1. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Huge Daily Uploads on (We ship everywhere in the Continental USA)

    The uploads just don't stop, another batch of insane Corals and Anemones just went up on! Find these and many more insane Corals and Anemones only at...
  2. R

    Arizona Live Goods Corals for sale

    I have several different corals for sale before I break down the tank. They are all in good health and thriving. I have over 4K invested in them and looking to find them a good home. Make reasonable offers. there are 10 torch heads, 4 Hammer heads, 5 frog spawn, space invader, jack...
  3. F

    Michigan Live Goods Chalaces, Bounce Mushroom, and Leptastrea for sale

    20-to-45-dollar coral frags. Mummy eye Chalice, Watermelon Chalice, and Leptastrea. Not sure what type of Lepta it is, I think it`s a Honeycomb or Mayhem? On 2", and 1 1/2" tiles and 1 1/4" discs. Pictures in Actinic and Daylight. Cash pick up only. Sunkist Bounce Mushroom 75 dollars, little...
  4. LiveAquaria

    Happy Father’s Day!

    LiveAquaria® gift cards #liveaquaria #fathersday #giftcertificate
  5. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Malaysian corals and much more live on (shipping available) website uploads daily

    Another insane coral upload on Our Torches and Acans are looking amazing Find these and many more only at Click Here for these corals and many more HARRYS MARINE LIFE.COM Shop THE largest selection of fish, coral, and inverts 7-Day...
  6. stan255

    Brown algae growing on corals

    I have brown algae growing on some of my corals - red monti and a soft coral. I can blow some off with a turkey baster but some are pretty stubborn. I tried brushing them off and it didn’t really work. ID please and any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I don’t think they are dinos and...
  7. Raintree Aquatics

    Louisiana Live Goods Coral for Sale ***Louisiana***

    Raintree Aquatics have the following corals for sale. Rose Tip Anemone's (small) ($25.00) Kenya Tree ($20.00) Pulsating Xenia ($15.00) Gold Branching Hammer ($45.00 single head / $55.00 double head) Hollywood Stunner Chalice frag ($25.00)
  8. kileki


    Hi All! I have a 40 Gal tank that was FOWLR since November until Friday when I added this leather toadstool. It looks like this and I want to know if I need to be worried or not!? It was laying like this on the rock I initially had it on so I moved it lower thinking it was getting too much...
  9. M

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Fish for sale

    blue hippo med-large $90 spotted rabbit fish large $75 foxface large $90 atlantic blue tank sm. $60 surgeon tank sm-med $60 file fish large $30 pygmy angel small $40 also have a large selection of coral pics. on request pickup only located in pa 18436
  10. LiveAquaria

    Summer Black Friday | Up to 50% OFF hundreds of items Up to 50% OFF hundreds of items for Summer Black Friday The riches of the world’s waters are at your fingertips! See what’s included: #liv#LiveRockis#fishnv#invertsny multi-packs), and #cor#coralsTTACH]3683939[/ATTACH] CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  11. S

    Azure Damsel nipping soft coral???

    Sad. I really liked this fish too. Good luck to my fish trap lol...
  12. LiveAquaria

    Need help identifying corals?

    Need help identifying corals? View this helpful guide for some of the most popular corals found in home reef aquariums. #coral #coralidentification #coralguide #reefaquarium
  13. LiveAquaria

    Certified Captive Grown Corals

    CCGCs are colorful and add motion and interest to reef aquariums. Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® are aquacultured options that are grown in the U.S. to help preserve the world’s reef environments. You won’t be disappointed when you browse our current inventory...
  14. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Med hammer frags, acros, zoas

    Local pickup only in Burbank 91502 near ikea. Items not pictured: Oregon tort: $25-35 Hawkins Echinata: $25 ORA Pearlberry: $25 ASD Rainbow Mille: $40 TSA Fruity Pebbles: $40 CB Maleficent: $40-$60 WWC Slimeball: $20-40 TGC Orange Creamsicle: $40
  15. LiveAquaria

    Let’s celebrate Reef Awareness Day!

    Let’s celebrate Reef Awareness Day! LiveAquaria® recognizes the importance of maintaining the world’s reef structures now and for future generations. We support conservation efforts, seek out responsibly sourced aquatic life, and offer captive-bred options as well as CCGC corals to minimize...
  16. B

    Florida Live Goods large Galaxea Coral, Blue Ricordea, Green Favia, Cinnamon paly, cheap

    Local Pickup - 34761 Galaxea - 2 separate pieces for sale, one is 7 inches across ( $35 ) one is about 5 inches across ( $25 ). Blue Richordea, 3 heads - $20 Green Favia, Multiple heads - $20 Cinnamon paly, 4 heads - $20 various rocks covered in green metallic star polyps - make an offer
  17. J

    Why is yellow coral so common in the wild but rare in the hobby?

    Other than yellow colony polyps, yellow fiji leather coral and occasional sun polyps when I walk into any LFS there is very rarely any yellow coral. The few other yellow coral I do see offered is very expensive like gold torches, jawbreaker mushrooms, any zoas with yellow. But whenever I watch...
  18. H

    Growth on Bottom of Duncan

    First and foremost, my Duncan is closed because my shrimp decided to walk on it as I wanted to take a picture. Otherwise, no idea what this is growing on the base, I saw it before but it’s been getting bigger and bigger. It looks like some kind of worm so I’m a bit confused.
  19. L

    Whats happening with my Xenia?

    The smaller ones just disappeared? But now it seems like bigger ones have taken their place? I have had my tank for a little over 2 months. I am fairly new to saltwater. Still learning. Any help is appreciated.
  20. LeleganceCoral

    Wellso super fluffy?

    Usually my wellso is pretty flat and still meaty, but today it looks like a ballon. It is in lower flow than it was before, so does it need more? Thanks
  21. reefcoicy

    TRADE! #CoralForCoral Looking for a local trade in South Florida!

    Hey, it’s Icy Reefco! ❄️ so recently, I’ve obtained a lot of corals, and I’ve had a big success, and all my colonies! So I was basically looking for someone like me with extra coral laying around looking to add some new flavor to their tank! If I have a coral you I don’t & I have one you don’t...
  22. Nutramar Foods

    Plate Coral enjoying the nutritious Nutramar Marine Complete Pellets

    Plate Corals are a beautiful and unique addition to a reef aquarium, offering both aesthetic appeal and a relatively straightforward care regimen. By providing appropriate water conditions, lighting, and flow, as well as monitoring their health and feeding needs, aquarists can enjoy the presence...
  23. nloureg

    Too much flow for discosoma mushroom? (Video)

    Got this rock last week and I'm new in reef tanks, I don't know if this is too much or not.
  24. omerseymen

    EMERGENCY What is wrong with this Elegance coral

    Hi guys, i have moved my elegance coral on the of a rock and added one more light to my aquarium but it didnt like the water movement there(too much flow i guess) It wasnt looking healthy and then i placed it on the sand in the corner of my aquarium but here are the photos of it. What can...
  25. LeleganceCoral

    Candy cane (trumpet) not happy for months!

    I have had this trumpet for a long time, originally in a pretty low light 5 gal, until about a year ago i moved it to the big tank. Was happy for the first couple months but its condition has slowly deteriorated after a magnesium spike, and magnesium is still a bit high. Moved it to 60 par low...