1. Perpetual Novice

    Are delicate corals physically delicate or just chemically sensitive.

    I was wondering how gentle I need to be when handling/touching my Acropora and Montipora. I'm dealing with some red slime (i think its dynos but maybe cyano) and I don't want to use chemicals to knock it out given the many SPS in the tank. however, because of that, I frequently need to manually...
  2. Berlibee

    North Carolina [!] Cyber Monday Special - Fantastic SPS Pack Discount.

    Hello guys! it's time to clean the frag rack and trim some colonies from my REEFER and it's a good chance for you to get quality frags. ;) Regular Price: $1150 Current Price: 750 shipped. Here is what you get in this pack: RH Poisonous Shortcake. RH Red Cadillac. RRC Pink Cadillac. ARC...
  3. Suggsreef

    Biocube lighting for all coral

    Looking for options that I can keep my hood and my hood be functional with lights that preferably fit under the shield where the shock lights are. What fits in the space where stock lights are besides stevesleds and nanobox considered doing an ai on top but would have to stay in place when...
  4. ScubaZ

    Monti cap discoloration

    I have a red monti cap in the center of my tank that was doing really good for a while and now is taking a turn for the worst. Too much light maybe? It’s right under a hydra 26hd although it’s lower in the tank. It seems to bleeching out possibly in some areas although I’m not sure. Any...
  5. Mattyice572

    Red sea led?

    Hey guys i am trying to get myself some led lights for black friday and was interested in the red sea leds. I have a 75 gal and plan on doing some sps near the top maybe going as far as half way down the tank and was wondering if anyone had these lights. Theres is a model 50 and model 90 i was...
  6. DanSavesTheDay

    pH swing? Dosing sodium bicarbonate "baking soda"

    I've just noticed some RTN on a tort frag. I haven't had any alk swings since this frag was added and it was in a low light area of the tank Could it possibly be a pH swing? My tank size is 88gallons and I usually dose my alk "baking soda" 0.6 tsp mixed in warm rodi dosed into sump at night. My...
  7. AquaLocker

    Look Down Fish

    Look Downs in STOCK and on SALE! ***Prices on the website INCLUDE a 14 Day GUARANTEE. Lower DOA Only pricing can be selected at checkout***
  8. AquaLocker

    Katherine's Fairy Wrasse

    Katherine's Fairy Wrasse in STOCK and on SALE! ***Prices on the website INCLUDE a 14 Day GUARANTEE. Lower DOA Only pricing can be selected at checkout***
  9. AquaLocker

    Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish

    Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish over 50% off! ***Prices on the website INCLUDE a 14 Day GUARANTEE. Lower DOA Only pricing can be selected at checkout***
  10. AquaLocker

    Blue Spotted Jawfish

    Blue Spotted Jawfish in STOCK and on SALE! ***Prices on the website INCLUDE a 14 Day GUARANTEE. Lower DOA pricing can be selected at checkout***
  11. lbacha

    Lbacha’s 20g Long Low Tech Frag Tank

    Well I decided to start a separate build thread for my frag tank since it is extremely low tech vs my display tank so I figured it deserved it’s own thread. Tank - standard Aqueon 20g long (30”x12”x12”) Filtration - Aqueon QuietFlow20 (This came with the 15g column tank I bought as a Refugium...
  12. jRatanak

    How slowly to increase lighting?

    Hey all, I've had my tank up for a little over half a year with no severe issues; however, I've started adding some sps and noticed that the overall lighting for them may not be high enough. They stay healthy-looking for around two weeks then they lose color and get some tissue loss and...
  13. jonesdeini

    Acropora-eating flatworms?

    I just picked up this frag and I was inspecting it before dipping and noticed what appear to me as aefw. I would love other's opinions on this
  14. SPS Frag

    SPS Frag

    new addition
  15. C

    Tank age and SPS sucess.

    Hi there. I am not new but not super experienced either. I have a 120 gallon mixed reef that is about 6 months old. I have lots of soft corls and hard corals that seem to be doing great. However every time I put an SPS in my tank it will bleach within about a week or two. I have no idea what I...
  16. Mrsadat

    Unknown SPS

    Hello fellow reefers I’ve had this sps for a few months but I don’t know the name is could someone please I.D. It for me. Thanks
  17. Jack Mammon Bifrons

    The Black Gallery Aquarium (2000gal ish)

    So.... Ill start by saying this is early days! however, im not exactly taking my time theres just been some red tape involved aswell as getting work done. To keep it somewhat short i had to buy a house that would work with all the stuff we want to do. Then planning and eveything. All whilst...
  18. Jamestown

    New SPS Pickup

    Local frag show this weekend. Using a blue filter, but no edits. Colors are outstanding.
  19. L

    Can I save my Monti?

    I recently purchased this Monti frag and have had it in the tank for two days. I accidentally fed it bottles phytoplankton and now it is changing colors all where the phytoplankton touched the surface. Is there anything I can do to save it? Is it dying or is this normal? (The second photo is...
  20. coralchiefreef

    The up and down journey of my 140 gallon reef

    Hey guys! Been a huge fan of R2R for a while now and thought it’s time to start documenting my tank on here. My system has been up and running for a little under a year and a half now and has recently been suffering from multiple issues (most of them being a direct result of stuff I did ). My...
  21. PSX_20191013_215148.jpg


    Macro Aculeus!!!!
  22. Jamestown

    Red Sea 170 SPS Cube

    Hello, This is my 45 Gal Red Sea Max E-170 that has been running for about 14 months. Currently SPS dominant with some Euphyllia towards the bottom. Recently added 20lbs of additional rock for more surface area (for corals!). Also currently battling some bubble algae currently - I do weekly 4-5...
  23. Gadamwoll

    Master Inventory Coral List

    I am working on a coral spreadsheet of all the different corals and how to care (food, flow, placement, light) for them and estimated retail value if anyone wants to help contribute can message me. I have each sheet in a category for Zoa, Aussie, Chalice, Fazia, etc. This is just a rough draft...
  24. Mr V

    California SPS trimming: vivid tequilasunrise, cherrybomb, psychoberry,...

    Hi all, Need to clear the frag rack. Some sps up for grab. Shipping fee is $45, I do pack discount and/or freebie. Free shipping on order over $350. Mother pictures will be on next post. 1. Mr V's yellow fever $150 2. Mr V's 212 mili $150 3. RRU Red Bull $150 (4 frags available) 4. RMF...
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