1. DQM5

    California SUMPS

    hi guys i'm looking for 30-36 inch sump, something like Trigger sump. let me know what you guys have with pics and prices thanks guy.
  2. D

    Aquarium Conference in the Florida Keys! - Free passes available to Florida Reef Club members

    Join fellow hobbyists in the Florida Keys, February 1st and 2nd, 2020. At the Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida. Guest Speakers including: Bob Fenner, Coral Restoration Foundation, ORA, Ecotech Marine, Reefbuilders, ACI Aquaculture, OSA Corals, Reef2Reef and more! This is not a trade...
  3. Perpetual Novice

    Help selecting encrusting coral

    So my tank is about 8 months old now but many corals are handmedowns from the tank before I upgraded. I built the aquascape with a nice shelf right in front to be the centerpiece. But I haven’t actually grown any coral there yet. I’ve got GSP growing on a peninsula on the side of the tank and I...
  4. sromero287

    Florida Red Sea Skimmer RSK300

    RSK 300 for sale, bought it at Macna Orlando in September 01/2019 and used it for a month, beast and easy to dial (set it and forget it). Perfect conditions. Upgrading my 250 to a Peninsula 650 so need a bigger one. Good luck and happy reefing Asking $240 Local in Fl or $250 shipped and PP fees...
  5. A

    How much world this sell for ?

    How much would this coral sell for had it a long time my grandma got it in the 1970s ?
  6. NickV34

    Getting rid of coral frags?

    I am starting a new reef tank!! New to the hobby and was hoping someone could help me out/ offer some coral frags for my tank.
  7. J

    Corals seem lighter in colour after tank crash 5 days ago.

    Hey guys, i had a tank crash last week because of a failed return pump. Whole tank went cloudy and i lost some corals, fish and inverts. The one coral that didnt make it was my whole colony of anthelia. 8x6 inch colony disintegrated into a smelly mush on the 3rd day of the crash. I only got it...
  8. R

    110 Gallon Reef Tank and Custom Cabinet for Sale

    HI. I have had this tank running for 10 years! Some corals and fish have been along for most of the ride. I am moving and unfortunately will not be taking the tank with me. Everything must go. Glass tank. Tons of coral, fish (Chevron Tang, Purple Tang, Clown fish, and a few others), live...
  9. mtallen07

    Kessil A360x Lighting Schedule

    Hi Reefers! I just got the new dongle for the Kessil A360x and am trying to find the best lighting schedule for optimal growth primarily for a zoa/lps dominated frag tank. The tank is 6 inches deep and contains two large frag racks. The light is mounted 13 inches above the water. I’m getting...
  10. Gsnowd

    Corals gone wrong?

    Okay so this is my first post here. I am having trouble with corals, can’t seem to do anything right when it comes to them and I hate wasting money. Anybody know what could be going wrong? They don’t look healthy at all. Here are my parameters Salt level: 1.024 kH: 120 PH: 7.5 Nitrite: 0...
  11. Landoh17

    Favia Condition?

    Hey Guys! I just got my first two frags! I got a hammer which seems to be doing good and I got a favia as well which I dont know much about. Here is the favia, I am a firefighter on a 48 hours shift at the moment so I'm having someone feed my fish and monitor my tank. Can I get someone's...
  12. Reefer_Tom

    Got some cool frags

    Got all sorts of frags looking to make some trades locally
  13. L

    Can I save my Monti?

    I recently purchased this Monti frag and have had it in the tank for two days. I accidentally fed it bottles phytoplankton and now it is changing colors all where the phytoplankton touched the surface. Is there anything I can do to save it? Is it dying or is this normal? (The second photo is...
  14. IMG_0019.jpg


  15. Emi2852

    Found odd white things on base of coral and frag plug

    When my Torch coral closed up for the night I noticed some odd white growths. (Not the white curly worms... I don’t know their name) but I’m wondering about the larger white tube like things. Sorry for the quality my phone refused to focus on the plug. Does anyone know what these are and if they...
  16. Cole nelson

    Stocking my reef tank

    I have a 50 gallon full reef tank with a LOT of coral I’ve had set up for a few years, currently I have two fish, a green mandarin goby and a zebra barred dartfish as well as a long spine urchin. I am ready to add more fish but do not want to overstock. Here is what I am looking into adding: 1X...
  17. Gadamwoll

    Looking for stickers

    I want to collect stickers from different aquariums, fish, and coral companies to decorate my new tank stand. Even if it not a franded sticker but saltwater related I take it. If you have any or now anyone please direct message me and I will send my address.
  18. Deaf clown

    Am I crazy or...

    So I wish I would’ve posted this earlier this week but truth be told I’m a last minute guy. Today is the Greater Iowa Reef Society’s (GIRS) fall fest and it’s in my home town for the first time in like 5 years. Anyways, I limited myself to $50. Now your either thinking “GOOD LUCK!” or “you...
  19. El_Guapo13

    Mini Maxi question

    I have a few questions about MiniMaxi Anemones. How are they towards coral? Will they try to sting corals that are near them? If they were to sting a coral, or go to war with one, how would it turn out for the anemone and for the coral? Has anyone ever lost any corals to Mini Maxi aggression, or...
  20. Gadamwoll

    Master Inventory Coral List

    I am working on a coral spreadsheet of all the different corals and how to care (food, flow, placement, light) for them and estimated retail value if anyone wants to help contribute can message me. I have each sheet in a category for Zoa, Aussie, Chalice, Fazia, etc. This is just a rough draft...
  21. The Coral Connect

    Florida Locals....

    The Coral Connect has exactly what you're looking for, from the most beautiful exquisite Coral, Tank services/ Maintenance and Water Deliveries. We got you covered! Visit us every Friday, Saturday & Monday from 11AM-6PM or any other day by setting a personal appointment. We are located at 5931...
  22. JRP_Riley

    Weird anemone growth?

    Hi I have a 13.5g Marine Evo tank, I have had this LT anemone in my tank for about a month and today my LT has completely shrunk in size and now has this weird growth on the side of it. I am not sure what it is so if anyone could help me that’d be great. There has also been long strings of some...
  23. The Aquatic Arsenal

    New updates coming !

    Working on getting some new stuff together for the website. Also working on getting some packs together !! Here is a few teaser pics till then !! Remember the sale is still going on !!!
  24. Hadders95

    Help with coral!!

    Hello all I am new to the hobby and had the tank from May with fish and coral which went in July into the tank, I am having issue with my Zoa and green star, the last few weeks they have started to look like the image below any help or suggests would be greatly helpful thanks josh
  25. BloopFish

    Coral Croucher and Inverts

    I'm very interesting in obtaining a coral croucher, but I am very worried about the compatibility of them with certain types of invertebrates. I was planning to keep a tank with a group of pom pom crabs, sexy shrimps, a Randall's snapping shrimp, and fire shrimps. However, I am wary of getting a...
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