1. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Gold Tipped Torch And 10 Ultra Frag Pack Giveaway!!

    Spend $200 or more at and be automatically entered to win a large Gold Tipped Torch and a 10 Ultra Frag Pack!! $525 value! First 50 orders of $200 or more starting at 7am on 7/11/19 will be automatically entered! Winner will be randomly picked on 7/14/19. Results will be...
  2. A

    Photosynthetic Gorgonian

    Hi guys. Really want some nice photosynthetic gorgonian like grube’s, golden finger...anyone in the Washington DC area willing to share clippings 4in+ or other suggestions? I don’t want a 1inch to your guidance
  3. GentlePuffer

    New Jersey S/T Fuzzy dwarf Lionfish in jersey shore area

    Beautiful tame 4inch Fuzzy Dwarf available for sale or trade in jersey shore area. Was in my Predator nano tank and eats pellets, freeze dried, frozen food. Is not afraid of people, will stare at you all day and interact with you. Does jump so lid required. Looking to add more corals and need...
  4. Jason sun

    California Eclectus/Red Devil/Carpet Mushroom + Gold Hammer

    Selling some of my corals. Local pick up preferred. Not going to ship ATM. Pick up zip code 91709. LA area. 1. Red Devil A/B/D $50 each. C with a small baby $70 for both 2. Large Eclectus. Super nice color. E in the photo $560 3. Xlarge Red carpet mushroom. 4+ when...
  5. Lotus Reef


  6. Peter K

    Upgrade #4 (and not the last) - 360G Main Display

    Hey everyone, To start off, I figured I'd say a little about myself and my fiance and our experiences in the hobby. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is as enthusiastic about the hobby as myself (at some points she can be even a bit too enthusiastic...) We have now been in the...
  7. Reef Nutrition

    Reef-A-Palooza NY is coming up fast!!! You won't want to miss this!!!

    Hey there Reef Nutrition fans! We would like to let everyone know that we will be at Reef-A-Palooza NY in 2 weeks! The event is June 22nd and 23rd. Mark your calendars and get ready to attend an amazing show. We will be in booth #510. See map below. Please stop by our Gold Sponsor...
  8. Ryushei

    Texas Selling Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, & Ricordia

    I have for sale a pair of regular black clownfish, a lawnmower blenny, and a ricordia. All healthy. Blenny - $10 Ricordia - $20 Clownfish- $10 per fish or $15 for the pair. I reside in College Station/Bryan Texas. Will not ship. I sometimes go to North Houston on the weekends so I need a heads...
  9. InspectorGadget

    Reefing changed for me when I stopped chasing the magical Unicorn

    Hey Everyone! I haven’t posted in a very long time and I want to list my current situation to maybe help someone with similar issues. As you can see from the title, I was chasing the magical unicorn for the past two years. What is the Unicorn of reefing? To me it’s the highly publicized ULNS and...
  10. Daydream Corals

    Beauty and the Beast Paly - Starting bid $50! Entire page of Auctions - New Customers Get 30% Off

    Check out our entire page of Auctions! New Customers Get 30% Off at Checkout - Auctions Included Shipping is only $25-40 depending on where you live - Check out this Beauty and the Beast Paly - Starting Bid...
  11. pathot984

    625XL Reefer Build

    My story begins approx. 15 years ago with me cruising down the fish isle at Petco and stumbled upon an Australian Harlequin Tusk-fish. With not knowing anything about the hobby, I still purchased him along with a 20 gallon fish tank, heater, and filter. After conducting more research on the...
  12. MnFish1

    Survival - not the TV show....

    Curious people are always buying frags - and every now and then (every other day lol:) there is a comment about 'the high prices'. So - I'm curious - what percentage of your frags actually 'grow into colonies - lets say 5 inches or more. How important do you think stable alkalinity is in...
  13. Braxtong123

    New frag swap- reefing related raffles on our facebook group!

    I started the Facebook group - Reefing Raffle Equipment Coral and More- in order to raise funds for a new frag swap in my local area (Hagerstown /Boonsboro /Frederick Maryland area). Here, we will host raffles including equipment and livestock-related to reefing. This is the groups' web...
  14. Lotus Reef

    Red Gonipora $230 - Plus New Customers get 30% Off!

    Red Gonipora $230 - Plus New Customers get 30% Off!
  15. Blinkdo

    Florida TGC Indo Dragon Soul Torch Euphyllia Aquaculture

    The torch was originally purchased from TGC as the holy grail from Indo but looks much closer to the Dragon Soul rainbow. These exact ones were selling at Reefapalooza for $600-$800 a head. Fully aquaculture and grown from 2 heads. Get yours as prices keep going up due to the Indo ban. $500...
  16. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Hot Corals up for Grabs!! Auction's End Tonight 8 pm EST

    Hot Corals up for Grabs!! Auction's End Tonight 8 pm EST. Here is the link to the auctions on the site Also take a look at our website to combine your orders!! Plus we are having a 10% off welcome sale on the site with coupon code...
  17. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack Mother's Day Special

    Ultra Rock Flower Special for Mother's Day. 5 for $200 Shipped FEDEX AM Delivery with free frag!!! You will receive 5 unique Rock Flowers pictured here below delivered to your door for $200!! Also, take a look at our website to combine your order Also don't forget...
  18. Curryb15

    Almost tank crash , check your equipment!

    For tonight's update we cover how to crash your tank! The last few day I realized the my corals looked off. I've been neglecting to test my parameters so I figured my calcium was off since I have my alk on a doser. Sure enough my calcium was at 290. So I corrected the issue and prepared to do a...
  19. Prime Coral

    Prime Coral WYSIWYG Corals

    Use Coupon Code R2RMAY19 and get 5% off in cart all month long! Prime Coral Showstopper Palythoa - $59.99 PC Purple Pocket Snake Favia - $85 PC Pixie Dust Chalice - $75 PC NachYo Pavona - $50 Check out all of our WYSIWYG catalogue
  20. Prime Coral

    Prime Coral site-wide coupon

    We would like to offer reef2reef members a site-wide 5% off coupon for the month of May at Coupon Code: R2RMAY19 -You can apply the coupon during checkout for all items. -Single use per user. Free overnight shipping on orders $500+ Prime Coral The finest delivered to you...
  21. Prime Coral

    WYSIWYG Variety Frag Pack 1

    WYSIWYG Variety Frag Pack 1 - $599 12 intermediate level coral frags from Prime Coral Farm including the following as pictured: Prime Coral Rainbow Leptastrea Prime Coral Rainbow Orgy Favia Prime Coral Roz’s Lips Goniopora WWC Bizzaro Chyphastrea Prime Coral Seppuku Chalice...
  22. T

    Texas 270 gallon reef tank

    Hello, My name is Christian. I want to introduce you to my 270 gallon reef tank. The aquarium was set up in October 2018. I'm running 4 kessil tuna blue a160we over the main display. In side my aquarium I have a Neptune Apex wmv here is the flow currently and two small power heads on the...
  23. MnFish1

    Where is this tank picture taken (second try:))?

    So - here is a picture - tell me where you think it was taken?
  24. MnFish1

    So - a where do I come from Poll: This tank is from?

    This poll had a mistake - there is a new one:
  25. M

    How to place coral on sand bed?

    This might be a stupid question but how do people place coral on their sand bed without it being knocked over constantly by fish or by the flow? Especially for smaller frags.