bill murray

  1. O

    SPS white lines

    Hey guys over the last three weeks my encrusting and happy Bill Murray SPS has been suffering from what I can only guess is STN. I’ve had RTN years ago, but this is completely different. It started with the backside becoming white but leaving the tips still colored, if that makes sense. Over...
  2. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods STICKS for sale! Home Wrecker, Cherry Bomb, Dragon Slayer and More!

    I have some very beautiful frags for sale. I have the standard DOA policy. In the event that you have a DOA you will need to send me a pic of the dead coral in the sealed bag for a replacement or a refund. I will only refund if I can’t replace the coral. Shipping should be $50 to most places but...
  3. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods ACROS! Healed and encrusting

    I have some very beautiful acros healed and ready to go. Shipping is $50 to most places will need your zip to check for sure. DOA policy is standard 2 hours after delivery. Pic of dead coral in sealed bag. In the event of a DOA I will send a replacement and if I do not have one then I will...
  4. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods ACROS- Home Wrecker and more. Mardi Gras Bounces

    I have some nice acros encrusting and ready to go. I also have a Space Invader Pectinia as well as some Mardi Gras Bounce and Superman mushrooms available. $100 minimum purchase plus shipping. Standard DOA policy. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not...
  5. Daved4

    Connecticut Live Goods Tsa Bill Murray fully encrusted mini colony

    Hey guys I have a beautiful fully encrusted mini colony of Bill murray up for grabs. 125 plus ship. Can check my other gmk thread for refrences. Thanks for looking!
  6. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods ACROS, Zoas, and Shrooms

    I have a good bit of Acro frags all healed up, cut a month ago. Also have some assorted zoas and a few different mushrooms available. PM if interested in anything. 100 minimum plus shipping. Shipping is $50 for UPS overnight for most places. Standard DOA policy. Pics of the dead coral in bag...
  7. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods Home Wrecker, Cherry Bomb, Pink Passion, Bill Murray

    Beautiful acros all cut and healed for at least a month, longer for some. Standard DOA policy applies. Pics of coral dead in the bag within 2 hours of delivery. I will ship UPS for $50 and if you prefer Fed Ex it’s gonna be $90 for shipping. I can only ship Monday-Wednesday. I am not responsible...
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