bounce mushroom

  1. Notorious F.R.A.G.


    I have some Neptune Bounce Mushrooms available and also some Mardi Gras Bounce Mushrooms available! I’ll post pics so that you can see my colony’s. Message me if interested! Neptune Bounce: $150 - $250 (Depending on size) Mardi Gras Bounce: $75 - $125 (Depending on size) SHIPPING IS...
  2. adsf430

    New York Live Goods RRC Doughboy And TCK Powerball mushrooms

    Selling my Doughboy with lineage to POTO ($500) and Powerball mushrooms ($150 each). Doughboy is ~2in across and powerballs are nickel size. Only the one Doughboy and two Powerball's. Shipping available for $50, weather dependent. Can include a free ~2in orange/pink yuma with purchase.
  3. adsf430

    New York Live Goods FOR SALE AT RAP NY, Powerball Bounce, Doughboy Bounce

    EDIT: Selling my Doughboy Bounce Mother (~2in across, lineage to POTO) for $500, True Rainbow WWC Diaseris Plate ~3" for $800, and WWC Diablo Diaseris Plate ~3" for $250. Two Powerball's the size of a nickel for $150 each. The true rainbow plate is very rare, have only seen it offered at shows...
  4. BlackLabelAquatics

    Texas Live Goods SPONSOR CK Black Mamba Bounce

    Black Mamba Bounces available. We have been aquaculturing these mushrooms for several years now. Natural splits with nice symmetry. Mushrooms are mounted on 3" discs, these are big 'uns. And because we love R2R, we made discount code R2R10% for an additional 10% off. These will qualify for free...
  5. PV Reefs

    Powerball Bounce
  6. PV Reefs

    Show size og Bounce

    Golf size bounces
  7. daniefern764

    California Live Goods SOLD 2 Momma OG bounce

  8. N11morales

    USA WTB WTB SHROOMS! show what u got

    I’m hunting mushrooms Kingkong Godzilla Doughboy Dough girl Powerball Magic carpet Also interested in any bounce shrooms you got or any unique shrooms!
  9. seafansar

    Florida SOLD TCK Powerball Bounces FS Florida, Can Ship

    TCK Powerball Bounces up for grabs. All Prices are shipped 3/4” plugs A. $300 B. $250 C. $300 D. SOLD E. $250 F. $300 G. SOLD H. SOLD J. $200
  10. R33fJunkies

    New Jersey Live Goods Large Rainbow Bounce St Thomas Mushroom

    Rainbow Bounce St Thomas Bright mixed colors 4-6” Ship Next Day Air Freebie included :) PM if interested or if need more pics !!
  11. PV Reefs

    XL OG Bounce

    WWC OG Bounce with massive bubbles.
  12. S

    Unique rare bounce mushroom

    Persian rug lineage bounce mushroom. We have the babies +1 mother (flood bounce). You won’t see these anywhere else. The only other person that has a mother and babies is BSA. I’ll share the mother and then the babies we have. The price is hard because no one else has these and bsa has only...
  13. S

    Mushroom I’d

    Need some help ID some mushrooms that I’m having to sell. Thank you
  14. S

    Mushroom ID

    So me and my friend have about 8 of these mushrooms all from 1 big momma. They are more on the rarer type. We are trying to see what kind they are and if there’s any out there as well. I’ll show the momma then babies in different staging coloring up. Thank you. We believe they are Persian rug...
  15. Notorious F.R.A.G.

    FS: Mardi Gras Bounce Mushroom

    These are fast growers! Like.. extremely fast growers. I’ve had single polyps split into three polyps within a couple of weeks time. Excellent for a display tank and also for fragging purposes. Let me know if you’re interested! I’ve got right at 10 available at the moment Asking $100 per...
  16. seafansar

    Florida SOLD TCK Powerball Bounce FS

    I have a couple more Powerball Bounces available. Plugs are 3/4” and 1.25”. Prices are shipped A. SOLD B. SOLD C. SOLD D. SOLD E. SOLD
  17. skantounis

    Mushrooms & Blastos & More, Oh My!

    As medical school begins again, I have to consolidate as I know im not going to have much down time. All pictures were taken under Kessil/T5 Hybrid on an iPhone 12 ProMax. Shipping is a flat rate of $50, will not ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Will meet in person somewhere on Long Island/NYC. Any...
  18. S

    Bounce mushroom ID?

    Hey there someone traded in this rock to the saltwater store I work at. Looking to get an id on them if possible.

    OG Bounce, stratosphere, and GMK Frags 225-350 dollars

    Hey all!! For sale i have some healed OG bounce, stratosphere, and gmk frags. I cut them over a month ago! Prices are on the pictures and are firm for individual frags. If you do a large order we can talk a deal for sure! Local pickup preferred, but will ship More expensive strat has two...
  20. nycfreshreef

    Two Mushrooms walked into a bar ( jawbreaker and eclectus discosoma walked onto same plug)

    Over the course of the pas 2 weeks these two mushrooms walked onto the same exact plug ….. jawbreaker is a mother & about 3 inches across fully open , eclectus is about 1 inch fully open and hasn’t grown in over a year ….. who do you think will win ???? Moved them off the rocks and put on the...
  21. Luis's Nano


    Montipora Setosa- $25 Blue Birdsnest- $25 Take both for $40 Shipping is $50 Local pickup is available 33837 Standard DOA rules apply
  22. shawnriv

    Coral ID Help

    Hello All, Could you please be able to tell me what kind of coral this is. There is a local reefer selling it and said it may be a reverse Godzilla bounce or King Kong bounce Yuma. Before I spend the money, I want to verify it’s a bounce mushroom. See photo below. Thanks!
  23. David Calzada

    OG Bounce Mushroom!!!

    I got one nice OG Bounce Mushroom 1.5" when fully open with nice bubbles. $430 shipped Shipped via UPS Next Day air Standard 2-Hour DOA Must provide pictures of proof in original packaging Shipping cost is not refundable Message for any questions or details
  24. R33fJunkies

    Bounce mushroom / Challice

    Bounce mushroom $110 Large Challice $150 PM for any question on particular item
  25. seafansar

    TCK Powerball Bounce for sale

    I have a few TCK Powerball Bounces available. Shipping is included in the price. A. SOLD B. SOLD C. SOLD D. SOLD E. SOLD F. SOLD G. SOLD