bounce mushroom

  1. Blue Collared Aquatics

    Livestock OG Bounce, Holy Grail, Tiget

    Donuts 375-500 Torch 24k 150 Indo gold 100 Knicks 125 Dragon soul 100 Rasta 80 Indo green tip 60 Black torch 80 Repunzel 375 Tiger 350 Holy grail 400 Master 325 Vader 150 Jester 150 Hammer Toxic green 40 Pink 50 Gold 50 Splatter 40 Green 30 Holy grail 75 Yellow 100 Octo Yellow 75 Pink 75 Frog...
  2. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods Rock w/ HUGE Frankenstein Bounce and lots of Sunkist

    This one is a show piece!! This Frank is soooo BIG it it is hard to guess the size. It wraps around the rock and is flanked by numerous Sunkists, some are quite large. I’ve included multiple pics from multiple angles including one in my hand to demonstrate the size. I can also send a video...
  3. britnicole1724

    Ohio Live Goods Biohazard bounce mushroom

    WTS or trade biohazard bounce. Shipping not available. Make offers. Mushroom will be the left one, approximately 1” in size. Photos are not enhanced at all. Photo taken with iPhone 12 Pro Max with an orange filter and that is it. looking for Euphyllia mainly torches would be cool. I already...
  4. Highoffcoral


    These are standardly mounted on 1.25' plugs, have tons of LPS aswell will get around to posting! Packable deals available, anything over $400 free shipping ! Please if you have any questions feel free to hmu anytime id be glad to help best i can ! DOA Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA...
  5. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods Bounce Pack - Frankenstein and Sunkist Colony

    WYSIWYG. Selling as a pack. Size is approx. Pack Includes: Frankenstein Bounce 1.5” dia Sunkist Bounce (colony qty 6) Shipping is included via UPS overnight by 12 pm local time where available. Standard DOA policy. Pics of the dead coral in container within 2 hours of first delivery attempt...
  6. adsf430

    New York Live Goods True OG Bounce Godzilla Yumas $200

    Selling True OG Godzilla Bounce Yumas (not the simple Yuma variety commonly called a bounce). All babies are around the same size. Mother and Grandmother pics below. Lineage and grandmother pic from phil bevilacqua . Babies are 3 months old and about 1/2-3/4 inch circumference. $200 local pick...
  7. mwil79

    New Jersey Live Goods Bounces jaw breakers torches and more

    Hey all trying to clear some things out and need the extra money. I would prefer to sell locally but will open up to shipping if not enough interest is shown. Located in 07731 Og bounce $450 Sunkist bounce 150 Magic carpet 150 Jawbreaker w/ red green start of purple a baby and...
  8. Coral Headz

    Coral Headz - Gorgeous baby OG Bounce

    OG BOUNCE - $680 (Includes FREE Shipping) Gorgeous OG Bounce on 3/4 plug
  9. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods Mellow Yellow Bounce Mushroom

    Mellow Yellow Bounce Mushroom 2.5" inch $150 shipped Shipping with UPS Next Day Air 2 Hour standard DOA Message for any questions or details
  10. That guy

    Florida Live Goods For sale Colorado Sunburst, Bounce Mushroom and cheap corals

    Selling some Colorado Sunburst and some bounce mushroom and some cheap stuff. I'm in Winter Garden Florida if you want to meet local here is the location, I like to use its a Starbucks 16065 New Independence Pkwy, Winter Garden, FL 34787 Shipping is $20 and free at 150 dollars. DOA is 3 hrs...
  11. david_ma

    Michigan WTB Bounce electus or bounce jawbreaker

    Looking to buy or trade for one. Ty
  12. david_ma

    Michigan Livestock Trade Master bleeding apple, cb chalice, llama snacks, golds for high end shrooms, zoas, nems..

    Text 313-268-3195. Lmk what you have and what you like. Will sell also.
  13. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods 5 Pack of Bounce Mushrooms: (4) Sunkist & (1) Frankenstein

    Selling these as a pack. Frankenstein is approx 1”. Sunkist are approx 1/2”. Price: $480 plus $50 shipped via UPS overnight by 12 pm local time. Standard DOA policy. Pics of the dead coral in container within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. I am not responsible for delays. In the event...
  14. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom!!!

