1. NeverlosT

    California For sale: Massive Showpiece OG Mummy Eye Chalice

    I have a LARGE OG Mummy Eye chalice with a bunch of colors, probably 5 years old, well over a foot across. It is located in the central coast of California and I would like to avoid shipping it (it is grown onto a large rock), but I would meet someone halfway from LA or SF if need be. Have a...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    FALLing Sale...20% off CoRaL site wide

    Leaves are falling and so are our coral prices!! Take 20% off all corals during this flash sale. Use code BOO2020 at checkout. We have some amazing pieces we have been stockpiling and they are ready for your tank!! We thank you for your support and hope you get some fall fire for your aquarium...
  3. Bassmaster116

    Wisconsin WTB WTB Acro colonies!!!

    Looking for any healthy and decently colorfull acro colonies! PM
  4. K

    Starting copepod colony

    Hi, I’m having a bot of trouble trying to start a copepod colony inside my reef tank/sump. After about 1/2 days of adding my pods they die off and im struggling as to why they are dying off. my specs and params: 70 gal tank (10gal sump With refugium and cheato) Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm...
  5. trembsreef

    Zoa/Paly ID?

    Hey Reefers! I was sold this as an Armageddon Zoa colony. After it being acclimated to my tank it looks as though it’s actually a Paly. Any idea on what this is?
  6. Art Calde

    Florida Livestock Trade Bali Hurlock Acro

    Trading Bali Hurlock Acro colonies for other Sps frags. Make me an offer. My colony was getting too big and I had to trim it. Jupiter Florida pickup
  7. B

    Colorado CB Bloodshot and JF Buttkissers

    Have a few frags of bloodshot kraks and buttkissers for local Colorado pickup Bloodshot kraks- 6+ polyp $300 2 polyp $150 Buttkissers 20+ polyp colony $300 10+polyp $175 5+ polyp $125
  8. GlassMunky

    Let's see those Battle Colonies!

    So since i just got my first BattleBox, i've been looking around online for some photos of colonies of these guys and they aren't the easiest pics to find, so figured maybe we could compile a thread here with photos of BattleCorals grown out to their full potential as colonies. :cool: Post up...
  9. G

    Need more acros

    Hello quick question I have a 180 that’s going to be sps dominated but I need help I want to buy a bunch of sps and Indo like bulk does anyone know a good website or a wholesaler that can help me out ???
  10. L

    Frogspawn polyp migration?

    I did some tank maintenance yesterday and temporarily got rid of my frag rack, moving my coral frags on to the rocks in the mean time. This morning I woke up and noticed the frogspawn had not opened (not surprised or worried, it probably doesn't like its new spot), however I did notice what...
  11. J

    Ohio XXL Aussi Duncan

    $325 - This Duncan coral is one of a kind. It has grown in a Sea Fan like shape so it does not require much space front to back and is nearly 14" across. No clue how many heads. I have tried to could on several occasions. Sorry for the poor picture quality. It just doesn't give this piece the...
  12. BloopFish

    New York WTB Mini SPS Colony

    Looking to buy a mini branching sps colony: Birds nest( Seriatopora), Stylophora, Pocillopora (most preffered) that's at least about 2+ inch in diameter. Highly prefer to buy in Manhattan or to be shipped the frag.
  13. Art Calde

    Florida Palythoa grandis colony of over twelve polyps

    Palythoa grandis colony of over twelve polyps for sale $120. Open to offers cash only. Pickup only.
  14. mario4933

    Zoa ID Please!!!

    Hi, I have been trying to ID this colony of zoas for a while now... maybe one of you guys could help me. under blues under white
  15. Wen

    Florida Giant Jedi Mind Trick for sale

    12” + x 12”+ Jedi Mind Trick for sale It’s taking up too much space in my 150 gal. Pick up only. Too big for me to ship. $300 Naples
  16. Leadfooted

    Florida KO Nightmare / Purple Monster colony

    These guys outgrew the 3” disk pretty quick. I’m going to snip one purple monster off when I remove for seller. (I gotta have one for my main rock!) I counted 30+heads of PM and 24+ heads of the KO’s. Roughly $5PP. Pick up only option at least for now but it’s not totally out of the question as...
  17. uniquecorals

    UC Holiday LiveSale! 2 Days event - December 15th & 16th, 10am -4pm PST

    It's that time again! We had such a great time with you all in April and October, this Live Sale will be one to remember! All kinds of festivities in the Holidays Season. Lots and losts of $5 frags stock stuffers, prizes, and incredible deals! Frags, colonies, signature corals, limited...
  18. Goby-won

    Virginia Purple stylo colony

    $75. Will ship
  19. Darbna

    Chaos Aquaculture Memorial Day Weekend Sale

    Discounted throughout the holiday weekend!!! Use discount code: MEMORIALDAY for a 10% discount on all website items We have also added a ton of new stuff on our site, and we figure the best way to show our appreciation for our customers is to pass savings on them. The WYSIWYG10% discount...
  20. VP616

    FS ReefRaft Fruitopia mini-colony (Los Angeles, CA)

    SOLD. Please close.
  21. Reefer40b

    Can anyone guess what this one is..

    I will give you a hint, G**** C***** C****
  22. Tenshoa

    RR Orange Passion Mini Colony

    RR Orange Passion Mini-Colony (chunky!) Fully encrusted Two 2" long branches One 1 1/2" long branch One 3/4" long branch bunch of new branches spawning $650 shipped (may also entertain offers which include AI HD 26's) Strongly recommend picking up from local UPS facility rather than delivery...
  23. leebo310

    Grown coral pictures from frags would be helpful

    To know what shape and size a frag of a coral becomes would be helpful in its placement. I see water conditions, light and flow requirements but not enough pictures and details of full size colonies or matured corals for the frags I have. Does anyone have any pictures of grown up versions of any...
  24. Pieces of the Ocean

    Enjoy 20% off our WYSIWYG selection for President's Day

    Happy President's Day! :) Enjoy 20% off everything WYSIWYG on our site when you use promo code presidents20, now through Monday. Follow us on Instagram
  25. uniquecorals

    Happy Birthday Unique Corals!

    In January of 2012, formally came into existence. Wow time flies! It's been 4 whole years already! Through hard work, blood sweat, tears, and our passion for the hobby by our team, UC is growing up to be the bright young star we hoped it would be. Here at UC are so grateful for...
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