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  1. M

    I don’t know what this coral is help!

    I just got this coral today from my local petco don’t worry I dipped it twice and made sure it is pest free but when I got it no one told me what it was so I was wondering if you guys had any idea what it was thanks
  2. M

    Need help finding out what this coral is!

    Hey I just got this new coral from my local pet co don’t worry I’m dipping it now but when I got it all it said on the tag was coral frag so if someone could help me out on what this is and what the care is that would be awesome thanks!
  3. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  4. TCK Corals

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    If you missed out on our livesale deals, check this out! All weekend long, SAVE 30% Off Our Entire WYSIWYG Collection. https://tckcorals.com
  5. JackerVenom

    Par and LED’s

    Hello everyone I have a question? I did a par reading on my tank for the first time. I noticed that the par is at 30 on the sand bed and 100 at the top. I’m currently running 1 hydra 26HD on a 9 gallon. Yes I know it’s over kill, but was bought for when I upgrade so I don’t have to buy a new...
  6. TopShelfAquatics

    Well, we haven't had one of these in a while... A TSA NEW RELEASE THREAD!

    Its been a while since we've done a formal release of new TSA Signatures and there's no better way to do it than during a live sale! You can see these new bad boys live and in action throughout the day here [TSA LIVE SALE] TSA Miss Piggie TSA Taj Mahal TSA Harvey Wallbanger
  7. S

    What coral is this?

    Hello, what coral is this? I saw it the other day and really like it Thank you. :)
  8. stebbins

    Michigan Livestock Trade Looking for torches have high end sps to trad

    I’m looking for any torches. I already have INDO orange and dragon soul but interested in any other torches or og bounce mushroom.
  9. A

    Opinions on where the corals should go?

    I wanted some opinions on what I should do with my aquas cape in terms of coral. I want the top half to be spa and the lower half to be lps. The idea is to have the middle portion be a small ZOA garden. However I am still trying to figure out what side I should put all of my euphyllia. Do you...
  10. H

    Montipora is this normal?

    Is is this normal for a montipora? Is place on top par 240 Alk 9.5 Calcium 476 Salinity 35ppm Magnesium 1500 Temp 78 0 nitrates 10 phosphates Tank 6 months old Thanks
  11. Ligs

    General Help

    Hi all, Let me first introduce myself, I live in the UK have been keeping reef tanks for around 10 years now, started out with a 120 liter softie tank and now have a 4 month old 1000 liter 5.5x2.5x2.5 ft using my old tank water and rock from my reefer 350 the tank cycled quickly. I want to go...
  12. New Tenuis ready for bed

    New Tenuis ready for bed

    New @[1429:@TCK Corals] Purple Pillow Tenuis right before the lights go out. Love this piece
  13. Joe Knows Reefs


    If you missed our biggest live sale we still have some corals left over. All left over coral are 15% off using code AUG-LIVE-2020. Some really nice pieces still out there. Check it out at this link...http://www.joeknowsreefs.com/live-sale/ You will receive 15% off the sale price!! The 15%...
  14. uniquecorals

    Back To School R2R UC LiveSale! Aug 22 & 23, both days 10am-6pm PST - Huge Prizes!

    The long awaited for UniqueCorals.com LiveSale is here! This LiveSale will be fully stocked with 2 days of fire! Great assortment of different types of euphyllias, ultra Maricultured SPS colonies, Signature corals, new releases, and specialty collector's items, all the great finds...
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    100++ New Corals on the site! Fresh sticks, zoas and LPS!

    Check out this awesome update here: https://topshelfaquatics.com/product-category/newstock/livestock-corals/livestock-corals-wysiwyg/ 00
  16. TMA

    Final Sale For Triton On Reef2Reef - Take 30% Off All Corals and Fish From Our Website!

    We'd like to thank everyone in the Reef2Reef community that has supported us over the years. We're currently hosting our last sale on Reef2Reef until we "metamorphosis" into our new brand launch this fall. We will make another announcement before we head off, but just wanted to share a couple of...
  17. A

    Is this tissue necrosis?

    Hi, I am starting to get into SPS and I just bought a frag from a local fish store. I just noticed white at the bottom and I am not sure what it is. I was hoping y’all could educate me. Thanks!
  18. Perpetual Novice

    Build Thread Finally getting serious: The 180 gallon dream tank

    I’ve been in the feeding hobby since I was 16. While most kids begged for a puppy I somehow convinced my parents to buy a 75 gallon saltwater tank instead. You might say that tank was a failure, but I fell in love with the hobby during those two years of heartache and frustration. 2 years ago I...
  19. meyerc76

    Orbit Marine Dual Pro Specs

    All~ I've recently installed some new lighting and selected Orbit Marine Dual Pro's for a 90 Gallon Reef. They provided a good balance of being budget conscious while providing some nice features such as sunrise/sunset as well as being able to use eFlux pumps to synchronize the flow in the...
  20. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut WTB Sps sticks, acros east coast

    I’m looking to get some filler pieces on my current build. Nothing fancy, just trying to fill some blank spots. Anyone on the east coast New York / Connecticut area with some colonies or larger frags?
  21. H

    Harlequin Filefish

    So I’m planning a large 360 gallon SPS tank. My question is, will this tank have enough coral growth to feed a Harlequin Filefish and make sure not too many corals are lost? Of course I’ll wait until the system is very mature.
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Rosé; Another exclusive gem from the TSA vault!

    For those of you asking, we finalllyyyy have a frag available of this stunner! Unlike most rainbow tenuis, this one isn't a classic combination of red and blue but instead stunning pinks and purples! We've only released two other frags this year so do not miss out! Click HERE to view
  23. Nanojoeaquatic

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 250 build!

    Hello all! a little new to R2R.. Anyways I see these build threads and i love the documentation of everything. SO cool to see everyones builds come alive. Some background info about me: I did youtube for a little while under the name "Nanojoe".. still post videos here and there but not so much...
  24. TCK Corals

    Weekend WYSIWYG Sale! Save 30% On Remaining WYSIWYG

    Save 30% On The Remaining WYSIWYG On Our Site. https://tckcorals.com
  25. Art Calde

    Florida Livestock Trade Bali Hurlock Acro

    Trading Bali Hurlock Acro colonies for other Sps frags. Make me an offer. My colony was getting too big and I had to trim it. Jupiter Florida pickup