1. Jennie

    Where to shop??

    Hello East Tennessee, I live in Southwest Virginia and I would like to know everyone’s thought on where reputable local fish stores are in the area. I am willing to drive the couple of hours to the Knoxville or Asheville area. My tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 Mostly softy tank I will be upgrading...
  2. Seahorse man

    What tank type is your favorite?

    I am upgrading my tank, and am torn. I either want to get a bigger tank to do a more advanced reef, a large predator tank with few corals, or a tall tank with a few seahorse pairs and seahorse safe coral. What should I do? I currently have a 55 gal long mixed reef, I am able to redistribute...
  3. K

    Recommendations for combination of fish

    Ok, I have a 55 tank with a coral beauty angelfish in it and one frag of eagle eye zoas and one frag of hot pink montipora coral. I am planning on getting 2-4 erectus sea horses. Now, before you start, I am fully aware that they are SUPER hard to keep and Im up for the challenge. I easily have...
  4. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    Livestock Aquarium Specialty Holiday Sale & Giveaway!!!

    HOLIDAY SALE!!! 20% off all Livestock and up to 60% off WYSIWYG Pieces. Sale ends 1/2. All Livestock orders over $150 will be entered to win a frag of our ASL Baskin Robbins Acropora (Pictured Below). 2 WINNERS!!! All Livestock Orders over $100 will receive a free frag of our choosing...
  5. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker - PRICES Slashed (PLUS 20% off)

    Use coupon code: davyjones20
  6. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    Aquarium Specialty Coral Gallery (Picture Heavy)

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to create a place to share some of this eye candy. Will feature corals both past and present. Enjoy:) -Matt
  7. R

    Maryland Bounce mushroom

    selling my coral and live stock off got a og bounce tomini tang and couple other corals left local pick up in Baltimore MD
  8. Bryce M.

    Bryce's 65 Gal. FOWL converted to reef

    Hey guys finally deciding to make a build thread, been very worried about showing my tank but here I go. Just to let you know the fox face and Zebra Eel will be moved once their bigger, so don't worry. Stock: GSP Chalice Rock Flower Zebra Moray Eel Black ice Clown Picasso Clown Fox Face Rabbit...
  9. Romeo007

    Ohio kesil,RB,ecotech lights and Reef octopus skimmer for sale

    selling below items. Price included sipping and paypal. 1* Kessil A360 tuna blue with Spectral controller no mount - $310 1* Reef Breeder Photon V2 24" with like new controller with tank mounts---$260 3* Ecotech radion Xr15 Fresh water Gen 4 Pro--$250 each 3*Ecotech radion Xr15 Fresh water...
  10. AquaLocker

    Zoanthid Colony Rock - Eagle Eye, Green & Orange

    Shop here:
  11. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    New Release-ASL Ultimate Blue Agave Paly

    Well, sort of.... We have 2 cut to order single polyp frags available on our website. We have had this one simmering in our farm system for some time and finally snagged a picture last week. Enjoy!
  12. Jvesche20

    Best way to lower phosphates?

    Currently I’m letting my tank fallow. I’m on my 5th week and I got till 72 days. Had ich and trying to get rid of it. When I first started a while back I used tap water to fill up my tank knowing better. I had an insane amount of algae I’m my tank. Did some research and got an rodi unit. I had...
  13. S

    Growth on hammer

    Anyone know what’s growing on the bottom of my hammer coral?
  14. AquaLocker

    LAST 2 DAYS of SAVINGS!!! Up to 20% off on Everything (including Sales items)

    Coupon Code: BLKFRI10 $99 - $149 = 10% OFF $149 - $199 = $15% OFF $199 - $249 = 20% OFF $249+ = 20% OFF and Saturday Shipping for 1 cent SHOP NOW: PLUS, get a 7-day livestock guarantee for 1 cent (must select at checkout)
  15. kdino

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all have a great day! -Kyle
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    CYBER MONDAY MADNESS!! The sales are still going!!

    STARTING AT 6PM THANKSGIVING DAY!! Come join us on TOPSHELFAQUATICS.COM this Thursday and Friday for the HOTTEST CORAL DEALS available anywhere on Black Friday! We're dropping the prices on over 600 NEW pieces that will be posted up at 6pm (EST) on Thursday, November 22nd. Do 25% off discounts...
  17. Jvesche20

    What’s your favorite fish in your tank?

    Title says it all. What’s your favorite fish you have in your tank? Post some pics of you have any!
  18. F

    2019 CT Frag Farmer's Market 3-2-19

    Here it is, the official announcement for the biggest coral swap in the universe (at least it feels that way for me...). My students and I have been working hard to get the ball rolling for the 2019 FFM. I have a great list of coral farmer's lined up for the 2019 FFM, including a few new...
  19. Solis Reef

    Corals before and after photos.

    Let’s see those before and after photos of your corals. I will star this is one of my favorites one.
  20. AquaLocker

    ENDS TONIGHT - 10% OFF Sitewide, Includes Sales & Davy Jones Locker!

  21. T

    I need coral warfare footage and pictures

    hello I am going to make videos based of coral warfare and would like videos and pictures to go with what I say.
  22. Luke iskra

    Advice Needed Live Rock Or Dry Rock New Tank

    hey all, Im going to be booting up a new 32gallon Biocube tank and need some advice on picking Dry rock or Live alittle background experience ive had current tank i have i bought live from LFS and Petco (cheapest ) got a bunch of hitch hikers i was also super new to the hobby i got some Stars...
  23. Luke iskra

    Need Some Advice About my Reef

    hey guys i need some advice about my reef tank currently i have a 10g tank doing a small little reef for the past 10 months its been running pretty smooth no major issues few changes here and there changed a light change my rock landscape around things like that nothing major my coral growth is...
  24. ethanbear111

    Inverts Won’t Survive

    I have a Reefer 350 that has been running for about five to six months, with three fish, a mini angel, a royal gramma and a damsel fish. I have tried all sorts of invertebrates and they just won’t survive. Snails, coral, an anemone and cleaner shrimp. My only living invert is a tiny blue hermit...
  25. AquaLocker


    We just posted some acans in Davy Jones Locker that are AMAZING!!! Here are a few to tempt you... see them all here:
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