1. gr2

    Hello Intro

    Hii everyone! My name is Gaby and I’m from California. I just recently set up my brackish water 37 gallon tank for my Green Spotted Pufferfish that I’m going to get after my tank is done being fully cycled. In it I currently have aragonite sand, driftwood, Java Fern and Anubias, and also lots of...
  2. mattybecks

    At what salinity does a protein skimmer become effective?

    Hi Guys, Ive kept freshwater and marine tanks before, going to try my hand at a brackish one now. In your experience, what is the minimum salinity in which a protein skimmer becomes effective? Thanks.
  3. ReeferMadne55

    New brackish setup questions

    So I decided to add a new brackish aquarium to my room to compliment my reef tank. I already had extra supplies and equipment laying around, so essentially I’m building this tank for free (woohoo). I just had a few questions regarding the setup and cycling. 1. Can I use my Instant Ocean Reef...
  4. B

    Needing some advice on my 300 Gallon tank build

    Hello, I am designing and building my 2nd custom tank stand with sump set up and I am looking for some pointers on a few different things. This is going to be a Brackish tank that will eventually be saltwater, so I am planning ahead with equipment spacing to make the transition easier as my...
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