conch snails

  1. S

    Tank break down

    I have a back surgery coming up and won’t be able to manage my tanks. I’m hoping to help out a new reefer. I’m breaking down two tanks, a 50 and a 70 gal. I could set someone up with live rock, soft corals and some stock. The fish are healthy, large and I’ve had all of them at least 2 years. A...
  2. jbonez_

    Trochus snail keeps falling on back

    I recently bought two trochus snails two days ago, while the other one is doing fine this other one keeps falling on his back, since Saturday I have righted him 15+ times, he can't seem to right himself. I put him on the rocks and he falls off, I put him on the sand bed and I come back and he is...
  3. M

    Conch and clam compatible?

    Hi I have a maxima clam on the Sandbed. Because I want a clean Sandbed and a funny snail I thought a conch would be a great invertebrate. I've seen posts of people getting issues with a clam and conch. That the conch was eating the clam. I have doubts of this as a dead clam mostly gets eaten by...
  4. R

    Florida WTB Looking for Strombus Maculatus (Nano conches) for Nano Tank

    Hello everyone, I am looking into getting some Nano conches for my aquariums and I have not found any Strombus maculatus available anywhere. I have a 20 gallon waterbox that has been running for 3 years willing to buy from someone who has them.
  5. nycfreshreef

    strombus maculatus Aka nano conch , anyone know who’s selling them ?

    Anyone know where to buy nano conchs (strombus maculatus) I don’t see it on ipsf any more Thanks !
  6. OneMerissa

    Odd conch

    We’ve had our strawberry conch now for about three months. The first two months he stayed above the substrate using his little snorkel to get all the food he needed. Now for the last month he buries himself and we never see him is this normal?? Here’s a picture of him before he decided to go...
  7. C

    Tiger Conch Temp Tank Switch

    Just picked up a Tiger conch for our second tank that I’ve recently started up. It seems happy and been doing it’s thing. I’m wondering if I can borrow it for my second tank which is about a year old to cleanup the sandbed for a few days and then place him back in its original tank. Just want...
  8. kiswanson

    Conch Clean Up Crew

    I really like my fighting conch and strawberry conch. I put together a Conch Clean Up Crew Video. There is also a Sea urchin cameo.
  9. Salty Sea Flowers

    Tiny conchs? Pests?

    I've had a sudden explosion of these little guys (snails of some kind) in my frag/grow out tank. They have a similar shape to a conch shell, but the biggest I've seen as been maybe a centimeter in length, max. I can't find anything on the web about them either?! They seem to reproduce fairly...