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  2. Strangewaterchange

    Whats on my new blasto??

    Currently drip acclimating my new coral order and noticed this on the base of my blasto. Thought it was aiptasia but not sure with the way it retreats back inside (see video). Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Joe Knows Reefs


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  5. M

    EMERGENCY Blasts wellsi

    I bought a single head blasto wellsi coral and introduced it (properly) into my tank. It’s shaded and the lighting is low always anyway. It’s open but not all the way? Is this normal?
  6. TopShelfAquatics

    These Pumpkin Spice Blastos are FRIGHTFULLY NICE!!

    These Pumpkin Spice Blastos have some spice and everything nice!!!
  7. nanonøkk

    lps help

    ok so i’ve been noticing that some of my lps corals have not been opening up fully such as my frogspawn my duncan and then my blastomusa. the only thing it could be is lighting but here’s some pictures of them and some perameters ph 8.2 dkh 8 nitrate 2 salinity is 1.024 and i dont have test kits...
  8. Joe Knows Reefs

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  9. TheReefArchitect

    UK Shops / collectors specialising in Blastomussa corals

    As above, any collectors / shops that specialise in different / rare blastomussa?
  10. Brooks Allman

    Washington WTB WTB High end blasto

    Just looking for some nice blastos. Iron man Deadpool Panty droppers Etc etc...
  11. blastomusa 2 types

    blastomusa 2 types

    Ultra blasto and midnight moon one is a welsi the other merletti
  12. Joe Knows Reefs

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  13. SR Reefing

    Ironman Blastomussa Bounced Give me 100 Babies

    Ok, maybe not 100 babies more like 20. Story: It starts off with 2 head, then 3. I had it for 6 month or so. One day it starts to bounce on 2 locations. One exploded give me like 10+ heads and the other one still looks like balloon with another 10+ heads. Is this how blasto grow? I also...
  14. A

    What is happening with my blasto?

    Hi All, I setup my tank around 6 weeks ago, it's fully cycled and I have a couple of small clowns and firefish with a couple of blue leg hermits. I've added my first frag yesterday - I was reluctant to add more, first I want to make sure I can keep this guy alive. Since the tank is a 13.5g...
  15. Reefer37

    One Blasto Head Shrinking, The Other Thriving?

    I'm not sure what's going on with my blasto, one head is shrinking while the other looks happy as can be. I've never had an issue with these guys in my tank, I've found them to be honestly some of the happiest and hardiest corals in my tank. Any ideas why only one head might be shrinking?
  16. N

    Blasto new head or something else?

    I’ve had this blasto for almost a year and it’s doing fantastic. The one head that I got is currently splitting into to, but about a month ago I spotted this brown structure on the right growing. Is that new skeleton growing or is it something else? The first picture was right after a water...
  17. Steven w

    New York High end zoa pack, pink hammer, blasto frags&colony collectors mushroom

    all prices exclude shipping except for zoa pack or over $500 shipping is $49 and $39 to upper east coast. thanks for looking! full zoa pack of high ends $449 shipped flaming krak seductions Wwc AOI Hyper jubilee jf acid reflux Kiwi strawberry Neptune’s frozen hornets Ultimates Lick...
  18. scobeyra

    California Mixed reef tank breakdown - Livestock

    Moving out of state and very sadly need to sell my fish and corals. I'm open to selling the whole setup including livestock, so pm me asap if you're into that. Its a Red Sea Reefer 525xl. Livestock for sale (pickup - Culver city) I'd maybe be open to shipping if I can get it off the...
  19. ygon

    Florida CB Cabernet Blasto Colony

    Asking $200 shipped, well over 20 heads. It's sitting on a 2" disk.
  20. Evan28395950

    Blasto ID

    So basically I bought this coral 6 months ago, was under impression I would get a more colorful one, but that’s a long story. Anyways, anyone know the ID on this and approximately what it’s worth with 1 big, 2 medium sized heads?
  21. The_anonymous_reefer

    Blastos - Ever seen these?!

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen these blastos before?... Blasto Merletti i believe.
  22. Steven w

    New York Indo hellfire torch, blasto, Bubble tip anemone

    Willing to do discounts for multiple items taken shipped together. thanks for looking! Indo hellfire torch now $350 shipped Only one left Green tip torch $100 for XL (top) $50 for middle two and $75 for L (bottom) Orange Bta $170 shipped Rainbow BTA $140 shipped (4 available) Deep...
  23. Underwatergardeners


    Hello everyone, I have a 8 coral frag pack for $200 shipped any questions feel free to send a private message. Thanks :) Reading Rainbow Acan 7up Micromusa Orange Rainbow Chalice Dragon Soul Favia Og Mummy Eye Chalice Blasto UG Sour Apple Monti JF Burning Banana
  24. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Sunday, Nov 11th

    Sunday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Official Frags Auction House. Make sure to request to join today so you can submit your bids on time. Auction Items for Sunday, Nov. 11th Auctions begin ending at 8:30PM EST Chaos Aquaculture #15 Coral Name - UC Splendiferous Cyphastrea...
  25. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Sunday, Oct. 28TH

    Sunday Auctions are posted on the Facebook Group Page, Official Frags Auction House. Make sure to request to join today so you can submit your bids on time. CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST Auction - Sunday, Oct. 28th Auctions begin ending at 8:30PM EST Chaos Aquaculture #26 Coral Name - BSA Hulk...