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  1. M

    West Virginia Livestock Trade Jawbreakers/neptunes for Frankenstein

    Looking to see if anyone out there is will to trade their Frankenstein Bounce baby for gold jawbreakers/neptune bounces?? Mother in last pic not for trade and neptune mother not for trade...neptunes have been put on frag plugs...
  2. V

    Missouri WTB MUSHROOMS(high end)

    Looking for: frankenstien bounce wwc bounce Neptune bounce Cc magic carpet shroom open to other Shrooms aswell 6369800911 if text is easier
  3. KBW13

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Mushrooms and Zoas

    A few different frags for sale, currently offering local pickup/drop off only. TSA Mardi Gras bounce mushrooms: $100 each, currently have 4 available NYRA Campfire Zoas: $35 pp Rasta Zoas: $20pp God of War Zoas: $30pp Gobstoppers Zoas $25pp Galaxea chunks: $15 small chunk, $20 large chunk...
  4. BrightReef

    California OG Bounce

  5. mario4933

    OG Bounce Road to Greatness

    Hey there Reefers!! When looking for information on mushroom names and tips&tricks, I saw a guy make a couple threads about his shroom progression over time to document the growth and other things along the way. so here is mine! This picture was taken by the owner when the shroom was in his...
  6. jlines

    Arizona California Mythical Corals Bouncing Eclectus mushroom

    Hello fellow reefers! Up for grabs I have one Mythical Corals bouncing Eclectus mushroom. These guys are really a site to see and would be the the main attraction to any reef tank! The mom is not for sale, and only have ONE baby I would be willing to part with. The baby is partially attached...
  7. KBW13

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Zoas, mushrooms, montis and birds nest for sale

    Located in Rockland County NY, near NJ border. Several different zoas, montis and more available for sale. currently only for pickup/meetup/dropoff, not shipping yet. Lemon lime montipora digitata $30 Small birds nest frags $20 Tyree Rainbow Stylophora $30 Campfire Zoa $30pp God of War Zoa...
  8. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's Heatwave LIVE SALE - Aug 15th - OFFICIAL THREAD!

    Here in Charleston, SC we are on a HOT STREAK with 90+ degree days...going on 26 days in a row right now. To add to that, we have LOADS of corals looking for new homes. So on August 15th, why not stay indoors in the cool AC with a popsicle, white gloves, us and R2R?! Many people are starting...
  9. J

    Florida WTB Looking for High end mushrooms!

    I’m looking for high end mushrooms preferably local Miami area. Jawbreakers, Eclectus, Hobbit bounce, Berserker bounce, Juggernaut, Neptune bounce, baby shark bounce, pirates booty bounce, fire magic carpet, Deadpool, ragnarok, biohazard, Etc let me know what you have
  10. Coralick

    Florida Wwc Sunkist bounce mushroom 120$

    Bubbly and bouncy wwc sunkist bounce mushroom 120$ local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009, thanks for looking
  11. Coralick

    Florida Og and Frankinstain for 300$ or 180 each

    2 Beautiful shrooms Og bounce and frankinstain buy both for 300$, or 180$ each, local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009
  12. Coralick

    Florida Beautiful Frankenstein Bounce $200

    Awesome Frankenstein frag, asking 200$ for it, local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009 Thank for looking
  13. Rayraysreef

    Hello 10 Months mixed Reef

    New to R2R! No testing no dosing mixed reef tank. 25% water changes weekly 20 Gallon All-in-one Led lights Located in Downtown Los Angeles Please give my reef a follow on Instagram @Rayraysreef Thanks!
  14. BighohoReef

    Avoiding swindles... Is this a Godspawn Mushroom?

    Someone is wanting to sell this mushroom for $160 they said it was a godspawn mushroom, but I'm not convinced because it doesn't have a pronounced bubbles. I wanted to get confirmation from the community before I make the purchase. Thanks in advance!
  15. rastafan

    California Zoa mini colonies pack and Shrooms

    Hi there, clearing up some space. Standard DOA applies, i can ship this week via Fedex Overnight. All items are WYSIWYG. Feel free to message me for questions Zoa pack $300 shipped! Shrooms Pack $500 shipped
  16. Coralick

    Florida Large blue mushroom with wite bounce

    Beautiful blue mushroom with white bounce, asking 50$ for awsome addition to bounce colection, local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009, thanks for looking
  17. Evan28395950

    Wisconsin WWC OG Bounce Mushroom

    Little more than 3/4” Local sale only for now $250
  18. TrillBill

    WTB high end shrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. Thanks in advance and happy reefing!
  19. Coralick

    Florida 30 polyps colony Sunny D, Blue disc White Bounce

    Local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009 Colony of 30 sunny Ds 2 polyp captain America Asking 150$ for it Blue mushroom with wite bounce, quite unique and stunning 40$ 50$, or take both for 70$ Thanks for looking
  20. Fishbro

    Utah Dry Good Trade Trade MRC MR2 skimmer for high end softies or LPS

    Looking to trade my MRC MR2 skimmer with an Aqua C collection cup for some higher end zoas, bounces, jawbreaker, or chalices. Or MP10. Skimmer works amazing just don’t need it for a tank my size.
  21. Sr5_Reef

    California Indo Pink Tip Torch, Uranium Bounce, Forest Fire Rhodactis.....

    Hi everyone. I have some more things for sale from my frag tank. Everything has been grown out in my systems for a minimum of 5 years, very healthy and happy corals. Shipping is $50 FedEX Priority overnight by 1030am. Your normal DOA applies. Picture of dead coral within 2 hours of receiving...
  22. reefhomie

    Michigan Bounce pack!

    Juggernaut (bigger now) Frankenstein Uranium Pack price =$750 shipped Standard R2R DOA
  23. Coralqueendom

    Hello Hello from Coralqueendom

    Hello there from coral queendom‍♀️‍♀️ I am a female reefer with two coral reef tanks from Wisconsin in the United States @Coralqueendom
  24. TrillBill

    Possible Forrest fire bounce mushroom?

    Hey guys I have been silently reading through the threads for the past year and about 7 months ago I decided to jump into the hobby with a nano tank. I have a couple lps but I’m mostly into acro (I know it’s not usually for newbies but I have been having success) and i noticed what looks like 2...
  25. TrillBill

    Possible forest fire rhodactis?

    Hey guys I have been silently reading through the threads for the past year and about 7 months ago I decided to jump into the hobby with a nano tank. I have a couple lps but I’m mostly into acro (I know it’s not usually for newbies but I have been having success) and i noticed what looks like 2...
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