clear water scrubber

  1. Z

    Wisconsin Filters Drygoods SOLD Large Clear Water CW-200 Algae Turf Scrubber

    Shipping available at cost - THIS WILL NOT BE CHEAP TO SHIP AND INSURANCE WILL BE REQUIRED. Send me your zip code and I will get you a shipping estimate. I have a CW-200 from Clear Water Scrubbers ready for a new home. This is Version 1 from CW. These are two-sided waterfall-style ATSs. Also...
  2. RESCUE717!

    Maryland Filters Drygoods Algae scrubber, turf scrubber, clear water cw300

    Used for three months. Working like it shouldShoot me an offer but don't low ball. Located in Frederick, MD 21704
  3. TNT32D

    California Filters Drygoods Clear Water Algae Scrubber CW50

    Brand New Clear water Algae Scrubber. Can not fit under my tank. Sorry no shipping. Live SF Bay Area
  4. leewish

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Clear Water CW200 with blackout guards.

    Cw200 algae scrubber with light shields. Not sure why but they are not standard and a separate purchase. I must in my opinion to prevent light bleed. Works great. Did not fit in my cabinet on top of my sump so I had it plumbed separately. That is why unions are in the bulkheads. Feel...
  5. Nick063

    Skimmers Filters Drygoods WTS Clearwater algae scrubber

    It’s the 100w model..used comes with all plumbing and pump. Can include homemade corner shelf if you want it. $300 shipped cashapp/PayPal please
  6. Urban

    California Filters CW-100 Clearwater Algae Scrubber NIB

    Unfortunately I will be moving later this year, and as a result will be selling off most of my livestock and equipment. I have a CW-100 Clearwater Algae Scrubber that has never been taken out of the box. San Jose area. $350. I borrowed the image from Bulk Reef Supply (hope this is ok). - Dustin
  7. Brent Behringer

    California Aquariums Brand New Red Sea Reefer 250 FS

    Here’s some pics of the custom tank build. Red Sea Reefer 250 with custom Synergy CL-34 Sump and Clearwater CW-50 Custom Algae Scrubber includes: So I had my build going (no expense spared) and ran into some family financial and health issues and am forced to sell. I have parted out some...
  8. Tacticool-Reefer

    Build Thread Emeritus Revenio v.5.0.150INT

    Emeritus Revenio v.5.0.150INT Mancave Addition Hello R2R, I'm not new to the hobby, started around 2012, but reluctantly I had to pull away from it for personal reasons. This will be my "Emeritus Revenio" build thread. Things always have a way of working themselves out, sometimes however they...
  9. Amadeux

    Florida Red Sea XL 525 - Entire system for sale

    Selling the following items. Everything in excellent condition. Prefer local buyers but willing to ship smaller items. Photos below. Function Brand Item Name Description Asking Price Aquarium Red Sea Reefer XL 525 Includes 108 gal tank, 31 gal sump, stand, 4.3 gal RO reservoir...
  10. Andrew Schubert

    Illinois Selling CW-200 Algae Scrubber (9 months old) - $300

    CW-200 Algae Scrubber, looking for $300 for this item. I purchased it from bulk reef supply on 02/14/2019. Everything works great. Only selling it because I've transitioned my tank over to the Zeovit system, and they do not recommended any kind of scrubber or fuge to be run on their system.
  11. MarineDepot

    Clear Water Scrubbers: All-Natural Filtration To Help You Control Algae, Nitrate, and Phosphate

    Clear Water Scrubbers: All-Natural Filtration To Help You Control Algae, Nitrate, and Phosphate Video + GIVEAWAY for Clear Water Algae Scrubbers!