1. jgg1133

    Ohio Live Goods SPS/LPS for sale -- Ohio

    Hey everyone! I have an overseas deployment coming up very soon and I need to get these frags/colonies sold ASAP. Its great weather for shipping! RRC Rainbow Splice --- Has some red pigments showing $500.00 Matt V Ultimate Rainbow Envy -- $150.00 Jason Fox Fox Flame -- Gorgeous mini...
  2. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Large Rainbow Wellso/trachy

    This thing is growing too big for my tank, so putting it up for sale. It's at least 6x6" but probably a little bigger when fully expanded. Had it in my system for over a year and is in excellent health. Local pickup in Burbank 91502.
  3. uniquecorals

    Hello October! Monday FlashSale on Reef2Reef Oct. 3rd 11am - 7pm pst

    Our last FlashSale was a huge hit, here's another chance to grab that special piece(s) for a very special price! Healthy and bright selections of Frag packs, Lords, Hammers, Goniopora, Acropora, Scolymia, Euphyllia, Torches, Blastos, Zoanthids and so much more! Collector's SPS, UC Signature...
  4. ldreefer

    Texas Live Goods Zoanthids.com frags (Zoas, Chalices, etc...) for sale

    I recently bought a batch of coral from the Zoanthids.com live sale and it's looking like I'm going to have to break my tank down for a move, so I am selling this whole batch of frags for what I paid minus shipping. I just got my tank setup and cycled and this was my first coral purchase for the...
  5. CoralsAnonymous

    End of Summer Clearance Sale! Up to 70% off select livestock - Ends Sept 28!

    Happy Friday! Join our end of summer clearance sale with new selections and old favorites! Click our banner above to head over the collection! Free shipping for orders over $299.99 to CONUS! 15% off for Military, medical and first responders as well through Govx ID. DM, call, or email us with...
  6. D

    LPS help and identification

    My water perimeters are alkalinity- 8.7dKH Calcium- 440 Magnesium-1300 Phosphates- .07 Iodine-0.06 ppm PH-8.3 I purchased this coral pictures below a couple of weeks ago. It has been doing well but only one part of it has been starting to shrivel up and show skeleton. I would like some...
  7. Stpatrick

    California Live Goods Lots of Indo LPS/Torches for sale.

    I can ship or if local in San Diego you can pick them up my house. Standard DOA policy. Spend over 300 gets free overnight shipping. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not refund shipping costs. I am also not responsible for shipping issues but will do my...
  8. R

    Plate Fungia Coral Bailout, Please help.

    Hello guys, I had an issue last night, that wave maker that was switched off due to being too strong and was about to be replaced excitedly came on ( stupid auto program) , And literally blew the flesh off the plate coral. I found the skeleton and the polyp, put the skeleton in the breeder box...
  9. hollback

    Ohio Live Goods Trop's Overdose Chalice Colony

    The time has come for me to start getting rid of some colonies as I downgrade to a smaller system in the next few weeks. Up first is my most prized rainbow chalice colony. A huge 9" x 8"x 2" tall dome shaped colony of Trop's Overdose Chalice. This photo is taken under white lights only. This...
  10. brandon0921

    Connecticut Live Goods Holy Grail Micromussa, GMK Zoa, Sunkist Bounce - WYSIWYG - Shipping

    Prices on pictures. PM me with your address for an accurate shipping quote. Deals on multiple purchases. Standard DOA policy within 2 hours of arrival, clear pictures of coral in bag, not responsible for shipping delays, but will work with you to make things right. Addiontal pictures upon...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's Labor Day Sale EXTRAVAGANZA!! **Over 2,000 Corals** HUGE DISCOUNTS!!

