1. cwb_reeftank

    Stocking list for 30 breeder help

    Hello, I'm doing a sps dominated 30 breeder and right now I only have one clown fish in it and I was hoping I could get some suggestions what I could put in it. I was think maybe some gobbies but I wasn't sure if I could maybe do two different gobbies with two pistol shrimp. Also if anyone knows...
  2. TCK Corals

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED https://tckcorals.com Teasers of the new products
  3. zoablasto

    My new setup

    I always wanted to have a bigger reef tank, I’ve been dreaming about it for a while, and I finally decided to do it! It’s going to be a 57 gallon seapora rimless aquarium, with a custom build stand and a 30 gallon trigger system sump. For lighting I’ll be doing the aquatic life T5 hybrid with a...
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    Acro Appreciation: RMF Red Devil

    We've had this piece in our collection for several years now and it does not cease to amaze! With its crazy two-tone polyps, smooth cream base and green tint, this piece brings some HOT contrast to our tanks! I'm not gonna lie, its not the fastest grower but the payoff is completely worth it...
  5. Reef Pro

    Livestock SPS Frags! Frag Pack DISCOUNTS!! Everything from Beginner to High End Collector JF HW, WD, SC OP, TGC, TSA, WWC and MUCH MUCH MORE !!

    Some of you may have purchased from me previous as Reefflow! Build your own SPS packs! All pieces are WYSIWYG and have the corresponding number, which will correlate to the frag. If you're interested in any of the pieces pls message with the coral name along with the letter and number you are...
  6. BReefer13

    Georgia High End Duo $380 Shipped

    Hello everyone, I have these two colonies that I have been culturing for awhile and can finally make some frags off of them. I am asking $380 shipped, frags will be 3/4" to 1" and will need at least one week for healing. Let me know if any questions :) I call this Infatuation And this...
  7. cwb_reeftank

    AI Prime HD help!!!!

    Hello I just got my AI Prime HD today and I have been trying to set it up and I have it connected to the myAI app but it won't let me add it to myAI account online. I've typed in the serial number and everything. Also there is a preset that I would like to try but I don't know how to get it on...
  8. Reefer40b

    USA WTB Acro Pack Must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney

    looking for a Acro Pack deal to add to my collection and get some more variety, it must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney. Let me know what else you have feel free to PM me a stock/price list if you have a bunch, Thanks and happy reefing!
  9. CDavmd

    Adam @Battlecorals...a cut above the rest- a true gentleman

    @Battlecorals I can't say enough good things about Adam and his @Battlecorals enterprise. All of my experiences have been outstanding. I have ordered several times in the past and the frags arrive well packed, healthy, and pest free. Unfortunately I had a major outbreak of STN a few months...
  10. J

    Dinos and SPS - unhappiness

    Hello, I am looking for some feedback on SPS corals (and tank in general) after battling a dino outbreak. 1 year old tank (112 gallon)....full parameters below. Had a substantial dino outbreak/plague. Humbling but rolled with the punches as I knew that, being new to the hobby, there would be...
  11. uniquecorals

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On! 20% off all livestock, and up to 20% off select brands.

    The huge sale event started! Friday to Monday, new drops every day. #memorialdayweekend #sale 20% off all #livestock - colonies, frags, collector's items, signature corals. Use code MW20 at checkout. Plus great drygoods discounts too! All these amazing brands will be on sale. (no code...
  12. RRC Elektra

    RRC Elektra

  13. Fsh

    Powerheads and flow in a Nano.

    So I’m trying to work out how many powerheads and placement. I have a 20 gallon RedSea Max Nano. I want to keep SPS at the top, and a few LPS and softies at the bottom. I have one small cheap powerhead that I’m going to have at the back behind the rock to keep there from being dead spots...
  14. esther

    Please help ID this Colorful SPS

    Have no idea what this is. Anyone have an idea?
  15. Rijodan

    Help figuring ouy this mystery coral?

    I got this a month ago from the lfs and other than it be a "supernatural" encrusting coral i didn't get any other information about it. Probably should have asked more questions but I was excited as always at the coral store. Mainly I want to know the type so I know how to care for it best. It...
  16. TopShelfAquatics

    OK OK OK, This Update is NUTS!(Stickheads... this is for YOU!)

    This update made me want to take half of them home! Our new SPS system is finally churning them out and we could not be more excited about the color and growth we've started to get after giving the corals some room to breathe. View here: http://bit.ly/FreshCoralCandy
  17. N

    Virginia Acro Collection Starter

    Pack comes with these: Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Fox Flame Strawberry Shortcake PC Rainbow Walt Disney Red Robin Tri Color Valida Highlighter Acro Red Planet Tyree Pinky the Bear WWC Nuclear Grapes Price is $475 shipped Three packs available PM me!
  18. R

    Excited to come back to groove after a couple year break

    Hello R2R community. I've been reefing since 2012 and took a break for a gap of about 2 years due to living situations. Finally got set up again and decided to set up for propagation this go around as that what was I always enjoyed, fragging and watching corals grow. My current setup is a 75 gal...
  19. O

    Keep or Trash

    My tanks recovering from a bad time. I lost a lot of SPS to receding skin. My colony of red planet is 90% dead. Now that I’ve corrected the issue, the receding has stopped leaving 10% alive. I had something similar to this happen before and the red planet quickly recovered and grew of the dead...
  20. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT New Release!!! TSA Sour Tsunami

    We've all been waiting for an awesome rainbow acro thats not a tenuis right??? Well, here you have it! TSA's Sour Tsunami is absolutely stunning! Truly a coral that looks as good under daylights as it does under actinics, this is NOT one you want to sleep on! This one will be a flood of color...
  21. esther

    Sun God Psammacora? Please help ID this coral...

    Got this coral from a fellow reefer. Can you help ID? Is this a Sun God Psammacora or something else?
  22. Coralqueendom

    Hello from Coralqueendom

    Hello there from coral queendom‍♀️‍♀️ I am a female reefer with two coral reef tanks from Wisconsin in the United States @Coralqueendom
  23. cwb_reeftank

    75 gallon stand?

    I'm trying to find something to use for a stand for a 75 that's drilled at the bottom and I can't build my stand this time sadly. So if anyone has some suggestions that would be great. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it but I also don't want one of those cheap black stands.
  24. cwb_reeftank

    AI Prime or Hydra 32

    I have a 30 gallon breeder and I can't figure out if I should have one or two AI Primes or if I should go with one Hydra 32. I plan to eventually do SPS in it.
  25. Mrtakeoff53

    Let’s Get This Green Slimer Growing!

    Hey fellow reefers! I’ve had a green slimer in my tank about 2 months and it’s growing at a good clip (3/4” per month). It had 3 axial polyps when I got it but one was shaped strangely and pointed down and was subsequently shaded. It never did start growing in my tank. So I decided to frag the...