1. Underwatergardeners


    Hello everyone, I have a 8 coral frag pack for $200 shipped any questions feel free to send a private message. Thanks :) Reading Rainbow Acan 7up Micromusa Orange Rainbow Chalice Dragon Soul Favia Og Mummy Eye Chalice Blasto UG Sour Apple Monti JF Burning Banana
  2. crabcore

    red sea reef led 90

    so far I have great growth from my corals. I have it on a 40 gallon breeder tank. the corals look great. A few things I noticed compared to bulk reef supply video. first off I am new to reef tanks and lighting so this might not mean much to anyone but 100 percent white and blue makes corals look...
  3. ahaas248

    15 gallon nano reef!

    I have a 15 gallon nano reef, running 2 kessil a80’s over it (1 on its way in the mail) with spectral controller. Running a icecap gyre 1k around the back just to clear up detritus. For filtering I have a reef glass protein skimmer, and I have an aquaclear 70 with the ocean box designs surface...
  4. LiveAquaria

    LiveAquaria Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility Main Display Aquarium Profile

    About our Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility Main Display Aquarium SPS Dominated Mixed Reef Tank (Display and "Grow Out Tank") First set up in 2014, the main display aquarium in our LiveAquaria® Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility is a vibrant, 300-gallon SPS-dominated mixed reef aquarium that...
  5. Peach02

    Scape A or B?

    Planning a aquascape to put in a hypothetical Red Sea reefer 350 I might buy Scape A or Scape B
  6. Peter K

    North Carolina Anyone selling RR Matador?

    Hi all, we are really looking to get our hands on a piece of Reef Raft Matador. Anyone have any pieces available?
  7. luca_0316


    So today I got my order of Zoas from **************** and all the Zoas look perfect accept for the well know “brown stuff” that was floating on top of the baggies the drags came in. Which I read is relatively common. I decided on purchasing a mystery coral and unfortunately my mystery coral was...
  8. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Beautiful Large Acropora Colony

    L Large Acropora Colony For Sale at Sea City Corals! $230 Free shipping included! Visit Seacitycorals.com for more amazing coral!
  9. vlad1984

    Tanks of my Friends

    Anna's Tank
  10. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA SPS Spotlight: The most underestimated acro ever...

    In a world of rainbow tenuis it's easy to forget something as common as the Vivid's Rainbow. This piece is the red headed stepchild of many a reef keeper's collection. One might have perfect parameters and it will STILL not color up to its full potential. For lots reef keepers, its easier to...

    Night time preview nano

  12. T

    ID this coral please?

    Can someone please tell me what this coral is, got it from a lfs. Also there’s these tentacle hitchhikers on the side of it. Should I try removing them? Are they harmful?
  13. TCK Corals

    25% OFF TCK JULY BLOWOUT FLASH SALE!! LAST CHANCE! Ends tonight at midnight.

    Livesale R Pt2 Alien Anti-Venom Zoas #10 $30 Livesale R Pt1 Arc Wildfire Milli #2 $75 Livesale R Pt2 Arc Neon Orange Goni $100 Livesale R Pt2 Arc Magic Carpet Acro $75 Livesale R Pt2 Yellow Tip Acro $40 Livesale R Pt1 Cc Needle In A Haystack Acro $30 Livesale R Pt2 Two Tone...
  14. TCK Corals

    End of July Sale! Save 25% On ALL WYSIWYG Coral

    End of July Sale! Save 25% On ALL WYSIWYG Coral Sale runs until August 1st midnight. Tck Biohazard $50 Tck Lemoncake #2 $40 Cc Firestarter $60 Tck Skywalker $125 Tck Goku $80 Rrc Hellfire Echinata $350 Rrc Pink Caddy $50 Tck Lemoncake #3 $60 Tck Grapefruit $125 Tck...
  15. TCK Corals

    25% OFF End of July Sale! All WYSIWYG SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals are 25% OFF!

    End of July Sale! Save 25% On ALL WYSIWYG Coral *Summer Sizzler Packs not included. Shop Now
  16. buckeye82

    Indiana SPS Clear Out Pack

    7 SPS frag pack with doa Guarantee, Buyer pays Doa Shipping. Left to right -Sc Orange Passion -Wa Arctic Ice Milli -RR serendipty -Strawberry Shortcake -Garf Bonsai -Reverse Strawberry Shortcake -Shivers Acro $375 shipped
  17. buckeye82

    Indiana SPS Frag Pack Semi-High End

    7 SPS frag pack with doa Guarantee, Buyer pays Doa Shipping. Left to right -Sc Orange Passion -Wa Arctic Ice Milli -RR serendipty -Strawberry Shortcake -Garf Bonsai -Reverse Strawberry Shortcake -Shivers Acro $375 shipped
  18. mshonk

    Pennsylvania Inexpensive SPS, LPS, and Softies Make your pack. ORA pieces. $5 Frags!!!

    I have plenty to sell, plus I have been sitting on these guys for a while and need to make room. Standard DOA Policy. Email me a photo in the bag up to 2 hours after delivery. No refunds on shipping. $45 flat rate or $25 within PA up to 8 pieces. $2 extra per piece after that. [ may extend to...
  19. C

    New York SPS MINI COLONIES & FRAGS (SC OP, WWC, and more)

    Downsizing tanks and decided to let my SPS Corals go for now: Shipping is $45 to the lower 48. I will start with mini colonies. These are ALL WYSIWYG! 1. SC Orange Passion $350 (SOLD) 2. WWC Heartbreaker $250 3. PC Rainbow $125 4. Frag Farmer Red Robin Stag $125 5. FHC wild Berry $75 6...
  20. TCK Corals


    ALL WYSIWYG Corals are on sale on the website. Save 25% Off all SPS, LPS, Soft Coral, Mushroom, and Zoanthids. https://tckcorals.com
  21. Jettareefer223

    "Picking up the pieces" Jettareefer’s SPS dominated Planet Tideline revival/overhaul (Photo heavy/Progression)

    *If you’re not down for a detailed long winded thread I would skip the novel go straight down for pictures/specs lol. As a primer and or disclaimer I’m going to be overly detailed and ramble. This will serve as my build thread share my struggles and progress of my tank. Currently in the process...
  22. buckeye82

    Indiana Beginner SPS Frag Pack (13 frags)

    Hi, I figured i would do some more fragging from the tank and make a beginner friendly pack. 13 total corals with shipping included. DOA Guarantee, with in the first 2 hours of scheduled arrival. I should be able to make 3 packs of these. Top row left to right -Purple Digi -Tricolor...
  23. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Large Acropora Colony. Sold

    Very Large Acropora Colony For Sale!! Showstopper! The colors are amazing! Free Shipping Nationwide!! Pickup available in the Seattle area.
  24. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Mellepora Colony

    Green And Blue Mellepora Colony For Sale At SeaCityCorals.com!! $149.99 Will ship nationwide for $29.99!
  25. buckeye82

    Indiana Frag Rack Clear Out SPS Pack

    Hello, I have a pack of SPS up for grabs. Looking to clear some space. LEFT TO RIGHT -Sexy Corals Orange Passion -Cali Tort -Tyree Pink Lemonade -WWC Yoda -Miyagi Tort $250 shipped
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