1. K

    whole( system) reef tank for sale! MAKE OFFER MOVING MUST SELL!

    Had this tank setup going on 7 years,great set up with the refugium in the basement makes it so much easier to maintain.but if you dont have a basement i have the sump that goes under the tank to.if your interested send me an email and we'll talk.:)
  2. E

    Another petco coral ID please

    I went to buy the coral that I last posted about but they did not have it, they however had this one and it looked interesting and unique and I have never seen a soft coral that looks like this, I have no idea if it is full extended are not in these pictures but I can say he was way shriveled up...
  3. tailoftwogobies

    please help ID

    hi everyone! any ideas as to what this may be at the bottom of this frag? noticed it today and want to make sure it’s not detrimental to our tank. thank you all!!
  4. AquaPhilNJ

    Anemone proximity issue

    My anemone moved and now it is close to my neon green hammer coral. I'm guessing I have to move the hammer coral ? Hammer coral seems fine which is confusing b\c I hear anemone's can kill. I hate having to move the coral, but if that's what I have to do. See attached picture, I do think it is...
  5. HonorableWhat

    Newbie Lighting Help

    So, im new to saltwater and i am trying to figure out the best light to go with my tank for what i want to do with it. Tank dimensions are 23.62″ x 23.62″ x 17.72″ 45 gallons. I wish to keep mainly softies and lps but i may try out 1 or 2 sps placed in a high light area just to see if i like...
  6. ewoolpert

    AIO Build What coral next?

    Good morning everyone. I have a fluval evo 13.5 and need suggestions as to what coral to add next. I currently have a toadstool that is doing well and want to add my next piece. I am leaning towards a frogspawn, acan, or candy cane. All feedback is welcome. Also if you have any other...
  7. R

    Soft Coral Qt Question

    Hi everyone, I have a frag rack running where I qt corals, new coral always comes in and out of that tank. I have a few mushrooms in a little plastic bin floating in the frag without a base, they're just attached to the bin. Would I have to qt corals that don't have a hard base like rock or and...
  8. L

    I think my trachyphyllia brain coral is dying. Please help!!!

    Hi everyone, I've had this brain coral for about two months now and never had an issue with it. This morning I noticed that the top right corner is beginning to die but I'm not sure why? All my other corals in the tank are very happy so this was quite a shock. Water quality is within safe...
  9. R

    Euphilia Issues

    I’ve Had the Red Sea Max170e up for around 6months and have a 6 euphilias (1 torch, 3 frogspawn, 2 hammers one walling one branching) among a handful of other corals. most of these have been in the tank for 2 months or more and yesterday I noticed all the euphilia were irritated and slightly...
  10. X

    Help with identifying

    I bought a coral from a place that only sells coral. My dad thought it would be cool to buy this and the employee who worked there said "its easy to care for". I don't know the name because my dad is the person who bought it. Can I please have help identifying this coral? I was thinking it was a...
  11. Schraufabagel

    Lighting for Macro Algae and Corals

    What is the best lighting option for both corals and macro algae in a mixed reef display tank? I currently have an AI Prime 16HD. But I read that full spectrum might be better for macros. Can the Prime provide good light to both the macros and the coral? Or should I switch to something like a...
  12. M

    Coral ID!

    Hello all you cool coral people, Need some help identifying these 4 corals, Genus name, species if you know it! I am a college student helping my local fish store to identify about 100 corals and it’s down to these last few. Thanks a lot!!
  13. kooroc

    Is Micmol Aqua Mini G3 good enough for nano tank?

    Hey everyone! So I'm using the Micmol Aqua Mini G3 on a 14 inch cube, 10g tank. Anyone else use this light? Would love to get an idea on the par readings if anyone has them or the settings they use / the hours they keep them on. Also, do you guys think it will be good for growing LPS and maybe...
  14. Insanereefs

    Lookie look at my zoas!

    Hey there r2r community, I've only been doing this for about 3 months now and thanks to my friend I am hooked! I was able to snag a few cool zoas and I'd like to share them with you: Stiggy marley White Zombie Orange bam bam Kung-fu fighter Scrambled egg Aoi Utter Chaos Bowser Eagle eye Candy...
  15. Reefltx

    North Carolina Aussie Gold

    Splitting head, fragged 2 months ago. Asking $400 shipped.
  16. H

    Corals for sale local pickup in Johnson City or can deliver to knoxville.

    I also have a website you can browse at you can find pricing there. This is just a sample of some 200 specimens that need new homes.
  17. Ozelaf44

    New Jersey Uranium Bounce Mushrooms, Fish, and More!

    Hello! Doing a Tank breakdown as I am leaving for college soon and I lacked on maintenance on my tank. After I sell all of the livestock I'll be selling a lot of equipment as well, below is what I have available. Please contact me through email or text as I don't check the forums often. Email -...
  18. Xxflounderxx

    Identification possible pest

    I recently added a bunch of coral and dipped with coral RX I'm not sure what this is or if its harmful thanks in advance
  19. CraigB21

    Various Coral for sale - shipping available

    Goniopora Frags 40 each Splitting head indoblue tipped torch 140 3 head aussie torch 100 Blastomussa merletti 20 - 2 plus head frags Teal tip gold tentacle hammer 50 Rainbow Trachyphyllia 200 Lunar eclipse Zoanthids 20- 1+ polyps More available - PM me if interested or have any...
  20. Ammar.essajee

    Tank for sale (10 Gal) with corals and fish and light (full setup)

    I have a 10 gallon tank for sale. It is currently running and has 20+ coral/mushroom/macroalgae including candy cane, chalice, riccordea, etc.. 2 clown fish, 1 sexy shrimp, 1 blue porcelain crab, reef crabs, turbo snails, zombie snails. Comes with tank (10 Gal), fluval Aquasky LED, powerhead...
  21. Raven2010

    Hello 11 years coral addiction and counting

    Hello all! I’ve been a long time R2R follower, i have to thank this community for so many answers to problems or general interest I may have come across. I had made an account years ago but have since lost the info. So I decided to just make a new one. I’ve been addicted to corals since 2010. I...
  22. H

    id help with brain coral and leather

    Need help identifying these 2!
  23. fox0521

    Hammer spawn?!

    A few days ago, I saw a tip of my hammer flowing through the water column. The coral was open and happy, there were no signs of stress, and there were no critters near it. (Low quality pic of my hammer at the end. :p) I lost track of the tip. Fast forward to tonight. I shut off all flow to feed...
  24. Improvised reef

    Connecticut Frammers for sale. Middletown ct

    Price in pictures. Have some other stuff too.
  25. TopShelfAquatics

    Broadcast Feeding VS Target Feeding Corals: What is your preference and why?

    Broadcast feeding VS target feeding corals has been a long standing discussion and debate in this hobby. Do you personally notice a different feeding response in your corals when broadcast feeding VS target feeding.. Continue Reading..
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