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    Macro Aculeus!!!!
  2. Jamestown

    45 Gal Red Sea Max Build

    Hello, This is my 45 Gal Red Sea Max E-170 that has been running for about 14 months. Currently SPS dominant with some Euphyllia towards the bottom. Recently added 20lbs of additional rock for more surface area (for corals!). Also currently battling some bubble algae currently - I do weekly 4-5...
  3. Gadamwoll

    Master Inventory Coral List

    I am working on a coral spreadsheet of all the different corals and how to care (food, flow, placement, light) for them and estimated retail value if anyone wants to help contribute can message me. I have each sheet in a category for Zoa, Aussie, Chalice, Fazia, etc. This is just a rough draft...
  4. Mr V

    California SPS trimming: vivid tequilasunrise, cherrybomb, psychoberry,...

    Hi all, Need to clear the frag rack. Some sps up for grab. Shipping fee is $45, I do pack discount and/or freebie. Free shipping on order over $350. Mother pictures will be on next post. 1. Mr V's yellow fever $150 2. Mr V's 212 mili $150 3. RRU Red Bull $150 (4 frags available) 4. RMF...
  5. The Aquatic Arsenal

    Welcome sale Awsome Prices!

    Make sure to check out our sale @ aquaticarsenal.com also theres a free giveaway on our Facebook The Aquatic Arsenal don't miss out!
  6. SaltyGroves

    Looking for Lighting Program Suggestions for Kessil A360X

    Looking for lighting program suggestions. Kessil suggests 8 to 12 inches above the water line. I have a Kessil A360x over a 20 gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion with pro screen over the tank. I also have the Kessil Narrow Reflector attached which "increases the center light intensity by...
  7. The Aquatic Arsenal

    WYSIWG Coral Update Made 10/1

    Aussie Candy Cane Double Head A167-2019-09-25 $26 Acan A168-2019-09-25 $16 Blasto A169-2019-09-25 $15 Duncan Three Heads A170-2019-09-25 $35 Duncan Three Heads #2 A171-2019-09-25 $35 Blue/ Red Acan Lord A172-2019-09-25 $46 Blue/ Red Acan Lord #2 A173-2019-09-25 $46 Ricordea...
  8. Lotus Reef

    New WYSIWYG Corals Updated To Site

    Multicolored Trachy A1-2019-09-29 $80 Lobo A2-2019-09-29 $35 Rainbow Trachy A3-2019-09-29 $85 Symphyllia A4-2019-09-29 $199 Orange Lobo A5-2019-09-29 $50 Symphyllia Wilsoni A6-2019-09-29 $149 Lobo Colony A7-2019-09-29 $130 Bubble Coral A8-2019-09-29 $85 Neon Green Trachy...
  9. Wrangy

    Wrangy's Reef Dungeon (Waterbox 170)

    Welp, as some may know I've been reefing since about 2012. I started out with a 2ft cube that I loved and then moved out and in with my partner 4 years ago and took the opportunity to upgrade to a larger system. That tank went well for the first couple years but then after several major issues...
  10. MnFish1

    How fast do coral grow?

    So - everyone here with an SPS related tank is concerned about growth. Without googling:). What is the maximum growth to expect from SPS within a year?
  11. CUSE1315


    A few packs are up for sale. Shipping is $45 in the lower 48. Combine packs and only pay shipping once. All photos are WYSIWYG. Pack #1. 12 PACK OF ZOAS - $169 GBP, Fruit Loops, Radioactive Dragon Eyes, ARC Blue Diamonds, Egg Yolks, Sakura Sunrise, LA Lakers, CC Circus, My Clementines...
  12. CUSE1315


    A few packs are up for sale. Shipping is $45 in the lower 48. Combine packs and only pay shipping once. All photos are WYSIWYG. Pack #1. 12 PACK OF ZOAS - $169 GBP, Fruit Loops, Radioactive Dragon Eyes, ARC Blue Diamonds, Egg Yolks, Sakura Sunrise, LA Lakers, CC Circus, My Clementines...
  13. D

