1. JMann

    Florida Live Goods Super Ultra and healthy LPS colonies available!

    I have to temporarily shut down my tank due to travel for work so, these corals are available as a great deal. Asking less than I paid that’s for sure! Big “Masterpiece” Mycedium Chalice colony(5+ inches,) super unique Fungia Plate coral(3+ inches across,) ultra “Poison” rainbow Pectinia...
  2. C

    PAR Values Feedback/Opinions

    Looking for feedback on my PAR values. I've got an IM Nuvo 20, with a single AI Prime 16HD mounted on the AI tank mount 10" above the water line. I'm using the BRS settings attached, adjusted to 30%. The values are on the higher end of the averages. The readings jumped around a lot due to...
  3. DIYreefer

    Texas Live Goods SOLD FS: Mid/High End Zoas, Poletti Jawbreakers, Rainbow Acans, Various Mushrooms, Montis, Etc... PIC HEAVY!!!

    All sold!
  4. Jobu183

    Blasto Quickly Declining

    Hello, hoping for some help with my blasto. It had been doing well, but last night showed signs of recession, and over the last couple of hours has progressively gotten worse. I love this coral, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Pics provided. Parameters- Salinity- 1.025 (it was 1.026...
  5. Reef Racket

    ULTRA Aussie Blasto Colonies / HOLOGRAM HAMMER / Rare Mushrooms!!!

    Martin Luther King Sale 1/15 - 1/19 Blasto Colonies Special Hammers Rare Mushrooms
  6. Alex.dave23029

    California Live Goods Frags ready to go. Magic carpet, gonis, zoas, yumas

    Free local pickup Antelope 95843 or shipping is available Shipping is 55 Standard doa applies A. Rainbow yuma $25 B. Green and purple blasto $35 C. GB Full Spectrum $85 D. Merlin Staff $50 E. Rainbow yuma $30 F Rainbow yuma XL $65 G. Acid reflux $20 H. Magic Carpet Mushroom $100 I. Scrambled...
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW LPS!!!

    We have some absolutely AMAZING pieces that hit our site. Make sure you head over and check them out. SEE THEM HERE
  8. H

    New York Live Goods Rainbow Blasto Wellsi Mini Colony (9 Polyps)

    Rainbow Blasto for sale. Grown from a single polyp over a 2-2.5 year time frame. Will come mounted to a grow out tile. Standard DOA applies please send well lit photo within 2 hours of delivery. $400 shipped.
  9. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD Chicagos, black widows, high end Zoas, blastos

    $400 and shipping is free, otherwise shipping range $50-75 Looking to add 3 supernova nems as well to my collection if anyone has any to trade. I have more stuff
  10. Reef Lounge Coral

    CRAZY Blastomussa selection - Build your Blasto pack now!!

    We've added a gorgeous variety of Blasto frags to the website. These were all cut 2+ months ago and are fully healed/growing now, most with babies. Secure your pack now and build an awesome Blasto garden in your reef! As always, free shipping on all orders over $300 ;)...
  11. BSA Corals

    Arizona Live Goods WWC Bounce Mushroom Black Friday Sale! Deals are Live! (Shop Now)

    Our Black Friday Deals are Live Now! Get a WWC Bounce Mushroom for a Super Low Price! Shop All Black Friday Deals Here!
  12. T

    Oklahoma WTB Wtb PD blasto and pm jawbreaker

    Wanting to buy some original PD blastos, and high end pm jawbreaker. Dm me if you have any of these or any else collectors softies and lps.
  13. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD Sold

    Looking to do packs of $400 shipped( mix and match as you wish) Master torch single head fat and splitting $375 shipped Black widow $180 Lemon drop Chicago sunburst $300 Zoas and plays … discount 20% on each additional polyp Strats $125pp flaming Mohicans $70pp LSOH $50pp Exosphere’s $30pp...
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely INSANE LPS Hitting Our Site Soon!!

