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  1. Nate_Krohn

    Hammer skeleton has a black coating over it

    I just noticed that my hammer has a black fuzzy looking coating over it. I have no idea what is happening. It’s open and happier than ever during the day. Please let me know what I can do
  2. AustinC63

    Ai Hydra 32 Par Readings

    So i rented a par meter the other day and wanted to share my findings for someone that may not want to rent one or have the ability to rent one. I am using the Ai Hydra 32 on a 40 gallon breeder tank with the HMS Single Light Mount Kit by Aqua Illumination mounted at max height. All readings...
  3. MrDeathKills

    32gallon biocube. Lighting solution.

    Alright wife has decided to look into all avenues of lighting. She may allow me to take the hood off if the light we get is worth it. So I will list the lights we are looking at and you guys/gals can tall me how you feel about it. 32gallon biocube. Ai prime 16HD Hydra 26HD Hydra 32HD RedSea 50...
  4. mikedavematt

    Build Thread Shallow Lagoon Reef - Waterbox Frag 105.4

    Hi - I'm new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself with a tank build thread. Here are some shots of my shallow lagoon reef. It's about 1.5 years old. I call it a shallow lagoon reef tank because it features approximately 50 mangrove seed pods, as well as many some usual livestock...
  5. Chipper1978

    Frogspawn DOA?

    Frogspawn arrived with a lot of expelled mucous like substance in the bag and an absolutely horrendous smell. I acclimated, dipped, and placed in my tank anyway. It is still expelling long stringy mucus like substance (only been in for about 10 minutes). Is it dead or just stressed?
  6. MrDeathKills

    Ai Prime VS 32 Hydra HD

    Hi my wife has given me approval to cut a hole in our 32gallon biocube hood. But the stipulation is the light has to go i to the hood and not been seen from the outside. So the 2 commons lights i see being installed are The ai prime and the hydra 26 or 32. Which one would you perfer and why...
  7. MrDeathKills

    Coral placement help.

    Need help with placement of coral we are picking up tomorrow. 1 is sand or flat rocks on sand. Then we go on up to 4 where the most light gets. I don’t have an issue putting coral in the back of the rock structure. I will just post the type of coral rather then full names, if full names would...
  8. Nate_Krohn

    Too much flow for lps?

    I just upgraded power heads and got a Nero 5. I set it on pulse mode and was wondering if it’s too much flow for my elegance coral on the sand bed? I have a video attached. Thanks!
  9. Amantijt

    Trying to identify something...

    So have a hammer and it’s always had some “dark spots” figured it was some discoloration of some sort. After tonight looks like it has spread ALOT since I’ve last paid attention to it. Might someone know what or why there is some blue Something growing around my hammer? Got the best pic I could...
  10. TopShelfAquatics

    Tons of Fresh Eye Candy!!!!

    Website is loaded with tons of fresh eye candy for your tank!!! Here's just a few of the pieces available now! Check them out here: bit.ly/FreshCoralCandy
  11. M

    EMERGENCY Blasts wellsi

    I bought a single head blasto wellsi coral and introduced it (properly) into my tank. It’s shaded and the lighting is low always anyway. It’s open but not all the way? Is this normal?
  12. TopShelfAquatics

    This update is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Just a sneak peak at some of the fire going on our site tonight!!! Don't let these gems slip away!!
  13. Tdoan

    Trachyphyllia Help

    Trachyphyllia help, on the right side there is some damaged tissue that is getting bigger. Can anyone identify this issue and what is the fix?
  14. J

    Elegance coral not opening

    Anyone have any thoughts on the coral? Salt 35, calcium 500, mag 1400, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate 0.
  15. J

    Goniopora species question

    I know there are specific species to goniopora and they have very specific requirement. I was hoping to come in contact with someone that is very familiar to all the species. was wondering which one mine belongs to? I bought it and it was displayed as pink goniopora
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    This TSA Ultimate Acantho is INSANE!!

    We have this Acantho that has been cooking up in our farm for a little while. The color on it is absolutely CRAZY!!! Check it out here: https://topshelfaquatics.com/product/tsa-ultimate-acantho/
  17. M

    I don’t know what this coral is help!

    I just got this coral today from my local petco don’t worry I dipped it twice and made sure it is pest free but when I got it no one told me what it was so I was wondering if you guys had any idea what it was thanks
  18. M

    Need help finding out what this coral is!

    Hey I just got this new coral from my local pet co don’t worry I’m dipping it now but when I got it all it said on the tag was coral frag so if someone could help me out on what this is and what the care is that would be awesome thanks!
  19. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  20. TCK Corals

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    If you missed out on our livesale deals, check this out! All weekend long, SAVE 30% Off Our Entire WYSIWYG Collection. https://tckcorals.com
  21. BaronReef

    Build Thread BaronReef's IM 25 Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Build

    Completely new to Reef2reef as of this morning and wanted to see how I could do with documenting my IM 25 Lagoon's progress thus far from build to present and also see what advice or thoughts other reefers might have. I'm a very verbose person...sorry in advance. For a little background, I've...
  22. tonarcega

    Adding Corals to Fallow Tank

    Hi guys. I'm new to saltwater and my current tank is a FOWLR and currently on fallow due to ich infestation. Can I add a few LPS to my tank?
  23. taylorn13

    Tank upgrade, when can I add some LPS??

    Hey guys, I just upgraded my 10 gallon to a 20 gallon innovative marine peninsula. Not sure what kind of start you would call this (if there even is any), but I basically used all the same rock in my 10 gallon (i kept them submerged and oxygenated during transfer) as well as filter media. I do...
  24. nanonøkk

    is my duncan coral dying

    ok so my duncan coral started to close yesterday and it normally dosent do that but a few other ones did as well and today i noticed that it has a lump on it’s side is this just sprouting a new head or something and if it is why is the smaller one behind it also closed.
  25. snowhite

    Chalice ID please?

    I have this fairly nondescript 5-6" Chalice. I saw one similar/same to it in some YouTube tank video panning across that didn't say anything about it, but don't remember who. Under normal lighting conditions it's fairly basic brown/burgundy'ish with white spots. Under blues it starts to...
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