    PZ Godspawn Bounce around 1"-1.5" $200 shipped UPS next day air Standard 2 Hour DOA Momma PZ Godspawn next to it and on second picture. Message me for any questions or details
  15. QCC Poseidon’s Bounce Mushroom

    For sale North Carolina QCC Poseidon’s Bounce Mushroom

    Similar to the Beloved Neptune Bounce our QCC Poseidon’s Bounce Mushroom is a bouncing Discosoma with stunning green bubbles and a deep gold and brown base that contrasts incredibly! Whether you're a shroom collector or just want a nice easy piece that looks great you'll love this unique piece!
  16. V

    California Live Goods Pre-order! Bounce electus

    this is a pre-order to the bounce electus mushroom from mythical corals. Will be dropping a baby soon so I’ll be selling this baby once it’s healthy enough to be shipped out. PM me for further questions
  17. kadyooo

    California SOLD Sold

    Selling all these 6 shrooms together as pack for 275 firm. Some of them I originally paid over 200 each, I Need space badly, so not looking to sell individually. Shipping is 45, or pick up in 91768
  18. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD Beautiful Big Bubble Frankenstein Bounce

    Two Big Bubble Frankenstein Bounce around 1.5" inch available $350 shipped each Shipped with UPS Next day air Standard 2 Hour DOA Message me for any questions or details
  19. Orange Raunchy Bounce Mushroom

    For sale North Carolina Orange Raunchy Bounce Mushroom

    If you love bounces, this Orange Raunchy Bounce Mushroom is a must-add to your collection! It has phenomenal bubbling and unique coloration that's hard to find in other bounces. We've had a colony of these for a while and this is the last one available that we posted so act fast because it might...
  20. CoralsAnonymous

    Halloween Spooktacular Sale! Up to 70% off select corals - Ends Nov 2!

    Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Check out our huge sale with new arrivals of carpet anemones, Aussie torches, and much more! Click our banner above to head over to the sale! Free shipping for orders over $299.99 to CONUS! 15% off for Military, medical and first responders as well through...
  21. RIC13

    Indiana Live Goods Mixed Reef Pack—22 Corals Incl. GMK, Sunkist, Psychosis, more!

    Mixed Reef Pack!! :cool: 22 Corals—SPS, LPS, & Softies for $825 $650 shipped within continental US. Photo 1 (above): Top (L to R): Pink Zipper, Bullseye Rock Flower Anemone, Purple Bonsai Mid (L to R): Mr. Freeze Leptoseris, Bam Bam, Ultra Blow Pop Bott (L to R): Lemon Spicy Favia, Awesome...
  22. PV Reefs

    Large Bounce Mushroom

    Huge bounce shroom been growing it a while opens about 3-4 inches asking $450 shipped
  23. L

    Colorado Livestock Trade Colonies for Trade or sale

    Here are a few things that I'd like to clear out. Looking for nice chalices, mushrooms or zoas. Jack-o-lantern Lepto $100 Capenella $50 Blue Kenya Tree $40 Bernardopora $50 Highlighter Frammer $100 8+ heads King Kong Bounce Yuma $250 monther and 6 babies Magic Carpet variant 4-5in Zoas Marvin...
  24. That guy

    Florida Live Goods October and Halloween sale csb rainbow blasto bounce shrooms and cheap corals and many others

    Selling some Colorado sunburst and bounce mushroom and WWC rainbow blasto along with some cheap stuff I will constantly update with new stuff so always check the last page for local pick up I’m in winter garden Florida and I ship for 20 bucks at 150 free shipping doa 4 hrs after delivery on the...
  25. RIC13

    Live Goods SOLD $10, $20, $30, $40 & $60 Frags - Zoas, Sunkist Bounce, Toadstool

    FRAG RACK BLOWOUT! Growth has been crazy and it’s time for these things to go! **MIX AND MATCH. Sold individually; Build your own pack!** I’ve got sunkist bounce mushrooms, assorted zoanthids, toadstool leathers, discosoma rocks, and SPS. Minimum order: $60 before shipping. Shipping: $50 UPS...