1. D

    Recommended wavemaker and light for dropoff tank?

    I am currently ordering a custom made drop-off tank 100cm long 40cm short part 60cm for the deeper part and 35 for the depth (not the exact dimension because the one who made the aquarium might tinker with it a bit but roughly that size) which would be around 50-60 gallons? I'm looking for a...
  2. ThatPhillyReefer

    Myth or Fact?

    Is it a Myth or Fact that corals grow faster when glued to your rock work? Please tell what you think.
  3. W

    What’s the newest / hottest “high end” Acro?

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to start this thread to have a discussion about your opinion on what’s the hottest acro right now from a price standpoint and also looks stand point. I feel like the rrc rainbow splice is definitely up there on the list but has been around for quite a few months or...
  4. Baker Co.

    Nevada Utah SPS, LPS, mushrooms and a CSB

    SPS: Cherry Bomb, WD, Pink Cadillac Crazy T I do have one frag of the RRC Pink Cadillac ready for $50. LPS: Mummy Eye, Watermelon, Miami Hurricane, Crazy Fox, Bizzaro, Meteor Shower, Gold Rush, Day glow, Space Invader,Dragon Soul Shrooms; Jaw Breaker Colorado Sunburst **Shipping...
  5. Gianluca

    Sps Identiy?

    Hi all, I bought a coral today and I just can’t seem to remember the name. Which is funny cause I can remember the requirements. I think it’s a monti... wanted to hear what you all think
  6. Reef and Dive

    Lets make an LED tanks par database with builds?

    Par database with tank builds, specially acropora-dominant, under LED lights Hi folks, I believe this is a REALLY cloudy topic. Most of @Dana Riddle ’s amazing articles have shown that 250-350 PAR is pretty adequate for most Acropora. On the other hand we have seen many extreme PAR (800ish)...
  7. G

    Montipora setosa help

    Okay so finally stabilized my water parameter and it is now time for me to add my very first SPS. I bought my first SPS, I chose a montipora because of how it is on the easier side of care level. While I was dipping my coral, I was trying to remove it from the frag plug so I can clean the...
  8. L

    Flow Rate In Display Help

    Hello:) I have a new Red Sea 425xl up and running. Been cycled for a while and already have a decent stock in the tank. Recently added 15 corals and have a question on flow. I really want this to be a mixed reef but I read so many different things about flow. I’ve seen up to x80+ In some...
  9. GinoGino

    Illinois Walt Disney Acro

    WYSIWYG - 250 - free delivery in the Chicagoland area
  10. Alexopora

    Anacropora ID

    Hi, I’d just like to double check if these two frags are Anacropora. It was sold to me as Montipora Spongodes but recently I realised that both actually resemble Anacropora.
  11. K

    Dosing for SPS

    My SPS have color but not popping as much as what I see in other tanks for for sale. So I'm trying to see what I am missing... My parameters are consistently in this range: Alk 9-10 Calcium 445-500 Mag 1400 Phosphate .05 - .09 Nitrate 5-10 pH 7.75-7.9
  12. D

    California SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt for sale

    SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt 550 shipped for both or best offer SC Orange Passion JF Jolt Top Down Picture Side By Side Picture
  13. O

    ICP Test Copper?

    Hey guys over the past 6 months I’ve lost 70% of my SPS from what I assumed was a huge OD on Vibrant. I’m still losing pieces today. I just received my ICP test for the RODI water I use and it indicated .5 ppb copper. So copper poising symptoms match my issue and I’m wondering if that amount is...
  14. Jasonsantos18

    10 gallon salwater tank from cycle to beautiful reef

    Hello Reefers. I don't know if this had been made here before but I want to built a innovative marine 10 gallons tank with all idea and help from you guys. it a long shot but it could work. please help me from pick a rock, sand, light and other stuff that I don't have. as of now I only have...
  15. Motorcitycorals

    MotorCityCoral's First Ever Monday Night Madness 2.15 Livesale & Overnight Aftersale

    Save the Date Reefers ( And especially SPS Lovers) February 15th from 2pm - 12pm Motor City Corals Host Its First-Ever Livesale On Reef2Reef It's an After Valentine's Day Special You Do Not Want To Miss! We'll be posting 500+ WYSIWYG corals marked 25% off our regular store pricing! Many $5...
  16. C

    Coral Identification Help Please!!

    I am going to be fragging some corals for a project for my dissertation at university however, I am finding it card to identify the corals I have been given. Any help on the purple of orange corals in the pictures would be so helpful! Thank you!
  17. R

    Monti help

    Hello guys, I am new to SPS corals and decided to try some montipora to begin with. All but one of the pieces seem to be doing fine. The one however seems to be receding colour. I am worried for him. I have lights set lower than usual to help acclimatise them in. Is there anything I am...
  18. howaboutme

    Build Thread My SPS Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15

    Hi all. Long time member (I think I joined right around when R2R started or took off years ago) but got out of the hobby for about 6 years and now I am back! I don't see many build threads for the PM 15 (mostly the 25) so thought I'd share my journey here. This post will be a bit behind...
  19. D

    California High End Large Acro Frags for sale, SC Orange Passion and more!

    High End Acro's for Sale 850 obo including shipping Vivid's Confetti SC Orange Passion JF Jolt If interested I have many more high end frags PM for more pictures from different angles
  20. sagee

    Idk maybe you do ACRO ID

    Anyone seen anything like this before l? Got it off a friend as a brown unhappy acro about a year ago and now its really starting to shine.
  21. JackerVenom

    SPS flow with MP10 in 10 gallon?

    Quick question for those sps knowledge people. I'm new to SPS and have an mp10 in a 10 gallon to provide flow but it's on blasting from the one side. So their lots of direct flow but it's constant. Is this okay? which SPS would be okay with this flow? Is there a setting a should have instead of...
  22. Z

    Green Slimer SPS bleaching in one spot on stem?

    Hey guys, So my green Slimer is on a frag rack and I noticed that part of the body and first bit of the branch is bleaching or dead? I am not sure. Since this part of the Slimer was in the shadow do you think this was why? Recently I had some pretty heavy temperature dips because of my own...
  23. J

    SPS/Acro pest help needed! Please

    Mods, my original post was started: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/long-skinny-white-fuzzy-looking-please-help-id.795471/post-8468563 Please delete as I am better educated and informed..... but still need help identifying. hey all, SPS/Acro dominated 150g reef -trigger sump, curve 5...
  24. Beej1254

    Ohio WTB WTB Tyree Pink Lemonade and other Acro

    Looking for a good and colorful frag of Tyree Pink Lemonade and any other nice acro. I’m in Ohio. Please send pictures and prices! Thank you
  25. fox0521

    Leptoseris looks surprised! Mouthes open!

    Hello! This is more of a sharing post unless anyone suggests I there is need for concern. I’ve got a jack-o-lantern leptoseris and I noticed it’s tiny mouths open the other day. I had never noticed this behavior before and it’s all closed up and back to normal now! The coral seems to be...
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