1. Stpatrick

    California Live Goods Lots of Indo LPS/Torches for sale.

    I can ship or if local in San Diego you can pick them up my house. Standard DOA policy. Spend over 300 gets free overnight shipping. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not refund shipping costs. I am also not responsible for shipping issues but will do my...
  2. thenanoreef

    Illinois Lighting LED Drygoods Kessil A80 Tuna Blue - SOLD

    Hello! Selling my Kessil A80 Tuna Blue. Asking $50 shipped. I bought the fixture used 1 year ago, then used it myself at about 50% power for the past year. It's in good working condition, but the dimming curve on the intensity is a little weird in that the light kicks on once the intensity knob...
  3. J

    Florida Skimmers Drygoods Deltec 1500i skimmer will ship

    Hello I have a deltec 1500i skimmer available for sale. It’s used but in great condition has been used for about year now. I can ship SOLD!
  4. A

    Is anemone dying? Help!

    Hi, I recently ordered a green bubble tip anenome from the divers den. Upon arrival it looks pretty sad. The mouth is wide open with white coming out of it? I am new to saltwater and this is my first anenome! I've had my tank for about 8 months and it has just been fish and live rock...
  5. N

    Minnesota Live Goods Large Maxima Clams (5+ inch)

    Couple large (5 inch) Maxima clams available. Showpiece size. Ultra Blue Left - $185 Right - Blue Lightning markings - $230 I can ship . Please PM me for shipping quote Blue Lighting Mantle - Mantle is dark blue, and markings are neon blue (hard to capture true color on camera. but...
  6. T

    Reefaplooza coral on a plane

    I plan on going to reefaplooza this weekend and I'm traveling by plane (5+ hour flight across the country) I'm hoping to bring home some coral however I'm not sure how or if I can even bring coral home with me as I'll be in California 2 days following the show end. Is there any way for me to...
  7. N

    Minnesota Live Goods Large Blue Maxima Clam

    Beautiful Maxima clam. Super blue with snake skin patterning on the mantle. Large 5 inch showpeice! Not one of those tiny 2 inchers that are so common now. $175 plus shipping. Shoot me your zip code for shipping quote Can put up more Maxima clams if interested. PM me. Mantle patterning
  8. Karen00

    Is there any livestock that can be shipped from the US to Canada

    Hello fellow saltines, I've done some searches but I'm still not sure about this. I'm talking about creatures that aren't on the cites list or are otherwise prohibited. Stock could be from LFSs but I'm thinking more of livestock from hobbyists who are willing to ship. Are there any corals...
  9. Coral Kai

    Question: When to use a heat/cold pack and when to not include one during shipping?

    I wanted to ask what people thought about related to the temperatures of when to use a heat pack, cold pack, and when not to use one. I'm under the assumption that temperatures will drop overnight during transit and therefore even if I'm shipping from a location thats 80F to another location...
  10. Kh director set

    For sale Oregon Kh director set

    I have a 4 month old kh director for sale it comes with a almost brand new 1 month old doser 2.1 slave version, the probe that you will receive is practically brand new as well as I just bought it a month ago I have it stored in kci solution , if this sells fast I might even throw in some free...
  11. Diveks

    Help with picking a mantis shrimp

    So after careful consideration i’ve decided to setup a mantis shrimp tank. I have a temporary 20g with caves for him/her to get used to associating me with food before moving to a larger tank. I’ve experienced several different tiny fish and inverts dying off after being too scared to venture...
  12. damsels are not mean

    Are the heat packs we use for shipping actually pointless? Is there a better solution?

