So the question is... Is it STILL a surprise update if this is our second weekend doing one? LOL but seriously, we just added some pretty gorgeous pieces to the site and I think you won't want to miss them! [VIEW HERE] ________________________________________________________________________...

    Its a time lapse thread y'all! (But really... this is cool I promise!)

    For those of you that are already following us this wont be anything new. But for those just clicking into our forum for the first time: Hi :) We really enjoy making time lapses of corals eating. Sometimes they cooperate and actually eat, sometimes they don't but 100% of the time it looks...
  3. Sackocats

    Build Thread Colorado Springs Looking for Reef Friends

    Hello Everybody, I am a 23 year old reefer about to graduate college looking for other reefers in the Colorado Springs area to talk reef with and perhaps trade corals, or just take a coral or two of my hands. My tank is a little more than 2 years old with a little bit of everything. This reef...
  4. G

    California Green Blue Bubble coral FS

    Hi, My green blue splatter bubble coral is FS! This chonky alien has gotten too big for my tank and it’ll continue to grow. I am sure it’d look even bigger in a bigger tank since mine is pressing onto the glass . About 5x4 inches in girth when its fully open! 180? Or idk nice torches to...
  5. J

    Build Thread Fluval nano mixed reef

    New nano reef tank I’ve been working on. Just got a lot of great deals on a nice selection of frags. I’m excited to see this start to fill out. I’m going a make a few adjustments but this is the setup at the moment
  6. attiland

    Just lost 2 heads of my Duncan

    Hi all, I have this Duncan for almost 6 months and was happy as can be. It even grew in size. I haven’t noticed any changes until today evening. I have 2 head missing all of the sudden without warning. I mean yesterday had all the 5 heads and today I have one completely missing an one seems...
  7. Sakudo4

    California Easy LPS 6 pack

    Easy LPS 6 pack all healed and encrusting already 90$ local pickup only located in socal 1. Orange lepto 2. Oj cyphastrea 3. Tmnt chalice 4. War favia 5. Orange eye chalice 6. Orange lepto About 4 packs available-/+
  8. E

    Alkalinity help please

    So I’m confused and need some help I have a mixed reef tank softies/lps and I have been testing my alkalinity each day for 7 days to try and figure out how much to dose each day, I am using the Hanna alkalinity checker so it’s pretty accurate, my problem is it’s staying the same I have no drop...
  9. TreyC2010

    LPS Receding.

    Happy Easter! I’ve had some recent bad luck. My LPS came in and were doing beautifully for quite a while, but within the last month or two they’ve obviously not done well. Tank params I’ve measured are Alk 8 (Hanna) Nitrate .2ppm (salifert) Salinity 1.025 I have a Fuge and it’s filthy. It’s...
  10. TangAddict

    Coral problems

    most of my chalice, LPS, montipora, and euphelia corals have been either closed, or loosing color. I’ve tested and everything seems normal. Soft corals and zoas look fine. Any ideas?
  11. G


    What are these acans and how much can they go for? Dont mint my ufo scoly in the back it got devoured by my yuma mushroom lol i moved him here.
  12. JonnyTorch

    Is this a sponge on my Acan?

    Hey guys just like the title says. My Acan has new fleshy heads all over but the other side on the skeleton this white thingy popped up, it looks like it retracts and is fleshy too, is this a sponge? The other heads are growing great, some of which are smaller than that white thing. What is...
  13. T

    I forgot what this guy is lol

    The fish store I got this from told me the name and kind of coral this is but I forgot, can someone fill me in? Thanks!
  14. R

    Powerhead MP10

    Hey guys , I just bought the mp10 for my nuvo fusion 20 , I’m gonna run lps and softies , however, I’m having trouble with the mobius app as far as what I should place the settings on for that style tank , can I see some of you that have that style (lps & softies) tank and what you run it on...
  15. Schraufabagel

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 - Build Thread

    Hey, I'm new here. I have some freshwater tanks (and purchased a couple more on the way) that range from betta fish, planted, and eventually a shrimp tank. I decided to take the plunge into saltwater since I think reef tanks look awesome! I'm in Wisconsin, so much of what I order will probably...
  16. Schreiber

    Build Thread Leviathan Lagoon- DIY Automation, Custom Laser-Etched Canopy, & More In My New & Improved Tank!

    I’ve actually been writing & re-writing this build thread since August. Every time I’m about to post it, I make another major change/addition & put it off by another month. But I finally decided to set it in stone & post! My thread index has the coolest/most unique sections in bold, if...
  17. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Easter Extravaganza Sale! ***OVER 2500 CORALS*** $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS!!

  18. attiland

    New frags losing tissue?

    Hi all, I had some new fags 2 weeks ago an I seems to have it loosing tissue on the edges. Not sure if this is just because of new environment/lighting or I am placing it to the wing place. The one on the pic I can’t see polyps eve at close to night time which is worrying me most. added a pic...
  19. E

    Glueing lps skeleton

    So I was just wondering if I could glue part of the side of a frogspawn skeleton that has aptasia or something growing on it? It’s near the bottom of the skeleton but kind of on the side as well.
  20. M

    What coral is this?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased and fragged a large specimen of a coral advertised as a hammer coral. I had doubts from the start of it being a hammer coral but I am still unsure what type of euphyilia coral this is. You can see from the pictures that it has a branching structure and a bunch of...
  21. rastafan

    California WWC Rainbow Blasto mini colony

    Hi there, Letting go this piece, at least 6 heads! Standard DOA applies and will ship only if weather is clear in your area. $620 Shipped Feel free to measage me if you have questions. Thanks.
  22. S

    Acan coral behavior

    Hi Everyone, I had this acan in my tank and was doing well. But I could see one of the heads half deflated. I am not sure if this is normal or not? Can anyone please help me? I have attached both before and after pictures. Thank you so much in advance.
  23. revhtree

    QUESTION OF THE DAY Mama-SCOLY-mia! Love or Hate and how do you keep them healthy?

    I personally love scolys! They are bigger corals, normally very colorful and bright, can be hand fed and much more. Today let's talk SCOLY! "Scolymia are one of the most highly sought after large polyp stony corals in the reef keeping hobby. They’ve been popular ever since intensely colored...

    REEFTIDE’S FRAG FRENZY SALE! 300+ Awesome Frags! New Frags Ever Hour!

    Hey Reefers! Mark your calendar because on Saturday, March 20th we will be having a FRAG FRENZY SALE! From 12 PM to 5 PM (EST) ONLY, you’ll be able to get your hands on TONS of frags at CRAZY discounts. We’ve got over 300 frags on sale! We’ve got some going for $10 & even for as little as $5...
  25. DustinWRX526

    Post Your Torches!