1. Corals kingdom

    Connecticut Live Goods SPONSOR Instant Torch Garden Pack Deal

    This is the best deal over the internet. 4 amazing torch with free shipping for only 500. We offer 4 payments 0% interest to make it easy for you, 10 30am ups delivery, 2 hours doa policy and best packing in the industry. Take advantage of this 3 days sale and get yours now...
  2. Canadrian

    California Live Goods Gold Hammer

    Hi I have 2 frags of gold hammers for sale. Shipping is $50. DOA terms are standard, within 2 hours after shipped inside bag any issues with anything please take pics and get to me as soon as possible regarding it. Any questions please send PM! 4 head - 100 5 heads - 120
  3. tdog

    Build Thread Red Sea Max 250 Modernized

    Hey guys, I just recently upsized to this Red Sea Max 250! I love the curved edges because it’s one less seam to worry about, plus it have a hood for evaporation and jumpers!
  4. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Hammers for sale

    Rainbow hologram hammers $60 per head, gold hammers $30 per head, rose gold hammers $30 per head Jupiter Florida pickup only
  5. tech_reefer

    California Live Goods SOLD Package Deal LPS Hammers

    Selling 3 hammers for $140 for all 3 Alviapora it is the size of a tennis ball $60 Mushroom $25 With every purchase free frag, local pick up no shipping Los Angeles 90015
  6. SkiCatTX

    Texas Live Goods SOLD Whole Tank Coral Sale: Shutting Down Tank - All Coral and Rock Must Go - $20 per Colony/Frag SPS, LPS, Rock Flower Nems, and More

    This Sunday 10/1 Only - Local Pickup South Houston/Missouri City Only - No Meetups - Bring your own buckets Any SPS/LPS/Nem Full Colony or Frag - $20 per piece Including, but not limited to: Green Slimer Purple or Green Stlyo Monti Green Hammers Candy Cane Rock Flower Anemonies Also (once...
  7. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR POTO Mid-Autumn Lightning Sale is STARTING NOW!

    https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/mid-autumn-lightning-sale https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/mid-autumn-lightning-sale https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/mid-autumn-lightning-sale https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/mid-autumn-lightning-sale...
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    Where are the Scoly lovers at???

    These absolute gems just arrived! They will make a perfect addition to any scoly lovers tank! Hit us up with any questions.
  9. C

    What’s on my hammer Coral? Please Help a noob!

    Hi there, my husband set a reef tank up a little while ago but I do a lot of the day to day with it. I’ve noticed over the last few days the hammer coral has got little raised white spots on the head of some tentacles. Can anyone help identify them please? Please don’t ask me about water...
  10. juarec0201

    Polyp bail out

    Good Morning Reefers, I was wondering if I could get some help. My tank was seemingly thriving and for about 3 weeks it has taken a downward turn. My tank has suffered from low nutrients so I’ve had to dose nitrates and phosphates for quite some time now. Tank is about 3 yrs old. Recently I...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    Absolutely INSANE LPS Hitting Our Site Soon!!

    Hands down some of the HOTTEST LPS pieces are going to be hitting our site soon! Make sure you keep an eye out. You definitely don't want to miss these! See our website: HERE
  12. A

    Acanthophyllia and Zoanthids

    My acanthophyllia has grown to a point where it is starting to get close to my zoanthid garden and they are very close to touching. I feel like my acan has been looking less inflated than usual, so I was curious to see if anyone here has experience with these two touching/how they get along. My...
  13. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods WYSIWYG frags, free shiping at $150.

    Al frags are WYSIWYG, shipping is with UPS next day air and $45 for any orders under $150 orders $150 or more ship free. raja rampage chalice $25 scrambled eggs and bam bam $25 candy corn favia $25 fire and ice mini colony $35 blue and pink favia pending miami hurricane chalice #1...
  14. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods Zoas, favia, lepto and more. free shiping at $150.

    all sold or moved to new post
  15. M

    Help! Torch coral

    Can some one tell me why my torch coral look like this??? I’m very new to keeping corals and I don’t know what to do! Only thing that changed today was the weather, it got cold today but my heater working just fine.
  16. hexcolor reef


    I’ve been having issues with getting my Acantho coral to open up fully. I fed it a big block of frozen mysis shrimp a month ago and it’s been down hill from that moment on. The feeders no longer come out, I found orange slime which some call a sponge growing on its skeleton. It wasn’t on my...
  17. nycfreshreef

    Help with UC Amazeballs Goni Goniopora not fully opening while all other gonis in tank are doing amazing

    Hey guys , I just wanted to pick your brains of all those more experienced/wiser in the hobby than myself A little over a month ago I got lucky and purchased and amazeballs Goni frag directly from UC I have had it a little over a month and it has not every fully opened although it looks super...
  18. uniquecorals

    UC Autumn Monday FlashSale, 9/25 9am-5pm pst

    UC Autumn Monday FlashSale on R2R, 9/25 9am-5pm pst With the cooler weather, we're all enjoying the autumn fall colors. Let's get even more colorful with these incredible deals for your tanks! We have over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off for this exclusive one day event. SPS, LPS...
  19. Fishphi784

    North Carolina Live Goods Instatank? Quality live rock covered in corals.

    Hi all. Bought a bunch of established live rock from a local reefer to establish my own new tank. Worked quite well, even hard corraline within the first week. Put two QTed fish in tank and they never show signs of disease, but if course you never know. Work issues presented and there is just...
  20. Cnidaria

    Michigan Live Goods Current Corals Available for Purchase

  21. TankCandy

    Live Goods SOLD Collector Gonis, Blastos, Chalices, Torches and Hammers (Care Bears, Highlighters, Glitter tips, Rainbows and more) (PIC HEAVY)

    I have a nice assortment of healthy coral that is ready to ship. Shipping is $50 free after $400. Local pickup also available, located in 19473. PM me for any pack deals!!! local States NJ PA DE NY Shipping is $35 Free after $400 DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer...
  22. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods Gold Hammers $20/head - Woodbridge NJ

    I have some more gold hammer frags available in various sizes ranging from singe heads to 4-5 heads. Asking $20 per head. If you get multiple heads (over 4) in total we can work on the price a bit. Pick Up ONLY in Woodbridge NJ 07095 NO SHIPPING - sorry! Message me with any questions!
  23. S

    Large euphyllia

    How much can I get for this euphyllia garden? The pictures consists of a gold hammer with 4 heads, two pink and orange frogspawns both with 4+ heads each, purple tipped hammer with 10+ heads, grey hammer, bicolor frogspawn with over 10 heads, purple tipped frogspawn larger than a soft ball with...
  24. Williamson’s Reef

    Livestock WYSIWYG Acros Galore and more

    Check out Williamson's Reef big selection of WYSIWYG https://williamsonsreef.com/ Enter code Appreciation20 at checkout for 20% off your first order. Just a few examples below
  25. M

    Build Thread Nano Reef Waterbox 35.5 Build

    Hello all! Currently waiting on my Waterbox 35.2 to ship, so I am in the process of getting the remaining equipment lined up. I won't lie, I am a bit nervous about the size of the tank, as most of my previous tanks have been quite a bit larger, but I didn't feel super comfortable with having...