    I was researching coral shipping and temperatures and so on and came across this older thread: It seems to be the only one I've seen with data on temperatures over several hours in the cold simulating shipping. I would love to see any and...
  13. Karen00

    Shout out to Canadian Fedex

    I haven't had my tank running for that long (about 4 months) and up until now I have managed to find everything at my lfs's so I have been able to go and pick everything up... Until now. I have had a hard time finding a couple fish locally along with some sexy shrimp. Everyone locally keeps...
  14. musaabi

    Shipping prices

    I’m in the process of moving and wanted to get my fish shipped to me. I went into FedEx and it getting prices for over $200 for overnight shipping. Was curious for those of you who ship, how do you lower costs? Everything is in a 10 gallon currently so not a ton of stuff.
  15. Snaizel

    Waterbox delivery questions

    Hey everyone I was considering ordering a waterbox aio 50.3 but I have some concerns about delivery. I live in South Philly and the city streets here are very very narrow and full of parked cars. Its hard enough to get a standard moving van down here let alone a freight shipment and I've never...
  16. F

    Urchin bag leaked water during shipping

    Hi guys, I just received a short spine urchin in the mail in a plastic bag.. obviously the bag leaked and when I received him he was in water that was maybe 1/4 his height. I've read that air is bad for urchins, so things didnt look good. I just filled his bag up with tank water, and let him...
  17. Sakudo4

    To ship or not to?

    The question is to ship or not to ship .I'm all for it but I'm just a small fry and my shipping is not as low as other people's prices . I'm all for it if someone is willing to pay But it won't be cheap. I know volume would bring down the shipping price as far as discount but just staring to...
  18. Z

    OG bounce, rare mushrooms in Europe

    Hello, I've been looking for some rare mushrooms for a long time, such as OG bounce, discosoma jawbreaker, etc. Outside Europe, these beautiful corals are often offered, but nothing in Europe. I am from the Czech Republic and I would like to order this beautiful coral. In good weather, the coral...
  19. unchaotic

    Next Day Air Coral Shipping

    I see that when people are selling corals on here they are typically listed as Next Day Air shipping. I understand this; the faster the shipping, the more likely the coral will survive. The question I have is, as long as the weather is agreeable, will coral typically survive two days in...
  20. TheSeas

    Freight Cost Planet Aquarium

    Quick question; I am in NJ and am considering a Planet Aquariums build 120 - 150G. Curious to see what freight costs you all have typically experienced with these tanks as I am comparing the price on Planet's website vs. an LFS quote I received. (This is strictly freight; there is a separate...
  21. D

    UniHeat 40 hours heat pack was cold when the package arrived

    Happy New Years Eve guys! I recently shipped some corals to my friend as a Christmas gift using the UniHeat 40 hours pad and a styrofoam box. My friend told me that when he received the box. The water was ice cold and the heat pack was not working at all. Does it happen to you guys too? Is...
  22. Salemsoul

    What Did You Do To My Bulma?!

    I am writing this as both a cautionary reminder during the holidays & because of my love for all things Dragon Ball. I ordered a Christmas Wrasse, we named Bulma, from a local shop here in NC. They were too far to drive so I shipped her to my house. At 5:00am, I received an "update" email...
  23. argiBK

    Vendors Shipping Fedex: Please Forego the Signature

    Warning: This this rant Today's the third time in a row where Fedex has failed to even attempt delivery for an overnight shipment. I've been home waiting the package all three times, and no knock or even a door tag. I'm convinced that anytime I have a Fedex package that requires signature upon...
  24. Nanojoe

    Red Sea and Shipping Questions

    I had a couple of questions in relevance to a shipping timeline and process of receiving the actual aquarium. - How long or average wait time did you go through to get your aquarium on your doorstep? - Not really familiar with drop shipping but seems its straight forward? - Do they contact me...
  25. SR Reefing

    I Don't Like How We Ship SPS Coral, So I Build My Own SR Coral Transport System

    Hi, I have been buying coral online for a long time. SPS frag cost anywhere between $5-$700. The way I received them is really poor. Sometime the bag leaks, sometime coral is sitting at the bottom of the bag. It is time for a change. Icecap has a nice transport system but cost over $20. Other...