coral growth

  1. Schraufabagel

    Better coral growth?

    Most of my corals are flourishing and doing fantastic. However, I have a few that are struggling or have retracted over the past month. Namely: Platygyra, Candy Cane, Chalice. But the others in that list have just closed some of the polyps or the new grown turned white and died off. For example...
  2. S

    180 Gallon Reef corals not growing. Help please.

    Hi guys, I have been scouring the threads for awhile now, in search for potential solutions. This is my first post and I have finally decided to ask for some help. I have a 180 gallon reef aquarium I bought second hand. I have owned the tank for about 2 years or so now. I started with wet rock...
  3. MaxTremors

    Get free K7 V3 reef lights to record your reef coral tank growth!!!Noo-psyche is coming again giveaway event!!!!

    Here is my 28g tank. It’s a JBJ Nanocube (currently battling some derbesia/bryopsis).
  4. tattedupabe

    Settings on a Zetlight 1201a for corals

    So I currently have 2 zetlights 1201a hook on to my 29 gallon reef tank, mostly low light lps and zoas what setting should i have set for optimal coral growth?
  5. CryptoNautical

    Calling all experienced reefers

    Now to start don't get me wrong I believe first comes husbandry. But I've been doing a lot of research recently about Kelvin with reef lights, and I'm curious to see what other reefers use for their reef tanks. I'd like to know if you have found any differences between 10k vs 14k to even 20k...
  6. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Where is the strangest place coral has grown in your tank?

    Earlier this year, I lost a super cool Pocillopora colony that had spontaneously grown on and entirely over a Random Flow Generator® Nozzle. Sadly, due to a return pump failure, It was exposed to the air for just a little too long and the top half didn’t make it. So I pulled the entire RFG...
  7. J

    Adding Trace Elements for Better Growth

    Hey guys, I tested my tank today and the results were Alk : 11.5 Cal : 440 Mag : 1440 NO3 : 10 ppm PO4 : 0.25 I haven’t seen any noticeable growth from my corals, I keep all softies but added my first LPS yesterday, which is doing great so far. My zoas closed up after being opened since I...
  8. Aegis19

    Weird growing green star polyp

    So I have a green star polyp and I can’t tell if this is normal? Or if it got damaged it looks super healthy and I have had it for almost a year if anyone has input that would be awesome. It seems like the circled area is longer and or like puffy looking.
  9. Stones-Reef

    Large Candy Cane Colony (Three years of growth)

    Rescued this candy cane frag back in 2018, now it looks like a softball. Share yours below! 2018 Now
  10. 1Matthew

    Trumpet Coral, need help!

    My trumpet has been acting strange for the past year or so. It had a big spike of growth last year with 6 heads growing and very fleshy. Now it is very shriveled and not getting any growth, but not receding or showing any signs of sickness. Could anyone explain this? Parameters: alk: 7 Calcium...
  11. Jordan Wright

    Light schedule

    Hello, I have a biocube 32g and I have not noticed very much growth in my corals and have heard/read it could be because of my light schedule. My current light schedule is for the pink (sun rise) lights to come on at 9:30am-10:00am. My whites come on at 10:00am and are on until 5:00pm. My sunset...
  12. M

    What else do I need to keep maintenance to a minimum for my mixed tank?

    Hello, I have had a saltwater tank for many years, but I travel often and like the tank to be as automated as possible. I currently have the following setup: 90 Gallon Tank Sapphire Sump Tank Protein Skimmer Icecap Algae Scrubber (1 week old) Automatic fish feeder Live Rock A few soft coral...
  13. lrp693

    Fluval Evo 13.5 + AI Prime 16HD (Group Thread)

    There’s probably a post out there like this, but I wanted to create a thread to get specific answers for this question and hopefully help some others out along the way. I have been trying to tune in my AI Prime 16 HD over my Fluval Evo 13.5 for some time now. I’m slowly sorting out all of my...
  14. Reefer37

    How to Increase Torch Coloration?

