3. D

    Is Going from 0 to 20 Corals too Much?

    So I am about to get my first corals and after being dismayed at the price/selection of my lfs I found a good deal on I can get 20 corals for $150 with a coupon I have and can pick beginner corals to start with. However, I am concerned how this might dramatically increase my...