    Join us this Monday for our Labor Day Sale Extravaganza!! We will have over 2,000 corals with HUGE discounts! Not to mention $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS!!! The fun starts at 11am Eastern time on Monday the 5th. We can't wait!!
  12. TopShelfAquatics


    We always have customers ask us if we have chunkier frags or mini colonies available so we listened and have now launched our colonies page! Here you will find chunkier frags, mini colonies and full size colonies. We have made short clips of all of them so you can really see the size of them...
  13. wonderphil-reef

    First attempt at taking photos of some of my corals

    This guy is actually only about 10mm big!
  14. Smallslandreefer

    My cynaria is touching with a superman discosoma

    Do you thing my cynaria will have trouble with the superman discosoma touching it? What are your experiences? I have attache a picture for you to see
  15. uniquecorals

    UC Monday Labor Day FlashSale Sept 5th 9am - 6pm pst

    Our best Monday FalshSale event yet! This Labor Day, get your long weekend fun on with some great coral deals! Over 1200+ corals available at up to 75% off, WYSIWYG hand picked livestock, pest free Aquacultured coral all backed by our 7 day Guarentee. $5 frags, $10 frags and other amazing...
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    What is something you wish someone would have told you before getting in to this hobby??

    We all know this hobby can be very exciting and rewarding, especially when things are going right with your tank! With that being said this hobby is not without its challenges. We have all undoubtedly gone through great moments of frustration and wondering "What am I doing wrong?". It isn't...
  17. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG Rainbow Lobo - Shipping Available

    Insane Rainbow Lobo - yup it’s yellow!!!! One of a kind piece. Mint green center, and It’s got 5 mouth on it. Gnarly looking when I feed it. Certainly an eye catcher $225 + shipping As always nationwide shipping available. PM me your zip code for a shipping quote
  18. eraser2001

    South Carolina Live Goods SPS, LPS and Zoas for sell ;) prices updated

    Hello reefer, I have some SPS for sell, hammer and zoas. Shipping is $40 inside 48 state. Standard DOA applies (Picture in the bag within 1 hr. of getting the coral first attending the carrier). I am not responsible for the UPS delay. Shipping cost is not refundable. PM is a better way to...
  19. TopShelfAquatics


    There is no doubt that in this hobby we have an abundance of colors to choose from when it comes to picking corals. With that said, we all know that green is a very prevalent color. But more and more we hear that everyone avoids the "green corals" We think they get a bad rap for no reason. If...
  20. W

    Florida Live Goods Blowtorch hg Torch single head

    Blowtorch hg torch single head. Aquacultured and pest free. I have had this torch in my systems for years. $50 for shipping. Local pickup near Tampa Bay Area. 2 hour DOA policy. Must provide photos and videos with coral in original packaging.
  21. rastafan

    California Live Goods Rainbow Chalices, etc.

    Hi there, Letting go some nice chalices, mostly old school rainbows :) Shipping is flat $50 and free once you reach $420 purchase. Standard DOA applies. In case of unfortunate Dead on Arrival (DOA), please report to me within 2 hours or receipt, first attempt of delivery. If delay is caused by...
  22. W

    LPS Identification please!

    Hi everyone! Been away from the hobby for a while but now I'm back! There's a lot that's changed in the past 6 years and there's a lot of new corals now! That being said I was hoping y'all could identify a few LPS that I've recently obtained! Thank you so much!
  23. lucyretz

    help me figure out why my corals arent happy

    Hi all, Once again i find myself running out of knowledge. My euphyllia corals arent opening fully and I cant figure out why. PARAMETERS: ALK: 8.78 (trident) CAL: 544 MAG: 1407 ORP:200 PH: 7.84 SALT: 35.10 TEMP:77.3 NITRATE: 10.01 (HANNA) PHOS: 0.15 (HANNA) System: 2 Ai primes running david...
  24. W

    Florida Live Goods TCK Master Bowerbanki frags

    Tck Master Bowerbanki A) $600 B) $600 C) $600 D) $275 E) $275 Shipping is $50. Local picking in Tampa Bay, FL area. 2 hour DOA policy. Must send pictures/videos of corals in original packaging. I am not responsible for shipping delays as it is out of my control.
  25. Stu_Tanks

    AI Prime 16HD PAR Levels

    Hey everyone. I just recently got an AI Prime 16 and tested the PAR on it today. It was a headache trying to research what kind of schedule I should go off of. I ended up sort of mimicking the schedule recommended by BRS. I found the PAR levels they recommended too high for my LPS dominant...