1. BkReefBaby

    Connecticut Live Goods WYSIWYG SPS Pack inc WD

    WYSIWYG top frag WWC yellow tips Middle row. Left to right RRC pink Caddi, BigR WD and Oregon Tort Bottom row WWC sunfire cap and JF beach Bum it’s 275 shipped. PM for local price Im in Stamford CT and can meet within reason. Also I work in Manhattan and can meet in the Upper eastside...
  2. neon_reefer

    California Livestock Trade RBTA - Trade for sps frag

    Hello Reefers, I have a few RBTA left over from my nem tank. looking to trade for sps frags, will include the nem basket if you take all. I have 6 nems available for pickup in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles county.
  3. O

    SPS white lines

    Hey guys over the last three weeks my encrusting and happy Bill Murray SPS has been suffering from what I can only guess is STN. I’ve had RTN years ago, but this is completely different. It started with the backside becoming white but leaving the tips still colored, if that makes sense. Over...
  4. reef2.0

    Raspberry limeade acropora not opening??

    hi friends I received a raspberry limeade acropora for my tank around 12/20/2022. We acclimated it according to procedure and the others we received with the order have flourished and begun to spread (they are different coral types). I was under the impression this coral wanted high light and...
  5. hvalentino

    Maryland Live Goods Wysiwyg SPS Packs Colored your tank!

    For now local pick up only :) Pack 1: Captain Planet JF Fox Flame Bill Murray Pack 2: Strawberry Shortcake Blueberry Nasuta Red Ferrari PS: don't worry about the file name, those are if someone buying individual frag :) and these are not NUB sizes ;)
  6. hsosa

    California Live Goods Ultra Purple Yuma mother +2 ,Jason fox Anacopora ,Green Chalice , Hollywood chalice mini colonies

    hello reef addicts its time to cull my reef tank , my loss your gain in nice larger corals, you can frag up sell ,trade or keep. these are all aqualcultured corals grown in my reef. please see pictures I also can send you pictures . I have sold on here before and I normally sell out since...
  7. Sidsreef

    Build Thread My Custom Waterbox 90.3 SPS tank

    Hello and welcome to my custom water box 90.3. And what I mean by custom is a custom sump, and I ripped out all of the plumbing and put my own plumbing into the system. check out my youtube channel as well to see video footage: YOUTUBE CHANNEL This is very long and I’m sorry about the long...
  8. jgg1133

    Ohio Live Goods RRC Rainbow splice colony. Local P/U in Ohio

    Selling my RRC Rainbow Splice colony. I would prefer local pickup at this time due to the size. Mounted to a 3'' disk, approximately 7 inches tall with branches and basing out. You can see red, just seems to be developing. I don't have time to care for my SPS system any more. $750...
  9. BkReefBaby

    Live Goods SOLD Chunky frag BigR Walt Disney

    Selling this chunking Frag I have a video I can send as well. Asking 300$ shipped. 250 is you’re local to me. I’m in Stamford CT and can meet within Reason. I also work in Manhattan and can meet on the upper eastside. if shipping, standard DOA applies. Photo within 2hrs of receiving coral. I...
  10. Matheurisley

    What is it, how do I get rid of it?

    Hello fellow reefers, I was looking at my corals today and I noticed that there was something suspicious living inside one of my corals. I have searched all over the internet trying to figure out what they are and have not had much luck. Based on the pictures that I have attached. You’ll notice...
  11. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Instant Collection Ultimate SPS 20 Pack!

    Hey Everyone! I'll be heading back to school soon so I compiled an epic pack so that things don't start to touch. I think this is the nicest pack I've put together in awhile! This 20 pack is $1650 shipped and includes CRT Delight CRT Mind Bender TGC Bugatti CRT Hang Over CRT...
  12. Wildmon

    Georgia Live Goods Price drop!!, JF Beach Bum Monti, Rainbow Pectinia, And more

    I have a few coral too offer for now 1 JF Beach Bum Montipora $70 2 Green Hammer $30 3.Birds Nest $25 4.Purple Stylophora $20 5.Bam Bam Zoa $20 6.Green Sinularia $18 7.Nirvana Zoa $20 8.Rainbow Pectinia $100 9.Green Toadstool $24 10. Utter chaos $28 I have multiple of these in stock if you...
  13. Andyf30

    Florida Live Goods RRC Goldenrod Frags - Miami, FL - No shipping

    Hi everyone, I have 8 RRC Goldenrod frags available in various sizes, ranging from $30 to $80 for a big chunk. Photo is an example of an average sized piece (1"+ multibranch) for $60 as well as others shown for examples. Not shipping at this time. Located in Cutler Bay, FL but happy to meet up...
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    Let's talk Phyto!

