1. Squeven

    Can you help ID this frag?

    I received this frag for free, but the person I got it from didn’t remember what it was. It kind of looks like a chalice. I want to know so I can place it in the right spot.
  2. Nice Chalices

    For sale Nice Chalices

    Hi there, Chunky frags ready to go! 1. Grafted mummy eye $80 2. Goldmeister $60 3. Pink bxxbie $40 4. CB Crazy clown $180 5. CB Flaming Bugatti $140 6. Stellaria $60 7. CB Rainbow Crush $160 Shipping is $49 via fedex overnight or free at $400 above. Let me know if you have questions
    $40.00 to $180.00
  3. CK Exodus Chalice (Rainbow)

    For sale CK Exodus Chalice (Rainbow)

    Hello, I have a big chunk of Cali Kid exodus rainbow chalice. Wanting $1000 obo, can ship or can pickup locally!
  4. AquaticCody

    Hi, new here to alot of saltwater things

    So I just wanna share alot of the work ive put into my tank. Its a 29 gallon biocube with 2 ocellaris clownfish and also a false watchman goby. I believe this is an acan along with a meteor shower chalice. If you or someone else think they are something else please dont be afraid to let me know...
  5. Djalexchang

    Florida Livestock Trade CK Exodus Chalice Colony For Trade

    Hello, looking to trade this CK Exodus Chalice colony for some nice Sps or Euphyllia. Let me know what you’ve got!
  6. mikemathis555

    Chalice tentacle from eye?

    Tyree Mummy Eye Chalice Ive had this guy for one week, and I’m letting him hang out on the sand and get used to my lighting before placement. Ive seen his tentacles come out at night, traditional clear, hard to see things. However today this is what I saw in the middle of the day. Three...
  7. Djalexchang

    Florida High End Chalices (Mini Colonies)

    Selling: A: Wwc jelly bean chalice $600 shipped B: CK Exodus chalice for $1000 shipped.
  8. Korrupt label

    What is this?

    Can anyone help me id this please? I got this at my lfs because it looked nice, but even the owner didn’t know what it was.
  9. ReefChasers

    Deepwater Chalice - Insanely Big!

    This thing is just absolutely massive, a HUGE Deep Water Chalice colony it's bigger than my whole face I think. :eek: We've been sitting on this one for a little while, but we're getting ready to make some frags sooooooooon! What do you guys think of these photos, the texture of it is quite...

    Well... thats a little strange(Featuring; Weird thing corals do)

    I was doing a water change last Friday and I happened to have moved a hammer a little too close to a chalice. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned and even consider that the hammer would probably being the aggressor in this situation but instead.... BOOM My hammer became a snack lol What's...
  11. Randomwhiteguy89

    Help identify this chalice

    I bought this chalice for $40 and was told it’s a rainbow chalice but all the pictures of rainbow chalices I look up are different especially the color of the eye/mouth I was wondering if anybody had any idea what it was
  12. J

    Acanthophylia & more

    Specials! Need gone! Acanthophylia - $785 Rainbow Chalice Frags- $80 Rainbow Welsophylia - $210 Red cynarina - $240 Acanthophylia will include a free frag of Rainbow Chalice and free shipping. All other shipping is $45
  13. J

    Torches, chalice, and more!

    Hello all, I'm looking to move the corals attached below. Prices are as follows: A: Rainbow Chalice frag $120 (Mother colony shown as well) Frags were made 2 months ago. B: Red Indo Cynarina $260 C: Teal And Orange Acanthophylia $900 D: Dragon Soul Torch $160 E: Rainbow Welsophylia $285...
  14. P

    California Everything for sale. BIG FRAGS-MINI COLONIES-LPS SPS SOFTIES.

    Hello I am posting what’s left for sale in my tank. Prefer local pick up but willing to ship if you pay for shipping. Tank is getting broke down for a couple months so selling everything. Text me for faster response 707-592-7065 Located between Bay Area and Sac orgeon blue tort big colony 150$...
  15. Petrichor

    Any hope for my chalice?

    Please ignore my algae/snail buffet. Tank is a Fluval 13.5 with stock LEDs. I got a freebie chalice in a recent online order, and it did not have a good time in the mail. The water was cloudy and smelled when I opened the bag. I did a dip with Seachem Reef Dip, then a gentle rinse with tank...
  16. Jaden9933

    20gal long Chalice placement

    I just got a couple of new frags today but I’m not sure where I should place the robokaki chalice. Please help!
  17. Dragonboas

    North Carolina South Carolina Torches, Reverse bleeding apple scoly, frogspawn, and more

    Neon Green torch pink and blue tips $80 single head *Sold* $120 pinched double head two mouths *Sold* Reverse Bleeding Apple Scoly crazy bright *Sold* Frogspawn neon bright nubs *Sold* Green Stylophora Colony $75 1st Acro Colony Sold 2nd Acro Colony $150 JF Raja Rampage frags $55 (roughly 1"...
  18. nanonøkk

    chalice species am i getting this right

    ok so i’m trying to make a chalice garden and i forgot some species of chalices attack each other and i was wondering if i can put all four of these on the same rock this one i dont know the name of some type of echinophyllia i think my miami hurricane chalice which is an echinophyllia...
  19. JoannaCora

    Frag Build JC's Coral Frag/Daycare Tank

    Hey all, want to show off my frags. These are all originally from a friend who is remodeling and said I could frag whatever I want, luckily he truly meant it, and I took advantage. I still don't know what half of it is. Don't mind the sketchy scolies in the bottom left, it wasn't me! They're...
  20. R

    New Reef Hobbyist - Chalice Corals

    Hello everyone :) Tank: 25G/90L Waterbox Peninsula 25 Inbuilt Sump: Slotted surface baffle to 2.75" 225 Micron filter sock, Bioballs micron bag, Activated carbon micron bag, 100W Heater, Tunze 9001 Skimmer, Smart AutoTopOff lite, 1000lph Aquaone return pump[I replaced a 1000lph return pump that...
  21. rastafan

    California Nice packs

    Hello, i have two packs ready to go. Less than a quarter of the price they used to sell :) Let me know if you have questions Zoa pack, 12 frags (wysiwyg) $290 shipped Favia pack, 8 frags (wysiwyg) $260 shipped
  22. Tangina20

    USA WTB Jelly bean chalice

    Looking for a frag of jelly bean chalice, let me know what you have!
  23. HCA Coral

    Lots of acros and euphylia, zoas for sale.

    We are an aquaculture business in the mountains of Tennessee. We have lots of acros, euphylia, zoas and softies. Here are just a few along with a link to our website. Feel free to the site and we can make deals and arrange for local pickup.
  24. musaabi

    Tube like growth on chalice skeleton?

    So I’m doing some maintenance today and I was moving my chalice when I noticed this growth on it. I’ve seen these guys on a rock I have in my sump that has fan worms on it so I figured they were baby worms until I saw them on the skeleton of my chalice. One was heavily infested while the others...
  25. lazycouch

    California I Am Looking for a Rainbow Chalice!!

    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a rainbow chalice frag/colony from anyone local to the LA area! Lets see what you got! Thanks