1. DCharbs

    North Carolina SPS - LPS - Softies and Swimmers

    Taking down two systems and offloading the critters: Fish Marine Betta (6" ish) - $200 Maroon Clowns (Mated Pair) w/ hosting NEM (Long Tip - Green - 10") - $125 Mocha Clowns (Mated Pair) w/ hosting NEM (Condi - Green - 10") - $100 Sailfin / Lawnmower Blenny - $20 Damsels (assorted) - $5 ea...
  2. isufishtank

    Stimulating Coral Growth

    Hello all! I haven't had too much trouble keep coral alive. However, I also haven't experienced much growth and was wondering if anyone had any good advice to grow out LPS coral. For some 20g long tank, all parameters are good: Calcium: 400ppm Alk: 9-10dKH Nitrates...
  3. uniquecorals

    Anniversary LiveSale! Two days of amazing deals and prizes - April 20, 21. 10am-6pm PST

    It is UniqueCorals' Birthday! 7 years baby. Let's celebrate! We have a full program lined up for you guys, with amazing prizes, bargains and gems galore. You will not be disappointed. Corals will be going for 35 to 80% off! Plus $5 specials too! If you do not buy anything, we will gladly...
  4. alexytman

    What is this LPS frag

  5. LaraLouM

    Losing my Elegance?

    so I have had my elegance for almost 3 months, it has been the star of the tank, big, bubbly, and full of movement. In the last week it has been getting these orange spots, now the tentacles are thin and scraggly looking, and all in all it just looks bad. Any clue as to what is affecting it...
  6. pokerdobe

    Poker's Plain Old Reefer 750

    I figured it's high time I actually start one these build threads. Long time lurker. I'll skip ahead of the boring details and just leave a series of full tank shots for now. I apologize in advance for the grainy nature of the photos - still trying to get the hang of aquarium photography...
  7. KMench

    Delaware Local corals for sale

    Looking to move some corals locally, without shipping them. I have a wide variety of pieces available including trumpets, zoas, torch, setosa, green slimer, etc. Looking to sell frags for 30 bucks or less. I haven't made frags since I don't like keeping them in my tank, but send me a PM and we...
  8. C

    New York PACKS - Dragon Soul Torch, Favias, LPS, SPS and Zoas

    Packs for sale. Prices and names will be listed in each post. Price includes shipping to lower 48. I will add more packs over the next new days. First person to message their PayPal claims the pack. I may have other pieces available separate please message with direct interest...
  9. FishyBusinessAq

    Alveopora & Goniopora Frags in Multiple Colors - Starting at $42.99

    They can be found under "Other Coral" in Davy Jones Locker: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/other-coral/
  10. Young_Reefer

    AIO Pico?

    Anyone know if something like this exists? An AIO Pico including: LEDs on par with a PAR38 (pun intended) LPS/SPS level of flow/turnover (preferably a controllable DC return pump) Hidden heater and fan Built in ATO Minimal controller for heater/fan, ATO, lights, and pump 1-5 gallon display...
  11. TCK Corals

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to Site

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to our site.
  12. Dsnakes

    Named Chalice?

    I know it’s near impossible to determine names on most corals but I’m trying to find out if it has one. Grew about 50 eyes in 3 months. Here are a few pictures of it. Yellow/orange mouths. Mainly purple with hints of pink streaks on main structure. It’s in pretty high par, I’m trying to...
  13. YourReef

    YR St Patrick's Day LIVE SALE- Saturday March 16th, 11am-3pm (pst)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday March 16th for our 2nd Annual YR Reef St. Patrick’s Day Live Sale from 11am-3pm pacific/ 2pm-6pm eastern. 600+ corals, giveaways & huge discounts on WYSIWYG frags! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live Sale...
  14. S

    Hammer corals look very different

    the hammer on the left I’ve had for a long time. It has never been fluffy or anything similiar to the one on the right, I got that one 2 days ago. My question is why would one not be fluffy or nearly as impressive, they both have 3 heads. I will note that the hammer on the left never displayed...
  15. clownenthusiast2017

    Torch Show Off Thread!

    I want to see your torches!! Couldn’t find one of these threads for torches so thought I should start one! Let’s see’em!!!
  16. TCK Corals

    Save 20% Off. Sitewide Sale. No Coupon Needed. Everything On Sale!

    Save 20% OFF Sitewide! We have corals starting as low as $8 bucks! Corals for every budget on the site right now! Here's just a few example wysiwyg products you'll find on the site right now on sale for some unbeatable prices. Don't miss out on some of these true gems, add them to cart and...
  17. C

    Livestock Coralsellerz.com WYSIWYG update

    Lots of new stuff added or being added to website! Have over 75 auction live on FB official frags auction house. I'm Jason Buchanan on FB same logo. Csn also just reply here and we'll make it happen!
  18. Injoynit

    How to "Heal" a new Frag?

    I see this often, "Newly cut frag, will need to heal for two+ weeks". How do you "Heal" a frag? Don't, after acclamation, just place it into your tank and then let the lights run through an acclamation period? Thanks for any new information, Injoynit
  19. Stan-Lee

    What's happening to my torch

  20. Reefer40b

    Colorado Pick\Create your own pack. Torchs, Acros, Hammers,Fungia, Bubble Coral etc..Shipping! UPDATED APRIL

    Hello Reefer’s! The list is updated April 2019 Shipping $45 flat Fedex Overnight by 10:30am Standard DOA. You must accept the coral on first delivery attempt. If by chance the corals shows up dead or currently dying you must send me a picture of the coral still in my bag within 2 hrs of delivery...
  21. eggplantparrot

    14G Not a Cube (Lots'a Pics)

    Hello reefing peeps, i have been wanting to do a build thread since i started working on my 75, but that project is on hiatus for various reasons. i have however, got a 14G running to get my feet wet in reefing. Before getting the 14G, i took a spare 10G and started learning the ways of the...
  22. YourReef

    YR Reef Bowl 2019 LIVE SALE- Sat. Feb 2nd, Kickoff Time-10AM (pacific)

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday February 2nd for our YR Reef Bowl 2019 Live Sale (2nd Annual). Kickoff Time is at 10:00am (pacific)/ 1:00pm (eastern). Over 700 amazing corals & many frags priced at $10 and under! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in our Live...
  23. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Jan 3-4th Thursday & Friday Auction Announcements

    Check out our new behind the scenes video at Chaos Aquaculture. Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. If you're not a member yet, make sure to request to JOIN today so you can be approved to see the auction albums. Auction...
  24. YourReef

    YR New Year Celebration Sale- 500+ WYSIWYG frags

    Come celebrate with us! Over 500 new WYSIWYG frags available- all marked down! Acropora, SPS, LPS, Hammer, Torch, Maxima Clams, Micromussa's & more.
  25. ChaosAquaculture

    20% Sitewide Sale on ChaosAquaculture.com

    The entire site is on sale now through Dec 31st save 20% off. No coupon needed.
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