1. TopShelfAquatics

    Cyber Monday HOT DEALS TSA Cyber Monday BLOWOUT!!***Over 1,000 Corals*** $5, $10, and Free Corals! HUGE DISCOUNTS!!!

    This Monday you won't want to miss out on our Cyber Monday Blowout! Over 1,000 Corals spread over 4 drops at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8PM HUGE DISCOUNTS!!
  2. AndyZ89

    Build Thread AZ’s High End Corals Build- Reefer 350

    Hello Reefers, It took a little while to get a build thread but its finally here!! My Name is Andy and I joined R2R in January 2020. I started my first reef tank in February 2020. I’ve always been a freshwater guy and still have a 125G freshwater tank. I bought this Red Sea Reefer 350...
  3. zatch

    Zatch's 60 Cube NSA SPS Journal

    Been in the hobby for a long time, took a break, now building a tank (blah blah blah)... I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum and journal through photos the process of the build. Reef Style: SPS (may end up with an LPS or two) Tank: Deep Blue 60 Cube (24"x24"x24") Stand: Custom (Oak)...
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    CoralFish12G TSA Farm Tour Video!!! AWESOME Behind the Scenes!!

    Make sure you guys check out the newest video from George aka CoralFish12G as he takes you behind the scenes of our farm and shows you all of the prep going in to our Beat the Rush Live Sale happening this weekend! If you haven't already jump over to our Beat the Rush thread for a ton of info...
  5. C

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. SPS - Selling Green Pocillipora Colony

    Selling a Poci colony . About 4x4. On a rock. Need to make some space in my ,Reefer 350. I will give you along with the rock. Local pick up is preferred. No shipping experience. Asking $100
  6. TCK Corals

    TCK 2020 ANNIVERSARY LIVESALE Nov 14th and 15th!

    Starting on Saturday 11/14/2020 @ 2PM EST we will begin posting sets of frags all at once every half hour-hour! We will resume on Sunday at 2pm EST until we run out of corals to post. Coral photos will be posted here in this thread also with links to the tckcorals.com website to make your...
  7. Nagra92

    Which coral ? And where to place ? Can they live on rock ?

    Which coral is this ? And where to be placed in tank ?
  8. Punisher Corals

    New INSANE Deals Section Added to Site! Frags at Insane Prices $4.99 to $9.99!

    We created a new deal category on our site where you can find corals as low as $4.99! That's INSANE, hence the name! Check out should be PROMPT, unless you want to lose your corals. These deals go insanely fast. Don't miss out. Sign up for our newsletter announcements in our website footer so...
  9. TCK Corals

    Halloween Sale Announcement Buy 5 Get The Lowest Cost Frag FREE! PLUS Save 10% Use code BOO

  10. ReeferWarrant

    Coralline Algae growth on Plating Montipora

    I have had this frag for a couple months now and it has been a lesson for me in SPS corals alone. The issues I have currently overcome are high PO4, Alk stability and lack of flow for it. So now I have good polyp extension and the flesh is iridescent, making me think it is doing well. My...
  11. Y

    Build Thread Acropora Reefer 170

    Hi guys. I have a red sea reefer 170 which has only had SPS since I got my hands on it 2.5 years ago. Had a big crash this summer as the return pump failed when I was away. Now rebooting it with only acros and the occasional monti where there is a lack of light. Currently have about 10 or so...
  12. MrDeathKills

    32gallon biocube. Lighting solution.

    Alright wife has decided to look into all avenues of lighting. She may allow me to take the hood off if the light we get is worth it. So I will list the lights we are looking at and you guys/gals can tall me how you feel about it. 32gallon biocube. Ai prime 16HD Hydra 26HD Hydra 32HD RedSea 50...
  13. DRW0212

    Nevada Oregon Tort Acro small colony

    Oregon Tort A: 7+ branches 3” tall,1 1/2” long, 2” wide $400 Shipped Fedex Priority by 10:30am Oregon Tort B: 5+ branches 3” tall,1 1/4” long,1 1/2” wide $300 Shipped Fedex Priority by 10:30am If DOA, send photo of DOA coral in the bag and out of the bag within two hours of delivery for...
  14. MrDeathKills

    Ai Prime VS 32 Hydra HD

    Hi my wife has given me approval to cut a hole in our 32gallon biocube hood. But the stipulation is the light has to go i to the hood and not been seen from the outside. So the 2 commons lights i see being installed are The ai prime and the hydra 26 or 32. Which one would you perfer and why...
  15. MrDeathKills

    Coral placement help.

    Need help with placement of coral we are picking up tomorrow. 1 is sand or flat rocks on sand. Then we go on up to 4 where the most light gets. I don’t have an issue putting coral in the back of the rock structure. I will just post the type of coral rather then full names, if full names would...
  16. Bassmaster116

    CARx on apex

    So i have set up my carx about 2 weeks ago, using a reef octo in conjunction with the carbon doser and my apex. Just curious anyone else who is using their apex as the ph controlle, what does your ph graph look like? mine was up and down alot but now had seemed to steady out. Set my effluent to...
  17. Mason D

    HELP: 3 clownfish dead and sad corals

    I am stumped when it comes to problems with my 10 gallon AIO reef tank. Someone PLEASE help me. I bought the tank used just over a month ago. It came cycled with two snails and two hermit crabs. After two weeks of it running it, I bought an emerald crab and two easy SPS corals. The corals...
  18. KBW13

    New Jersey New York Green Nepthea, chalice, and xenia for sale

    Any size frag of green nepthea, pulsing xenia, and hollywood stunner chalice. Pickup/dropoff only currently. Hollywood stunner $30 larger frag, $15 smaller frag Nepthea and xenia $10 a frag. Will cut to order, Looking to get rid of some over growth. If interested in large chunk of nepthea of...
  19. E

    Washington, D.C. Livestock Trade Looking for some high end torches - have SPS

    I’m looking to get some nice higher end torches and have a lot of SPS to trade. I have old school Acros like SSC and pink lemonade to higher end stuff like Battle coral pieces and Reef Raft. I’m located in northern Virginia about 40 mins outside of DC. I can also ship if that’s easier. If...
  20. TopShelfAquatics

    Tons of Fresh Eye Candy!!!!

    Website is loaded with tons of fresh eye candy for your tank!!! Here's just a few of the pieces available now! Check them out here: bit.ly/FreshCoralCandy
  21. MrDeathKills

    Help with Coral

    Got these guys yesterday. I have no clue if i am giving the right amount of flow and would like your help. Its been 24hrs wince adding. This is the coral we got Acro Birds nest, Acan Rainbow, Zoa rasta, GSP. Im the top left we have the outflow that we have faced slightly inward and more toward...
  22. TCK Corals

    New Acro Update + Clearance Sale on Remaining September Products

    We have 75 new acros posted to our website along with over 200 corals on a Clearance Sale marked down 35% off. https://tckcorals.com
  23. Emi2852

    Red Monti Cap fell on a Duncan...

    Hey guys! So I just moved houses which meant taking apart and moving my 20g tank.. what about adventure that was! Everything transported well and I was able to get things back in order. Except my monti cap frag got knocked off the rock work and fell into my Duncan’s! When I noticed I pulled it...
  24. Zoaologist

    Nevada Sold

  25. Owen Sherwin

    110 Aquascape

    This is my new 110g aquascape. This aquascape is for a SPS dominant system. Please leave your thoughts. If you suggest for me to add some more rock let me know!! Happy Reefing