clown goby

  1. 208Reefer

    Citron clown goby is sick, can anyone help ID?

    Wassup Reefers, Need some help with a disease ID. I got a citron clown goby for my 40cube a few weeks ago. A handful of days after I introduced him to the reef appetite and behavior seemed normal but I noticed a few white specks on just his fins. The next day his fins were clean/clear of specks...
  2. C

    Multiple clown gobies

    hello everyone, I am researching clown gobies and would love to put a small group or pair in my 20g long, but I have heard conflicting information on putting multiple in, my preference would be multiple or a pair of yellow clown gobies but if I need to get different species I will. Just looking...
  3. duesmortem

    Potential Tankmate for Purple Firefish in 10 Gallon reef tank

    Hello there my fellow aquarists. I am new to the saltwater hobby, but I have been keeping freshwater tanks for almost 10 years now. I have a 10 gallon tank and here is a list of my current inhabitants: 1 Purple Firefish 1 Lettuce Nudibranch 1 Nassarius Snail 1 Anemone Shrimp 2 Blue Legged Hermit...
  4. GreenClown-WarpaintGoby-Megability.jpeg


    My Green Clown “Warpaint” Goby from a few years ago, they’re cool fish, RIP
  5. N

    What's some really good fish & coral for a 6gal Nanocube?

    I just received a 6 gallon Nanocube and was wanting to keep it simple but Beautiful...I have a 28gal coralife cube. I'm looking for some advice on what are some reef peaceful fish that stay small and some corals that would do good in it. I love the clown gobies!! Thanks in advance.
  6. Jimbo Bucket

    Clown Goby hosting in Hammer?

    I keep finding one of my yellow clown gobys head first in a hammer coral. Does it think its a clown and this is an anemone? The first time I noticed it, I thought it was dead. Has anyone else seen this behavior in a clown goby? I have a pair of yellows, I've never seen them both in there......
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