clean your tank

  1. E

    The Diatoms Won't Go AWAY!?!?!

    I'm about to lose my mind over these dang diatoms guys! I'm a little over 2 months in now to my new saltwater aquarium and everything has been doing great, finished my cycle about a month ago, put a pair of clowns in a week after that and over the last few weeks have now gotten all the fish I...
  2. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Turn a spare MJ1200 Pump into a Detritus Vacuum!

    Everyone has a spare MJ pump in their old aquarium equipment bin. Why not put it to use on your next water change and clean out that sump with the MJV - MJ Utility Pump Vacuum Attachment by Compatible with 3/4in OD hose Add the vacuum attachment to any hose with a 3/4in OD and breeze...
  3. YoCamron

    Cleaning FOWLR tank

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is well. I recently returned home from college due to health issues, and I returned to my 2 tanks being covered by hair algae and spaghetti worms. I have easily fixed my 29 gallon biocube by adding a sump with macro algae and chemipure, with a huge cleanup crew...
  4. InspectorGadget

    Tank sterilization

    I don’t know if I posted this in the right spot but here it goes. Due to a recent epic fail, I nearly wiped out my sps corals. This just so happens to come around a time where I was about to set up a new mixed reef Nano tank. I have decided that this would be a good time to break my main tank...
  5. P

    Queston about clean up crews

    Good afternoon everyone. This is my first post on R2R as well as my first post on any forum... ever. I was wondering something about clean up crews. What is the rule when it comes to cleaning the substrate of a tank when a cleaner crew is in place. I am not wanting to come off as a slacker but I...
  6. cwb_reeftank

    advice on how to keep a sand bed clean?

    how do you keep your sand bed look clean. I feel like after a day or two after a water change my sand looks like it did before I cleaned it. any tips or anything would be appreciated.
  7. sassAwrasse

    I challenge you...

    to Post a full tank shot of your tank(s) and tell me 2 things: (1) your favorite thing about your tank (coral, fish, equipment, etc) (2) what would you/do you want to change about your tank (if anything) and GOOOOO!!!!!!!