    Acropora with dead ends

    In my 16 gallon, i have some sps growing, i have had this particular acro for about 6 months or more and it has been doing great, growing new branches. Although a few days ago my birds nest that i just got fell onto my acro. I was out from the house for a while and when i came back, my...
  14. hometown9

    SPS and montis lost all color

    Softies and everything else seem to be OK, but hard corals (SPS, monti) just brown out within 2 weeks of putting them in. My nitrates were high (60) for awhile but I've brought them under control (10). Lights are mostly blue at this point, no white, red or green (AI HD26). Any ideas? It's...
  15. CltBadger

    Accidentally overdosed nitrates

    Hey, So I was in the process of setting up an auto doser for nitrates. Long story short, I took my dogs out and completely forgot the doser was on when I returned. If my math is correct my nitrates will be around 32ppm. Before this accident nitrates were at 2.5ppm. Would you guys suggest...
  16. Peach02

    Montipora turning white?

    I got this Monti frag recently and when I came back from school it was turning white any ideas how to save it and what’s causing it
  17. smartwater101

    Another "fastest growing coral" thread. Share you top growers!

    Aside from blue polyp, GSP, and Xenia, what are some of your fastest growing corals? I'm especially curious about your fastest growing SPS. Please share photos as well!
  18. CUSE1315


    Mixed pack of 13 Frags up for sale! $399 (NOW $379!) Shipped To the lower 48! All WYSIWYG! 3 Rainbow Acans 2 Ultra Goniopora Blood Diamond Favia Dragon soul Favia Tropic Thunber Montipora OG Mummy Eye Chalice CC Space Ghost Chalice FHC Jaw Jacker Acro PC Rainbow Acro JF Kung Fu Fighter Paly
  19. Reefer40b

    Colorado Moving Sale #2 Still have corals!! Rare elegance's, Clams, scolys! Indo Peach Frog! More Torches! I SHIP!

    I decided to sell some more of my stock, I still have too much coral! Some of my nice stuff that I was considering moving I have decided to sell. Updated 10/14 Please read through the list carefully, yes it's big, be sure to specify size as some of them I have multiple sizes and send me your...
  20. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania Acro's For Sale (Pennsylvania) Local Pick Up

    Oregon Tort (1 available) $60 WWC Pyromaniac (1 available) $160 WWC Lemon Twist (1 available) $100 WWC Aussie Toxic Slimer (1 available) $40 WWC Madman (1 available) $40 Vivid's Rainbow Delight (1 available) $60 Jurnee’s Unicorn (2 available) $300 Ricky’s Miami Heat (1...
  21. CUSE1315


    Frag Packs for sale. CHALICES, SPS, & Encrusting. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48. Standard DOA applies. Please message me with any questions. Pack #1 Chalices - $109 plus shipping (NOW $99) Mummy Eye Cherry corals space ghost Watermelon
  22. LukeWolf

    Wild Australian Acropora Group Buy!!!- 12 WILD frags for ~$200-250

    Hello all! Im trying to organize a group buy to purchase some wild acropora! So basically what would happen is I would order the coral, care for it while it settles in, frag it, and send the frags to you. The box im looking to get is $1200 for 12 large colonies imported straight from Australia...
  23. Beats001

    Salinity levels, why 35 ppt

    A lot of synthetic salt companies recommend different salinity levels for different tank types e.g. fish only is 30 ppt and reef is 35 ppt. My question is: Do they recommend 35 ppt because of the increased micro and macro element levels at that salinity? Or because the corals need a salt level...
  24. TCK Corals


    HEAT WAVE CONTINUES NEW PRODUCTS JUST LOADED Save 40% off on all WYSIWYG corals on our site. No coupon needed. SHOP NOW https://tckcorals.com Rrc Marvin The Martian AUT1-2019-08-22 $185 Tck Kaleidoscope AUT2-2019-08-22 $199 Tck Kaleidoscope #2 AUT3-2019-08-22 $125 Tsa Bill Murray...
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