1. Blinkdo

    Florida TGC Indo Dragon Soul Torch Euphyllia Aquaculture

    The torch was originally purchased from TGC as the holy grail from Indo but looks much closer to the Dragon Soul rainbow. These exact ones were selling at Reefapalooza for $600-$800 a head. Fully aquaculture and grown from 2 heads. Get yours as prices keep going up due to the Indo ban. $500...
  2. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Hot Corals up for Grabs!! Auction's End Tonight 8 pm EST

    Hot Corals up for Grabs!! Auction's End Tonight 8 pm EST. Here is the link to the auctions on the site Also take a look at our website to combine your orders!! Plus we are having a 10% off welcome sale on the site with coupon code...
  3. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack Mother's Day Special

    Ultra Rock Flower Special for Mother's Day. 5 for $200 Shipped FEDEX AM Delivery with free frag!!! You will receive 5 unique Rock Flowers pictured here below delivered to your door for $200!! Also, take a look at our website to combine your order Also don't forget...
  4. Curryb15

    Almost tank crash , check your equipment!

    For tonight's update we cover how to crash your tank! The last few day I realized the my corals looked off. I've been neglecting to test my parameters so I figured my calcium was off since I have my alk on a doser. Sure enough my calcium was at 290. So I corrected the issue and prepared to do a...
  5. T

    Texas 270 gallon reef tank

    Hello, My name is Christian. I want to introduce you to my 270 gallon reef tank. The aquarium was set up in October 2018. I'm running 4 kessil tuna blue a160we over the main display. In side my aquarium I have a Neptune Apex wmv here is the flow currently and two small power heads on the...
  6. MnFish1

    Where is this tank picture taken (second try:))?

    So - here is a picture - tell me where you think it was taken?
  7. MnFish1

    So - a where do I come from Poll: This tank is from?

    This poll had a mistake - there is a new one:
  8. M

    How to place coral on sand bed?

    This might be a stupid question but how do people place coral on their sand bed without it being knocked over constantly by fish or by the flow? Especially for smaller frags.
  9. AquaDaddy

    Blue soft coral ~ leather, sponge or what?

    I can't remember when we got this, but I'm pretty sure we were told it's a small piece of blue leather coral. At the time, we didn't question it, but just for kicks, the other day I tried to get a better identification and well, could not find anything, but saw some sponges which look similar...
  10. ChaosAquaculture

    Auction: Bid Now Cornbred Flaming Bugatti Chalice

    Chaos Aquaculture #1 Coral -Cornbred Flaming Bugatti Chalice(mother colony in second pic if available) Minimum Starting Bid - $150 Minimum Bid Increments - $5 End Time/Day: Saturday, April 27, 2019 -10:30PM EST Example: If ending time is at 8:00pm, last valid bid must be placed by 7:59:59pm...
  11. LilElroyJetson

    Do You Feed Your Corals Before or After Your Water Changes?

    Do you prefer to feed your corals before your water changes? Some seem to prefer to reduce what stays in the water column after feeding by doing a water change after, others seem to look at it as leaving fresh food available for their livestock after a water change, and some feed their tank so...
  12. AquaLocker

    On Sale This Week - We've Got Some Great Deals!

    Hundreds of items on sale this week: PLUS! 15% off at $199+ (free shipping at $199 after discounts applied) -or- $50 off at $299+ -or- Great Free Offers
  13. mrsann

    Ladies Frag Swap-Sturgis Michigan October 12th

    We are Gearing up to get ready for our Fall Frag Party.. EVERYONE'S welcome .. Saturday, 12 October 2019 from 12:00-16:00 26693 US Highway 12, Sturgis, Michigan 49091 We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party... Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 4:00 pm.. Admission is...
  14. AquariumDani

    Coral ID?

    I just got my second world wide coral sub box and I think one of the corals are mislabeled because it doesn't look like a zoa? It was labeled a pandora zoa, but it's rather large? Maybe it is. who knows. See photos attached.
  15. w2inc

    Favorite, must have reef, part, tool, toy. Best bang for the buck? Wont go without?

    Now that you own it, What would do again, possibly pay twice as much for? What is your favorite must have for your reef? Anything.. Animals, attachments, what do you have 2 of? What would you buy again without thinking?
  16. AquaLocker

    BEGINNER CORALS - What are the best corals for those new to coral?

    When I first started out, I really found coral to be very intimidating. Fortunately (except for my wallet), I have grown to love coral. What was your first coral? What would you recommend for those new to coral? And, why do you recommend the ones you recommend? (Photos always welcome!) We are...
  17. Brian Goldstein

    Brown Jelly Disease - is the coral doomed?

    Hey Reefers- Been battling BJD for about 3 weeks now on one of my Australian yellow hammers. It's been slowly losing flesh for a few weeks and looks to be coming to it's last days. This will be the 2nd yellow hammer I've lost to brown jelly. Weirdly enough, it's only been the yellow hammers...
  18. AquariumDani

    Is everything OK?

    Is my tank too dirty? What do I add for a CUC? I have 3 mexican turbo snails, 4 astrea, 1 nassatrius (idk) snail, I had 1 tiger conch but I haven't seen him in a week. My corals and fish seem happy and my corals are open and growing pretty quickly. Parameters: Alk: 9.2dKH Cal: 400ppm Mg...
  19. shiftline

    Have you had Corals spawn in your Reef Aquarium?

    Last week i was in Toronto Canada and had the pleasure of visiting Reef Wholesale to film some video. One of the topics that came up with Coral spawning in the aquarium. How many if you have had corals release eggs or spawn in your systems?
  20. KMench

    Delaware Local corals for sale

    Looking to move some corals locally, without shipping them. I have a wide variety of pieces available including trumpets, zoas, torch, setosa, green slimer, etc. Looking to sell frags for 30 bucks or less. I haven't made frags since I don't like keeping them in my tank, but send me a PM and we...
  21. Brian Goldstein

    CADlights? Your Experience?

    Hey everyone- I recently ordered a skimmer from CADlights. My payment was approved immediately, but I've yet to receive any shipping conformation or tracking. It's been 5 days since the order was approved. I've emailed and called CADlights numerous times (left them a voicemail too) and...
  22. K

    Alabama Rainbow Red Devil, Watermelon, Lava Lamp Mushroom Collection $550 Shipped

    Rainbow Red Devil, Watermelon, Lava Lamp Mushroom Collection $550 Shipped. These are not wild caught; been growing them for years. Downsizing more of my mushrooms. That said, I'm doing a flat rate of $550 shipped (OBO) via FedEx Next Day. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large...
  23. NotASpammerDude

    A GSP, a Candy Cane, a Mushroom and a Sinularia...

    walk into a bar. No wait, a 2.5gal "QT" tank... Water is now consistently green 1/3 of the tank is thriving thick-filament Chaeto GSP's been retracted for days Sinularia is bent over and has yet to open polyps Mushroom is expanded and doing well Candy Cane is "thriving" This is my first...
  24. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    High End/Collector Yuma's

    We recently received a small shipment of some high quality Ricordea Yuma's. Follow the link if interested. All WYSIWYG
  25. Luke iskra

    Advice needed with dry coral

    guys so a friend of mine gave me a big chunk of dried coral he basically took of out of his clients tanks dries them outside and sell thems i guess. So i got this chunk from him it’s alottle dirty from like outside debris is it okay to rinse it with tank water and re enter it into the tank? Or...
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