    So I've heard and read a lot of different things on ways to help with coral coloration and tried many, just have yet to find any amazing results. Here's a little back story on what I've tried along with current parameters: Tank: 45g JBJ AIO Light: Hydra 52 (I run 16k at 30% with a 1 hr ramp up...
  15. R

    Low Dkh 5.1 high PH C Balance dose rising while Cal/Alk keeps dropping Could be precipitation?

    Hi I'm having difficulty rising my Cal/Alk levels i have increased dosing from 55ml to 200ml 116 gallon tank. Previously 55ml to maintain DKH 8.0 and PH 7.7-7.9 up until 10.02.2020 when i noticed C Balance Part B was not being added by Apex dosing pump as tube was not fully submerged in bottle...
  16. chcgregg

    Acropora 'Target Feeding' Response with Particulate Coral Food

    Hi guys, I filmed a few species of the Acropora I keep to see what their response was to being target fed Ocean Nutrition's 'Reef Pulse'. The Acropora didn't seem to directly ingest any of the food, but did capture some, only to release it with mucus a few moments after being filmed. I will be...
  17. ChristianSaban

    Current orbit Ic Pro Dual

    Need some help with setting my lights proper. I understand they aren’t the best lights but I have only a few fish In a 40 gallon with all LPS no SPS. I have decent growth but nothing great. I currently have it set at sunrise-1-2 hours 85%white 50%blue 15%red 15%green daylight 6-7 hours...
  18. chcgregg

    LED Supplement experiment - Supplementing with Incandescent heat lamps to improve coral growth

    Hi all, After reading up on the results from @Lasse, and information from @Dana Riddle in regards to the importance of far red and infra red spectrums in lighting, I'm going to conduct an experiment. I have a 300 litre Acropora dominant reef aquarium with 2x Radion XR30 G3 Pros running at 74%...
  19. W

    15 months of coral growth in 30 seconds. Reef Growth Timelapse

    Hello all! I have a camera mounted to the side of my tank which takes a few images per day, and every now and again I create a timelapse and post it up to YouTube. The last one was 7 months, this one is 15. Check it out! It's really cool to watch corals grow in sped up time. Whiskey
  20. sixty_reefer

    Continuous phytoplankton|rotifers reactor 24h food supply

    Hi guys this is a little project I’ve been working on for a few months and now looking for your views on this subject. It all started with me getting a few non photosynthetic corals (gorgonians) and got me thinking in a way we’re I could give them a constant supply of food. The project started...
  21. W

    7 months of coral growth in 30 seconds

    Hello all! I'm beginning to figure out this video software! This is a video that shows 7 months of growth in 30 seconds. Hope you like it! Whiskey
  22. ThunderGoose

    Help me help my corals

    I have a 55 gallon (RSR250) that's been up for 14 months now. This is my first reef tank and I'd give it a B. My fish are doing great, my BTA is HUGE, my inverts are happy (I have two urchins who are both female - they're released eggs; plus assorted shrimp and reef hermits), but most of my...
  23. cwb_reeftank

    which is better?

    I use ATI bulb on my 55 gallon and right now I'm using 2 blue+, 1 aquablue special, and 1 purple+. which ATI says is 10K-14K. I'm wondering if I should keep that and put a reef brite actinic blue lumi lite strip on id have that run 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. or if I should do...
  24. F

    EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G4 Pro LED Light Fixture

    Which light setting is best to grow SPS coral as well as soft corals. I care about growth the most. Especially the growth of SPS coral. Thanks!!!
  25. jkimballer29g

    Hammer coral growth?

    I own three different hammer corals. Two purple tip and a gold hammer. Really nice pieces! Any ways the two purple tips both seem to be splitting maybe? They closed up like this before (Not fully) when they developed new mouths. Also not fully closed now.. Any one ever notice this in your tank...
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