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    Davy Jones Locker - INCREDIBLE Selection - Almost 700 pieces of WYSIWYG! (Pre-Black Friday Deals too!)

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    Davy Jones Locker - BEST Selection We've Had ALL YEAR! Almost 600 pieces of WYSIWYG!

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    WYSIWYG Frags in Davy Jones Locker - Huge Selection this Week!

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    Davy Jones Locker - Over 450 pieces of WYSIWYG Loaded

    Shop The Locker: No photos below, but there are some awesome frags available. Here are a few of the pieces we have in this week!
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    Hammers, Lobos, Acans, Chalice, Platygyran, Stylophora & MORE!

    There are still a lot of great pieces in Davy Jones Locker:
  6. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling Corals (Ultra Gold Torch) - Leaving Hobby

    Hey all- Moving to a new city for a new job and I just won't have the time for the hobby at this point in time. Selling everything in my tank. I prefer local sales in the SoCal area. Here's what I'm selling: (I'll put up more pictures of everything tomorrow) Ultra Aussie Gold Torch- 2...
  7. The Aquatic Arsenal

    WYSIWG Coral Update Made 10/1

    Aussie Candy Cane Double Head A167-2019-09-25 $26 Acan A168-2019-09-25 $16 Blasto A169-2019-09-25 $15 Duncan Three Heads A170-2019-09-25 $35 Duncan Three Heads #2 A171-2019-09-25 $35 Blue/ Red Acan Lord A172-2019-09-25 $46 Blue/ Red Acan Lord #2 A173-2019-09-25 $46 Ricordea...
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    NEW WYSIWYG: Acro Colonies, Stylophora, Tridacna noae (Clams), Seriatopora & More!

    New WYSIWYG coral added to Davy Jones Locker! - Free Shipping at $139 - NO Packing Fees (YES, they are gone!) - Stress Free Shipping Insurance now included in every order - no charge - 10% off at $179+ or $50 off at $299+ (coupon codes on website) Shop The Locker...
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    Davy Jones Locker: TEXAS-Style (everything is bigger and bolder in Texas, LOL!)

    Here are a few of the corals we now have in our Texas facility that are ready for sale! MANY, MANY more coming soon!
  11. MoonRay

    Hollywood Stunner Bleaching Rapidly?

    Hey guys so kinda new to corals and I have this stunner who seems to be bleaching very rapidly. Water Paramaters are: Temp: 76 Salinity: 35 pH: 8.05 NH4: .25 NO2: 0 NO3: 0 PO4: 0 KH: 8 Calcium: 300 (even after dosing yesterday) Mg: 1110 (I know it’s low) Any suggestions or other thoughts what...
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    Davy Jones Locker has been Loaded: Aug 16, 2019 - Over 450 pieces of WYSIWYG

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  13. crabcore

    New Coral!

    Just got today! the Chalice and Ricordea are from WWC. The Acropora is from Top Shelf Aquatics. Wife acclimated them form me wail I was at work and did a great job. so far so good.
  14. AquaLocker

    Coral Frags in Davy Jones Locker - Hundreds Available!!

  15. ShawnGuinn

    Help ID these 2 black spots

    What are these 2 black spots that came up in the last 2 days?? Any help will be great. The rest of the coral in the tank is doing great.
  16. AquaLocker

    Coral Frags in Davy Jones Locker - Incredible COLORS!

    Shop Now:
  17. Joshua Warne

    California All the corals! Come take a peek. (Prize at the end)(Low shipping)

    Hello R2R, I have a few nice pieces for sale. Mostly zoas, but some have some acans, favia, chalices you might enjoy! Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide further information. Hope you all have a great weekend! All support is greatly appreciated. Best, HookedReefer I...
  18. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Shop Now: There are some awesome frags too:
  19. ygon

    Florida Large Hurricanes Chalice

    Asking $300 shipped for the Pastel Rainbow and the Miami Hurricanes. These are both large frags about the size of my palm.
  20. ygon

    Florida Large Miami Hurricanes Chalice

    Beautiful coloration on this guy. It's growing on a 3" disc for reference. Asking $110 plus $50 flat rate shipping.
  21. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Over 500 pieces of treasure loaded (more coming this week from Australia): ***Incredible Acans and LOTS of frags this week! FREE Shipping at $149, plus 10% off on orders of $199 or more (code: 10%off) -or- $50 off on orders of $299 or more (code: 50off)
  22. AquaLocker

    Coral Frags in Davy Jones Locker - Acros, Acans, Goniopora, Chalice, Montipora & More!
  23. ygon

    Florida Miami Hurricanes Chalice Chunk

    It's on a 3 inch disc. Asking $100 plus flat rate $50 shipping. Beautiful teal color and bright orange eyes.
  24. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Over 500 items loaded - some beautiful pieces this week! We still have these great discounts running too: FREE Shipping at $149* 10% off at $199 -or- $50 off at $299 Shop the Locker:
  25. Steven w

    New York High end zoas (gb fantasy, poinsettias), chalice packs (rainbows, crazy fox)

    JKR Rainbow Chalice, JF Crazy Fox, JF Raja Rampage, OG Mummy Eye $600 shipped 2 polyp GB fantasy, 2 polyp CB El Corazon, 2 polyp JF Acid Reflux, 6 polyp CC Scarlet Fever, 5 polyp Moneyshot, 2 polyp Poinsettias, 1 polyp Bloody Maryjanes, 3 polyp GB Buttkissers. sold Large frag of Rastas, 3...