1. C

    Where to buy larger frags or coral colonies

    Curios where people recommend to buy larger frags or colonies online. I’m about to add to a nano tank for coral only and looking to get some larger softies for instant gratification. Some sites like blue zoo aquatics sell larger sizes. Has anyone had any experiences with them and are the they...
  2. A

    Supplementary lighting

    I currently have a 4 bulb t5 fixture and it’s great for getting the job done. Grows my corals well and lights the tank up. I don’t have the money to upgrade to an led set up but want to get more of fluorescent from my corals. What is the best lighting that I could add without breaking the bank...
  3. ThatPhillyReefer

    Myth or Fact?

    Is it a Myth or Fact that corals grow faster when glued to your rock work? Please tell what you think.
  4. Y

    Size tank help for clowns

    Hey everyone! so I’ve been looking at tanks for the two clownfish and nem I’m going to put into this 120Litre/32~ gallon tank. I just want to seek advice regarding whether this will be of the...
  5. 66cts

    Coral ID

    I recently received a new coral for free after buying a new Prime 16HD, Trying to figure out exactly what this coral is since I'm new to saltwater. I currently have a EVO 13.5 and have the prime mount 10 inches above water, Any tips for acclimation mode and Lighting programs? I have GSP, ORA...
  6. K

    Stock list suggestions

    Hello, I'm in the process of reviving my old fowlr tank and trying to convert it to a reef tank. I see the general consensus is to now ignore the old "inch per gallon" rule when it comes to stocking the tank, so what is a realistic stock list of forgiving and hardy fish/corals/inverts for my...
  7. K

    Looking for stock list suggestions for my tank

    Hello, I'm in the process of reviving my old fowlr tank and trying to convert it to a reef tank. I see the general consensus is to now ignore the old "inch per gallon" rule when it comes to stocking the tank, so what is a realistic stock list of forgiving and hardy fish/corals/inverts for my...
  8. V

    New corals

    I got some new corals today and I cant remember what they are called. Can anyone help? The first one had arms out in store but closed up on the way here. Thanks!
  9. G

    Coral Frag Plug Too Big, Need some advice

    Hello all, I’m new to reefing and I have started off my journey with a Red Sea Max Nano, all is going very well! I bought my first coral yesterday which is the torch you can see in the photos, I think it’s happy? Anyway, it’s come on this big black square frag plug which doesn’t have a stem...
  10. J

    Hello Favorite coral M Jablonsky
  11. Sleeping Giant

    Best phone lens for coral photos

    Hey everyone, Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm curious if anyone has a good idea what lens I could use on a Huawei p20 pro to take pics in my aquarium?
  12. TangAddict

    How much flow for favia corals?

    I have a few favias now, and I keep them at the bottom of the tank, In relatively high flow. Is this bad for the coral? If so, how much flow do they like?
  13. G

    Need help ID'ing hitchhiker on my Acan frag

    Hi team, Just noticed this little fellow growing off the side of my Acan frag's skeleton looking for ID. Frag has been in the tank for about a week and a half and I've just noticed this fellow in the last 3 or 4 days or so. Any ID's or recommendations?
  14. E

    Hammer coral won’t open

    So I have had this hammer coral for about a little less than two months, I had to rearrange my tank because I had to install a overflow for my sump about a week after that my hammer started not opening all the way and it looks like his polyps might be shrinking, I have already lost another...
  15. G

    WellsoPhyllia/trachy open brain

    Hi everyone, Just a question if it is normal for a Wellso/trachyphyllia to open up this way and not fold all the way like a brain. I just got this from my lfs 3 days ago. In their store, this guy was massive and fully fluffy. Mine is still fluffy but not fully folded :( my Calcium is 450...
  16. Boonsiew830

    Frogspawn looks normal?

    Hello Reefers, I just got back into the hobby a few months ago and wanted to know if my INDO frogspawn (left pic) looks healthy/normal to you? I feel the tentacles are super inflated. All my other LPS corals (torches and hammers) looks good. Should I be worried? PH 8.19 Salt 35.1 ALK 8.93 Cal...
  17. M

    Is my hammer coral dead?

    Hi, I always googled for answers about anything that had to do with my new aquarium (and hobby) but I couldn't find anything that looked how my coral does now, I bought a red sea kit and all the chemical levels seem fine, salinity and temp are fine too, I did try and relocate it once and it...
  18. D

    California SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt for sale

    SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt 550 shipped for both or best offer SC Orange Passion JF Jolt Top Down Picture Side By Side Picture
  19. E

    New blasto help

    So I just purchased my very first blasto, I drip acclimated and dipped now he is in the tank, is this picture normal? It looks like he is squeezing stuff out like little greenish yellow things, please tell me this is normal
  20. Danny's Aquariums

    Christmas Tree Worm Rock

    Have you ever kept a Christmas tree worm rock? I think it’s my favorite piece (in my 40 gallon shallow reef tank.) and it’s doing well!
  21. GinoGino

    Illinois New York Knicks Torch

    Single head of the great NY Knicks Torch - established piece came from mother colony that was in system for years - 300 free delivery in Chicagoland area
  22. GinoGino

    Illinois Duncan (revised post)

    Previous post I realized price was off - sorry! Established, healthy Duncan - 15+ heads (hard to tell, never really closed) - 200 for entire colony!
  23. L

    Octospawn dying???

    I’ve been struggling with this colony for nearly 3 weeks now. About a month ago, these heads were beginning to split, which they did. But seem to have never recovered, and now I’m worrying about polyp fallout. When I feed about 2 days ago, the bottom head perked back up and looks half normal...
  24. orion_xix

    Potential Sponge ID needed

    Hey all, I've got a growth growing between my two hammer heads and I'm not quite sure exactly what it is. It could potentially be a sponge, as the coral doesn't seem bothered by it at all. The heads stay open all day, I only found it at night doing a flashlight inspection on the reef. My... shop rare & farmed corls