    We are working on some awesome projects here in our farm one of which is culturing our own Phyto! Here is a video of Taras one of our Aquaculture specialists dropping a little knowledge on everyone!
  15. Hugo’s_Reef

    California Live Goods Aptasia eating file fish

    I have a my aptasia eating file fish up for grabs. I purchased it from ocean devotion as a quarantined fish a couple months ago . He ate aptasia right away even really large ones that I thought he wouldn’t touch , but also eats frozen food and pellets. The only reason I’m selling him is...
  16. TankCandy

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Gonis, Zoa clusters and SPS available!!

    A1 $170 Diablo Goni A2 $65 SBB Runespoore //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Got a few small Zoa colonies and SPS frags available. Shipping is $50 free after $400 message me any pack...
  17. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Ultimate Collector Acro Packs + RRC JD + Speciosas

    Hey Everyone, I have another amazing pack available for $650 shipped. This one's sure to delight any stick keeper! All these frags are well encrusted, super healthy, and ready to ship! It includes RR Blue Thunder RMF Psychoberry RR Rainbow Snowcone CRT Night Stalker TGC Lemon...
  18. yuzusama

    Acropora not growing at all for six months, some help thanks!!!

    So I have purchased this tiny acro frag roughly six months ago, and till now I do not see any growth at all or even a growing tip? The tentacles does come out all the time, but I am not sure if I exposed it to too much light, the side where it faces upward slowly bleach out compared to the dark...
  19. Chipper1978

    Must You Frag?

    I’m asking a question I never thought I’d ask when I started my first reef reef tank 2 1/2 years ago. All of my SPS is starting to grow into each other. Do I have to frag or is it okay to let them grow into each other and let nature take it’s course? I love the idea of them all being packed...
  20. J

    Unhealthy looking Montipora

    Hi all, I have attached photos of my montipora digitata and my montipora setosa. Both have part of the corals turning brown, with other parts looking very healthy. On the setosa the issues appear to be on the tips, which look dead with a brown film algae growing on the tips perhaps. The digi...
  21. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Baller 10 Piece Acro Pack

    Hi Everyone, I have an amazing 10 piece collector's acro pack available for $725 shipped All these frags are 100% aquacultured and are super healthy! This pack includes RMF Psychoberry CRT Fireball TGC Midnite Mamba TGC Lemon Drop TGC Planet of the Apes CRT Delight TGC...
  22. david_ma

    Michigan SOLD Local pick up, NOVI MI, large pieces, chalice, sps, naso tang, tamini, butterfly, cardinals and more

    $1500 local takes everything listed and shown, local pick up 48390. The bubblegum chalice is 12” across, everything you see plus fish( pair cardinal, naso, butterfuly, tamini, coraline angel)… text 313-268-3195. I also have the 320g glass tank they were in with built in dual overflow plus extras...
  23. TopShelfAquatics

    What is your Reefing New Years Resolution??

    Now that the new year is upon us what are your goals for your reef tank? Is it to just get it going? Maybe some changes? Or just getting your dream fish or corals? We would love to see your current tank pics and then show us the afters once you achieve your goals! Here is to having a great year...
  24. J

    Nano Build Starting over - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Build

    (reposted in the proper location...error first time.) New Build Thread - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Hello. After a recent catastrophic structural failure of a much larger tank and losing everything (RedSea 425XL)...and thinking it would be a long time before I would devote time and effort into...
  25. J

    Starting over - IM 20 NUVO Fusion Pro Build

    reposted on nano build section
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