chaeto reactor

  1. KTrevino

    My DIY Chaeto Reactor

    I have been wanting to get a Chaeto reactor for some time now to help reduce nitrates and phosphates. I started looking online and noticed that they all have one thing in common... they are pricey. So I went on a hunt to build my own. FYI my take is about 54 gallons. Here are the supplies...
  2. JSpen

    Michigan WTB pax bellum arid 18

    Looking for a pax bellum arid 18 chaeto reactor.
  3. Justen

    Chaeto Reactor Pump

    What's a good pump speed for a chaeto reactor? I'm using the AquaMaxx Media Reactor Standard with a pump at max power which is 260GPH. My reactor is on the ground of my AIO so it runs through a 5ft tube down then another 5ft back up. Is a strong pump fine for chaeto to grow because I also don't...
  4. Jeff@CoralVue

    CUI Marine Lab Uses the Reef Octopus Light Reactor

    CUI Marine Lab Uses the Reef Octopus Light Reactor Customer Profile: Concordia University Marine Lab
  5. Strawberry

    Chaeto reactor and light recommendations?

    I have seen a few pre-built options through Marine Depot, but the reactors and lights are out of stock with no guarantee they will return. I have seen some close substitutes, but I’m not really sure what would work best for my tank. I’m not really obsessed with adding more water volume, but I...
  6. Jeff@CoralVue

    LAST DAY: Win an Algae Reactor!

    Today is your LAST CHANCE to enter for your chance to win a Reef Octopus Light Reactor! Join our email newsletter by midnight PST tonight—we'll draw and contact our winner tomorrow 9/6! ENTER NOW:
  7. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a Reef Octopus Light Reactor!

    If you've been wanting to get your tentacles on the new Reef Octopus Light Reactor, here's your chance! 1 lucky winner will be selected on 9/5/19 to receive a Light Reactor in the size of their choice! ENTER NOW:
  8. A

    New York SOLD. Pax Bellum n24 for sale

    Sold. I purchased this arid 2 months ago. I never use until my 1st batch chaeto delivered on 2/16/2019. Only 6 weeks used. I'm thinking of upgrade to larger size. Looking for $600 and local pick up preferred at Queens, New York.
  9. garbled

    25 Gallon fuge vs multiple Chaeto reactors?

    I need at least one more block of algae for my system to process nitrates. I currently have two ideas, and am wondering if people have experience or opinions or whatever as to which to do here: Option 1: A big 25 gallon fuge. Idea is simple. A 25 gallon tall AGA tank with a massive overhead...
  10. Nfd552

    Carbon reactor and chaeto reactor on same maxi Jet?

    i currently have a two little fish 550 set up with grow lights as a chaeto reactor. I won carbon Rox from Brack on Black Friday so decided to buy a bra deluxe single reactor to run carbon in. Should i be able to run the reactors in line off that one pump ? Or maybe split the outgoing line from...
  11. cwb_reeftank

    Vectra S1?

    I am thinking about getting the Vectra S1 and I'm sure its big enough but I was wondering if it would be good for a 55 gallon and running two media reactors one for carbon and one for a chaeto reactor( on a manifold)
  12. Curryb15

    When to bring cheto reactor online

    I was just wondering..... when does everyone bring there algae reactor online on a new system? I have a tank cycling for about 3 weeks now and am not sure when I should think about getting some chaeto and throwing it in the reactor
  13. uniquecorals

    Extra Extra! Meet the inventor and maker of the Pax Bellum - Tristan Wilson!

    Ok Ok, we are getting really really excited for MACNA. But hey, who isn't?! Wow! Come and meet the designer and inventor of the #PaxBellum, Tristan Wilson himself, at the Unique Corals booth at #MACNA! #166 Ask the man himself all the questions you have about this amazing product. Hear all...
  14. Forsaken77

    Do Algae Reactors Work, And Worth It?

    I'm in the process of picking up all new equipment for a 180. I have a Trigger Systems 39 sump, but don't want loose chaeto if I use any at all. I was looking on BRS at their bigger Skimz Algae Reactor, which has a quartz sleeve placed off center to one side and it's an upflow, but the water...
  15. crstlblu2002

    Build Thread Innovative Marine Nuvo 50 Lagoon reef build

    recently about 4 month ago I upgraded from my 20 gallon JBJ shallow frag tank to a brand spankin new Innovative Marine Nuvo 50 Gallon Lagoon tank. I ordered the tank from and cant say enough good things about those guys! I repurposed and furniture piece into a tank stand...