1. BloopFish

    Anyone Iodine Dip SPS?

    I was wondering if anyone ever dips sps like Stylo in antibacterial dips like Povidone Iodine or Lugol's Iodine? I can't seem to find a very exact dosage out there.
  2. dustinc

    It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) Reef Brite 2 Bulb T5 units (4 bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller Protein Skimmer...
  3. rmiller7891

    Lighting for 20G cube?

    Hello, this is my first time posting on here. I am looking into upgrading my existing lighting on my Waterbox 20 gallon cube. I am currently running a old outdated LED fixture with a single supplemental actinic T5 bulb. I was thinking about a radion xr15 gen 4 pro, but it might be overkill. I...
  4. abbas.jaffer5

    Florida Walt Disney- Lakeland FL

    Sorry, local pick up only. No shipping.
  5. Justen

    30G LED Recommendations

    I have a 30 gallon tank that measures 24 x 16 x 17. Currently only have LPS but I want to get into SPS. I'm using a AI Prime HD right now, but have had bad luck with SPS. I don't want to run T5's as I want a light that I don't have to keep changing the bulbs. I was thinking of a Hydra 32 HD...
  6. Reefer5640

    Utah WTB/WTT Maxspect XF250

    Looking for an XF250 pump only preferably but will consider buying pump and controller if that’s all that’s available. I have tons of reef gear and coral to trade if someone wants to go that route too; Apex gear, EcoTech (5 or 6 Radion gen 1’s & 2 MP40WQD’s & 1 MP40 wireless white controller)...
  7. L

    Corals dying - STN

    Hello!! I would like share some pictures about my corals that are dying and my parameters in order to get feedback about it and if you have recommendations to save it. I stat to see this condition since 2 weeks ago. things that i changed 1.-increase the light because i was only used blue light...
  8. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Goody Two Shoes..... our baddest new release!!

    If you missed our new release thread you missed this absolute gem! In all honesty, we didn't want to share this piece just yet.... but its sooo darn HOT. So there's a couple frags available and then its back to growing out for the next six months or so. [http://bit.ly/GoodyTwoShoesAcro]
  9. iReefer12

    Couple of ID’s needed. Pearlberry & Heartbreaker?

    The first one got sold to me from a storefront (not WWC) at a coral show as the WWC Heartbreaker, but to me it looks a lot more like the Fruitopia? What do you think? The second one, I traded with a local hobbyist and he said he thought it was Pearlberry but wasn’t sure, it’s grown out and it’s...
  10. TCK Corals

    New Years Eve Sale! Only 2 Hours Left! Save 25% Last Sale Of The Decade!

    Last chance to save 25% off our entire site and take advantage of our discounted shipping rate $35/ Out of State | $21 In State and Surrounding States
  11. TCK Corals

    TCK Christmas Sale 25% Off The Entire Site

    We'd love to wish all Reef2Reef Members a very happy Merry Christmas! Here's a little special discount we have added just for today! Save 25% Off Our Entire Site! TCK CHRISTMAS SALE STARTS NOW AND ENDS TOMORROW AT 12PM! SAVE 25% OFF ALL WYSIWYG CORALS ON SITE! JUST 1 DAY ONLY...
  12. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD Rainbow Millie colonies

    Hey reefers! Looking to sell a few chunky frags/mini colonies of my ASD Rainbow Millie. This will be LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Don’t want to deal with shipping and have never done it. I’m located in Gainesville, FL area, but would be willing to drive part of the way in most cases. Looking to...
  13. C. Eymann

    My new 80gal rimless shallow SPS lagoon build.

    Its been almost 2.5 years since I last had a reef aquarium setup, Im very excited to start building another one finally! I have been planning to build one for while now, and I bit the bullet, decided to buy a Xmas present for myself so I just ordered a tank and stand that should be here in a...
  14. TrevorHorn19

    Tck thunderbolt

    Just recently bought a frag of this , but can’t seem to find a colony picture anywhere, can anyone help me out? Here is mine..
  15. The Camaro Show

    The camaro shows high end sps grow out system build! Pic heavy

    Hello all, My name is Chayse and I love collecting and sharing my corals. I am a hardcore stick head and zoa fanatic. But I mostly specialize in high end and rare corals. I have been reefing for a little over 3 years now and keeping freshwater for over 10 years. So I’ll cut to the chase I am...
  16. I

    PAR Readings

    I rented a par meter from BRS, here our my results. Is this appropriate par for a mixed reef? I have two red sea 90 LEDs running at 60% Blue and 66% White. I wanted softies and LPS towards the bottom and easy SPS at the top. I know the bottoms a bit high for low light coral and the top is...
  17. ajjw0828

    A.J.’s 70 gal shallow reef

    Hi All, I’m a little late on starting this but I figure something is more fun than nothing so I’m going to try and post my build and go from there. Started the process back on Feb 13th when I saw a 69 gallon deep blue rimless tank for 225, not drilled or anything but never used. PayPal the guy...
  18. Stellywags

    Help identify this coral.

    I need some help identifying the coral that is pictured. I was given this piece by a neighbor who decided to move and could not remember the name or type of coral that this was. I've tried searching, but I'm new to this hobby and am having a hard time finding something similar. Thanks for any help!
  19. BloopFish

    BloopFish's Hodge Podge Reef Fluval Nano 13.5g

    Was meaning to make a thread of the timeline of my nano tank for a while... Initial Wish List: 2 Pom pom crabs 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab 2 Skunk cleaner shrimp/fire shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp 1 Emerald Crab 1 Halloween hermit crab 1 Bumblebee shrimp 1 Anemone shrimp (like a Pederson's) October 3...
  20. uniquecorals

    UC Reef2Reef LiveSale 2 days! Dec 14 & 15th, 9am-5pm PST

    It is that time of the year to spread the holiday cheer, and boy do we have some treats for you! Our LiveSale will be a 2 days event, with a ton of corals to choose from! $5 corals, signature, colonies, frags, and specialty collector's items. You must purchase a shipping module in order to...
  21. Perpetual Novice

    Are delicate corals physically delicate or just chemically sensitive.

    I was wondering how gentle I need to be when handling/touching my Acropora and Montipora. I'm dealing with some red slime (i think its dynos but maybe cyano) and I don't want to use chemicals to knock it out given the many SPS in the tank. however, because of that, I frequently need to manually...
  22. Suggsreef

    Biocube lighting for all coral

    Looking for options that I can keep my hood and my hood be functional with lights that preferably fit under the shield where the shock lights are. What fits in the space where stock lights are besides stevesleds and nanobox considered doing an ai on top but would have to stay in place when...
  23. ScubaZ

    Monti cap discoloration

    I have a red monti cap in the center of my tank that was doing really good for a while and now is taking a turn for the worst. Too much light maybe? It’s right under a hydra 26hd although it’s lower in the tank. It seems to bleeching out possibly in some areas although I’m not sure. Any...
  24. Mattyice572

    Red sea led?

    Hey guys i am trying to get myself some led lights for black friday and was interested in the red sea leds. I have a 75 gal and plan on doing some sps near the top maybe going as far as half way down the tank and was wondering if anyone had these lights. Theres is a model 50 and model 90 i was...
  25. DanSavesTheDay

    pH swing? Dosing sodium bicarbonate "baking soda"

    I've just noticed some RTN on a tort frag. I haven't had any alk swings since this frag was added and it was in a low light area of the tank Could it possibly be a pH swing? My tank size is 88gallons and I usually dose my alk "baking soda" 0.6 tsp mixed in warm rodi dosed into sump at night. My...
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