1. D

    SPS Red Sea Reefer 170 set up

    Hi, So ive been out the hobby a little while and i want to start up a new tank. Im looking at getting a Red Sea Reefer 170. Im looking to set up a predominantly SPS tank with some Euphillyia. Now, my question is, im not sure if i should get an AIO or the sumped version? Has anyone got any...
  2. F

    Acro ID + Polyps not coming out fully

    Hey All, I'm new to SPS and picked up this frag along with a Red Monti Cap and some nice Pocci frags on the weekend from my LFS. I didn't get the name of the acro (If it has one) and I've just got some questions that I hope to have answered. First up is what's this guy called? The pictures don't...
  3. ClownFish664

    help picking a coral

    Hi all, Does anyone know what types of corals I can put top left and left side of my reef tank? This is where I have the higher flow from both the wave maker (1000 lph) and the surface skimmer. I'm using a G5 radion on soft/LPS setting
  4. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Livestock Trade Green Birdsnest For Trade

    I have about a half a dozen large green birds nest I'm looking to get rid of. A lot of these pieces you could cut down and get a few frags out of easily. Trade for other coral or you can buy them. Let me know what you have. The momma colony grows to fast lol.
  5. jtonephilthy

    Build Thread DIY 40g breeder reef system / 20g long sump / fuge

    What’s up everyone long time no see. I haven’t been very active on here lately and it feels great to be back!! Hope everyone is doing well out there! So I’ve finally been putting together a reef system that I’ve been planning since I moved to the Midwest this past February. It’s a 40...
  6. J

    SPS dead ? Or bleached ?

    Tested 1 Acro for a month and it colored up and looked great. Tank is 10 months old. Shipment of 6 SPS came in yesterday and overnight my red dragon bleached or died? My 5 other SPS I ordered looking great. I’m about to sleep for work (graveyard) so I don’t have time to test my water parameters...
  7. Solyum

    AF Zeomix in EHEIM Classic 250

    Hey, I would like to make a zeo protocol, in an external filter "Eheim" is it possible or not. If so how do I start?

    WWC Pantera Rosa Appreciation Thread

    While it is no rainbow tenuis this acro sits in a high spot on my list. I've had it in one form or another for about 4 years now and its always done fun things for me. Depending on nutrients and lighting this acro can vary from multiple different shades of pink to an almost red shade. What does...


  10. arnab.sengupta

    Getting SPS Frags

    Hi Folks! Just wanted to know if any farms abroad export sps to India or how to get good frags.
  11. F

    Florida Livestock Trade Orange spot filefish

    I was wondering if anyone would want to trade this for any type of coral or goby just like a nano fish that’s reef safe. Right now it’s eating masstick and it’s reef safe for lps and certain sps
  12. F

    Florida WTB Looking to buy some sps colonies

    I live in the Tampa area and I was looking to buy some sps colonies specifically Bali green slimer, montipora digitata, and some birdsnest.
  13. Chipper1978

    Is Shadowing An Exaggerated Concern?

    After 18 months, I think my 4' SPS dominated mixed reef is finally coming into it's own. Frags are all encrusting and beginning to grow and it's been months since I have seen any RTN or STN. Lighting is 3 Kessil A360x and I was considering adding a 4th Kessil down the road, but was told I would...
  14. J

    Am I ready for SPS?

    I put this Acro 2 weeks ago and so far it has already colored up and fully extended. Looks way better then the time I bought it at my LFS. Tank is 10 months old. Also what kind of Acro is this? Picture was taken during the night.
  15. Create Your Own Pack WYSIWYG

    For sale Create Your Own Pack WYSIWYG

    Blueberry Myiagi
    $15.00 to $100.00
  16. REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    REEF OF THE MONTH - October 2021: Charlie's Amazing 400-gallon Reef

    R2R Username: @charliethetuna Build Thread: My 400 Introduction: Hi my R2R family. It's an honor to be asked by [email protected] to be featured as tank of the month for October. My name is Charlie Pace. My handle name is charliethetuna on R2R and on Instagram. I am 43 years old and grew up in...
  17. ariellemermaid

    Coral and MEN Problems

    Our coral/invert permanent QT has gone through some changes recently. It started around the time of a power outage we weren’t prepared for lasting about 12 hours. Temp only got down to 74 and everything seemed to be doing ok initially. We also added in a new order of snails and crabs around this...
  18. SPS reef tank

    SPS reef tank

  19. Uzair Aiman

    When do I know my tank is ready for SPS coral?

    Hi. I have a 27gal AIO tank with 2 clowns, a 6 line and a hermit. Its 6 months old and algal bloom is receding and coming to and end. There are also spots of coraline starting to grow at my back wall. I would like to know when my tank and is it ready for SPS corals? I have a clam, a GSP frag, a...
  20. L

    Green Slimer Turning Purple on Bottom

    Hi All - I recently introduced a few SPS pieces to my tank. Everything looks fine but the base of the green slimmer looks like it is starting to turn purple, starting from one side moving towards the center. See the attached picture of the frag on the rock as well as a side view of the tank so...
  21. O.Platon

    Build Thread Long Reef 50Gal

    Hi all. 2 weeks ago I started the aquarium. Corals from two other aquariums moved into it, which were merged. I'm tired of the small format. I decided to try the scale! The aquarium does not have a sump. on link full image (big picture) My Equipment: Aqua 160x35x30cm (63х14х12ft) ~190l...
  22. lexasoft

    Build Thread My 55L Nano-Reef

    Hi all! I want to share my first reef aquarium which I've started on 28-th of December 2020. It is based on 55 litres Dennerle Scaper's Tank. My Equipment: Aquael FZN-3 hang-on filter Tunze 9001 skimmer 1xVortech MP10, 2xJebao flow pumps D-D p4 pro doser Kamoer ATO ONE SE auto top-off I use...
  23. Jaden9933

    Build Thread Jaden’s Nano Peninsula

    Hi everyone! About a week ago I had to unexpectedly move, but this was the perfect excuse for a tank upgrade! I ordered a 22 Gallon Low Iron Rimless Glass Tank by Mr. Aqua! My older brother helped me build a tank stand and set up a sump as quickly as we could! My stand blueprints were put...
  24. H

    Just got my 300g upgrade tank and want to put my SPS in there sooner then later!?

    I've been in the hobby for over 7 years now, so this isn't my first tank but I'm looking for some help on when I could put my acro's in my new setup. The tank has been up for about a week, I used live sand and about 80% of my live rock from my old setup (150g it was up for alittle over a year)...
  25. What really goes into skeleton building in stony corals?

    Advanced Topic What really goes into skeleton building in stony corals?

    Introduction The process of calcification or biomineralization in SPS corals is often a head scratcher for most people, let alone reefing hobbyists. I've always wondered myself what really goes on behind the scene. Through research, I reviewed some research papers in order to help us better...