1. S

    California WTB Tunze 9004

    Anyone know where I can get a tunze 9004 or have one willing to sell?
  2. CoralNerd

    JF Chalice and Rasta Colony

    F.S. Pickup in Fullerton California • Jason Fox Outer Orbit Chalice $100 • Rasta Zoa Colony $50 it has some cool sponges on it also if you need some biodiversity. It will also do better under less intense lighting than my lights Message for a quick response. Thanks for looking. Send me a...
  3. N

    Neptune Trident

    NIB Neptune Trident. Bought this during my aquarium building phase and tank is still not operational. The box was opened for pictures only to show contents for buyer confidence. Asking $520 shipped (contiguous US). If you have any questions please let me know :)
  4. N

    Brand NEW Kessil A360X Refugium Light w/Narrow Reflector

    Hi All! I have this Brand New Kessil A360X Refugium light that is still sealed in it's original packaging. I have decided to go a different way with my fuge. It does not come with any mounting hardware as it was purchased as an individual light. If you have any questions please let me know...
  5. GrapevineReefs

    California Ultra Warpaint scoly with Candy Green splatter

    I have a tank raised from a very very small Button. ultra warpaint scoly that is getting to big he has developed candy apple spots like a bleeding apple would. But not a too but enough to see with the naked eye from Afar Never a hint of disease or illness I’m asking $275 due to the one of a...
  6. F

    Wtb hammers or frogspawn for a reasonable price in socal

    I couldn’t find where to post in the store section sorry abt that. I’m looking for a head of frogspawn or hammers that I could pick up in SoCal. Please pm me if interested. Pretty much interested in everything so shoot somthin my way.
  7. P

    100gallon IM Tank sump and stand for sale

    Hey guys. My wife recently got me a custom CDA 225 gallon tank and I am selling my my recent setup which is a 100 gallon rimless IM EXT tank. It’s about 15 months old and in excellent condition. I just switch it over to my new 225 and it is ready to go. The tank has a custom build stand and a...
  8. krazykastelic

    WTB Redsea 350

    Looking to buy a Redsea Reefer 350. If you got one or a lead to one please let me know. Thanks!
  9. C

    Looking for a Walt Disney Acre

    Looking for a nice frag of a Walt Disney Acro. I live in northern Nevada and local would be best but anywhere would work as well. Thank you in advance.
  10. thirdchild

    California Lighting Miscellaneous Package Deal FS: Radion XR15W Pro + Pile o Stuff $100 (West Los Angeles Local Only)

    I broke down my tank over a year ago and didn't restart it as I hoped. Now I'm moving so I'd like to pass my stuff on to someone else starting off in the hobby. Local pickup only in west Los Angeles. I have only turned on the XR15w Pro this morning and everything else is untested and dirty...
  11. sharkbait-uhaha

    USA WTB Nyos Quantum 120 skimmer

    Looking for a Nyos 120 Skimmer preferred local (SoCal) but willing to pay for shipping if price is right. Pm me pics/location/price
  12. M

    Two clownfish - (Black & White) and Orange Ocellaris, Reef fish

    Selling my two clownfish that I have in the tank. It's time for me to let go of my fish. There very healthy eat good and lived together for months. There about a little over an inch. The black one is a designer fish and it's a Darwin Ocellaris W/ (full bars). Message me if you have any...
  13. Urban

    California Filters CW-100 Clearwater Algae Scrubber NIB

    Unfortunately I will be moving later this year, and as a result will be selling off most of my livestock and equipment. I have a CW-100 Clearwater Algae Scrubber that has never been taken out of the box. San Jose area. $350. I borrowed the image from Bulk Reef Supply (hope this is ok). - Dustin
  14. Tristan

    What to do with reef tank when I go to college?

    Ah I’m a senior right now and going off to college in August. I have a pretty well established reef tank, but I don’t want to tear it down. It would be something I would really miss in college and I doubt my mom would be able to take care of it. I know some colleges allow a 10 or 20 gallon tank...
  15. Brent Behringer


    Due to Financial and Health reasons I will be parting out my current Reefer 250 Build. I completed the build up to a wet test only. So all equipment is brand new never used except for the wet test of my Tank, Custom Sump and Return Pump (ran for about an hour). Brand New KLEANWATER 4-STAGE...
  16. StinkyReefs

    Inland Empire plug for saltwater fish?

    Im in riverside , CA does anyone have a connect for saltwater fish and coral, i know of a few places, I really like Petworld in San Bernardino. I've used Google and most of the big stores around me I didnt like. Im looking to see if there is other fish stores or someone who sells from there...
  17. 925Reefer

    California Skimmers Reef octopus 202s

    I have a Reef octopus 202-s internal skimmer for sale. It’s only a year old and works amazing it’s just a little big for my new build. Broken down, cleaned, and packed to ship or pick up in Concord CA Asking $350
  18. M

    FS: SnowFlake Clownfish - Single Fish - Captive-Bred - 40$

    Located in Castro Valley and selling my single Snowflake Clownfish. Message me if you have any questions.
  19. 4

    California WTB Purple Tang, Blue Tang, Yellow Tang Coral Colonies (If anyone is breaking down tank(s)-looking for full colonies)

    My boyfriend and I have a 125 gallon reef tank we are looking to fill out. We are located in the San Bernardino area but willing to travel for those that have what we're looking for. We are interested in adding bigger, whole coral colonies to help fill it out like Montis or Acros but will...
  20. susan ingram

    California Is there a way to have Northern California & Southern California tags?

    It’s really frustrating when you have to ask where the seller is located.
  21. A

    Hello New to the reef game

    Hey what’s up everyone. Just bought a Red Sea 170 for my first tank. Still on the search for more equipment. Looking to get a decent setup going and learn as much as I can. Looking forward to being part of the community!
  22. C

    California WWC Hawaiian Punch Anemone

    Hello, selling my WWC Hawaiian Punch anemone for $175 Will ship for 50$
  23. Obsessed

    California Lighting LED Have a new pair of Radion G5 XR30 Blues for sale

    Going with a smaller tank so I have two unopened Gen 5 XR30's in blue for sale. These both have August born on dates and are still sealed. I'm asking $715 shipped per light, $1400 for the pair. Payment via paypal, shipping will be insured with signature required. I'll update with pictures...
  24. Madhav

    60 gallon ULM Build Suggestion

    Hello Reefers, I am looking to build a simple system with your help. Upgrading from my 40G Breeder to something under 60 gallons with a medium bioload, lps dominated tank. Here are few things I need help with. 1: Tank,Stand - ~60 gallon with a silent built in overflow. Only if IM made a NUVO...
  25. Huenemedoe

    California Softies for local pick up!

    Hello Everybody! I have a couple frags for sale. Local pick up only. 1. Orange Lime Lip Zoa (3 heads) $15 Can frag more Zoas if needed ($5 a head) 2. Purple spotted mushroom $10 3. Toad Stool $20 Will also accept trades. Open to anything. Thanks!
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