1. T

    Favia problem....

    Hello! I am hoping to get some help on these favia coral frags I bought a year ago. I am just trying to learn more and really understand what is most likely causing my problem. I have a Christmas favia and a dragon soul favia. When I bought them they had great coloration and shape. Over the...
  2. Travis Warren

    California Fogspawn 18 heads for $150 Cash. Local Pickup Only

    Hi I have my 18 head blue tip fogspawn. Local pick up only. I live in Ocean Beach, CA or can meet in San Diego area.
  3. Rijodan

    Help ID this mystery coral.

    I got this a month ago from the lfs and other than it be a "supernatural" encrusting coral i didn't get any other information about it. Probably should have asked more questions but I was excited as always at the coral store. Mainly I want to know the type so I know how to care for it best. It...
  4. Mr_Knightley

    Official Acanthophyllia, Cynarina, and Indophyllia show off (and appreciation) thread!

    So... I noticed that only true "pet corals", Acanthos, Cynos, and the like, don't yet have an appreciation thread. So here it is! Post pictures and ask questions here. Acanthos & relatives,in my opinion, are some of the coolest corals out there. They come in so many different forms and...
  5. R

    Excited to come back to groove after a couple year break

    Hello R2R community. I've been reefing since 2012 and took a break for a gap of about 2 years due to living situations. Finally got set up again and decided to set up for propagation this go around as that what was I always enjoyed, fragging and watching corals grow. My current setup is a 75 gal...
  6. N

    Help! Unknown tank infection, possible scoly dying

    As youll see in the picture, there is something not right on my Scoly and it started on my mushroom which died, moved to my torch which died and then moved to my favia which... yep... you guessed it.... died. I cant let my scoly go, havnt got many corals left now, can someone please help me...
  7. TCK Corals

    30% Off Flash Sale Sitewide All WYSIWYG

  8. Coralqueendom

    Hello from Coralqueendom

    Hello there from coral queendom‍♀️‍♀️ I am a female reefer with two coral reef tanks from Wisconsin in the United States @Coralqueendom
  9. S

    Hammer Coral Question

    Hey guys what’s my hammer coral doing?
  10. Dave Thomas

    LPS and the Fluval Marine and Reef 2.0 light- 90 gallon

    I need some advice from real people- because it seems like Fluval owns Google. All I can get is a dang commercial or store ad when I write anything about lighting levels for this light. I have a 90- gallon that has been doing well for over 3 years. Mostly a fish only, but then, last year, I...
  11. Cl0wnfish

    New but I have experience :)

    Hey there! I have been reefing for 7 years and started with a 15 gallon bow front with t5s and a Fluval 306 canister filter and hang on the back fluval filter for extra filtration. I now have a 29g with a external sump, protein skimmer with fluval sea leds with lps, sps, softies and two clowns...
  12. Proverbs3:5-6

    Picking out new coral!

    Hey everyone, I’m thinking I want to pick out some new coral for my tank. I’m running a 75gallon with an ati 48” dimmable 8x54 t5 fixture. I really have no experience with sps corals and usually stick to lps and softies. I had been out of the hobby but recently got back in and so far have some...
  13. habavonc

    California Huge GSP colony

    It is almost 25 inches long and more then 4 inches wide with multiple hanging beautiful brunches. Asking $120
  14. Baker Co.

    Utah Tons of LPS and Zoas

    LPS and Zoas!!!! These are WYSIWYG but I do have multiples of most. Please PM me with any questions. Shipping is $35 within Utah. All other lower 48 states are $50. Local pick up is available buy appointment only, Located in St. George Utah. ** Pictures taken under T5s Blue+ & Coral+ with...
  15. N

    Blasto new head or something else?

    I’ve had this blasto for almost a year and it’s doing fantastic. The one head that I got is currently splitting into to, but about a month ago I spotted this brown structure on the right growing. Is that new skeleton growing or is it something else? The first picture was right after a water...
  16. TCK Corals

    You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? NEW WYSIWYG Just Uploaded | Goni's, acro's, echinata's oh my!

    We just posted some fire new frags on to the site... Hurry before all the fire ones are gone. You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? :eek:
  17. S

    Favia help

    I think something is wrong with my favia can anyone identify what’s wrong with it?
  18. R33fedOut

    UPDATED: R33fedOut's Innovative Marine Lagoon 25 Mini Frag Tank Build**

    The Innovative Marin Lagoon 25 AIO w/APS Stand is my Newest Build To address My itch for a mini Frag lagoon. This build has been a vision of mine for a while w/o going huge I decided against substrate and chose to go bare bottom with an elevated egg crate frag rack the entire footprint of the...
  19. J

    Ohio XXL Aussi Duncan

    $325 - This Duncan coral is one of a kind. It has grown in a Sea Fan like shape so it does not require much space front to back and is nearly 14" across. No clue how many heads. I have tried to could on several occasions. Sorry for the poor picture quality. It just doesn't give this piece the...
  20. S

    Coral ID Please

    Hello, I bought these corals awhile ago. I believe the green one is a chalice and the orange/purple is an Acan E, but I just want to be totally sure. The green one has grown since I bought it but the orange one seems to grow much slower. Any advice is appreciated, and sorry for bad picture...
  21. O

    Is this a Leptoseris?

    Hi folks... need help identifying this coral Is this a leptoseris? Thanks
  22. R

    Anyone know what’s goin on with my Acan?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. Anyone know what’s goin on with my acan? I’m new to keeping acans so I’m not sure if this is normal or not, i bought this frag with about 3 heads on it and since I’ve been feeding it, it sprouted a couple new heads and it’s been plump and full since I got...
  23. R

    Coral id

    Hi guys, hope you’re all doing well. I picked up a new piece for my tank today, was told it was a lepto but couldn’t find it when I googled it. I was told it was a long polyp lepto, is anyone able to identify it for me? It’s mainly orange with green/yellow center in each head. I will post...
  24. TMA

    1 DAY SALE ONLY 20% OFF ALL WYSIWYG CORAL + Plus Spend $350, Get $30 Off Your Order - INDO GOLD TORCH 2 HEADS $240!

    If you haven't checkout our site yet now is your chance to follow us as we ramp up some big Indo shipments coming in soon. So in an effort to make some room in the tanks we're hosting a large website sale. (sale is not available at the store) Visit our website today and find ALL our WYSIWYG...
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