1. Luke iskra

    Ai prime on 10g need help setting up

    bought an ai prime HD for my 10gallon reef tank need advice on how to set this thing up I’m running a pirates of the Caribbean setting the tank dimensions are 20L 12H 8W have the light mounted about 10 inches off water surface Have the acclimation mode on at 30% for 20 days By the looks of it...
  2. Tony Thompson

    Indonesian coral export situation.

    Hi I thought I would pass on some news from one of my coral suppliers in the UK. (Reefworks). No official confirmation of the contents of the statement. Please Use information at one's discretion. Indonesian coral export situation. I thought it time to fill everyone in on the situation with...
  3. Luke iskra

    Help With AI Prime HD on 32 Biocube

    hey guys so i got myself a 32 biocube from a friend and decided to take the top cover off cause the lights dont really work so i thought about getting the AI Prime HD light do the tank is 21/21/21 the light says it supports up to 24/24/24 but works best on 18/18/18 do you guys think this light...
  4. Luke iskra

    Does my clown require a special anemone to host?

    Hey guys so i have 10gallon reef tank with two clowns Amphiprion polymnus also known as saddle back clown and a regular clown the saddle back i take is the female since she’s like like 3 times the size of the male So i was told by a fellow friend at my local fish store that the saddle back...
  5. VSVP bet

    Mangrove Owners Needed! Lagoon tank build and stocking questions.

    Hello All, I acquired around 5/6 mangrove pods from a recent trip to FL. The pods are growing out nicely in the refugium of my 90G tank. As I let them fully develop, I think it is best to look toward the future as they cannot permanently live in a sump. The solution, I plan on buying glass and...
  6. K

    Alabama High End Montis | Rainbow Acans

    Hello! Some new items up for grabs. That said, shipping a flat $45; I'll eat the cost if more, via FedEx Next Day. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large number of items. #1 Acan Colony $125 #2 Acan Frag $40 SOLD #3 Acan Frag $80 SOLD (Whenever someone sees my tanks this is...
  7. ccurnick

    Coral in the Capitol

    FTS update 05-08-19: I’m back to the hobby after a 4-5 year break, hailing from Washington DC. All of my goodies from BRS came in today, still waiting on my tank, lights, pumps, and stand to come in some time this week. Then i will seal the inside of the stand and get to plumbing! Still...
  8. AquaLocker

    Somebody Buy This Hammer Coral (so I don't buy it!)

    Help a friend out and buy this Hammer Coral so I am no longer tempted to spend money that I don't have! :rolleyes: Get it RIGHT here: There are a lot of hammers and torches in the Locker this week, but this is definitely my personal...
  9. AquaLocker

    MOST Livestock Inventory We've Seen in MONTHS!

    Sorry Summer, but don't let the door hit you on the way out! We will be posting ALL day, but we are thrilled to share that we have gotten in some AMAZING inventory in almost all categories! SHOP here: :):):):):):):):):):)
  10. BedrockIOMC

    Will use in the future, I love Chaos Aquaculture

    My first on line buy of corals was right here. I love how the whole thing went. They got in touch with me from the start and got shipping set up. They also sent me a Free frag for just buying from them. I got in touch with them and let them know that I could not put a SPS coral in my tank...
  11. CenlaReefer

    Best food for toadstool leathers?

    I LOVE toadstool leathers (sarcophytons) and have a 20 gallon softie-only DT that has about 7 different sarcophytons. The tank has 3 fish which I feed daily with a generous amount of some thawed San Francisco Bay Brand Emerald Entree. The corals seem to do well yet are not growing as fast as I...
  12. Esquire805

    Why are duncan corals turning neon green

    Yes my Duncan began to turn neon and not open up is it to much light or not a certain spectrum of light help
  13. Brian Goldstein

    California LARGE, BEAUTIFUL - Australian Elegance Coral 4 sale.

    Hey Reefers I am selling my Australian Elegance coral (purple tips). Since I've downsized to a nano, this guy just takes up too much room. It has a 4 inch skeleton, 4 mouths, and is 6-7 inches in diameter when fully open; it is super puffy, with long/flowing tentacles (picture doesn't do it...
  14. scott11106

    loud single click, not mechanical ? banded coral shrimp?

    so once or twice a day sometimes none i hear a single loud click, cant find what it is but i have been very carefull to not add any unwanted creatures so i dont know what it is. tonight i was placing a new coral frag and i have a banded coral shrimp and he used his claws to snap at me..(little...
  15. Luke iskra

    What can a current USA orbit grow and how strong is it really

    I’ve been trying to get some input on the current USA marine orbit led light There is 3 different versions of them atm The regular The ic The ic pro I currently have the regular on a 10 gallon tank about 2 inches off the surface how much power is this thing really
  16. Luke iskra

    Pocillopora coral dies in few hours any reason why?

    have Pocillopora coral in my tank got stung by my hammer alittle bit moved him over to the other side of the tank mostly same height and all from light started growing back for about a week today i look and all his polyps Are gone basically a whitish stick is he dead? If so what could of caused...
  17. T

    California WTB frogspawn, torch, hammer

    Looking to buy a torch,hammer or frogspawn in or near the Sacramento area pls msg me if you have any for sale .
  18. Luke iskra

    What is this weird pink blob on my rocks and coral

    hey guys I’ve been having a few issues with my tank these last few weeks I’ve noticed i have some weird pink blob on my rocks here and there mostly every rock has atleast one now i noticed it on my hammer head corals stems i have some pictures of i poked out with my tweezers but they basically...
  19. Brian Goldstein

    California WTB- YELLOW Hammer Coral

    Hey Reefers! I've been looking to buy a yellow hammer for awhile now, but I haven't been able to find one. MileHighReefers featured them on his channel months back. Picture is below: Thanks all! -BG
  20. Gator2019

    Selling to a local fish store. Fair pricing?

    I made a post last week about selling to my local fish store. I traded 6-8 1” Kenyan tree frags that had fallen off of my mine tree and I got $6 store credit. While I was there I saw they had a 3”-4” blue throat trigger and that has been a fish I have wanted for a while. It was going for around...
  21. Luke iskra

    Snail death any idea why and from what

    so guys s few weeks ago i got myself a red foot snail around an inch to two in size had him for a while loved how he looked so i descidsd go get another two of them i got two of them did the drip method and all they lived for a week the new one died first than my original old one and today my...
  22. mistresscorals

    Livestock Warpaint, bleeding apple and Wellso raffle.

    Hello all, Mistress corals is doing a “winners choice” raffle. Shipping included. We have a few spots left. Drawing will be done when spots are sold or Sunday September 1st. Follow the link and join Mistress Corals VIP group to participate...
  23. Luke iskra

    Remodeling tank good or bad idea

    hey guys i have a 8 month old tank first reef tank and when i was new i basically took what i could and made if happen. I’ve been planning to remove the rocks from the picture and replace them with new dry rocks for s better shape to get more flow in the back have a lot of settling happening...
  24. Luke iskra

    What is this coral and why isn’t he thriving

    hey y’all, so i got this coral pack from some guy offline bunch of stone corals and some softies he said they’d survive under my light but they really aren’t doing too well don’t know the exact same of them but i have some pictures of before and after Also been having low ph problems usually...
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