    Hands down some of the HOTTEST LPS pieces are going to be hitting our site soon! Make sure you keep an eye out. You definitely don't want to miss these! See our website: HERE
  15. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods Calling high end blasto and LPS collectors, $300 free shipping

    Standard 2hr doa. Shipping out on Tuesday for wed delivery. Prices are in the pics, please circle what you liking and send pm of the pic. Will consider trades for high end shrooms. These are all aquaculture’s in my tank. Thank you :) Tittie twister Wwc rainbow Deadpool Bleeding applie Confetti...
  16. Cnidaria

    Michigan Live Goods Current Corals Available for Purchase

  17. TankCandy

    Live Goods SOLD Collector Gonis, Blastos, Chalices, Torches and Hammers (Care Bears, Highlighters, Glitter tips, Rainbows and more) (PIC HEAVY)

    I have a nice assortment of healthy coral that is ready to ship. Shipping is $50 free after $400. Local pickup also available, located in 19473. PM me for any pack deals!!! local States NJ PA DE NY Shipping is $35 Free after $400 DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer...
  18. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] 8.8 Super Sale - Up to 70% off of Select Corals and Livestock - Ends Aug 9th!

    Mabuhay from your friends at Corals Anonymous - returning again is our 8.8 super sale with great new deals and restocks now available for your tank and setup. As always, we offer free overnight shipping on orders 299.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users for...
  19. CoralsAnonymous

    8.8 Super Sale - Up to 70% off of Select Corals and Livestock - Ends Aug 9th!

    Mabuhay from your friends at Corals Anonymous - returning again is our 8.8 super sale with great new deals and restocks now available for your tank and setup. As always, we offer free overnight shipping on orders 299.99 and over to the continental US via both FedEx and UPS. Govx ID users...
  20. Blinkdo

    Florida Live Goods SOLD The Real OG UC Ironman, CB Plumb Crazy, JKR Rainbow, Blue Raven, Arctic Blast Merletti Blasto, Dragon Soul, Rainbow Fungia *UPDATED*

    Hey fellow reefers, I was contemplating on cutting these blastomussa colonies but they are just too nice to put under the saw. Figured I'd see if anyone had interest in the mother colonies before I cut them into frags. Also have 1-2 head frags of the TGC Indonesian Dragon Soul Torch and...
  21. CoralsAnonymous

    Livestock [Corals Anonymous] Payday Sale - Up to 60% off select livestock - ends July 19th!

    Aloha everyone from your friends at Corals Anonymous - it's time again for our monthly Payday sale with loads of new fish, inverts and WYSIWGs available now and through the week. Click our banner and collage to see what we have for you today! Free overnight shipping is available on orders...
  22. His Coral Highness

    Is this aptasia?

    As the title says. I took the picture with my reef lights out using my iPhone with the flash on. Right under the head of my blasto. I’ve never had aptasia before but from what I know of it I think that might be what it is. Appreciate any input.
  23. TiggerMillions

    Michigan Live Goods [Update 7/22]Cool Corals FS (WYSIWYG): Bowerbankis, Walt Disney, Bounce Mushroom, Indo Jester Torch, HG Micromussa, LSOH, Blastos, Chalices, and more!

    ***Updated on 7/22 Hey R2R, I have some corals for sale. All corals are mounted on 7/8" or 1" plugs. Pictures were taken by a DSLR, and I have tried to get them as close to real life as possible. Shipping is $50 to the lower 50 states. Please read the following: I ship by UPS overnight. I will...
  24. hcker99

    Live Goods SPONSOR BSA TT Twister Blasto Colony

    A BUNCH of heads on this beauty Fully Aquacultured
  25. Reef Lounge Coral

    Gonis, Blastos, Torches, Mushrooms and More! Website updated - UP TO 75% OFF!!!

    Just updated the website with a bunch of crazy WYSIWYG pieces with photo AND VIDEO! Go check them out and enjoy FREE shipping over $300. Were also doing 25% off your order when you place 4 or more torches in your cart!