1. T

    Torch coral ID

    I was sold this as a ‘gold and green’ torch from a local store. The colours were a lot less vibrant since settling in my aquarium. It is definitely more of a yellow than gold... or close to a 24k Aussie? But has a green/turquoise base to it. I have Indo and Aussie HG in the tank but to me feels...
  2. mario4933

    Florida Duncan Colony WSIWYG

    Hey there Reefers! I want to sell my Duncan colony! It’s about 25-30 heads and growing. I’m asking $200 for it and will entertain trades. Located in Miami I prefer local pick up.
  3. CK Amstutz


    I have absolutely no guess on this! Was cleaning my tank and moved some rock. It is very flat against the rock.
  4. OllieGreen

    Please Help With My Duncan Coral

    I have had a duncan coral in my tank since September now, and the past month or so especially it has been completely closed up. Can anyone help me figure out how to encourage it to open back up. It's one of the centerpieces in my tank so it would be awesome to have it back open again. Almost...
  5. Fred5612

    Can someone PLEASE HELP me save my Turbinaria!

    Hello, I’m quite desperate. I’m relatively new to the hobby and since a month or two my poor turbinaria coral is going in decline. Every day I wake up and it’s missing more and more polyps, leaving behind naked coral and a hole. What is wrong with it? I tested all parameters and they’re...

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  7. L

    Need a coral identified

    Hi ran across this coral and the owner doesn't know what it is. It looks like a type of LPS. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. EakTheFreak

    Mount elegance coral on rocks!!?

    Good Morning Reefers, I’ve had my elegance coral for about 1-1/2 years. Ever since getting my 3 leopard wrasses my elegance keeps lifting out of the sand and I have to push back into the sand and move it. It has been almost an every other day routine. NOT SO FUN! Long story short, has anyone...
  9. CK Amstutz

    ID, please

    I don’t know the name of this, but are the two “green” corals, in the back, the same? I have several of these and some are nearly translucent and others are vibrant, glowy green. Didn’t know if some are unhappy and need to be moved? Thanks!
  10. D

    Build Thread From "Barely Surviving" to "Hopefully Thriving" - a 29G's Road to Recovery

    Hi All, Thought I'd start off the new year by doing a build thread for my 3 year old mixed reef tank to document the progress of the things that I've been doing lately and share my journey of what I want my tank to eventually become. Hopefully I will get there. The Origin: I started this tank...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA New Years EXTRAVAGANZA!!! **Over 1500 Corals** Up to 80% Off!!!

    This Thursday and Friday from 2pm to 8pm don't miss out our New Years extravaganza!! Over 1,500 corals up to 80% off! Wide selection of softies, LPS and SPS!!
  12. Alex808

    Picked up new hammers for a steal.

    So I just picked some new Euphyllia and gotta say I feel like I did pretty good. Sort of popped into a store on a whim since I had some spending money and saw pieces I couldn’t pass up. 1 rainbow hammer wall variety. 1 green and purple tip grafted skeleton. 1 green on green frogspawn. 1...
  13. attiland

    Salinity levels low

    Hi, I have a few LPS in my tank, but recently my sanity levels fallen below the one I would like it to be. Currently 32-33%o ideally I would like to increase it to higher. Two questions here how high? How would you do it. Water changes doesn't seems to efficient. The tank is LPS dominated...
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    Welcome to the TSA Vault! Hottest Corals around!

    Welcome to The Vault. Inside you will find the rarest and most exclusive corals housed at TSA. These pieces were hand picked for their color, vibrance, health, and rarity. Having one of the largest aquaculture facilities in the industry, there are thousands of amazing corals to choose from, but...
  15. CaliDanhReef

    California Leathers and softies coral

    Selling my finger leather $20 toadstool $10 green sinularis $30 Cabbage leather $30 pickup only no shipping at 94087, pm for more detail Bay Area
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    INSANE LPS Available now!!

    We got some SUPER HOT LPS! Here is just a taste of what is available. Definitely some of the brightest pieces we've gotten!
  17. W

    Lps Bailout Help

    Hi all, I’ve got a fun one. My lps polyps have decided it’s going to get big and beautiful just to fly off of their skeleton on me. First it was my space invader. I kind of expect it to happen cuz pectinia are fickle like that with their skeletons and tips but then my acan did the same thing...
  18. CommanderInReef

    Is Goniopora Half Opened?

    Got this goniopora about a week or two ago. I am curious does it look fully open and happy? i had the flow off and the polyps seemed to extend even more than they are now. once i finished feeding i turned flow back on and they retract some. is flow too high? or does it seem to be doing good...
  19. CommanderInReef

    Coral Placement Help

    I have a 24g cube with a ai prime running the BRS AB+ settings with slight modifications(lowering whites). i have a photo of my tank now but i was wondering what corals i could place above the goniopora to the right. i was thinking a lps i could put. more stony and less soft. I'd really like an...
  20. R

    Torch Turning Dark- loosing color.

    Hi guys! Got a question. I have had this torch for over 3 months. The first picture is how my torch looked 2 weeks ago. it is hard to tell in the photo but it had red, yellows, and greens. The last 7 to 10 days it’s been much darker. Still seems to open up as much as before but no color...
  21. CommanderInReef

    New Dunkin Head Facing Away from Light

    I bought this dunking frag recently but about 4 days after buying it i noticed there was a new head growing from it. I didn't see it when dipping or placing but maybe it sprouted before i put it in or it just did within the couple days. The problem is, the head is facing directly toward the...
  22. Tacticool-Reefer

    What's your one favorite thing about the hobby?

    I'll admit I've lurked in this forum for quite some time. In that time, I've peered into quite a few threads, some, extravagant beyond belief! One thing I like the most about this hobby is the imagery, both fish and corals, and everyone's eagerness to share those beautiful images. ...so like...
  23. Reefer37

    How to Increase Torch Coloration?

    So I've heard and read a lot of different things on ways to help with coral coloration and tried many, just have yet to find any amazing results. Here's a little back story on what I've tried along with current parameters: Tank: 45g JBJ AIO Light: Hydra 52 (I run 16k at 30% with a 1 hr ramp up...
  24. Steve089

    Maryland Big elegance for sale! great price

    just got it in yesterday from aqua SD and it is too big for my tank, about 7” long, 5” wide, 4” high on a 4” disk...and I’m not even sure its fully opened!! blue tips, purple and green “electric” patterns asking $140.00 willing to meet within 25 minutes of zip code 21113 in MD to make the...
  25. T

    Help Identify Hammer or Frogspawn????

    Hi everyone, I just bought this guy a few days ago, it was sold to me as a frogspawn, but I’m thinking it’s a hammer, I’m new to lps so I’m not super sure which it is. I also have a new Duncan and I’m not super sure if it’s happy, it’s not super vibrant. Thanks in advance! Also, if anyone knows...