1. NoLobster

    Should I adjust Alkalinity?

    Hey All, I have a 2.5 month old 20 gallon IM Nuvo AIO. You can see more about the build in my build thread: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/no-lobsters-allowed-20-gal-reef.653171/ I'm using Instant Ocean Reef Crystals and have been testing my Calcium, Alk, and Mg regularly the past few weeks...
  2. Gadamwoll

    Master Inventory Coral List

    I am working on a coral spreadsheet of all the different corals and how to care (food, flow, placement, light) for them and estimated retail value if anyone wants to help contribute can message me. I have each sheet in a category for Zoa, Aussie, Chalice, Fazia, etc. This is just a rough draft...
  3. Lotus Reef

    New Arrivals! Check out the site for new wysiwyg posted just now!

    Zoa Frag A43-2019-10-05 $10 Favia Frag A44-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A45-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A46-2019-10-05 $10 Zoa Frag A47-2019-10-05 $10 Platygyre Frag A48-2019-10-05 $10 Kenya Tree A49-2019-10-05 $10 Red Mushroom A50-2019-10-05 $10 Kenya Tree A51-2019-10-05 $10...
  4. B

    Low tech mixed reef crashing

    Hello Everybody, My tank is 2 and half year old and is a 32g biocube. I have a kessil 160WE, ATO, heater, circulation pump and hammers, Lepto, FrogSpwan, Acans, Toadstool. Some scarlet hermit crabs and some snails. The tank is clean minimal algae growth, I do water change every two weeks with...
  5. The Aquatic Arsenal

    WYSIWG Coral Update Made 10/1

    Aussie Candy Cane Double Head A167-2019-09-25 $26 Acan A168-2019-09-25 $16 Blasto A169-2019-09-25 $15 Duncan Three Heads A170-2019-09-25 $35 Duncan Three Heads #2 A171-2019-09-25 $35 Blue/ Red Acan Lord A172-2019-09-25 $46 Blue/ Red Acan Lord #2 A173-2019-09-25 $46 Ricordea...
  6. Lotus Reef

    New WYSIWYG Corals Updated To Site

    Multicolored Trachy A1-2019-09-29 $80 Lobo A2-2019-09-29 $35 Rainbow Trachy A3-2019-09-29 $85 Symphyllia A4-2019-09-29 $199 Orange Lobo A5-2019-09-29 $50 Symphyllia Wilsoni A6-2019-09-29 $149 Lobo Colony A7-2019-09-29 $130 Bubble Coral A8-2019-09-29 $85 Neon Green Trachy...
  7. AquaLocker

    OMG - Check out this Favia in Davy Jones Locker!!!

    This is one of our many new WYSIWYG pieces from our Texas facility! Make This Yours: https://aqualocker.com/wysiwyg/favia-favites-gj/al-favia-sunshine-2-50-al0051/
  8. CUSE1315


    A few packs are up for sale. Shipping is $45 in the lower 48. Combine packs and only pay shipping once. All photos are WYSIWYG. Pack #1. 12 PACK OF ZOAS - $169 GBP, Fruit Loops, Radioactive Dragon Eyes, ARC Blue Diamonds, Egg Yolks, Sakura Sunrise, LA Lakers, CC Circus, My Clementines...
  9. CUSE1315


    A few packs are up for sale. Shipping is $45 in the lower 48. Combine packs and only pay shipping once. All photos are WYSIWYG. Pack #1. 12 PACK OF ZOAS - $169 GBP, Fruit Loops, Radioactive Dragon Eyes, ARC Blue Diamonds, Egg Yolks, Sakura Sunrise, LA Lakers, CC Circus, My Clementines...
  10. KaliReeFiend

    Feeding and Dosing

    Getting ready to purchase my first corals and right now I’m interested in LPS and Soft. I was curious do you need to dose and keep Calcium, Mag, Phos, and Alk up like you would an LPS tank? And as far as feeding I’m assuming something like Reef Roids would be my go to for these guys correct? Im...
  11. B

    Duncan coral dying?

