1. cbranin

    Alabama Live Goods $5-10 Frags

    I can’t stand when hobbyists try to price gouge their own corals as if they’re WWC or TSA. I got some “frags” selling for cheap. Maybe you want to try SPS but don’t want to kill a $50-100 frag, I get it, I’ve been there. Maybe try one of mine for $5 and see how it does in your tank before...
  2. daniefern764

    California Live Goods Hammers need to go

    San Jose,CA Shipping and pickup available Cut some of these colonies from my main tank finally recovered from their cut
  3. F

    New corals

    Tanks been up 10 months. Parameters: Alk: 8.3 Cal: 415 Nitrate: 9 Phos .12 Trace is supplied by reef moonshiners I think i might of cooked then to much when first added. I turned light all the way down to 50% just radions are on. Everything was at 80%. Lighting Orpheks and radions I’m...
  4. NeuroReefer215

    Philly Area LFS

    This summer, I'm relocating from Houston to Philadelphia. Do you have any suggestions for a good local reef store? Where do you usually shop for reef supplies corals (SPS, LPS), livestock, and do you have a favorite store in Philadelphia? IG: Neuroreefer https://www.instagram.com/neuroreefer/
  5. Coral Pimp

    New York Live Goods Colorful frags for sale NY 11236

    Prices are posted on pictures, sps frags on rack are $25 each or 5 for 100. Pick up Brooklyn NY 11236. Available on weekdays after 6pm and free most weekends any time
  6. GoldenStateCorals

    Easter Sale!! 30% OFF All WYSIWYG!!

    www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com www.goldenstatecorals.com
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA's Easter Live Sale **OVER 4,000 CORALS!!** Huge Discounts!!!

    Join us this weekend for our Easter Live Sale Extravaganza!! We will be dropping over 4,000 corals with HUGE discounts! Not to mention $1, $5, $10 and FREE Frags!! You definitely don't want to miss out on this one!!
  8. L

    Build Thread Choosing Calcium Reactor for 600 gallon sps system

    Hello Reefers, Need your help in choosing right calcium reactor for my new build. System will be sps dominant (90%) Total volume is close to 600 gallon I would prefer calcium reactor rated for more than 600 gallon since I have plans of adding another system to it in future. Thanks
  9. jlane220

    SPS Canary/Indicator Corals

    What Corals do you have in your tank that are the first to indicate your parameters are getting out of whack. For my it's my mystic sunset monti. As soon as phosphates start to rise or things get off a little it starts to retract polyps and the color starts to fade.
  10. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Smooth Skin Lover Acro Pack and more!

    Hey Everyone! I've put together a pack of some of my nicest smooth skin acros for you fiends out there! This pack is $900 Shipped and includes CRT Face Melt TGC Bugatti CRT Hot Rod CRT Boogalooga DOA Policy and Guarantee: Standard DOA Applies. I guarantee my corals for 72 hours...
  11. N

    STN Disease in SPS

    Hi Everyone, Seems I have the dreaded STN/RTN disease in my tank and I'm considering options in treatment and getting back to a disease-free tank. First of all, tank breakdown including params: 32gal mixed reef biocube, no sump, no filter media whatsoever. Carbon dosing vodka. Tank 3yrs old...
  12. Nohatch

    What is the best size frag tank 4'x4' or 6'x2'

    I am looking to purchase a frag tank and was wondering what size of tank works best for flow, and lighting between a 4'x4' and a 6'x2'? It will be used for sps grow out and frags. Please let me know your experiences of what has worked and what has not. Thanks in advance
  13. Rham1281

    Help with ID

    Was told this is a “Green Tree” coral. Any idea?
  14. R

    Waterbox lx 270.6 (Dream Tank)

    I'll be sharing many more images and info on my Dubai tank soon. It's kitted out with nearly everything possible from equipment to corals. Currently 10 weeks old (hard to believe)
  15. JCOLE

    480 Gallon Peninsula with T-Slot Canopy for sale

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately, It looks like I will not be able to sell the system as a whole so I would like to start parting things out. First I would like to try and sell the tank and canopy. Custom 480 Gallon Call Cast Acrylic tank(Purchased New and 1.5 years old). Tank has a ghost...
  16. N

    Corals for sale

    I have a lot of frags taking up room in my tank asking $20-$40each Orange Montipora Setosa $30 $30 has two frags on it. Bubble gum Montipora digitata $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 24k lepto$30 Mystic sunset Montipora rock lots of frags on it $40
  17. L

    New 600 gallon Build

    Hello Reefers, In the process of setting up my new tank. Will be Tangs and Sps dominated system. Tank is 96 * 48 * 24 Sump is 72 * 24 * 20 + Second Sump 48 * 20 * 20 Square tube Iron stand custom made and powder coated white. Lighting - debating still may be 8 Radions or 6 Skys or Orphek...
  18. nycfreshreef

    What is this mandarin eating ?

    cool video of my 1.5 year old mandarin eating some kind of worm from the rocks … what do you think it is ?
  19. M

    Makisupa's Reefing Journey

    Hello everyone! Needed a good place to document my reefing journey as I'm realizing I haven't done a great job at that over the last 7/8 years of reef keeping. What better of a place to put it than here! My journey started back in the day with a 5g Fluval Evo. That tank lasted about 5/6 years...
  20. R

    Coral ID

    Can anyone help id this coral? Got them from fellow reefer. It looks like some kind encrusting sps or monti cap, but it’s very very aggressive. Kills acan and sps near by (doesn’t even touch), so it’s more like lps for its aggressiveness. Anyone know what it is?
  21. Daedalus8311

    SPS Baller Packs JF CB POTO Rainbow Plate Magic Carpet

    I have few packs available including aquacultured rainbow Disearis plate and CC Magic Carpet Mushroom. Each price INCLUDES Shipping! If get more then one pack or item, then it will be discounted for combined shipping. Shipping:UPS Priority Overnight. DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies within...
  22. ReefStash

    Act fast when SPS shows signs of decline!

    In reefing you sometimes need to act fast! I moved this Miami Orchid SPS coral colony higher on the reef the other day and unfortunately it did not like that move at all! By the morning it was turning white (dying) from the base up. ☠️ I believe it to be RTN (rapid tissue necrosis). As soon...
  23. R

    Lighting for 4 feet tank

    Looking for some suggestions for my new 4 feet tank. The dimensions will roughly be 48*24*20. It will be a mix reef tank with half SPS, half LPS, and some meat corals and mushroom on the bottom I’m planning to go with 48” aquatic life t5 with XR15. I have 3 XR15 G5 on my hand, should I use all...
  24. Coral Pimp

    28 SPS frag pack for sale

    Pack contains a lot of nice milli, acro and stags. Pick up Brooklyn 11236 Asking $700 for sps pack 28 frags Also if not gone by Sat will split the pack up into separate frags $30 per frag besides millis. Milli frag pack 8 frags $300 ASD rainbow Sunset Sunrise CB Bubble gum Superman pink GreeN...
  25. Anirban

    Multiple SPS frag and colonies

    Need to clear the frag rack so these are up for grab. 2 forest fire digi ($25 each), 1 forest fire digi colony (softball size) $150, 1 Anacropora colony ($50), 4 Sanjay's milka stylo ($30 each), 2 RRC Shazam ($75 each) 1 inch, 2 TSA ice tort ($25 and 40 each), 1 BC aquaticman table ($40), 1...