1. Reeferaddicts

    Build Thread Chris's 36 gallon bowfront reef tank

    Here is the start of my 36 gal reef tank just waiting on sand currently spent some time on rock work. I'm pretty happy with how aqua scape came out. I have an Island for an utter chaos Zoa, Several over hangs and loops and hiding places. 2x hob filters, 2x red sea reef led 50, 2x Jeboa sw-4 wave...
  2. jacalhou

    Scolymia Propagation? Heck yes!

    Just got an email from Coral Magazine with a very intriguing headline. To date, there’s been no real way to propagate scolymia without harvesting and importing. Check this article out! Very...
  3. Screenshot_20211019-103001_WhatsApp.jpg


    Whats wrong with hammer !!!
  4. ClownFish664

    help picking a coral

    Hi all, Does anyone know what types of corals I can put top left and left side of my reef tank? This is where I have the higher flow from both the wave maker (1000 lph) and the surface skimmer. I'm using a G5 radion on soft/LPS setting
  5. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Livestock Trade Green Birdsnest For Trade

    I have about a half a dozen large green birds nest I'm looking to get rid of. A lot of these pieces you could cut down and get a few frags out of easily. Trade for other coral or you can buy them. Let me know what you have. The momma colony grows to fast lol.
  6. jtonephilthy

    Build Thread DIY 40g breeder reef system / 20g long sump / fuge

    What’s up everyone long time no see. I haven’t been very active on here lately and it feels great to be back!! Hope everyone is doing well out there! So I’ve finally been putting together a reef system that I’ve been planning since I moved to the Midwest this past February. It’s a 40...
  7. Freakmachine01

    Build Thread Mikey's Dream 120 gal mixed reef.

    Hello my name is Mikey and I decided to give a build thread a go. I actually started this tank just a little over 1 year ago but since then I have made many upgrades and have been very fortunate. Over the past year I have started with nothing and have added over $10,000 worth of coral and fish...
  8. C

    Coral Health Help

    A couple of my LPS corals are losing colour and can’t figure out what is causing it. I am experiencing an ammonia spike (of 1 mg/l) in a semi established tank. Aprox 4 months old. Completely cycled. All other corals seem to be happy. Were losing colour prior to detected spike both coral were...


  10. F

    Florida Livestock Trade Orange spot filefish

    I was wondering if anyone would want to trade this for any type of coral or goby just like a nano fish that’s reef safe. Right now it’s eating masstick and it’s reef safe for lps and certain sps
  11. D

    Is it true that real sunlight is bad for LPS?

    Hi everyone. I've been building my little coral farm recently. So, the idea was to use a real sunlight inside of the farm, therefore I built a glass roof above the coral pools. Problem is that here where I live I couldn't find any kind of nice blue shading material to get more of blue colors in...
  12. bReefedBaker

    New Acan addition to the aquarium

  13. REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    R2R Username: @charliethetuna Build Thread: My 400 Introduction: Hi my R2R family. It's an honor to be asked by [email protected] to be featured as tank of the month for October. My name is Charlie Pace. My handle name is charliethetuna on R2R and on Instagram. I am 43 years old and grew up in...
  14. A

    Can someone ID this LPS coral?

    Could some one Id this please was sold to me in a pack as a trumpet but it’s more then triple the size of an actual trumpet coral. Thinking maybe it’s a lobo or brain if some sort but not sure. Did a pic under white light for a clearer picture.
  15. G

    Whats happening to my Candy Cane Coral? the color came right off..

    Hey everyone, Long story short I was cleaning my tank and accidentally brushed up against my Candy Cane coral. Instantly the green color came off, Is this natural or is this the beginning of the end for it? Parameters look pretty normal salinity is a little high at 1.030 but that's why im doing...
  16. Koral King

    Build Thread Waterbox220.6 Koral King’s Reef

    Hey everyone, Im new to Reef2Reef and Ive probably started this thread a little too late for my tank but later is better than never! So I’m going to try to bring my waterbox220.6 (6 feet long) up to speed with how it is currently. Equipment: For lights I run four Radion XR30 G5 Blues. For...
  17. A

    Lobo not fully opening anymore

    Hi all! My lobo used to be a beautiful green/blue outside and orange inside. It used to throw out feeder tentacles every night and I loved watching it retract them every morning. It was my first coral. But now it doesn't do that. I've seen very small feeder tentacles during target feeds and it...
  18. A

    Trumpet color changing?

    I have this small trumpet colony. The flesh on 2 of the heads is starting to sort of change color but the rest are fine. Is this ok? All the heads are inflated and acting normal. It’s just these 2. My zoas are over growing as you can tell from the photo (I plan on fragging soon) could they...
  19. ReeferHendrix


    Not a question but just want to see everyone’s awesome trachys! It’s my favorite coral so far just love all the cool patterns and color to them, also any special advice you have for them. Here my two I got 4months ago
  20. C

    Is this Good flow for gonipora?

    Just added this into my tank couple hours ago. Is the flow OK for a gonipora? https://youtube.com/shorts/mjs0EyoGZAk?feature=share
  21. ClownFish664

    water change advice

    Ok, so I have a nano reef, its 50L having some algae issues at the moment. But my nitrates and phosphates of course go up over time. How often and how big of a water change should be performed on such a system. It does not use a protein skimmer and is LPS only. After noticing my nitrates and...
  22. ReeferHendrix

    Torch id

    Help identifying this torch it was a small shop and they had no clue. Has 2 heads got it for $85
  23. RiptideAquaculture

    Reef currents, Texas frag fest. How are we gonna get our coral from Florida to Texas!?

    From Florida to Texas! All for a frag swap!? What the heck was I thinking!! Not only is it a 13 hour drive with a ton of coral, but it’s called the “Texas two step”. Because we will be attending two conventions in one weekend. Yup pack up on Saturday the 11th at reef currents and set up at Texas...
  24. Waterbox Aquariums

    Want to Win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard TODAY? Join the WATERBOX + LIVING REEF ORLANDO Live Stream!

    Good morning, R2R! We will be going LIVE today at 1 PM EST with the one and only Ann of @Living Reef Orlando as we add in our new LPS corals to the REEF LX 320.7 and discuss their care. Join us and engage in the comments for your chance to win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard today! CLICK...
  25. J

    diseased coral?

    I recently purchased an acab frag from a local fish store. I’m extremely new to the hobby and basically have no experience. The coral was doing fine but I woke up today and discovered a white funnel shaped substance on the side of the coral. I’ve attached a picture, any help would be appreciated.