1. Current Tides

    One of the Most Fascinating Things I've Learned

    Hello! I apologize for the lack of activity, as I finally moved from San Diego to LA. Anyways, I wanted to come on here today and talk about one of the most interesting topics I've discovered. This can be applied to LPS as well, but I wasn't sure where else to post it. But some months ago, I had...
  2. B

    California Live Goods Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone Covered Rock

    Soft ball size rock covered with 4 stunning rainbow bubble tip anemones and a multi layered red monti 350
  3. CincyReefer07

    Sebae or Magnificent Nem for my Clarkii’s?

    Trying to research anemone’s for my pair of clarkii clowns I have coming in the next week or two. My tank is still fairly new(set up for 3 weeks so far), so I’m not looking to purchase a nem yet but trying to decide which one I will want to buy for my pair of clarkiis. It’s a 310gal tank. Will...
  4. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Blowtorch mushroom

    Cornbred blowtorch mushroom 250 local pick up hollywood florida
  5. R

    Red Sea 170 Stocking Ideas

    I currently have my red sea 170 stocked with a hammer coral garden & zoa garden along with two scolys on the sand bed. I'm planning on getting some fish in soon & was hoping for some ideas. I have a list in mind which I'll share below but I'd like to hear other recommendations & fish that I...
  6. xtravism

    For the people that have an ig account.

    Trying to build up my ig account follow most people back that also have a reefing account. Love seeing everyone’s pics and different tanks and styles of coral placement and aquascaping! IG: Reefsanity_
  7. L


    I recently bought the aqua night 30 w AO29 2nd gen for my 20 gallon tank and the sunrise/sunset feature does not seem to be working (although bought brand new) I was just wondering how important this is as apprise to just turning it on and off manually
  8. L


    So I recently upgraded to a aquanight 30w A029 2nd gen light for my 20 gallon tank,, however the sunrise/sunset feature dose not appear to be working (although the light was bought brand new) I’m just wondering how important the sunrise/sunset feature is as appose to just turning it on and off...
  9. D

    LPS help and identification

    My water perimeters are alkalinity- 8.7dKH Calcium- 440 Magnesium-1300 Phosphates- .07 Iodine-0.06 ppm PH-8.3 I purchased this coral pictures below a couple of weeks ago. It has been doing well but only one part of it has been starting to shrivel up and show skeleton. I would like some...
  10. A

    Sponges growing on coral

    2 types of sponges are growing on and killing my green star polyps. how do i get rid of them?
  11. Millsaps2378

    What’s your most prize possession coral?

    What is your favorite coral you own? Could be your biggest, most expensive or even just your favorite!
  12. hockeyhead019

    A7r III + Tamron 28-75 f2.8

    Just a couple sample shots, it's no macro lens, but the res of the A7r III helps a lot! I have an 85mm lens that I'm going to mess with some extension tubes and see what it can really do tomorrow, just figured I would share lol If anybody has any minolta lens recommendations for the sony mount...
  13. B

    California Live Goods Quality zoa colonies. Skip the dinky frags

    Listed prices are the highest you’ll pay, will take offers. Let’s make a deal. Can ship. 1. WWC Bob Marley ~13 polyps $10/pp 2. WWC Bob Marley ~17 polyps + rainbow Yuma SOLD 3. Blondies ~9 polyps $10/pp 4. Blondies ~13 polyps $10/pp 5. Utter Chaos ~25 polyps $20/pp 6. WWC Bob Marley ~30...
  14. A


    I am currently cycling my 32.5 gal reef tank, and it’s been cycling for 1 week. This is my second time cycling a reef tank, but I am still fairly new to it. My livestock is currently an ocellarus clownfish pair and a tailspot blenny. I just have a few questions: 1) Should I do water changes...
  15. neo1738

    Came in on coral frag

    Two of these small starfish (don't think astrea) came in on some new coral when I dipped. Moving all legs so definitely starfish. I tossed em but curious if something bad or good.
  16. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey Live Goods Selling remaining corals to a good home: ~17 heads of Indo Dragon Soul, Utter Chaos colonies, large WWC grafted Montis, and more

    Selling 16-17 heads of indo dragon soul, large grafted montis, large utter chaos colonies, burnt banana montis, rasta zoas, sunny d zoas, small candy cane colony, plus invertebrates and live rock if you want them. Recently moved so everything must go! Everything for $1,200, pick up in Essex...
  17. T

    What are some stocking options for a 22 gallon long saltwater tank?

    Need advise on what my stocking options are for a 22 gallon long. Plan to do soft coral down the road. Thank you for any input! The tank dimensions are 36 inches long 11.9 wide and 11.9 tall.
  18. P


    Selling multiple big fully encrusted frags of POTO flamethrower and vivid confetti. All originally purchased from Gws3 on R2R. Asking 450$ per flamethrower frag 100$ for vivid confetti text 707-372-8504 For faster response thanks
  19. O

    Texas Live Goods Zoas, mushrooms, anemones

    jf red raunchy bounce 2+ inches $200 jf red raunchy bounce 1+ inch and I think tequila sunrise mushroom combo $250 zoas blue sky Zoa colony $80 Rainbow infusion colony $80 UC grin ripper colony $200 Rainbow Infusion frag 5+ polyps $50 Predador frag 4 polyps $60 Uc grin ripper frags from $40...
  20. B

    Observation tank question

    Hi, I have a spare tank in my closet. I use it for observation. If I have an outbreak I move said animal to a hospital Acrylic box. In my observation tank, would it be beneficial to add sand? I already have live rock in there and Rubble in My hob filter. Question two, this observation tank is...
  21. Serk408

    California Live Goods POWERBALL BOUNCES

    Jason fox powerball bounce. (i have proof)Pics don't do it justice they are beautiful.lots of bounce bubbles forming on them.Can see before you buy. The big bubble momma not for sale just for show. $400 each I have couple for sale the ones with red x are pending sale. NO SHIPPING, i know i...
  22. New2ReefTanks

    Help! How do I save it?

    We are new to saltwater tanks and acquired a 75 gallon with quite a few coral. Everything is doing great except this. I believe it’s a Scoly? It looks like half of it is dead and it’s happened over the last 2 days. Any idea what’s wrong or how to save it??
  23. J

    Kentucky Live Goods High End Zoa Pack $300 OBO Shipped

    I have a high end zoa pack that is $300 which includes shipping. See attached picture. Exosphere, Marvin the Martian, Grim Reaper, Frankies Acid Trip, Charmander, and Deathstar are the zoas included. Standard DOA policy applies. Will be shipped in a cooler box in zen reef cups with an ice...
  24. rodzyo

    Coral suggestions

    Hello everyone, Just looking for a little advice, I currently have moved from a nano to a RSR 250v3. Does anyone have any nice coral ideas? Ones that really pop under the lights. also another question is, where do people source their corals? My lfs seem to be struggling getting variety’s in...
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