1. C

    Indo bonsai coral - first SPS

    Hey everyone! So I just added in a Indo bonsai today. (First sps!) I think he is doing well but as I have not much background info on how these should look at the frag stage, want to get your options. Also input on if the location is adequate would be appreciated Thank you!
  2. Accidentalreefers

    Feather duster worm under mushroom cap

    So I have a mushroom with a feather duster worm almost underneath it, it currently split in two halves and I have a feeling it may have been irritated by the feather worm, I have another mushroom on the other side that is doing extreamly well that also has a duster worm underneath it but its...
  3. avgreen

    Coral Only Tank Build Ideas

    Hey guys, So I am a college student who has been successfully keeping coral for about two years now and I do aquarium set-ups, breakdowns, and maintenance for one of my LFS but need some other kind of income because as I progress in college, my schedule is getting crazier because I am trying to...
  4. dzolot

    Sailfin tang pick at corals?

    Hi everyone, i recently bought a young sailfin for my 150gallon mixed reed. The tang keeps picking on my hammer coral. Has anyone had any experience with this or have any suggestions on how to deal with, short of just removing the tang from my tank?! usually he just picks near the hammer...
  5. imarino326

    Duncan species?

    Hey all, I’ve had a tank for sometime now and just put in this new duncan coral, and I’m wondering what the exact species/family of duncan I have. My friend has one and it’s whiskers are very long but mine are very short. I’ve read stuff about flow and all that, but I’ve changed it around and...
  6. Zoaologist

    Nevada Ultra Rose Bubble Anemones

    Las Vegas locals only, shipping is to much to make it worth it. I have about 30 available at $50 each.
  7. S

    Coral ID Please

    Hello, I bought these corals awhile ago. I believe the green one is a chalice and the orange/purple is an Acan E, but I just want to be totally sure. The green one has grown since I bought it but the orange one seems to grow much slower. Any advice is appreciated, and sorry for bad picture...
  8. TCK Corals


    We have a FIRE SPS Sale Starting at 3pm TODAY on our website Sale ends Tues at 12am. Save 20% Off All WYSIWYG. Shipping is $25 In State & Nearby States (Free over $175) $45 Out of State (Free Over $250) Here's a few teasers:
  9. Bento

    Hitchhiking Coral ID

    Hello, I brought a frag to day and noticed another coral on the bottom of the frag when I was placing it on my tank. I was wondering if anyone can help me ID it. I'm thinking it looks like a rhodactus sp. Or possibly a mini maxi Although that's just a guess. I've attached photos below...
  10. T

    What kind of coral is this?

    we were told its an anemone it has arms that come out that are pinkish lilac
  11. Reefer37

    Hammer acting strange

    So today my hammer had this clear like film/sac coming out of it and honestly really not sure what it is and haven't seen it before. Lately, it's been kinda upset because I'm still trying to get dosing down in this tank as I'm still learning. I also think it's in the process of splitting as it...
  12. O

    Is this a Leptoseris?

    Hi folks... need help identifying this coral Is this a leptoseris? Thanks
  13. R

    Anyone know what’s goin on with my Acan?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Anyone know what’s goin on with my acan? I’m new to keeping acans so I’m not sure if this is normal or not, i bought this frag with about 3 heads on it and since I’ve been feeding it, it sprouted a couple new heads and it’s been plump and full since I got...
  14. Darbna

    Auction: Bid Now Chaos Aquaculture Bringin the Heat once again this Friday. Check out some of these pieces...

    Hey Folks Whats up Reef2Reef? Once again Chaos is bringin the heat this weekend with 100 killer pieces up for grabs in Chaos Corals on Facebook( Click that for the group). I am posting the Friday night auction link which starts at 8PM EST to end right here -...
  15. L

    Plate coral almost dead in a week

    Hi, I have an issue I am stuck on, about 2 weeks ago my 450 litre reef tank of about 3 years started to look like corals not at there best, 1 of my hammers was not opening fully like it had, then I noticed my plate was starting to look like it was peeling and an unknown was not looking healthy...
  16. NewYorkReefer1988

    Frags for sale or trade

    I live in the Albany area and want to start getting acquainted with reefers in the area to trade and sell Corals, fish, equipment, whatever with. I currently have: - 7 red monti cap frags - $10 each - 2 pc rainbow Acro frags - $25 each - 1 blueberry fields Acro frag $25 - 2 forest fire...
  17. L

    Duncan coral closing when feeding fish

    Hi. I have a new Duncan coral, it's seems to be doing well and all of my tank parameters are good, it's open all day but as soon as I feed my pair of de vinchi clowns it closes up. It's only ever one head that closes and then it opens again about an hour or so later. Does anyone have any idea...
  18. MegLaina

    Discovered Great series!

    Hey everyone! I am excited about this series on YouTube I’ve been watching and figured I would share. This guy is very experienced and shares some great history and information on reef keeping that I think experienced hobbiests and beginners could benefit from. It’s kind of back to the basics...
  19. Lacrette1991

    Need some help with Coral Identification

    Hey guys, I picked up some live rock for my Nano that came with a few corals a fellow hobbies no longer wanted. I personally added pulsing Xenia and Frogspawn. So far I can identify the green star polyps but that’s about it. Here are pics of all the corals in my aquarium.
  20. Clintcrabtree

    Indiana Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen2 non-pro $225

    This has been laying on shelf for a year or so as a backup and haven’t needed it. I cleaned it up and it’s ready to grow coral for someone else instead of laying on my shelf. It comes with the white ballast. It is not the pro version. Good lights. Let me know if you have any questions.
  21. Reefman603

    My Red Sea max 250

    Here’s is my Red Sea max 250 reef tank. Live stock : - Black frostbite clown fish mated pair - Yellow tang - Red hawkfish - Green chromis - Malanaurus wrasse Inverts : - A few peppermint shrimp - Tridacna derasa clam - 8 Blue leg hermit crabs - Various snails Coral : - Hammers ( wall and...
  22. R

    How to properly feed an acan colony?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I have a few questions regarding the proper way to feed an acan colony. I tried feeding my acans some reef roids but they didn’t seem to like it, they secreted some mucus. I have an acan colony that’s about 20-30 heads, I try to feed them about 3 times a...
  23. Mosco

    Dream Aquarium Setup Ideas / Inspirations!

    I have had my reef tank (25g nano) for about one year now. I have learned a lot over this past year, so much to the point i’ve realized it is nothing like what I inspire to have. Current list includes: 2 Wyoming White Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, Citron Goby, 2 Rainbow BTA’s, 2 Mini Maxi...
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