1. J

    Can AWC be adequate for my situation so that I don't need to do 2-part?

    Hello! So I have a 75 gallon aquarium set up. It has a few soft coral and a few LPS atm. My goal for my tank is for it to be a soft coral dominated with a hand full of lps here and there tank. I don't like the fact that If I want to start doing two part, that I will need to to do mandatory...
  2. R

    Corals doing poorly and everything seems fine

    My water paramters are normal my fish are doing fine and some of my soft corals are doing good but some are not. My zoas wont open and its been 3 weeks since they closed, A small branching hammer I have wont open and My Purple Chalice coral is beginning to bleach
  3. TDNano

    Center Piece coral

    I have a nano tank build, Lifeguard 7g, which is primarily a softy tank. I have a piece of rock sitting from and center that I’d like to put something eye catching on. Being such a small system I’m weary about doing any SPS or LPS but I’d like something fast growing, hardy, eye catcher, and not...
  4. Perpetual Novice

    Looking for recommendations for beginner coral for a friend

    My friend has been running a 20 gallon tank for about 6 months now. After moving too fast and crashing his tank already he has asked for my advice to slowly restock his tank. It has been 3 months since the crash and he has since added a cleanup crew and 3 small fish. His nitrates aren’t perfect...
  5. ReefReadyYouTube

    Close Up Coral Pictures!

    Post some of your Close up coral pictures! Share some of your favorite or most prized corals!
  6. C

    Will my lighting be too strong?

    Hey guys! Starting up a 10 gallon - IM Fusion nano reef tank. Planning on mixed soft, LPS, and SPS corals. I have a AI prime 16 HD at the current setting (see picture). Is this going to fry my corals? Will start it with 50% acclimation over 30 days when I do add the coral. Thanks!
  7. C

    Is my lighting too strong. 10 gallon Fusion nano

    Hey guys! Starting up a 10 gallon - IM Fusion nano reef tank. Planning on mixed soft, LPS, and SPS corals. I have a AI prime 16 HD at the current setting (see picture). Is this going to fry my corals? Will start it with 50% acclimation over 30 days when I do add the coral. Thanks!
  8. JustPoprocks

    Xenia help

    I have what I believe is just your general Pom Pom Xenia. I’m just wondering if it is normal for Xenia to just grow in single heads. All the ones I’ve seen online have been one base white many heads. Thanks In advance
  9. Reefer37

    Indo Gold Torch vs Holy Grail Torch

    So what's the differences between these two or are they the same just with one being the "fancy" name to charge more or what?
  10. Reefer37

    Red Spots on Torch?

    Anybody have any ideas what these red spots on my torch are? Not sure if this is normal or not.
  11. Lysh87

    What comes first?

    Hi everyone! After my tank with the dead rock has been cycled ( I believe this takes a month?). What is the next thing to introduce? Coral? Fish? Bottom feeders?
  12. Noah_redsea

    Wilsoni care

    Had a question regarding wilsonsi corals from Australia I have recently purchased two from my lfs for a very good price and was told I could put them together to form a colony of multi colors does anyone know if that’s true or if they will fight each other being such close proximity, even though...
  13. Reefer37

    Zoa ID

    This was sold to me as a seduction zoa, just wanna verify it is. Either way, I love it.
  14. R

    Neon Maze (Platygyra sp.) care

    I just got a frag of Neon Maze from and I can't really tell if the polyps are retracted or in good shape. Does anyone have any info on what to look for? I'll follow this up with a picture soon. Thanks!
  15. T

    Anyone know what this is? I need help IDing it

    Can someone ID the white coral please?
  16. Scip150

    Florida Rack of Utter Choas (over 30 polyps) South Florida

    Selling a rack of Utter Chaos Zoas/Palys. 12 individual frag plugs with over 30 polyps total. Please see picture and video for actual corals. Great strain, polyps are super bright orange with blue and white centers. $150 Local pickup only in Parkland, Florida 33076.
  17. ReefReadyYouTube

    What your favorite part of Reefing?

    We all have the same love for reefing but what’s your favorite part of it. I’m curious as to why everyone’s in the hobby or what got them into reefing? Is it the corals or the fish? Do you like buying a frag and watching it grow? Maybe it’s the whole tiny ecosystem you control and you can see...
  18. ScubaDoo613

    Zoa ID

    So I snagged some gobstopper zoas recently and two of the polyps have a bright green fringe. I was wondering if it’s just a color morph or if they go by a different name completely.
  19. ChristianSaban

    Current orbit Ic Pro Dual

    Need some help with setting my lights proper. I understand they aren’t the best lights but I have only a few fish In a 40 gallon with all LPS no SPS. I have decent growth but nothing great. I currently have it set at sunrise-1-2 hours 85%white 50%blue 15%red 15%green daylight 6-7 hours...
  20. Reefer37

    Coral Suggestions

    Looking for any coral recommendations that won't grow out of control (GSP, Xenia, etc.) for the back of my rockwork. It's pretty shaded overall and tends to get quite a bit of flow, so I'm really not sure what would be a good coral. Any suggestions would be great!
  21. Fish2Coral

    Did I place my corals correctly?

    Hey guys! So I have this nano reef tank (5 gallons) I had for about a year and a half. I got a new blastomussa Merletti, Green Start Polyp and Candy Cane Coral. They don’t seem to be doing that great like the other corals and anemone. I was wondering what can I do to help these three? Did I...
  22. C

    Copper striped growth on live rock

    I found a nice piece of live rock with some copper banded coral on it. The guy at the store thought it was some rare sponge with an N name but he couldn't remember.
  23. WhisperRayne

    Coral Growing w only Key Fish?

    Hi! I’m not super new to the hobby but new as I’m the only one taking care of the tank. (I kept fish growing up but my parents cared for the tank.) I currently only have freshwater but want to get into salt. I’m moving states soon and wanted to start growing my corals for the tank. I was...
  24. KristianS

    IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Office Build

    Just got the OK to put a reef tank in my office. I have done a 3.7 pico before, but it crashed after a year while I was out of state taking care of my mom in hospice for 6 weeks. This one I wanted to be in my office where I will see it everyday. I will be posting updates and am open to...
  25. Spark326

    Lights for 10g tank

    Are these specs ok for a 10g tank with a small polythoa coral frag? I would also really love to get a bubble tip anemone for my clownfish.. Are there other cheaper alternatives to T5 and the other well known lights? Anything under $40?
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