biocube 32

  1. Schmitty

    BIOCUBE VS NUVO or something else?

    So my 29g biocube started leaking and I need to get another tank, was looking at the 32 g biocube since it will fit on my stand but wondering if any of you have better suggestions without going to much higher then 40 for lack of space in my small apartment... I did notice the Nuvo 40g looks...
  2. Joshua Huff

    New to the hobby Biocube 32

    I am new to the hobby and decided to start small with the Coralife Biocube 32. I did jump into the hobby without really doing the research i normally do on a large purchase, but i sure have enjoyed the experience so far. I have made a few upgrades to the tank like a UV-filter and protein...
  3. Steelheader09

    Biocube 32 Filtration

    So I have a LED Biocube 32. I am using the stock filtration basket for now. My question is how high should the water be in the back. I see on the 29's there was a high water mark, however my 32 only has a min mark. I filled the back and my media kept floating and I noticed that defeated the...
  4. Steelheader09

    Build Thread Trying the new biocube 32

    So, I've been in the hobby for 4 years now. I started with a 2nd hand 55gal with some old equipment. I upgraded over time to a new 55 with LED lighting, canister filter and a bakpak skimmer. However this tank is at my parents place and they have slowly fallen in love with it. I am moving and...
  5. headlines

    Adding Lights to Biocube 32

    Without switching to a full hood gut lighting system ( nano-box/steve's ) does anyone know of a good way or if it's even possible to supplement the in-hood Biocube 32 lighting this way ? The lights are okay for what's in the tank now and they're doing well, but if I can easily add some sort of...
  6. landlocked303

    AIO Build LED Biocube

    Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience with the new LED biocube. I have the older coralife biocube and am thinking about buying just the canopy to upgrade the lighting. Have people had good results?
  7. Triggerhappy77

    What's the best water to start with?

    Hey, I'm green to the marine game and have been doing a lot of research, but still have a lot of questions. Hope y'all can help! 1. I'm having a lot of trouble finding out if I should start my biocube 32 with nutri seawater (price varies greatly and mixed reviews from enthusiasts), pre made from...