1. W

    Need help hammer won’t open

    Need help don’t know why hammer is closed
  2. R

    Frog spawn or torch?

    I’m kinda confused by this coral I thought it was a torch coral but the tentacles don’t really extend like they normally should. I know there’s nothing wrong with it because it just split a couple days ago any ideas?
  3. Sleeping Giant

    Need help

    With how my aquarium is laid out, should it be a problem to add frogspawn, GSP, and hammer coral frags? Frag sizes will be roughly a beer can diameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 13" toadstool, mint chocolate chip zoas, RBTA, frag button of blue zoas.
  4. Mematthew

    Hammer Branches fall off -- Should I attach them to Discs

    I have my hammer and is extending its new heads off the main branch. 3 days ago one of these snapped and its lying on the sand. Should I keep it there? Throw it away? Attach it to a fragging disc?
  5. Mitch123

    Reef tank to fish only

    I am turning a reef tank into a fish only and am thinking about selling off the coral. I have a large 25 head frogspawn, 3 green hammers, and 2 tan hammers. I'm in Wantagh. Any suggestions?
  6. Sleeping Giant

    Best coral and fish stores in Canada

    I'm curious about what fellow Canadians consider the best coral and fish stores in Canada? Why? Online? Local? So far, mine would have to be FragBox, online for me, great delivery and packaging. I've only ordered inverts from them so far, but I can just imagine the fish delivery will be the same.
  7. Mtrimble7

    I need help please.

    Been having so many issues. I've read and read and watched videos but something isn't right. Here's my parameters followed by my issues and pictures. Any help and advice would help. Thanks in advance. MG 1440 Alk 9.8 Ca 490 Nitrate 0-5 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Salinity 35 Red sea reefer max 260...
  8. Lacrette1991

    Kenya Tree vs Bubble Tip

    Hey everyone, just thought I’d share some more photos of my aquarium. stocked with 2 ocellaris clowns, 1 pink skunk clown, 1 blunt head wrasse, 1 cleaner shrimp, various clean up crew. Corals are Kenya Tree, Bubble Tip Anemone, Pulsing Xenia, Green star polyps, devilsfinger, forest fire...
  9. Coralqueendom


    I plan to tour Wisconsin checking out other hobbyists builds and frag tanks. We all know the real heat comes from us at home pouring our love into our frag tanks. If you’d like a visit drop your name I’d love to meet you!! Check out Coralqueendom on Instagram
  10. Michael@CoralVue

    IceCap Coral Frag Transporter & Magnet Mount Accessory -NOW AVAILABLE!

    Make moving Your Corals safe and Secure! The Transporter That Does Double Duty! So What makes this Coral Transporter special you might ask, well let me tell you the reasons why. First of all this coral Transporter has room for 8 coral frag plugs, inside each cutout there is a special...
  11. Popcornlover15

    Stocking a 35 gallon tank

    I’ve always had freshwater tanks but this will be my first saltwater tank and I’ve been watching BRS 52 weeks of reefing. The tank I’m getting is a DSA 35 gallon rimless tank that’s dimensions are 23x23x15. It comes with everything I’ll need, including the sump, an ai prime light, two...
  12. Dommerguy

    New Jersey TANK BREAKDOWN Selling all livestock

    NORTH JERSEY 07444, No shipping! Other misc stuff is pretty cheap also dry goods 2 clowns (longin&fancy) 1 midas 1 sixline 1Ruby dragonette Misc cleanup crew Kenya tree, Stunner chalice Acorn x2 one orange, one tiny yellow Long polyp leather splattered frogspawn 4 head. $90 Green/ orange...
  13. dan.stone

    Lets see those bubble corals! :)

    Here's my bubble coral, Ive had it for 3+ years! Would love to see some of yours!
  14. C

    Coral Issue need Advice quickly (Quarantine)

    Hello Reefers, I had a quick question regarding putting my new Monti ( beach bum) in the display tank . I recently started my quarantine tank up again and one of my corals is not doing so hot. I have had it in quarantine for over 2 weeks and its starting to lose color fast. I have 12 other...
  15. ECCD

    New York WYSIWYG Large Zoa Frag Pack - Will Ship

    $350 Shipped - Will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii All Pictures are taken with an Iphone 11 Pro using the @Polyplab Lens kit Rastas Devils Armor LA Lakers Fruit Loops Spidermans Supermans Whamming Watermelons Dragon Eyes Mango Tangos Boundless Charms Mindblowing Palys PPE Whirlwind Zoa Icy Eyes...
  16. tom's_tank

    Where to get coral and fish online in Sydney?

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get fish and coral online in Sydney? Anyone know a website?
  17. Lacrette1991

    Aquarium update

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted! Just thought I’d share a few photos of my 26 Gallon. Thanks to the advice from a few of you my aquarium has never looked better!
  18. B

    Screaming Green Birdsnest Coral

    What is the difference between the screaming green birdnest coral ( Vivid aquariums ) and the regular ORA green birdnest coral?? Does anyone have the screaming green one? It costs a little more, just wanted to know a bit more about it before I purchase it. Thank you in advance.
  19. esther

    California WTB Why is it so hard to find coral colonies for sale? I'm WTB three and hoping I can get from same place/person.

    I'm looking for a rainbow acan, a space invader pectina and a rainbow chalice. At this point, I'll take anything over 2". I'm not interested in buying one or two polyps or a ½" frag. Any suggestions on websites that may carry them? I feel like I've checked them all. Also, anyone out here in...
  20. L

    Torch (ID) identification

    Hello everybody. Who can help me with this torch? I dont know what type of torch is
  21. TrillBill

    Wtb high end mushrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. I’m looking for more high end but am always looking for crazy colors. Thanks in advance and happy feefing!
  22. Scip150

    Florida 100 Polyp Mand

    100 Polyp Mandarin FireWorks Rainbow Clove Polyp rock. Rock is about 7 inches by 6 inches. These are thick and healthy and grown in my tank over the past two years. Too big and delicate to ship. Local pick up only in Parkland, FL 33076 zip code. Sawgrass expressway getting off at coral ridge...
  23. mattybecks

    Mushroom identification and light requirements

    Hi guys, Could you help me identify this species of mushroom? I am going to be getting rid of my other corals and going with FOWLR system, but I wanted to keep these guys as they create a nice covering. I am also selling my lights as I won't need the reef lighting anymore, I have a glass lid...
  24. cladius_galen

    Need help with candy cane coral

    I Fw dipped a rock containing my two week old candy canes to get rid of a bobbit worm. It was a 3 minute dip. They look like crap 24 hours after. Please take a look at these and let me know if you think they can Regen. It’s a very small head that only cost me 20$ and is easily replaceable but...