1. O

    Most (semi-reliable) Dipstick test out there?

    Hi, I currently have a large mixed reef system (around 300 gallons) which is currently being monitored by my apex trident (monitoring pH, salinity, ALK, CA, MG). I am just starting to get into SPS, and therefore want to start monitoring phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate levels more closely. The...
  2. HonorableWhat

    Newbie Lighting Help

    So, im new to saltwater and i am trying to figure out the best light to go with my tank for what i want to do with it. Tank dimensions are 23.62″ x 23.62″ x 17.72″ 45 gallons. I wish to keep mainly softies and lps but i may try out 1 or 2 sps placed in a high light area just to see if i like...
  3. P

    Hello New Again

    Hello, I used to have a 45g diamond front and a 75g fowlr tank over a decade ago took plunge again and have a 55g breeder essentially, can’t drill it. down the line I will get a sump and what not but for time being are there any HoB fuge boxes that are worthwhile? I’ve seen some breeder boxes...
  4. Gianluca

    Show me your SPS!

    Hi everyone! I just got my first branching sps. It’s a green pocillopora, and I am so excited to see it grow! So I wanna see all of your SPS! Show me what you got!
  5. A

    Montipora ID

    I ran across this photo today and I really want to find a frag. Anyone know what this monti is?
  6. kooroc

    Is Micmol Aqua Mini G3 good enough for nano tank?

    Hey everyone! So I'm using the Micmol Aqua Mini G3 on a 14 inch cube, 10g tank. Anyone else use this light? Would love to get an idea on the par readings if anyone has them or the settings they use / the hours they keep them on. Also, do you guys think it will be good for growing LPS and maybe...
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Cinco De Mayo Sale!! ***HUGE DISCOUNTS!!** $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS

    This Wednesday. Join us for our Cinco de Mayo sale. We will have hourly drops on our website. Starting at 2pm. Over 1,500 corals will be going up. $1, $5, $10 and free corals throughout the night. Up to 80% off. You definitely don't want to miss out!
  8. Conrad Noto

    A few strange questions.

    Posting this in general and both questions in same place. Please answer either or both. Does anyone else have a non-growing, non-dying frag? I have a 1'' frag of miami vice chalice. It is in my tank 2 years, exactly the same, no growth, hasn't died. Bubble coral I bought same day has grown 4''...
  9. H

    Corals for sale local pickup in Johnson City or can deliver to knoxville.

    I also have a website you can browse at HCAcoral.com you can find pricing there. This is just a sample of some 200 specimens that need new homes.
  10. Sakudo4

    California Few SPS f/s

    Few sps available in Anaheim 1. Rr aussie gold acro 20$ 2. Tubb Stelllata 20$ 3. Green stylo. 20$ 4. Red robin. 15$ 5. Purple stylo. 20$ 6. Rainbow monti. 15$ 7. Pink Cadillac. 15$
  11. Sr5_Reef

    WWC budgie smuggler frags

    Hi everyone, I have some very nice and healthy WWC budgie smuggler frags available. Price includes shipping. I’ve had this since it was first released and you’ll see a picture of my mother colony attached. #1 & #2 - $350 #3 - $425 #4 - $475 #5 & #6 - $450ea Open to selling the mini colony on...
  12. Rams

    New Jersey Livestock Trade One head Dragon soul torch for SPS

    Let me know what you got
  13. C


    I have had this coral for a few weeks but it is looking awfully pale, I want to know if this in dying or not. I target feed all my other corals and they are growing slowly but still alive. I just moved this one from the top of my rocks to the sand bed as well today.
  14. Sackocats

    Build Thread Colorado Springs Looking for Reef Friends

    Hello Everybody, I am a 23 year old reefer about to graduate college looking for other reefers in the Colorado Springs area to talk reef with and perhaps trade corals, or just take a coral or two of my hands. My tank is a little more than 2 years old with a little bit of everything. This reef...
  15. J

    Build Thread Fluval nano mixed reef

    New nano reef tank I’ve been working on. Just got a lot of great deals on a nice selection of frags. I’m excited to see this start to fill out. I’m going a make a few adjustments but this is the setup at the moment
  16. Man908

    New Jersey One SPS frag pack

    SPS FRAG PACK - $200 (Pickup Only) From left to right Wild Aussie Acro WWC Yellow Tip WWC Aussie Toxic Slimmer ORA Red Planet Jason Fox NaNa Forest Fire Digitata Montipora
  17. S

    Texas Monti Caps

    Each cap is $15 and is about 2.5 inches across. The red is unmounted, and the purple is mounted to a small flat rock. Pick up in the Houston area - 77459. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  18. E

    Red monti cap help

    So I just purchased a red monti cap from wwc and this is my first sps so I don’t know if this looks good or not, can anyone help me out? Maybe give me a few pointers or something lol
  19. Sakudo4

    California Easy SPS 6 pack

    Easy sps pack available: 1. Rainbow monti 2. Birds of paradise 3. Green birdsnest 4. Slimball acro 5. Rainbow granulosa 6. Rainbow poccilipora Plus a freebie (no name milli) 80 $ local pick up Probably have 4 packs available..+/- Located in orange county, Socal.
  20. walloutlet

    New to SPS - Checking In On Progress

    Hey everyone, basically as the title states, I'm new into the world of sticks especially Acropora's. Feeling comfortable that I have my system stability and parameters under control and consistently in line with the what we collective seem to agree as good numbers. Basically, no major swings...
  21. Sakudo4

    California Rainbow monti frags

    Hello everyone I have rainbow monti frags available in multiple sizes 15$ = A dime size 25$ = B 1" +/- 35$ = C 1 1/2" +/- All encrusting already Any questions don't hesitate
  22. plankton

    M.digitata periodically unhappy??

    This is for SPS experts. I have a one year old 25G lagoon tank, corals are growing, great color but about once per month my 8” digi colony polyps will partially contract and color off then recover and repeats!! Whats the deal? Just did 4G water change in case there is something weird going on...
  23. DustinWRX526

    ID on this frag please

    Was wondering if someone could tell me what this is, i remember it started with a 'L' but i just can't find it, thank you all so much!
  24. killergoby

    Supplemental T5 bulb/fixture choices- Best for SPS growth?

    I currently have a 48" SBox Pro from SB Reef Lights and a 48" T5 in the front as shown. My tank measures 48" long. I'm considering adding an additional 1-2 T5 bulbs on the rear of the tank for better light spread and shadowing issues. Currently, with how far up the T5 has to be mounted to allow...
  25. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Easter Extravaganza Sale! ***OVER 2500 CORALS*** $1, $5, $10 and FREE CORALS!!

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