bounce mushroom

  1. Joe Knows Reefs

    Rainbow Acans, Crazy Bowerbankis, Hot Shrooms - What else could ya ask for? at

    Happy Friday eve to all you cool cats and kittens out there! We've been hoarding some nice corals and have finally set them free! First off, we would like to introduce Joe's Night Stalker Bowerbanki! This thing is LEGIT! Golden orange rim, sparkly body, multicolor mouths. There just aren't...
  2. NicholasCeneviva

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Tons of stuff available

  3. Luke 29 Gallon

    Nano Build 29 gallon Mixed Reef!

    Just wanted to show a few corals I have packed in this reef before I upgrade to my 75 gallon! I use two AI 16hds. A simple hang on the back with aquachar carbon and it’s a life saver. I can honestly tell a difference. I have a nero 3 and a small jaebo wave pump on either side. Thinking about...
  4. david_ma

    Michigan Livestock Trade Blasto,acan,zoas shrooms for other zoas, shroom, chalice

    Looking to trade what you see for other stuff( high end zoas, bounce shrooms or other shrooms, chalice, what you got? Text 313-268-319five. I’m in Michigan and ship frequently. Will also sell
  5. julian23r

    Texas WTB Wtb bounce mushroom frag

    Looking for biohazard mushroom frag or powerball, berserker hobbit or any other cool bounce shrooms in dfw or can be shipped too let me know what you guys got for sell !
  6. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Bounce mushrooms/ exotic shrooms

    Some new pics of my mushroom corals. the little Superman shroom I have is starting to bounce randomly also witch is pretty cool. I’m hoping I can keep that happening . I will have exotic shrooms For sale really soon.
  7. That guy

    Florida Raunchy red, sunkist fireshrooms for sale along with other nice shrooms

    Hello I am selling some raunchy red sunkist and fireshrooms along with some other nice mushrooms. They will range in price. I do a 4hr doa and 25 dollar for shipping I will be updating the thread very frequently so always check the last post for most up to dates pricing and avaiblity. I'm in...
  8. Wavesreef

    Missouri Magic Carpet Mushroom

    Magic Carpet Mushroom for sale. Asking $425 shipped. Is about 1.25” the tile is 2 inches for reference! Message me with any questions.
  9. Wavesreef

    Missouri Cali Kid Holy Grail Torch, Mid-End zoas, bounce shroom, and more

    These are some beautiful pieces. Standard 2 Hr. DOA on shipping. Do have multiples of some zoas. Message me for more information or if you want to put together a pack! Cali Kid Holy Grail - $1000 Frankenstein Bounce 2.0 - $175 per baby ******* - $75 pp Pink Kraks - $20 pp Koala Eye - $75 pp...
  10. julian23r

    Texas WTB WTB Bounce mushroom

    Looking to buy some small - medium sized bounce mushroom frags , looking for powerball or Neptune, Frankenstein and other bounce shroom frags show me what y’all got. Thanks
  11. MrsWeathers


    My large Reef Koi bounce mushroom just split and has 2 babies I may be willing to part with. One is 2” and one is 3”. They are natural babies, and have tons of “bounces” on them. Can get pictures when lights come on. Only wanting to sell one at the moment, buyer pays shipping. Asking 250$...
  12. Jweis3500

    Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania Two OGs and a Toxic Bounce

    2 OGs and toxic Bounce available. Pick up in 19060 PA free - overnight FedEx shipping depends on location. Standard DOA applies.
  13. K

    Bounce Mushroom ID

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has an ID for this bounce mushroom.
  14. Jibarra

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Frankenstein Bounce mushroom for sale- $275

    I split my Frankenstein bounce mushroom over a week ago. Trying to sell either one (Both have fully recovered and are healthy) Both are a little over 1” diameter. Price: $275 Local pick up only Will consider delivery in US only, but will have to charge a lot more for package and 1 day...
  15. T

    ID on mushroom and if this splitting is normal?

    I just bought a new mushroom on Friday, started opening up within an hour of putting it in the tank and hasn't closed up at all, but it's splitting and I just want to make sure it's okay seeing as how I just got it. It appears like it could also be a bounce? It's forming some bubbles. Thanks
  16. nanonøkk

    try and save or not

    just bought a bounce mushroom looked fine at the frag swap but the bottom looks like this is it save able
  17. christianscorals

    California MUSHROOM PACK (bounce)

    Winterbounce rock (2+1 baby) + Brown rhodactis with 1 bubble (which i will call the donkey kong bounce) + fuzzy bouncing rhodactis ALL for $275 located in Long Beach, CA
  18. Jibarra

    Mushroom lighting linked to bouncing vesticules and/or oddities?

    I’ve been in the reef hobby for two years now. Went from a single 15 gal tank to 15gal, 30gal and 60gal. They all have different lighting conditions for specific corals. Recently, I’ve been trying to propagate mushrooms with good success! I have been seeing a lot of mushrooms with bouncing...
  19. Coralick

    Florida Spiderman bounce, Darth maul and hydra dayglow rhodactis

    All of them at list 2 inches when fully open Spiderman bounce, Darth Maul and hydra dayglow mushrooms Asking 350$ for the package, local pickup at Hallandale FL 33009, thanks for looking
  20. P

    Arkansas Bounce shrooms

    Mellow yellow bounce mushrooms and a Sunkist bounce 50$ mellow yellow frag. 200$ obo Sunkist
  21. david_ma

    Michigan High end zoas, shrooms(mamas NFS), and torch

    Cornbred Magic fire bounce $250 plus shipping(have 2) jason fox red rauncher bounce frag $250 plus shipping cb dragon ball torch $400 shipped hallucination zoa $100( have 3) flaming mohican zoa $150 flaming mohican plus baby $200 seduction 2-3p each $100 mind tricks $120 each have 2...
  22. f.christian

    Radioactive Bounce Mushroom whats reasonable

    I’m just trying to figure out what’s a reasonable price for radioactive bounce mushroom babies? Do they need to bounce first? Is it fair to sell them when they are .5 inches?
  23. lazycouch

    California WTB Bounce Mushrooms

    Hello i’m looking to buy any type of bounce you may have available. Would be awesome if anyone has a goosebump or frank available but that’s just a bonus! located in Long Beach, CA . Thanks!
  24. omgnotyouagain

    Hobgoblin Bounce mushroom

    Is anybody ever seen a bounce bubble with a mouth on it.
  25. Omarons

    Can you help ID this mushroom

    Don’t know what this mushroom is , need help IDing it . It’s more red but the skirt has green
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