1. TCK Corals

    You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? NEW WYSIWYG Just Uploaded | Goni's, acro's, echinata's oh my!

    We just posted some fire new frags on to the site... Hurry before all the fire ones are gone. You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? :eek:
  2. C

    Indo bonsai coral - first SPS

    Hey everyone! So I just added in a Indo bonsai today. (First sps!) I think he is doing well but as I have not much background info on how these should look at the frag stage, want to get your options. Also input on if the location is adequate would be appreciated Thank you!
  3. joaocdestro

    Destro's Mixed Reef - Wall Office/Dinner - No Water changes - Brazil

    I started to cycle this 230g tank on 01/03/2019 No Water changes since new, and no water changes planed... Tests weekly: Red Sea - Ca, Kh, Mg, No3 and Po4 1 Triton ICP test each 6 months - just to make sure everything is on check. Water Parameters: Salinity 33ppt, MG 1400, Alk 8, CA 400, No3...
  4. G

    Need more acros

    Hello quick question I have a 180 that’s going to be sps dominated but I need help I want to buy a bunch of sps and Indo like bulk does anyone know a good website or a wholesaler that can help me out ???
  5. reefs4less

    Aussie Rainbow Millepora $119.98

  6. TCK Corals


    We have a FIRE SPS Sale Starting at 3pm TODAY on our website https://tckcorals.com Sale ends Tues at 12am. Save 20% Off All WYSIWYG. Shipping is $25 In State & Nearby States (Free over $175) $45 Out of State (Free Over $250) Here's a few teasers:
  7. R

    California PC Rainbow Acropora Colony

    PC Rainbow Acropora (local pick up only) 3 colonies available Location Rancho Santa Margarita Asking $300 per colony
  8. Jax15

    Need acro help, browning out!

    Hey folks This will not be a new topic, but I need ideas. I have a Waterbox 130, running 8-9 months now. I have big Acropora dreams for this tank, and it was going well there for a while. Growth, color.. but then everything seemed to stop on me. Acros went brownish, polyps are unhappy. Nothing...
  9. reefs4less


    Click pic for this and more killer combos! WYSIWYG 4PK MONTIPORA COMBO $83.98
  10. Mr_Knightley

    Anyone interested?

    Hi y'all! I was recently browsing online on some livestock websites, and I came to the realization that almost none of the listings for acropora had scientific names! This bugs me a bit, because not many people take the time to list the species names, which may be important in the future...
  11. reefs4less


  12. TrevorHorn19

    Has anyone ordered from Harry’s Frags?

    I’ve heard so many good reviews about the price and size of the frags he sells. Just wondering what you all think about buying from him and if anyone has some pictures of frags you have bought from him.
  13. TMA

    1 DAY SALE ONLY 20% OFF ALL WYSIWYG CORAL + Plus Spend $350, Get $30 Off Your Order - INDO GOLD TORCH 2 HEADS $240!

    If you haven't checkout our site yet now is your chance to follow us as we ramp up some big Indo shipments coming in soon. So in an effort to make some room in the tanks we're hosting a large website sale. (sale is not available at the store) Visit our website today and find ALL our WYSIWYG...
  14. L

    Sps coral stressed

    someone know what Type of stress is this This are my levels Po: .06 Nitrates: 10 Kh: 5.9 yesterday in the morning i found the selenoid of my calcium reactor turned off so today i will test Again Calcium 404 also yesterday i increase my light in 5 % I dont know if this issue was for turn on...
  15. TMA

    Massive WYSIWYG Sale On Website! Save 10% On WYSIWYG Corals + Spend $350, Save $30!

    If you're looking for a great coral sale this weekend visit our website https://tritonmarineaquaculture.com to find all our wysiwyg corals on sale by 10%, plus additional coupons to help you save additional money, like spend $350 and automatically save $30 off your cart total. PLUS if that's...
  16. TCK Corals

    Weekend Flash Sale + Spend $50 Get a free frag!

    If you're looking for a coral sale this weekend then look no further! Check out our specials right now on the site. New customers can save up to 30% off their order. New Weekend DEALS!! Save 10% Off All WYSIWYG Coral. PLUS, Subscribe to our Facebook Messenger alerts to get an additional 10% off...
  17. TopShelfAquatics

    A SWEET little weekend update!!!

    You don't want to miss out on these! View here: http://bit.ly/FreshEyecandy
  18. Twillyg21

    My new 65g SPS dominant tank build!

    Hello all! I started a new tank build yesterday on a 65 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump. I’ll update as I go, but here are the pictures so far. So fricken excited!!
  19. gettergejetter

    What to do with plastic frag plugs?

    I got an SPS set 2 - 3 weeks ago with corals mounted on some plastic frag plugs. My concern is that I don't really want these plugs glued onto my rocks, but on the other hand the corals are already encrusted on to the plugs and I'm afraid to cut them. These are my very first SPS and I don't...
  20. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania Acro's & Monti's For Sale

    All frags are at least 1", shipping is $50 for overnight priority, local pick up is available. AquaSD Cherry Blossom $150 AquaSD Rainbow Millepora $120 AquaSD Strawberry Lemonade $120 ARC Goldfinger $100 ATL Ultimate Stag $80 BC Aquatic-Man Table $150 BC Houdini $120 Blue Polyp Austera $40...
  21. Xombie2000

    Color coloration issue possibly due to low nutrients

    I have a plating monti that has turned peach over time. My purple rain has also had some color loss over time as well. A few things have changed. My mother passed 6 months ago and I neglected my tank. In other words, I neglected to feed my corals(reef roids) and dose amino acids (reef...
  22. WDKegge

    WD's 150g Bonsai Peninsula

    As is tradition for me, new year, new tank. I recently came across a deal I couldn't pass up on an 150G Crystal Dynamics peninsula tank to replace my 90G Elos. The Elos has some scratches that are hard to get past and i'm not much of a fan of the older style overflow on the tanks. The tank...
  23. C

    My Redsea Peninsula archive

    2020/2/19 Since the job finally settled down last year, I decided to upgrade my 220L to a 500L SPS tank. It has already been running more than one month from the start-up, I would like to archive all future notes in this thread. Not sure how far I can go, but I want to share my thoughts and...
  24. Eg0790

    Custom 45 gallon Build

    New here, just wanted to share my custom build with all of you, i custom built the stand and made it in white acrylic over a sheet of quartz to make sure it was sitting level.this is a downgrade from my previous 65 gallons, i wanted something small built to my taste. The tank is a SCA 45 gallons...