big build

  1. Erik-Reefer

    Large Build Red Sea 900 XL Build/upgrade

    Getting read to do a pretty big upgrade. I currently have a 90 gallon leather dominated reef tank that I will be upgrading to a Red Sea 900 3XL. Going to be a fun project!!!
  2. Jose Berry

    Large Build 600 gallon tank build

    So it’s happened, I purchased and picked up a 600g aquarium. The dimensions of it are 10’x4’x2’(LxWxH). I currently have a 225 up and running that will break down once I get the 600 going. I’ll post picks of this thing. By the way the pictures don’t do it justice. The location of this tank will...
  3. Reefer_Tom

    Large Build My Planet Aquariums 300 Gallon Peninsula Reef Tank

    Starting a build thread on my 300 Gallon Planet Aquariums Peninsula Reef Tank. This this has a Total water volume of just over 400 Gallons (420 Gallons to be exact) including the sump and the refugium.
  4. 7

    Exterior wall pass through

    Hi, I need to pass four 1.5"PVC pipes through an exterior stucco wall. I'm looking for ideas, pics and inspiration.... Thanks
  5. Az reefer

    Large Build 225 gallon build thread

    Happy Holidays Reefers!!! I am starting a 225 gallon build and have purchased the tank used. It is a 72x24x30 225 gallon center overflow. First thing will be to get it cleaned and leak tested, then I will remove the center overflow and install 2 ghost overflows. Either Reef Savvy or similiar. I...
  6. Salt Empire

    Build Thread 200 Gallon Coral Tank Build :D

    Hey guys really new at this I started a Youtube channel ( Josh SaltEmpire Duval ) Here a link to one of my videos keep in mind im just starting and really low budget since I put all my money into my tank build !! :) I will post pictures soon as the girlfriend gets home with the phone! Im...