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High end and Beginner Coral Available. New Year Frag Sesh

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Wolffpack Reefer

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Dec 5, 2022
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La Mirada
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Available for local pickup in La Mirada, CA or Tustin (Tuesday - Thursday) (near District)
Available to ship, 100% at cost of label, usually around $50

PM anytime to build a bundle, I always have more I’m fragging whenever I get bored so if you’re looking for anything specific just ask

Corals include (not limited to lol)
Space Invader Pectina
GSC Sapphire Millie
butt Rainbow Milli
PC Rainbow SPS
2GC Creamsicle
OG ASD HG (With receipt from Cali Kid)
2GC Dragon Tamer (Purchased directly from store)
Walt Disney Tenius
Branching GSP
21 Tails Torch
No Name Torch Been Cooking for over a year (Aquacultured)
Chalice Corals
Indo Hammer
Aussie Hammer
Toxic Hammer
Much more

I love the photography aspect so if you’d like more pics of a specific item I probably have more

Also have
Wonderland Goni

Thanks for taking the time and happy new year reefers!

10598B70-39A6-4619-93C4-B108DDDE4701.jpeg D9EBE750-7BE8-4D69-8E2E-394A1190ECAF.jpeg 36C3D0C7-CEC0-4BFA-A054-620763917209.jpeg 0C8EDB2E-E53D-4200-98EA-75C8B565F352.jpeg E70B7C99-D03C-4F83-9598-48ED73B96039.jpeg 0E44F8CD-A6A5-472B-8D12-42B33132A394.jpeg 11CCB794-5948-4999-A9A9-962CDB0202A7.jpeg 27EFA7D4-C0C5-4346-B758-877C2283DC52.jpeg 7670284E-CCF8-40E5-B4BB-727F0BD0C208.jpeg B5BD0952-3DF3-4D95-B328-29D9017EC6DF.jpeg 1BD84D71-FD0E-49E2-8C42-C66ADD649A81.jpeg F399F5FF-1F08-4561-AEFB-323BA5722D2D.jpeg F2D31688-F50E-4040-95F1-30B6B9DA9FE4.jpeg 0CE74432-4A74-425D-96FA-0AB3E4977F8C.jpeg 38F3ED0D-774A-4FD7-B493-9A671CA6F0F3.jpeg B1A4D34E-C74E-46C2-A5C2-34D639E2CD01.jpeg 827B2253-F5A0-46CD-A908-F842C474BE76.jpeg 1296442C-4F38-4EC2-9C9C-ABD23BAA3237.jpeg B6888493-6C78-4877-96E5-5CE79B8F9269.jpeg 56D54CC8-D656-453C-8B6E-CA989CB778A6.jpeg 5FBC2BA6-B746-41AD-B1C4-E15A625A952A.jpeg E15872E8-5CB1-42B4-9E15-8D6E99C9D753.jpeg 0764D33D-7B72-4605-9CE8-FE9397AC7E80.jpeg 81239E2D-2937-443A-9B7A-F8E526D6778C.jpeg 51501B8C-F533-4E23-9B42-790314A19CCE.jpeg 36ADC07A-9904-4ABD-B3FA-76CFA08DAB90.jpeg IMG_2161.jpeg IMG_7213.jpeg IMG_7212.jpeg IMG_7211.jpeg IMG_7210.jpeg IMG_7209.jpeg IMG_7208.jpeg IMG_2166.jpeg IMG_2164.jpeg IMG_2160.jpeg IMG_2158.jpeg IMG_2184.jpeg IMG_2132.jpeg

How much do you care about having a display FREE of wires, pumps and equipment?

  • Want it squeaky clean! Wires be danged!

    Votes: 159 39.8%
  • A few things are ok with me!

    Votes: 203 50.9%
  • No care at all! Bring it on!

    Votes: 37 9.3%