    I've just checked in this weekend on my coral and I'm guessing it's bleaching/super stressed. I've had it for about a month and seemed to be starting to grow some new heads. I got it originally with some dead heads, but it seemed to be recovering great until this weekend. My other lps coral has...
  12. smartwater101

    Another "fastest growing coral" thread. Share you top growers!

    Aside from blue polyp, GSP, and Xenia, what are some of your fastest growing corals? I'm especially curious about your fastest growing SPS. Please share photos as well!
  13. MadCityReefer

    Wisconsin Gold Octspawn

    Collectors piece! Rare Gold Octospawn about to split $500 shipped
  14. CUSE1315


    Mixed pack of 13 Frags up for sale! $399 (NOW $379!) Shipped To the lower 48! All WYSIWYG! 3 Rainbow Acans 2 Ultra Goniopora Blood Diamond Favia Dragon soul Favia Tropic Thunber Montipora OG Mummy Eye Chalice CC Space Ghost Chalice FHC Jaw Jacker Acro PC Rainbow Acro JF Kung Fu Fighter Paly
  15. W

    Duncan help

    I’ve had my Duncan for about 4 days now. I understand it may take some time to open. However it has a brown /white slime over it. Any ideas as to why?!
  16. jaseyrenae

    Candy Cane coral dying?!

    I bought a pretty big purple candy cane colony a couple weeks back and for the last week the tissue has been receding on a few heads and it hasn’t been plumping up like it was when I first got it. Does anyone have an advice on anything I could do to possibly help it recover would be greatly...
  17. Reefer40b

    Colorado Moving Sale #2 Still have corals!! Rare elegance's, Clams, scolys! Indo Peach Frog! More Torches! I SHIP!

    I decided to sell some more of my stock, I still have too much coral! Some of my nice stuff that I was considering moving I have decided to sell. Updated 10/14 Please read through the list carefully, yes it's big, be sure to specify size as some of them I have multiple sizes and send me your...
  18. Architeuthis

    Midas Blenny eating LPS

    Has anyone else experienced this? Midas blenny has been in the tank for probably 4-5 months and this is the first time I've witnessed this behavior.
  19. TCK Corals

    Heatwave 40% OFF Sale 88 New WYSIWYG LPS AND SPS - ACAN, ACROs, ZOAS, MONTI's Corals Just Updated to site!

    Click on the links below and do not wait to checkout as there's no way for us to guarantee your product wont be checked out by someone else looking at the product at the same time. Rainbow Acan AUT78-2019-08-24 $125 Sweet Acan AUT79-2019-08-24 $150 Yellow Ring Acan AUT80-2019-08-24 $125...
  20. TCK Corals


    HEAT WAVE CONTINUES NEW PRODUCTS JUST LOADED Save 40% off on all WYSIWYG corals on our site. No coupon needed. SHOP NOW https://tckcorals.com Rrc Marvin The Martian AUT1-2019-08-22 $185 Tck Kaleidoscope AUT2-2019-08-22 $199 Tck Kaleidoscope #2 AUT3-2019-08-22 $125 Tsa Bill Murray...
  21. Schteeve

    LPS Identification and care advice

    Hey everyone :) Bought this LPS from the store, they said it was a goniopora but i cant find any similar images googling goni species. can anyone ID it? also I may have added him to the tank too soon. He's lost some polyps and is pretty retracted, looking quite miserable. and he has a lot of...
  22. AquariumSpecialty

    14th Anniversary Aquarium Specialty Fall Kickoff Live Sale - Sept 28th

    Scroll Down for Details and Teasers! THE LIVE SALE BEGINS TOMORROW 9/28/2019 AT NOON EASTERN.
  23. Underwatergardeners


    Hello everyone, I have a 8 coral frag pack for $200 shipped any questions feel free to send a private message. Thanks :) Reading Rainbow Acan 7up Micromusa Orange Rainbow Chalice Dragon Soul Favia Og Mummy Eye Chalice Blasto UG Sour Apple Monti JF Burning Banana