1. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Acros, zoas, chalices, hammers, shrooms

    Local pickup only in Burbank near Ikea. First come first serve or hold with Zelle. Thanks. Tequila sunrise (bouncing): SOLD Tequila sunrise: SOLD GMKs (11p): 220 GMKs (7p): 175 GMKs (2p): 55 CC Needle in Haystack (mini colony): 60 Orange creamsicle: 35, SOLD Oregon tort: 25-45 JF TNT...
  2. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods Post 4th of july sale, priced to move. Free shipping at $150

    All frags are WYSIWYG due to the holiday shipping is only Monday and Tuesday this week. Shipping is with UPS next day air, anything under $150 shipping is $45. Ricordea Yuma #1 sold Ricordea Yuma #2 sold green pipe organ sold bizzarro cyphastrea #1 sold duncan #1 sold Duncan #2 sold...
  3. Johnnyrainbowreefer

    Massachusetts Live Goods World Wide Corals Jellybean Frags no shipping local pick up in Methuen

    First Two pics are mother colonies I have four chunky frags available 3 in pic 3 and the 1 in pic 4. All four frags are 175 firm. All aqua cultured in my Tank. Pick up only at this time.
  4. JMann

    Florida Live Goods Super Ultra and healthy LPS colonies available!

    I have to temporarily shut down my tank due to travel for work so, these corals are available as a great deal. Asking less than I paid that’s for sure! Big “Masterpiece” Mycedium Chalice colony(5+ inches,) super unique Fungia Plate coral(3+ inches across,) ultra “Poison” rainbow Pectinia...
  5. AquaSD

    California Live Goods Chalices for sale

    Dazzling Denim Chalice $ 80 Bubble Gum Chalice $ 35 Berry Blossom Chalice $ 30
  6. Saminpa


    I have multiple frags available of the following Zoas. AOI-$15 for a 5 polyp frag The following Zoa’s are all $10 a frag!!! Bam Bam Orange Oxide Awesome Blossom Blueberry Fields Bob Marley King Midas Halloween Hornet Smurfs Gatorade Green Bay Packers Tubbs blue Fruit loops Scrambled Eggs...
  7. H

    New York Live Goods Zoas, Favias, Chalice, Encrusting Corals - Tank Grown - Free shipping at $300

    I have some fully aquaculutred corals for sale. These have been in my systems for years and all cut corals are fully healed and encrusted. Shipping is $40 or free at $300. Standard 2 Hour DOA just send me a photo of the dead coral both in and out of the bag within 2 hours of delivery time. I...
  8. Mateusz

    New Jersey Live Goods One-Day Flash Sale 4/23 - High End Chalice, Jawbreakers, Gonis, Zoas!!

    All sold
  9. N11morales

    USA WTB Crayola Meltdown Chalice

    Looking for crayola meltdown up for grabs! Also intested in a jelly bean perhabs. LF decent size frags/mini colonies
  10. Coral Pimp

    New York Live Goods Colorful frags for sale NY 11236

    Prices are posted on pictures, sps frags on rack are $25 each or 5 for 100. Pick up Brooklyn NY 11236. Available on weekdays after 6pm and free most weekends any time
  11. GoldenStateCorals

    Easter Sale!! 30% OFF All WYSIWYG!!
  12. Mateusz

    Rare Chalices/Nem/Zoas for sale

    Bunch of cool chalices, a few zoas, acans, glitter goni etc. All plugs are 1.25" from top to bottom (larger sized plugs) unless noted otherwise. Shipping is free 350 and above otherwise based on zip code. Thanks for taking a look! Fuego Chalice - 250 Fuego Chalice - sold Fuego Chalice -...
  13. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas SOLD Zoas, chalice, and more free shipping at $150

    all sold or moved to new post
  14. Coral Pimp

    Torches, chalices and zoas

    Prices are posted on pics, pick up ONLY BROOKLYN 11236 NEW YORK
  15. Gqch

    WWC Rainbow Diablo for sale or LOCAL trade for high-end chalice, Zoa ,torch or anything colorful

    Hi reefers, some rainbow Diablo available on sale/ for trade, picture: A—F are mini colonies 1.5yrs $125 each; picture: G and H also mini colony but both 2yrs old $150 per; picture: I—Q are all 5yrs+ mother colonies $250 each. I Have keep prices lowest for quick sale purpose so plz no lowballs...
  16. Toky916

    Chalice Frag Pack

    Price is 380 shipped. Frags on 3/4" plugs. Standard DOA applies. 1. Pink b**bies chalice 2. Bazooka joe chalice 3. Wwc stellaria chalice 4. Wwc banana boom chalice 5. Wwc jelly bean chalice 6. CB rainbow crush chalice
  17. Zuska

    Sps packs, chalice and zoa frags

    Here are some corals I have forsale, pick up only Brooklyn NY 11236, I do not ship
  18. R33fJunkies

    acan echinata chunks

    $50 purchase comes w freebie coral Hammer and Torches are also available PM if interested Shipping Provided Next Day Air
  19. RedCarpetReef

    Chalice Frags and Colonies - Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Watermelon - Will Ship

    Chalice Garden Full View Every Chalice for sale, message if you don't see it pictured. Pink Floyd mother colony and frags. $60 per frag Rainbow Chalice Mother Colony pictured on the left. Blue and red and green rim. Rainbow Chalice Frags $125-150 Rainbow Chalice Frags $125 small, $150 for...
  20. Reef Racket

    !!!Reef Racket LLC New Year Coral SALE!!! Grafted, BRIGHT, and RARE!

    Grafted Mummy Eye Chalice (LARGE) Jawbreaker Mushroom (RARE) Pink Frammer ULTRA Aussie Blue Tip Elegance (BRIGHT) RRL Iron Man Discosoma Mushroom ...AND MUCH MORE ON WWW.REEFRACKET.COM
  21. ReefStable

    Rainbow Chalice Frags - 2 Available

    2 1 Rainbow Chalice Frags Available Click Images for Prices and Buying (PayPal and Google Pay Available) Rainbow Chalice (A1) - SOLD Rainbow Chalice (A2)
  22. D

    Help My Chalice Coral Is Detaching

    Hello, everyone. I've had Chalices twice now, and I always encounter the same issue. Initially, they seem fine for about a week, but then they start detaching tissue from the skeleton. Within 2-4 weeks, they completely detach, and the tissue floats around the aquarium. This happened with my...
  23. david_ma

    Michigan Livestock Trade Trade or sell, looking for purple monster shrooms, rare jawbreakers, or?

    Will sell( shipping after new year), or trade for rare mushrooms, rare jawbreakers. Nothing else please unless it’s rare. Text 313-268-3195
  24. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Dragons Breath, chalices, monti, zoas, hammers, acro colony, jawbreakers

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502. Will not ship. FCFS. Raja rampage chalice - $30 each (colony also available... about 3.5x3.5" for $120) TCK Pink Rainbow chalice - $30 TCK Phoenix Monti - $30 Dragons breath macro algae - $20 per portion (small cup full) Indo gold hammer: SOLD Purple...
  25. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods Last sale thread of 2023, zoas, chalice and more free shipping at $150

    All sold or m9v3d to new post.